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VCs are investing hundreds of millions into quantum computing startups even as they're bracing for a 'quantum winter'

Investors are putting upwards of $400 million into quantum computing startups, but many experts believe there will be a "quantum winter." Right now, experts say there is much hype around quantum computing, but it will be years before quantum computers outperform traditional computers. VCs who invest in quantum computing startups have to take into account that it will take at least five to ten years before quantum computers start becoming more mainstream. Matthew Kinsella, managing director a...
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What happened to Seattle?

Four years ago, my family had to relocate to Kansas. Our plan: Return to the Pacific Northwest as soon as our daughter graduated from high school. We left our boat in Anacortes, paying moorage and maintenance that supports the local economy, and we return every summer. This past week, we returned for a brief trip […]
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Best US vintage trailer rentals

Before there was #vanlife, there was trailer life. In the 1950s and ‘60s, hitting the great highways and meandering backroads of the US with the family and a nicely outfitted trailer was the best way to see the country, and tons of great models emerged from that time period, including the now-iconic and coveted silver Airstreams. Nowadays, you’re more likely to see sleek modern RVs and boxy fold-out campers at campsites, but these charming relics of the USA’s great road-trip era are still flo...
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Ah, it’s a super spring bloom in SoCal!

The heavy winter rains have rewarded hikers, lovers and photographers with stunning landscapes not seen for several years. As spring begins, from the Inland Empire to the Antelope Valley, brace yourself for color. California poppies bloom along a trial in Harford Springs Reserve in Perris on Thursday, February 28, 2019. (Photo by Watchara Phomicinda, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG) A deer grazes in a green pasture along Grimes Canyon Road in Fillmore on Saturday, February 9, 2019. (Photo by Sar...
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Ah, it’s a super spring bloom in Southern California!

The heavy winter rains have rewarded hikers, lovers and photographers with stunning landscapes not seen for several years. As spring begins, from the Inland Empire to the Antelope Valley, brace yourself for color. California poppies bloom along a trial in Harford Springs Reserve in Perris on Thursday, February 28, 2019. (Photo by Watchara Phomicinda, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG) A deer grazes in a green pasture along Grimes Canyon Road in Fillmore on Saturday, February 9, 2019. (Photo by Sar...
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10 novels that brilliantly capture the American experience

Literature expands our ability to feel empathy and inspires compassion.These 10 novels tackle some facet of the American experience. The list includes a fictional retelling of the first Native American to graduate from Harvard, and hiding out in inner-city Newark.We call it "getting lost" in a novel, but what we find there is often more impactful than any nonfiction work can offer. Literature makes us more empathic and intelligent. Storytelling is how we bond, as tribes and a planet. A powerful...
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How Laika Found the ‘Missing Link’ Between CG and Stop-Motion Animation [Set Visit Report]

Stepping into Laika’s Missing Link set is like stepping into a giant dollhouse or wandering into a miniaturized movie studio. Either way, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The hybrid animation studio revolutionized the stop-motion game when it debuted its 3D-printed film Coraline in 2009. Since then, the independent stop-motion studio has been steadily innovating with each of its films, earning critical and awards success, and the respect from their peers in the technology fields, alo...
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Microsoft is hoping to turn the Pacific Northwest into ground zero for quantum computing (MSFT)

Microsoft announced Monday that it's teamed up with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of Washington to create the Northwest Quantum Nexus, to promote quantum computing. The three partners are hosting a summit at the University of Washington Monday and Tuesday to bring together researchers in the field. Northwest Quantum Nexus aims to encourage collaboration in quantum-computing projects and research, as well as address the shortage of skills in the field. Microsoft q...
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New Zealand Fallout: Gun Groups Say ‘2A Not Negotiable’

Opinion A police officer armed with a rifle stands watch at the scene of a mosque shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand. (Screen snip, YouTube, CBC) USA – -( Two national gun rights organizations headquartered in the Pacific Northwest came out swinging in the hours after worldwide attention turned to the mosque massacre in New Zealand, warning gun prohibition lobbying groups in the United States against trying to exploit the tragedy. In a joint announcement, the Citizens Commit...
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Relay Day at U.S. Junior Nationals (Press Release)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 16, 2019 Contact: Joey Caterinichio, Event Chair, [email protected] , (907) 229-6427 Josh Niva, Chief of Media, [email protected] , (907) 301-5287 Alaskans Kramer, Schumacher finish four-race sweeps with anchor leg comeback wins in 2019 U.S. Junior Nationals freestyle relays 3X3K relay races conclude week of championship racing in Anchorage ANCHORAGE, AK – After a week of impressive, and at times dominant, individual race wins...
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Through Narcissa Whitman’s story, this Pacific Northwest author asks herself what it means to be a ‘woman of the West’

