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September 2020 Buck of the Month – Limited Edition 830 Marksman Folder

Buck Knife of the Month 830 Marksman Folder USA – -( Buck knives offer a limited edition once a month knife that collectors love. This month it is a unique twist on the Buck 830 Marksman Folder. As always these will sell out really quickly, maybe by the time you read this. September 2020 Buck of the Month – 830 Marksman Folder For September 2020 we bring you this exclusive version of the 830 Marksman features a 20CV blade in black Cerakote® coating, black and blue G10 handle w...
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Daddy’s Hangout 2020 Week 3 NFL Predictions

Welcome to 2020 NFL Week 3 NFL season after another exciting week of football. My record was 9-2 last week, which boosted my overall mark to 17-10. My winning percentage jumped from 50 to 63%. The only losses were the Vikings losing to the Indianapolis Colts, which many are wondering, what’s up with Minnesota? The other was the Monday Night game where the Las Vegas Raiders defeated the New Orleans Saints. It was the first game ever at the new Allegiant Stadium for the Raiders and they looked a...
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The 10 most environmentally friendly countries in the world, according to expats

An orange smoke-filled sky is seen above Estacada, Oregon, on September 9, 2020, as fires burn nearby. DEBORAH BLOOM/AFP via Getty Images The onslaught of wildfires in California serves as a wake up call for many Americans when it comes to climate change, with some people deciding to permanently leave the state. More people could relocate in the coming years due to climate change, an investigation by ProPublica reveals. Most climate-related moves and displacement happens within a country, ...
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Scientists predict potential spread, habitat of invasive Asian giant hornet

Researchers at Washington State University have predicted how and where the Asian giant hornet, an invasive newcomer to the Pacific Northwest, popularly dubbed the "murder hornet," could spread and find ideal habitat, both in the United States and globally.
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Bill Gates has warned of an impending pandemic for years. Here's how he's dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, from pledging $100 million to fight the outbreak to becoming Warren Buffett's 'scientific adviser.'

Bill Gates. Gus Ruelas/Reuters For years, Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates has warned the world of a severe, impending pandemic. In a 2015 TED Talk, Gates said that "we're not ready for the next epidemic." In 2017, Gates wrote in an op-ed article for Business Insider that the next epidemic could be "a super contagious and deadly strain of the flu." Gates has called the coronavirus a "once-in-a-century pathogen," and his charitable organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has comm...
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Buck Knives’ Classic Blades are Back-In-Stock!

Buck Knives Classic Blades 124 Frontiersman: One of those knives that can do it all. The 124 Frontiersman is built tough and ready to tackle tasks of any size. A must-have for any adventure. USA – -( Knifemaker Buck Knives has new inventory back-in-stock just in time for the fall hunting season. Shop from a select range of the most popular Buck Classics blades that are proven workhorses before they are back to zero and the wait begins all over. While you are at it, why not make ...
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Significant rainfall may be double-edged sword for northwestern US this week

A multi-day rain event is just what the northwestern United States needs to help put out the dozens of active wildfires, and forecasters say that is in the offing later this week. But could there be too much of a good thing?From last Friday into the weekend, the region received some relief from the smoke and haze that has persisted due to the fires as a weak storm moved in from the Pacific. Light rain fell across western Washington and Oregon, but areas east of the Cascades received very little ...
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35 years ago the Senate held hearings on rock lyrics. It was a First Amendment showdown for the ages.

Tipper Gore testifies at the Senate hearings on rock lyrics on September 19, 1985. C-Span It's become known as the "PMRC Senate hearing," or the "Tipper Gore-Frank Zappa hearing," or the "rock-porn hearing." It was September 19, 1985, smack dab in the middle of the Reagan era. Moral panics were the order of the day. Sen. Al Gore's wife, Tipper, was upset that a Prince album she bought for her daughter had risque lyrics. She literally made a federal case out of it. As politicians and their ...
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Alone Review: A Simple Yet Exhilarating Survivalist Thriller

Rating:  8/10 Cast: Jules Willcox as Jessica PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; admiralCookie = readAdmiralCookie(); googletag.cmd.push(function() { var standAloneSizeMapping = googletag.sizeMapping().addSize([0, 0], [[300, 250]]).addSize([750, 0], []).addSize([980, 0], []).build(); PB.gptStandAlone['pb_prebidjs_300x250_a_1600467391']...
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9 affordable 'covid compatible interests' to actually enjoy yourself more during the pandemic

