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TED Talk coaches use one simple trick to keep nervous speakers calm during public talks

The curators at TED often reassure their speakers with one simple sentence: "Everyone here is on your side." Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design/flickr Talking to large groups of people can be a nerve-racking experience, even for seasoned speakers. Certain physical stances can help you manage a fear of speaking in front of large audiences. TED curators often reassure speakers with one simple statement: "Everyone here is on your side." See more stories on Insider's busi...
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Zoo ethics: free-range prisons or centers for global conservation?

Zoos present a dilemma. On the one hand, they benefit conservation and research; on the other hand, placing animals (particularly intelligent ones) in captivity is ethically questionable.The more we learn about animals — especially how advanced or intelligent they are — the louder the debate will grow surrounding their captivity.Could zoos of the future feature realistic robots in place of animals? How robots could end animal captivity in zoos and marine parks | Just Might...
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Pragmatism: How Americans define truth

Pragmatism is an American philosophical movement that originated as a rebuke to abstract European philosophy. The pragmatic theory of truth argues that truth and reality only can be understood in their relation to how things work in the real world.The trouble is that the theory devalues the term "truth," such that it only applies to one particular moment in time. But Charles Sanders Peirce offers a clever way out.Think of wine. Now take away from this idea every possible property it has. Take a...
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How SARS-CoV-2 vaccination symptoms differ from early COVID-19 symptoms

A new study published on the preprint server medRxiv* presents an analysis of the differences between recorded vaccination side effects vs. early COVID-19 symptoms. The researchers focused on four vaccines, namely, Pfizer-BioNTech (PB) mRNA (BNT162b2) vaccine, based on messenger ribonucleic acid encoding the viral spike protein; the Moderna mRNA (mRNA-1273) vaccine; the Oxford-AstraZeneca (O-AZ) adenovirus-vectored vaccine; and the Janssen adenovirus-vectored Ad26.COV2.S).
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The misguided history of female anatomy

The history of medicine and biology often has been embarrassingly wrong when it comes to female anatomy and was surprisingly resistant to progress.Aristotle and the ancient Greeks are much to blame for the mistaken notion of women as cold, passive, and little more than a "mutilated man."Thanks to this dubious science, and the likes of Sigmund Freud, we live today with a legacy that judges women according to antiquated biology and psychology. The story of medicine has not been particularly kind...
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AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine protective against severe outcomes from delta variant, more data suggests

Early findings from the real-world vaccine rollout in Canada suggested one dose of Oxford-AstraZeneca's COVID-19 shot, not yet...
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Is the UK’s pingdemic good or bad? Yes.

Oscar Maung-Haley, 24, was working a part-time job in a bar in Manchester, England, when his phone pinged. It was the UK’s NHS Test and Trace app letting him know he’d potentially been exposed to covid-19 and needed to self-isolate. The news immediately caused problems. “It was a mad dash around the venue to show my manager and say I had to go,” he says. The alert he got was one of hundreds of thousands being sent out every week as the UK battles its latest wave of covid, which means more and...
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Alpha variant spread via 'super-seeding' event in UK: Oxford research

The rapid spread of the Alpha variant of COVID-19 in the UK resulted from biological changes in the virus and was enhanced by large numbers of infected people 'exporting' the variant around the country, in what the researchers call a 'super-seeding' event.
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Covid: NHS workers celebrated with Oxford art installation

The Standing with Giants installation will remain in Oxford's South Park until 1 August.
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The Terrifying Vrooom.

Colin Burrow has a magnificent review essay on William Empson in the latest LRB that I can’t resist quoting chunks of; I only wish AJP (who just last year said “Colin Burrow is God”) were still here to enjoy it: Empson was famously chucked out of Magdalene College, Cambridge, when condoms were found in his room. He spent the early part of his academic career teaching in Japan and China. He was a staggering drinker and a wild eccentric in his social manner, as well as in his disorderly mandarin-s...
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‘Writer Directory’ Offers More Than Information

Few books have come my way as generous and wise about writers and writing as this one. The title Writer Directory: A Book of Encounters takes as its model the phonebooks of long ago. But forget that. Remember this: The author, A. Robert Lee, is a British-born, globe-trotting, retired professor now living in Spain, whose heavy academic laurels disguise a common touch so light that reading him feels as charmed as floating on air. EyeCorner Press, 2019 His encounters with more than two ...
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Surprised by Oxford

