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Birth of 3 Wolf Pups Means Colorado Has Its First Native Wolves Since the 1940s

Colorado wildlife officials on Wednesday confirmed the existence of a litter of gray wolf pups—the first thought to be seen in the state in decades. The discovery is also noteworthy in light of a voter-passed initiative last year to reintroduce wolves to Colorado by 2023.Read more...
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See the First Camera Collar Footage From a Wild Wolf

A few wolves in Minnesota will now record their summer exploits, thanks to an exciting project from researchers from the Voyageurs Wolf Project. This week, the group released the first-ever footage captured by a collar on a wild wolf. The candid movies, which will continue this year, will hopefully provide some…Read more...
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Trump-Picked VOA Boss Eliminates ‘Firewall’ Between Journalists And Political Management

The man in charge of a network of government funded news outlets announced late Monday that he was eliminating the so-called “ firewall ” between journalists and their political management.  Michael Pack, the CEO of the U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM) — which includes Voice of America (VOA), the Office of Cuba Broadcasting (OCB), Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), Radio Free Asia (RFA) and the Middle East Broadcasting Networks (MBN) — said the rule made it too difficult to pr...
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Now Is Not the Time to Silence America’s Best Global Press Ambassadors

At a time when access to accurate information is more critical than ever, leadership at Voice of America (VOA), the government-funded international news broadcaster, is actively undermining America’s ability to reach those around the globe who need it most.VOA produces journalism in 46 languages around the globe, providing news through an American lens about the critical issues of the day. VOA frequently hires international journalists because they not only have a mastery of critical languages b...
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Trump Appointee Might Not Extend Visas for Foreign Journalists at V.O.A.

The action could be a blow to the news-gathering abilities of Voice of America, an independently operated media agency funded by the government.
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New Trump Appointee Puts Global Internet Freedom at Risk, Critics Say

A battle involving Michael Pack and a U.S.-funded tech group revolves around software from Falun Gong, the secretive, anti-Beijing spiritual movement with pro-Trump elements.
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Michael Pack, Chief of Media Agency, Dismisses Heads of U.S. News Outlets

The moves by Michael Pack, a Trump administration appointee, raised concerns that the news organizations would become partisan.
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New Boss May Test Voice of America’s Credibility

Over 280 million people a week depend on the V.O.A. for news. Its independence is why it is so trusted.
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V.O.A. Directors Resign After Bannon Ally Takes Charge of U.S. Media Agency

Amanda Bennett and Sandra Sugawara told Voice of America employees that they had offered their resignations to Michael Pack, a conservative activist pushed by President Trump.
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VOA Directors Resign After Trump Appointee Takes Over Parent Agency

Top editors at Voice of America News, an independent global multimedia broadcaster funded by the U.S. government, resigned on Monday following the Senate’s approval of President Trump’s appointee for the U.S. Agency for Global Media, the federal agency overseeing VOA. Earlier this month, the Senate approved conservative documentary filmmaker Michael Pack to head USAGM for a three-year term in a 53-38 vote. Pack’s nomination was in limbo for two years, partly due to Democratic concerns regardin...
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Coronavirus US live: Michael Cohen released from New York prison due to pandemic

Trump’s ex-fixer will serve out remainder of sentence at homeUS unemployment rises by 2.4m despite easing of lockdownsUS has three months to rebuild medical supplies stockpile, Obama scientists warnCoronavirus – latest global updatesGet a fresh perspective on America – sign up to our First Thing newsletter 5.25pm BST Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer and fixer, indicated he would soon speak publicly after being released from prison to home confinement.“I am so glad to be home and back wit...
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Passed By for Decades, Clarence Thomas Is a New Symbol of the Trump Era

He isn’t yet the pop culture star that Ruth Bader Ginsburg — “Notorious R.B.G.” to many — is. But his fans think he could be.
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District of Columbia Is Investigating Trump Nominee to Lead Media Agency

The announcement was a significant setback in the effort to quickly confirm Michael Pack, a conservative filmmaker President Trump has personally lobbied to install.
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Michael Pack: Trump Pushes for Senate to Confirm Conservative to Run Voice of America

A key Senate committee has scheduled a vote on the long-stalled nomination of Michael Pack, an ally of Stephen K. Bannon, to run the agency in charge of the Voice of America. Employees are worried.
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10 Binge-Worthy Art Podcasts in the Age of Coronavirus

Plugging into the art-world conversation while museums and galleries are closed.
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Hate speech, or modern politics? New rhetoric revives tradition of all insults, all the time

It certainly is not the first time in America’s long history of political rough-and-tumble that an elected official was labeled a “socialist,” or called “a clown,” or had his or her essential integrity questioned. But it might be the first time a politician had all of that said about him in a single sentence in an on-the-record statement sent to a reporter by a spokesman — apparently sober — for a major political party. In another era, the verbal blast at Rep. Adam Schiff, the Burbank Democrat, ...
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Taylor Pack gives No. 1-ranked UCLA softball team more power

LOS ANGELES — Washington thought it made a smart play walking Rachel Garcia to get to Taylor Pack. The UCLA senior turned it into UW’s worst nightmare. In a scoreless game March 15 in Seattle, Washington pitcher Taran Alvelo, the conference’s leader in wins, intentionally walked Garcia to load the bases with two outs for Pack. Garcia is the reigning national player of the year, as feared a hitter as she is a pitcher. The lesser-known Pack then lined a hard double to center field to clear the bas...
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Get a free Ableton pack this Christmas