Jordan Siemens / Getty Images Six months into the coronavirus pandemic in the US, the pandemic had radically altered how people nejoy themselves.  In a recent Bloomberg opinion article, George Mason economist Tyler Cowen suggested that a key to feeling happier during the time might be to spend money in "covid-compatible interests" like perhaps buying more books and tipping better when you eat out. Business Insider has put together a list of nine affordable things you could do to treat you...
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‘Nothing left in the bucket’: Wildfire resources run thin

By JAMES ANDERSON and MATTHEW BROWN | Associated Press Justin Silvera came off the fire lines in Northern California after a grueling 36 straight days battling wildfires and evacuating residents ahead of the flames. Before that, he and his crew had worked for 20 days, followed by a three-day break. Silvera, a 43-year-old battalion chief with Cal Fire, California’s state firefighting agency, said he’s lost track of the blazes he’s fought this year. He and his crew have sometimes been on duty for ...
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‘Nothing Left In The Bucket’: California Wildfire Resources Run Thin

Justin Silvera came off the fire lines in Northern California after a grueling 36 straight days battling wildfires and evacuating residents ahead of the flames. Before that, he and his crew had worked for 20 days, followed by a three-day break. Silvera, a 43-year-old battalion chief with Cal Fire, California’s state firefighting agency, said he’s lost track of the blazes he’s fought this year. He and his crew have sometimes been on duty for 64 hours at a stretch, their only rest coming in 20-min...
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Wildfire smoke is likely to leave millions of people more vulnerable to flu and the coronavirus this fall

Local residents look at smoke and fire over a hill during wildfires near the town of Medford, Oregon, September 9, 2020. Smoke from unprecedented wildfires on the West Coast could leave millions of people more vulnerable to the flu and coronavirus. Wildfire smoke contains tiny particulate matter, called PM2.5, that can penetrate deep into the lungs and spread through the bloodstream. These particles can damage the lungs, blood vessels, and immune system, leaving the body less equipped to...
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Oregon Wildfires Are So Devastating They’ve Brought in a Mobile Morgue

The wildfires engulfing the West Coast have become so dire in Oregon that state police have established a new type of emergency response: a mobile morgue. The state-run facility in Linn County, about two hours outside of Portland, will be operated by a 75-member regional response team that is searching incinerated properties for survivors and victims. While the wildfires have hit 10 states across the country, Oregon has been among the worst affected, with more than 30 active fires, at least 900,...
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Smoke advisory extended due to Bobcat and El Dorado fires

LOS ANGELES — As the Bobcat and El Dorado fires continued to spew smoke and ash into the air, regulators extended a smoke advisory for another day Tuesday across Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. The smoke closed the LA Zoo and many coronavirus testing locations. The South Coast Air Quality Management District said air quality would be unhealthy through Wednesday in nearly the entire county, even the coastal areas. RELATED: Containment drops on Bobcat fire as firefighte...
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Cyclocross photo book aims to fill void of lost season

Cover of new book.(Photos by Drew Coleman) “My hope is that this book takes a bit of the sting out of the loss of racing and further provides some inspiration for the future.”— Drew Coleman Love of cyclocross runs deep in Portland. The pain of loss over a season cancelled due to coronavirus concerns has been made more acute as toxic air has robbed us of even training rides — which themselves were a poor substitute for the competition, camaraderie, and blissful chaos that defines the spo...
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‘The Water Man’ Review: David Oyelowo’s Directorial Debut Speaks to Kids

An engaging for-kids ghost story whose fantasy elements are thoughtfully grounded by real-world concerns, “The Water Man” ends with a blazing wildfire which is far scarier than the supernatural elements that precede it — especially now, as so much of the Pacific Northwest burns. Fans of David Oyelowo’s acting work might be surprised he chose […]
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Minor Tosses 2-Hitter, A’s Manage Split With Mariners

SEATTLE (AP) – Mike Minor tossed a two-hitter with eight strikeouts, Jake Lamb doubled and homered in his first game after signing with Oakland, and the Athletics beat the Seattle Mariners 9-0 in the nightcap of their doubleheader on Monday. Seattle won the opener 6-5, rallying from a 5-0 deficit and scoring twice in the sixth inning with two outs to earn a split and stay on the heels of the Houston in the AL West. Seattle is 1 ½ games behind the Astros for second place. The games were played wi...
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Starbucks billionaire Howard Schultz just endorsed Biden after nearly running for president himself

