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When Healing Tarries

Who doesn’t love a miracle? You know the kind that occurs drastically and in an instant? Who wouldn’t want that?! There is a growing number of my friends and loved ones who have been hit with some kind of chronic illness — everything from cancer to ALS to migraines to digestive struggles. I’m sure it is the same in your circles. I don’t know why this is the case, but I am hard pressed to fight alongside of each of them as they so graciously do for me. I don’t tend to be a sickly person. I rarely...
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Vertex Continues Plan to Diversify, Strikes a $70M Pact With Kymera

Vertex Pharmaceuticals is best known for its cystic fibrosis franchise. But over the past several years Vertex has been making inroads elsewhere, and a deal it is announcing this morning continues that strategy.Vertex (NASDAQ: VRTX), of Boston, will pay privately held startup Kymera Therapeutics $70 million to form an alliance to develop a group of drugs for “serious specialty diseases.” Vertex won’t say which ones, but beyond cystic fibrosis (CF), where it has three FDA-approved drugs that gen...
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Personal Health: Virtual Reality as Therapy for Pain

It’s more than a distraction, researchers say. It’s more like a brain hack that occupies the brain so fully that it has no room to process pain sensations at the same time.
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You Don’t Have to Apologize for Your Pain

I’d answered my phone joking. “Did you lock yourself in the chicken coop again ?” It wouldn’t be the first time she’d gone out in the morning to feed the chickens and collect eggs to find the latch had locked her in. “ I fell, I’m hurt . . . I think I broke my back. ”  Strangled and gasping for breath, I’d never heard my mom sound like that. I ran out the back door toward the chicken coop. She was crumpled in the dirt, the giant compost bin pinning her. One red muck boot lay off to th...
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Do CBD Products Really Relax You?

Besides oils and tinctures, you can now consume CBD in the form of infused gummies, gourmet desserts, and even the seltzer offered at a certain boutique gynecology office. The marketing is definitely ahead of the science, so here’s what to know about the grains of truth behind the claims.Read more...
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Stop Telling Your Kids Their Medical Procedure 'Won't Hurt a Bit'

I have a vivid memory of taking my daughter to get her blood drawn when she was two. As she sat on my lap in a lab chair, she was so happy. She waved to the technician, who smiled and waved back. And then he took her tiny arm, stuck a needle in it, and she screamed bloody murder. Never again was she as delighted to…Read more...
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Hanging by my arms helps my shoulder pain

One of my shoulders stopped working very well about three years ago. Hanging from a pull-up and chin-up bar helps me a lot. I was waking up in the middle of the night unable to move my right arm. Then my arm started to ache all day and I was already suffering a greatly reduced range of motion. A physical therapist told me that my sleeping position, on my right side, matched with my 8-12 hours a day standing in front of a laptop and typing, was to blame. I can't stop typing, and the frustra...
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Tackling the $190 billion physical therapy market, Sword Health raises $8 million from Khosla Ventures

The U.S. healthcare system spends roughly $190 billion every year on physical therapies prescribed to treat muscular and skeletal disorders, and Sword Health has raised $8 million in a new round of financing to slash those costs. The New York-based company was founded in Europe four years ago and recently relocated to the U.S. where spending on musculoskeletal disorders has skyrocketed to become the second most costly ailment in America, the company said. Sword Health focuses on five key patholo...
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With 35 different in-home health diagnostic tests now on offer, Everlywell raises $50 million to expand

Venture capitalists are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into healthcare startups pitching lower cost alternatives to traditional services and one of their primary targets is diagnostics. As investors look to back services that can pitch lower cost alternatives to customers, companies like EverlyWell, the Disrupt Battlefield alumnus which just raised $50 million in new financing start to look more appealing. Since its launch on our San Francisco stage in 2016, EverlyWell has expanded from...
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Does gender bias influence how people assess children’s pain?

A recently published paper in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology has attracted much media attention for its analysis of a subject that has long been debated: how do our beliefs about male-female differences influence our decision-making? Specifically, do our beliefs about the pain expressions of boys and girls influence our assessment of their pain experience?The authors found that when adult participants were shown the same video of a young child undergoing a painful procedure, those who were ...
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To trust in your goodness is the ultimate success.

At the end of an interview, it’s common to be asked the big finale question: “Tell our listeners how to get unstuck. Give us three secrets to happiness. What’s THE most useful thing you’ve learned?” No pressure. I have a lot of possible answers, but recently, I surprised myself with this one: “What’s the most useful thing I’ve learned?” I paused. “That I’m a good person.” There aren’t three quick steps to that. No hack. I don’t know if it translates into anything helpful for anyone. It’s ...
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How Pain Tolerance and Anxiety Seem to Be Connected

An article about the case of a woman who feels little pain or anxiety raised many questions, such as: Do low-anxiety people seem to feel less pain?
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11 of Our Best Weekend Reads

Gen Z has its say. Amanda Hess on the college admissions scandal. Kids and room sharing. A woman who feels no pain. Adventurous, alone, attacked. And more.
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Woman with rare gene mutations feels no pain, anxiety

A woman in Scotland was found to feel virtually no pain and report zero trace of any anxiety or depression.Her body also seems to heal injuries very quickly, leaving little or no scarring.Humans feel pain as a warning before serious injury occurs, so it's not necessarily desirable to feel absolutely no pain. None When 66-year-old Jo Cameron was about to undergo a typically painful hand surgery a few years ago, she informed the doctor that she didn't feel pain and wouldn't need anesthesia."I disr...
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A Scottish Woman Has Lived Her Whole Life Without Feeling Pain, Thought It Was Normal