I started reading Surprised by Oxford, and I couldn’t put it down. Surprised by Oxford is the story of Carolyn Weber. At the beginning of the book, Weber is an undergraduate student in Canada who knows only one evangelical, a professor who “would have annoyed me, except for the fact that I respected him so much.” Shortly before this professor dies, Weber has a conversation with him that unsettles her and gets her thinking. Weber is granted a Commonwealth Scholarship and begins her ...
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The Monday Roundup: Carfree subsidy, fight for a bike lane, jersey collectors, and more

Welcome to the week. Here are the most notable items BikePortland writers and readers came across in the past seven days… Stand up for bike lanes: With striking similarities to the North Williams Avenue debate, residents of a neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma fought to get bike lanes removed. But cycling advocate Kolby Webster, who is Black, believes bike lanes are good for the community and wants to save them. Remove freeways, give land back: Those words would have seemed radical just a few s...
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Everything could have been so different

Jorge Borges' story, The Library of Babel, asks us to imagine all the books that could be written using a random shuffling of 25 characters.Daniel Dennett argues that, in some ways, the genetic makeup of all life is similar but with only four characters.The history of the universe is only one possible way our story could have gone. Much of our reality is simply arbitrary. Imagine all the lives you didn't live. A life where you never met your partner. Where you never had a brother or sister. Wh...
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Kafkaesque: How Franz Kafka’s books reveal a real-life dystopia

In Franz Kafka's works, we meet a world clogged with an absurd and soul-destroying bureaucracy that no one understands nor bothers to challenge.When a country experiences political instability through a high turnover of its elected representatives, there is a marked increase in ineffective legislation.Democratic reform and a change in culture is needed to give our politicians space to pass thoughtful laws. You have been queueing for three hours and are already pretty annoyed when the clerk cal...
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Take a trip around UK Gardens with Google Arts & Culture

People are searching for gardens and green spaces more than ever. In keeping with this green-fingered enthusiasm, Google Arts & Culture is launching our first foray into the natural world, celebrating a unique selection of gardens and gardening from across the United Kingdom: Gardens United. Gardens United is a new, interactive digital hub sharing the stories of a range of gardens around the country, thanks to collaboration between Google Arts & Culture and over 30 cultural partners in the UK...
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Does the term “neurodiversity” do more harm than good?

There's been a recent push to label those with abnormal neuropsychological behaviors as "neurodiverse" rather than "autistic" or "dyslexic."This is an attempt to both remove the stigma attached to these abnormalities and also to call into question whether there is any such thing as a normal brain.The problem with getting rid of neuropsychological labels, however, is that it risks ignoring those individuals with developmental issues who need help. "Neurodiversity" is an umbrella term that encom...
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Coronavirus live: Dutch PM sorry for opening up too soon as cases surge; Thailand to mix AstraZeneca and Sinovac

Mark Rutte reimposed measures on bars, restaurants and nightclubs; Thailand to use Oxford vaccine as second shot after Chinese-made jabEU nations reimpose Covid measures as cases surgeAlmost one in three globally go hungry during pandemic, says UN‘Devastating’: WHO scientist condemns Euro 2020 finalMasks guidance for England will be ‘clear and strong’, says ministerUK Covid updates – live 3.13pm BST Sweden has said it will ease coronavirus restrictions this week as planned but warned people...
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Coronavirus live: Thailand to mix AstraZeneca and Sinovac; Indonesia reports record daily case numbers

Thailand to use Oxford vaccine as second shot after Chinese-made jab; Indonesia records 40,427 new infections in a day UK Covid unlocking on 19 July must come with a warning, says JohnsonTaiwan tech companies buy 10m vaccines in deal that sidesteps ChinaFlu jab may reduce severe effects of Covid, suggests studyOver-40s offered AstraZeneca after 112 new cases in SydneySee all our coronavirus coverage 1.15pm BST People who are vaccinated against influenza may be partly protected against some o...
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Actually, more COVID restrictions resulted in greater economic harm

At our recent forecast update conference, we reported that the COVID-19 recession slammed California’s economy leading to a 9% loss in jobs in 2020 versus a milder loss of 6.7% in the U.S. In a recent article of mine published in COVID Economics, I showed that California suffered more job losses because of its aggressive COVID-19 lockdown policies. As measured by the Oxford University index, California’s 2020 annual average daily stringency score was 60.4 versus 50.2 for the U.S. That stringency...
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Extra testing to slow Oxford's Covid-19 spread

People aged between 18 and 29 in Oxford are especially encouraged to get tested.
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Study: Social media contributes to a more diverse news diet — wait, what?!