Narcissa Prentiss Whitman was one of the first white women to cross the Rocky Mountains, and later became one of 13 people killed in the Whitman Massacre. In "I Am a Stranger Here Myself," Debra Gwartney examines the Pacific Northwest's complicated history.
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WA ‘bump stock buyback’ funded as OR braces for ban initiative

Bump fire stocks, like this one pictured in a YouTube screen snip from Central Texas Survival, are being “bought back” in Washington State. U.S.A. –-( While Washington State lawmakers have approved funding for a “bump stock buyback” at $150 apiece, gun owners in neighboring Oregon are already bracing for a fight next year when anti-gunners will push a measure aimed at banning “a variety of semi-automatic firearms,” as reported by KATU in Portland. In the Evergreen State—which ne...
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Millions of butterflies migrating

Seeing one butterfly is enough to make us giddy, so the swarms of millions of painted lady butterflies currently flying at speeds of 25 mph from southeastern California to the Pacific Northwest and Canada for the spring season are just blowing our minds. The painted ladies are cousins to the monarch butterfly, and are colored orange, white, and black. The population explosion this spring is due to the heavy rainfalls in the desert of northern Mexico and southeastern California and the flower ...
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America’s doctors warn Google, Twitter, and Facebook: Anti-vaxxers are weaponizing tech platforms, prompting outbreaks that can 'debilitate and kill'

The American Medical Association (AMA) is worried that anti-vaxxers are weaponizing the world's biggest social media platforms, including Facebook, Google, and Twitter.  Parents often use these platforms to spread misinformation about vaccine dangers that aren't real. Doctors say the content is having a dangerous impact on the number of vaccinated people in America, and that could have deadly consequences. "I t is important that people be aware not just that these diseases still exist and can ...
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While the Bear Cam bears hibernate, the Trump admin weighs a big plan to mine their world

When the peak of summer arrives in Alaska and the radiant midnight sun hangs in the northern sky, tens of millions of salmon make their move. They race up rivers, leap over waterfalls, and clog narrow streams with their hefty, five-pound bodies. It is then that Alaska's Bristol Bay — home to the largest run of sockeye salmon on the planet — comes to life. Wolverines, foxes, lynx, and bald eagles descend upon this untrammeled realm. And the most dominant creature of the land, the brown bear,...
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Ice Samples Reveal a Massive Sun Storm Hit Earth in Ancient Times...And It Could Happen Again

A gigantic solar storm hit Earth about 2,600 years ago, one about 10 times stronger than any solar storm recorded in the modern day, a new study finds.These findings suggest that such explosions recur regularly in Earth's history, and could wreak havoc if they were to hit now, given how dependent the world has become on electricity.The sun can bombard Earth with explosions of highly energetic particles known as solar proton events. These "proton storms" can endanger people and electronics bo...
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Why are there so many butterflies in Southern California right now?

Swarms of butterflies are invading inland sections of Southern California as a result of an unusually heavy migration of a common species making its way from Mexico to the Pacific Northwest to breed, experts say. A Painted Lady butterfly rests on a lupine flower near the historic YorbaÐSlaughter Adobe in Chino on Thursday, March 7, 2019. (Photo by Watchara Phomicinda, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG) A Painted Lady butterfly rests on a plant near the historic YorbaÐSlaughter Adobe in Chino on Th...
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Piano Drop at Seattle’s Jack Straw

Destruction and reclamation, gimmick and avant-garde One of the odder fads bequeathed to us by the 1960s is the ritual destruction of musical instruments. It’s a custom most famously associated with the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Pete Townshend. But what bursts out in popular culture often has precedents in the avant-garde, and the origins of this particular brand of onstage iconoclasm can be traced to the Fluxus movement, specifically its founder George Maciunas. In a nod to classical traditio...
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Exclusive: China buys at least 500,000 tonnes of U.S. soybeans - traders

Chinese state-owned firms bought at least 500,000 tonnes of U.S. soybeans on Thursday for shipment primarily from Pacific Northwest grain export terminals from June to September, two traders with knowledge of the deals said.
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Exclusive: China buys at least 500,000 tonnes U.S. soybeans - traders

Chinese state-owned firms bought at least 500,000 tonnes of U.S. soybeans on Thursday for shipment primarily from Pacific Northwest grain export terminals from June to September, two traders with knowledge of the deals said.
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Madrona leads Series A round for Knock