During one Scottish woman’s lifetime, she has broken bones, burned her skin, and undergone surgery without feeling any pain—and she didn’t realize she’d been experiencing anything unusual until she was well into her 60s, according to a new case study.Read more...
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Marry Your Trial with Your Talent to Bring Something New into the World

I made a number of discoveries while writing The Making of Us, one of the most impacting being that the trials of life can release our best gifts into the world. All it takes is some creative merging of those trials with our God-given talents. In this short video I unpack the idea with some examples to help you start thinking about what this might look like for you. More…
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How to Let Conflict & Change Be Your Teachers

What can conflict and change teach you? Life is full of potential friction. We expect relationships to last forever, situations to have certain outcomes, jobs to last longer than they do. However, life tends to serve us what we need to grow and evolve rather than what will keep us safe. How we tend to the pain of those disappointments — both big and small — define whether we get stuck in an eddy of emotional turmoil, or ultimately evolve to our next level of growth. When faced with disappointm...
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The Weight of Perseverance

We finally made time for coffee. I stood in line next to my friend, smiling because it had been months since we had some time together, smiling because I had a break, smiling because it was a cold winter day and a cookie was in my very near future. It felt great. She asked what we always ask, “How are you?” and I replied, “Good.” And I was . . . if good meant the world wasn’t falling down. And I wondered, When did that become my standard? We got our coffee and sat, catching up on life and fieldi...
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Silly and Cruel Beauty Gadgets That Were Destined for Failure

You are ugly, and if you didn’t notice, perusing a history of American cosmetic marketing will point out all of your innumerable flaws until you feel that god has damned you. It tells you your genetic traits are unsexy and then makes you pay for it. It denies science. It racially segregates. It sexually fetishizes…Read more...
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Outrageous Beauty Gadgets That Failed

You are ugly, and if you didn’t notice, perusing a history of American cosmetic marketing will point out all of your innumerable flaws until you feel that god has damned you. It tells you your genetic traits are unsexy and then makes you pay for it. It denies science. It racially segregates. It sexually fetishizes…Read more...
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Is Pain a Sensation or an Emotion?

We could learn a thing or two from the ancient Greeks’ understanding of suffering.
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Good News: Opioid Prescribing Fell. The Bad? Pain Patients Suffer, Doctors Say.

Doctors and insurers are using federal guidelines as cover to turn away patients, experts tell the C.D.C. and Congress.
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The New Health Care: The Opioid Dilemma: Saving Lives in the Long Run Can Take Lives in the Short Run

Limiting prescriptions seems logical, but a simulation study shows it would actually increase deaths, not decrease them, in the initial years.
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3 qualities of super resilient people

Shaka Senghor spent 19 years in prison, seven years of which he was in solitary confinement – a punishment designed to drive a person crazy after 90 days.In his most adverse moments, Senghor took inspiration from the memoirs of great minds, learning resiliency from their words and stories.Resilience boils down to 3 ingredients: Optimism – you have to acknowledge it's a dark period with light at the end; resourcefulness – find aspects of your environment you can use to help you cope; and memory l...
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Bio Roundup: NASH News, Merck Strikes, Digital Tokens & More

The growing epidemic of the fatty liver disease known as NASH, which has no FDA-approved treatment, has led to a frenzied race among drug companies. This week, one company, Intercept Pharmaceuticals, solidified its lead. But how much will being first to the finish line mean when all is said and done?Intercept (NASDAQ: ICPT) reported interim data from a Phase 3 study showing its drug, obeticholic acid (OCA), reduced liver scarring in NASH patients. The results should be enough to support an appr...
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No faking! Doctors can now objectively measure how much pain you’re in

Researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine have discovered the blood biomarkers that can objectively reveal just how much pain a patient is in. Here's why that's so important. The post No faking! Doctors can now objectively measure how much pain you’re in appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The Checkup: Having Anesthesia Once as a Baby Does Not Cause Learning Disabilities, New Research Shows

Although earlier studies in animals suggested a connection, the new research should reassure parents whose children need surgery, experts say.
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When You Feel Like You Keep Dropping the Ball

A couple years ago, I was at my friend Amy’s house, and after about three hours of zero conversation because we had between us eight kids (ages two, three, seven, seven, eight, eight, ten, and ten — like whoa), I was beginning to think we would never even finish a coherent sentence. But then the Lord carved out about twenty minutes of solid conversation between us, which went like this: Me: “I feel like I’m always failing at motherhood. I just keep dropping the ball. And I have a lot of fear . ....
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Why Are We Still Dismissing Girls’ Pain?

People continue to struggle with the idea that women are the authorities on their own bodies.
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Animals feel pain. Why do people believe they don't?

As part of the EU Withdrawal Bill, British MPs refused to recognize animal sentience. Yet it is well-documented that animals feel a range of emotions, including pain. The delusional idea that only humans experience emotions has lead to a variety of catastrophic problems. None As a child I loved Rick Raccoon. He was the only stuffed animal I owned of the Shirt Tales crew. The show was necessary Saturday Morning television before I left the cartoon-watching age. Many years later, I returned home ...
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