New research has challenged the very existence of online filter bubbles. The study found that people who use search engines, social media, and aggregators to access news can actually have more diverse information diets. Researchers from the universities of Oxford and Liverpool analyzed web tracking data on around 3,000 UK news users. The team tracked every visit from a desktop or laptop to 21 of the most popular UK news websites over a one-month period. They also recorded the URL that preceded e...
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Nudibranchs: psychedelic body snatchers of the deep

Nudibranchs are tiny sea slugs that often stand out for their incredible color and peculiar sizes.Some species of nudibranch have a superpower-like ability to absorb other organisms' attributes and repurpose them for their own needs.Nudibranchs can survive with only their head and sometimes will jettison their bodies to be regrown later. It's thought that studying them might give us a clue to unlocking human organ regeneration. In the Marvel comic world, there is a character called Rogue. She ...
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Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat For $149.99 Shipped From Amazon

Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat For $149.99 Shipped From Amazon Available in Oxford for $149.99 or Nottingham for $155.98. This has incredible 4.9 star ratings and is often ranked as the top rated infant car seat. This was selling for $199.99 yesterday and is now the lowest price ever from Amazon. Easiest to install […]
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HIV Vaccine Trial Starts at Oxford

The University of Oxford this week started vaccinations of a novel HIV vaccine candidate as part of a Phase I clinical trial in the UK. From a report: The goal of the trial, known as HIV-CORE 0052, is to evaluate the safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of the HIVconsvX vaccine -- a mosaic vaccine targeting a broad range of HIV-1 variants, making it potentially applicable for HIV strains in any geographical region. Thirteen healthy, HIV-negative adults, aged 18-65 and who are considered not ...
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My summer of love: ‘One-night stands are often regrettable. This one was the perfect gift’

Our night in the shadow of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh was hot, satisfying and as cheery as you could ever hope forA couple of years ago, before the world shut down, the Guardian sent me to the Edinburgh festival to write a piece on all of the nude shows taking place that year (there was a record number). This is the type of extremely fun commission that journalists dream of, and this particular piece resulted in me being on the cover of G2, smiling, with the strapline: “Fifteen naked people, and...
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Centre Court ovations, limbo-dancing grans – it’s all been humbling, say Oxford vaccine creators

Sarah Gilbert and Catherine Green tell of their pioneering vaccine work but warn the battle is far from overCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageSarah Gilbert’s experiences at Wimbledon last week clearly had a profound impact on the medical researcher – though it was not the standing ovation that the vaccine pioneer received on Centre Court that turned her head. It was the sleekly efficient operations she experienced at the tennis championships that most impressed her.“Eve...
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Man appears in court over fatal Oxford Circus stabbing

Tedi Fanta Hagos, 25, has been charged with the murder of 60-year-old man in central London A man has appeared in court charged with murder after a 60-year-old was stabbed in central London.Tedi Fanta Hagos, 25, of no fixed address, is charged with the murder of Stephen Dempsey outside the Microsoft store in Oxford Circus on 1 July . He is also charged with possession of a knife. Continue reading...
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Aristotle’s guide to the elderly and ancient Greek wisdom

Life is full of complicated and difficult moments, but we can become better at dealing with them. This practical wisdom is a cornerstone of Aristotle's ethics.When we practice this skill, we become more adept at seeing situations and people differently — not unlike an artist viewing a painting.The elderly and experienced of this world have such wisdom in spades. But those of us in the West rarely tap into this precious resource. Who do you turn to for advice? When things are hard, and you don'...
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Researchers discover genetic markers that drive the timing of first sex and birth

An Oxford-led team, working with Cambridge and international scholars, has discovered hundreds of genetic markers driving two of life's most momentous milestones - the age at which people first have sex and become parents.
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