Seattle-based Knock, a provider of CRM solutions for property managers, has secured $10 million in Series A funding. Madrona Venture Group led the round. PRESS RELEASE SEATTLE — March 7, 2019 —Knock, a Seattle-based company, which maximizes the marketing and sales performance of apartment buildings through award-winning CRM and communication technology, today announced it has raised $10 million in Series A funding. The round was led by Madrona Venture Group and brings the company’s total capital...
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Pioneer Square Labs is invigorating Seattle’s startup ecosystem

Three miles from Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood — better known as Amazonia to locals — sits Pioneer Square. The original heart of the city, the area has managed to hold on to its decades-old charm as other parts of town are besieged by Amazon-contracted architects. On a mission to champion Seattle’s unique entrepreneurial DNA, startup studio Pioneer Square Labs has not only adopted the neighborhood’s moniker but established its fast-growing HQ at its center. Pioneer Square Labs, or P...
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This San Francisco startup gives employees five 'inner work days' a year to stay home and self-reflect

BetterUp— a San Francisco-based startup that connects professional coaches with those seeking career advice — has been giving their employees five days off to work on themselves. Dubbed "inner work days," these five days a year are meant to give employees dedicated time for self-reflection.  "Most of the work we do in our life is outside of us," BetterUp co-founder and CEO Alexi Robichaux told Business Insider. "But part of being a professional, especially in the creative economy, is like, we ...
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Pacific Northwest Relying On Nuclear Energy During Cold Snap

Slashdot reader Lije Baley writes: As the unusually long cold snap in the Pacific Northwest has both increased electric demand while decreasing snow melt and stream flows needed for hydroelectric generation, local power companies are asking their customers to conserve energy. Meanwhile, the region's last remaining nuclear plant has been a critical low-carbon resource for keeping the lights and heat on, as Forbes reports. "As reported by Annette Cary of the Tri-City Herald, the Bonneville Power A...
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Owls against owls in a challenge for survival

Scientists are puzzling out how to address the declining numbers of northern spotted owls (NSO) in their Pacific Northwest forest habitat. A new study in the Ecological Society of America's journal Ecological Applications explores the reasons why spotted owls are losing a foothold in their habitat, forecasts future habitat conditions and species interactions, and suggests best management practices.
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A high-school senior who got vaccinated against his mother's wishes just testified before the Senate — and accused anti-vaxxers of weaponizing her love

High-school senior Ethan Lindenberger, who recently turned 18, has been vaccinating himself against his mother's wishes. Lindenberger testified before a Senate committee on Tuesday, saying his mother's "love, affection, and care as a parent was used" by anti-vaxxers on online platforms, including Facebook.  He said there aren't two sides to an issue like vaccines: Study after study shows no link between vaccines and autism, despite misinformation online.  The measles is making a comeback in ri...
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With New Cash, iUNU to Help More Greenhouses Monitor, Manage Plants

People in the Pacific Northwest who grow plants in greenhouses and nurseries face good odds of turning a profit on their 2019 harvests, according to Spokane, WA-based Northwest Farm Credit Services, which supports farmers, ranchers, and other agribusiness in the region.This positive outlook comes thanks to steady demand for crops, a strong U.S. economy, and a booming housing market, and the trend could even compel some greenhouse operators to invest in new equipment and technology. One startup ...
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Clam Gardens, an Ancient Sea Farming Technique

Despite much recent evidence to the contrary (see Charles Mann’s 1491 for example), the view persists that a pristine wilderness awaited European conquerors upon their arrival to the Americas because the existing population didn’t really do a whole lot to alter the landscape.1 Take clam gardens for instance. In the Pacific Northwest, indigenous people constructed these coastal structures to deliberately encourage the production of shellfish. These features are made by constructing rock walls at...
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6 American Cities I Think You Should Visit This Spring

Somehow it’s already March; a fact that still puzzles me to be honest. However, this is when people are planning their trips for the year or that quick getaway this spring. Since I’ve done a lot of US exploring in recent years, I thought I’d share some of my favorite places around the country that are fantastic to visit, no matter the time of year really. Washington, DC I have to start with my hometown for a variety of reasons. This is one of the few seasons when the temperatures aren’t too ext...
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Measles outbreak in Pacific Northwest about half of U.S. cases

The number of cases in Vancouver, Washington, is 68 — more than 40 percent of the number reported nationwide since Jan. 1, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Friday.
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