Here’s another gift to go in your stocking this Christmas and pad your digital instrument collection out with a collection of vintage synths for Ableton free to Live 10 users. Bring in the new year with new synthesizers to play with as Ableton are offering an early Christmas present free to all Live 10 users. Ableton have specially prepared a selection of single-sample vintage synth-instruments to make 2019 a great year with awesome new sounds to play and create with. Singularities features ...
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Get $1,367 of samples for under $40 this Christmas

Christmas is a time for generosity and few are being as generous as Samples From Mars who are giving away their MASSIVE library of high quality samples for over 95% off. Samples From Mars have been selling high quality sample packs for 5 years offering everything from incredible drum machines, classic and iconic synthesizers and more. Combined all of their excellent sample packs are worth $1,367 but as a holiday treat the lovely people from Samples From Mars are offering their entire website’s...
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4 Tips to Get Your Car Ready to Win Black Friday

Thanksgiving is in its final hours and now we’re on to the most wonderful time of the year! At least that’s how some people feel. The holiday season officially begins with the annual shopping brawl universally known as Black Friday.  To win Black Friday, you need a strategy. And that includes your vehicle. Before you head out, here are some tips to get your car ready to help you win the day: Be prepared for anything with a full tank of gas It’s hard to get up early, and you may end up running ...
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What to pack in your under-seat carry-on bag

For a comfortable flight, it’s helpful to have certain things within reach. This means thinking carefully about what to pack in the carry-on bag that you put under the seat in front of you. We’re big fans of the one-bag rule, which involves travelling with just one carry-on-sized bag, but that one bag is likely to be a larger size, stored in the overhead compartment of a plane (or under the bus... Source
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The best sites for free samples and loops to download

Loops and samples are a producers best friend, providing endless opportunities to use and rework unique sounds, melodies and rhythms into a new surrounding. But quality samples are hard to find without denting your wallet, so we’ve collected the best places to go where they are free to download. SampleRadar SampleRadar is a giant hub of free loops, hits, and multis offered by music news and tech publication MusicRadar. It’s updated all the time and full of every type of sample you could...
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What clothes to pack for short and long trips podcast

Packing for travel can be a challenge — you want to make sure you have everything you need for your trip, but you don’t want to carry too much. But packing your bag doesn’t have to be stressful, as long as you follow some simple guidelines. We’ve been travelling full-time for almost thirteen years, and we still make packing mistakes. We’ve learned a lot over that time, though, and we certainly... Source
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EDC With The Haley Strategic FlatPack

Philosophy of Use There are endless tactical black or multi-cam bags on the market claiming to be “low profile”. These same bags display numerous Velcro patches, have pals webbing on the outside of the bag, and scream gun! However, the industry is starting to listen to those wanting a quality pack in a very non-descript […] Read More … The post EDC With The Haley Strategic FlatPack appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Kelty Redwing Review: a Backpack for the Archaeologist

As an archaeologist, I’ve used a few different packs over the years and I’ve found there were features about most of them that I liked. [...] The post Kelty Redwing Review: a Backpack for the Archaeologist appeared first on Archaeology Review.
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Disabled man dies in home fire in South Carolina

SUMTER, S.C. (AP) — A 67-year-old disabled man has died in a mobile home fire in South Carolina that six others survived. Sumter County Coroner Robert Baker says Willard Pack was pronounced dead at the Sumter home about 8 a.m. Sunday. Sumter Fire Department Battalion Chief Joey Duggan says Pack was a single-leg amputee and […]
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(**Updated Weekly**) Amazon Back To School Deals Roundup

Amazon Back To School Deals Roundup Its that time of the year already! We will be doing a weekly roundup of Amazon back to school deals. That way you can find the hottest back to school deals in one area and not have to spend hours finding them. We try to not only save you money but time as well. Lets take a look at this weeks deals. Some of these items are Add On items, which means you will need to order them with a qualifying order of $25 or more. We also have all of our Back to School deal...
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Friday Fun: Back to School Bags That’ll Rock Your Year

There’s so much more that goes into selecting a bag besides function and practicality. Your school bag says a lot about who you are and what you’re about. It’s the visual representation of your personality and style. For many students, choosing school bags that are both functional and personal can be a tough process. We took a look around the market to see what types of bags are available for this year’s back to school season. We found some seriously cool stuff! Get ready for our official back t...
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MHS M17 ALREADY Fixed P320 Drop Failure Issue; “Voluntary Upgrade” Pistols Will Receive MHS Triggers

Those who take advantage of SIG’s recently announced “voluntary upgrade” may soon be taking home a little piece of the Modular Handgun System program: The company evidently plans to introduce a new trigger design developed for the MHS program as part of the upgrades, as relayed in a recent article published by Eric Graves over […] Read More … The post MHS M17 ALREADY Fixed P320 Drop Failure Issue; “Voluntary Upgrade” Pistols Will Receive MHS Triggers appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Are We Gearing Up to Lose the Next War? Overmatch, Part 2: Bullets & Backbreakers

In the rush to augment the infantry’s firepower with new advanced small arms technologies, we may be on the precipice of crippling their ability to fight wars. The push to equip the infantryman with more powerful rifles and machine guns risks reducing his mobility to critical levels, and “locking out” his capacity to carry powerful supporting […] Read More … The post Are We Gearing Up to Lose the Next War? Overmatch, Part 2: Bullets & Backbreakers appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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