Howard Schultz. Stephen Brashear/Getty Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz publicly endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden for President in a letter published Monday. Schultz built a $4.2 billion fortune during his time at Starbucks, and pledged to donate at least some of it to Biden's campaign in the letter. Schultz considered running for president himself in 2019, but decided against it. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Howard Schultz is backing Biden for president.T...
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California Wildfires Have Burned An Area Almost The Size Of Connecticut

(CNN) — Since the start of 2020, wildfires in California have burned over 3.2 million acres of land — an area almost the size of Connecticut. CalFire said Monday that nearly 16,500 firefighters have been battling 28 major wildfires in the state, which have left 24 people dead and over 4,200 structures destroyed. For those who have avoided the flames, smoke from the fires has choked the air and kept people inside. The continued risk of future fires has forced partial power shutoffs for thousands ...
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Alaska is known for its fresh, sustainably harvested seafood — now you can enjoy it wherever you are through a monthly subscription

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Wild Alaskan Company/Instagram The Wild Alaskan Company is a wild-caught, sustainable seafood delivery service founded by a member of a third-generation Alaskan fishing family. Its mission is to make access to sustainable fish (salmon, halibut, cod, and more) easy and convenient. It operates on a monthly membership model, in which you can get 12 pieces of fish for $132/month or 24 pieces of fish fo...
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Air quality concerns may delay NFL game Sunday

Wildfires across California have deteriorated the air quality across much of the state for the past week, and may hold on long enough to postpone a home-opener NFL game.A game taking place late Sunday afternoon was up in the air in regards to postponing due to air quality. The San Francisco 49ers ultimately made the decision to hold the game, hosting the Arizona Cardinals at Levi Stadium, an area that has been batting the poor air quality.CLICK HERE FOR THE FREE ACCUWEATHER APPESPN reported that...
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Death toll rises as wildfires sweep toward Portland and smoke fills the Pacific Northwest skies

Some have stayed to fight the rare, massive fires; others returned after evacuating to find homes, neighborhoods destroyed.
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7 deaths confirmed as wildfire rages in Northern California; at least 12 dead in state

Wildfires are blazing across California and in the Pacific Northwest. At least two have also died in Oregon, and a child died in Washington state.
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Officials battle online misinformation along with wildfires

Emergency responders in the Pacific Northwest are fighting misinformation along with raging wildfires as people spread unsubstantiated social media posts blaming coordinated groups of arsonists from both the far left and far right for setting the blazes. The FBI said Friday that it's investigated several claims and found them to be untrue, while officials in Oregon and Washington state have turned to Facebook to knock down the competing narratives — some posts blamed far-left antifa activists a...
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‘Miracle With a Sad Ending’: Couple Survive But Lose Baby in Wildfire Chaos

When he couldn’t reach his cousin Jake Hyland on Monday, Jim Mabry drove to his family’s remote property in rural Washington state, where wildfires turned pastures of 4-foot-high sage into dust.Jake and his wife, Jamie, along with their 1-year-old son, Uriel, were visiting their land in Okanogan County when flames from the Cold Springs Fire ripped through the area. Relatives couldn’t reach the couple, or emergency services, because power lines were down.On Tuesday, Mabry discovered Jake’s truck ...
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Officials squash rumors of far right, far left setting fires

Raging wildfires in the Pacific Northwest have fueled a barrage of false information this week as unsubstantiated social media posts blamed coordinated groups of arsonists from both the far left and far right for setting the blazes. Officials turned to Facebook on Wednesday and Thursday to squash competing narratives — some posts blamed far-left antifa activists and others said the far-right group the Proud Boys were responsible for fires that have scorched wide swaths of Oregon and Washington ...
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Eerie Orange Hue Fades In The West But Air Quality Worsens

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A dense smoke layer from dozens of raging wildfires darkened the skies and fouled the air along much of the West Coast on Thursday and was expected to hover in the region at least through the weekend. Eerie orange and red skies across California, Oregon and Washington had mainly turned gray thanks to stronger winds coming in from the Pacific Ocean that helped to disperse thick smoke that acted as a filter scattering blue light and only allowing yellow, orange and red light t...
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High alert: Deadly Northwest fires burn hundreds of homes

Deadly windblown wildfires raging across the Pacific Northwest destroyed hundreds of homes in Oregon, the governor said Wednesday, warning it could be the greatest loss of life and property from wildfire in state history.
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Unprecedented Pacific Northwest fires burn hundreds of homes

Deadly windblown wildfires raging across the Pacific Northwest destroyed hundreds of homes in Oregon, the governor said Wednesday, warning it could be the greatest loss of life and property from wildfire in state history.
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