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Renowned artist Esther Mahlangu urges Africans to hold on to their traditions

Pioneering Ndebele artist fears young people are losing a sense of their rootsOne of Africa’s best-known artists has made an impassioned appeal for governments and communities across the continent to preserve their traditions and culture in the face of globalisation.Esther Mahlangu, 85, said that she was worried that young people in Africa were losing a sense of their roots. Continue reading...
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Pavement Picassos: the locked-down artists showing work in their windows

Galleries are closed due to Covid – so a group of artists have taken to displaying their work from their houses for passersby. Our writer takes to the streetsIt is not a good time for art lovers. The second lockdown has closed galleries once more – I’m imagining portraits waiting moodily in the National Gallery in London to be admired again; Van Gogh’s sunflowers wilting further – and so it is not a good time for artists.Artists Walk is an initiative that aims to improve that state of affairs. I...
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Aldo Tambellini, experimental artist obsessed with black, dies aged 90

‘Titan’ of the 1960s New York scene, who developed his obsession during the war, received mainstream acclaim in his final yearsAldo Tambellini, the pioneering artist and film-maker who had an obsession with the colour black, has died aged 90. He will be remembered among other things for developing what he termed “electromedia” – the bringing together of multiple forms including strobes, dance, film, poetry and slide projection. “We have lost a titan,” said Stuart Comer, a curator at MoMA in New ...
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Art as resistance: exiled Kurdish artist’s daring Istanbul show

Zehra Doğan spent nearly three years in Turkish jails and smuggled out her works as dirty laundryAn exiled artist who spent almost three years in jail in Turkey is shining a light on Kurdish feminism with a daring exhibition of works she created while behind bars.Zehra Doğan was among the thousands of people who have been caught up in arrests and detentions in Turkey since the 2016 attempted coup against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s government. Those detained are accused of either supporting...
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George Condo: 'Change can’t just be an idea or a slogan – it has to get real'

The artist, who worked with Warhol, befriended Basquiat and painted for Kanye, talks about making art during a tumultuous year and why he left New York CityNew York City artist George Condo has become New York state artist George Condo, a surprising move for someone so intensely intertwined with the city’s culture. The Hamptons is his new normal, after he ditched Manhattan in March.Not that he is keeping track of time. “The month of May soon turned into August, which then turned into November,” ...
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Cupid breaks free from a Rubens painting in Belgian art installation

Filip Sterckx of Skullmapping says, "We made one of Rubens angels escape his painting and fly around Brussels airport." Here's another fun one they recently did inspired by the Renaissance: The gallery audience seemed much more entranced by the delightful VFX than the airport crowd did. — Read the rest
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Once More Unto The Breach – Samurai Warriors Art Book Review

Once More Unto The Breach is a rich and fascinating exploration of two important Japanese cultural heritages; Samurai warriors and the woodblock printmaking art form of Ukiyo-E. I’ve always had a keen interest in both, having carved my own woodblock prints back in art school, but another reason is because of my recent time spent playing FromSoftware’s excellent video game Sekiro, which is based heavily on Japanese mythology. This book covers a very sizeable list of samurai warriors and heroes...
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700-year-old drunken princes scroll fetches £32m in Hong Kong

Painting by government official Ren Renfa bears seals of several Chinese emperorsA 700-year-old Chinese painted scroll from the Yuan dynasty has fetched HK$306.6m (£32.2m) at an auction in Hong Kong.The 6.6ft Five Drunken Princes Returning on Horseback is by Ren Renfa, a renowned Chinese artist and government official. Continue reading...
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Sense or censorship? Row over Klan images in Tate’s postponed show

Philip Guston depicted ‘the banality of evil’ but galleries in the UK and US fear his work could be misinterpretedBest known for his abstract art, Philip Guston also dipped into figurative painting with a repeating motif of white-hooded Ku Klux Klan members. Now these images have caused the postponement of a major retrospective to honour him – and a heated row within the art world.Four institutions – the National Gallery of Art in Washington, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the Museum of Fine ...
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'True beauty for the ages': $80m Botticelli to appear at auction

Sotheby’s says estimate for 550-year-old painting is largest it has ever set for an old masterA Sandro Botticelli portrait of a wealthy and handsome young man, described as one of the greatest Renaissance paintings remaining in private hands, is to appear at auction with an estimate of more than $80m (£63m).Sotheby’s said it was the largest estimate for an old master painting it had ever set, a reflection of its importance and rarity. Continue reading...
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Wild plants of Barbados illustrated on plantation ledgers – in pictures

Artist Annalee Davis was walking in fields once used for sugarcane in her Barbados homeland when she spotted unfamiliar plants. “I was taught to see them as weeds but now I understand their value offering biodiversity to exhausted land and their historical use in bush medicine.” Davis started pressing and using specially mixed Victorian paint to draw these plants on old plantation ledger pages. Colonialism wiped out Barbados’s biodiversity in the 17th century by replacing local vegetation with t...
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Finding Joy in the Midst of Uncertainty

It might seem frivolous to write a blog post about making art right now, in a world full of uncertainty and fear. I’ve wanted to say just the right things that might be uplifting or helpful, instead of just making happy talk. But it’s not frivolous at all. We need beauty now more than ever. We need the meditative healing that creativity can provide. Drawing, painting, singing, dancing, baking bread, digging in the dirt — all are things that can save us from despair at the sadness all around us. ...
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The Crown Flower: Painting Calotropis gigantea for the IDSBA exhibition

Calotropis gigantea, otherwise known as the Crown Flower or Giant Milkweed, is a plant that I've admired ever since first seeing it on Gili Trawangan Island, Indonesia, in 2015 and every year since. It's the most striking of plants in structure, so I didn't have to think for too long about selecting it as a subject when it came to entering the Indonesian Society of Botanical Artists exhibition, scheduled for June 2020 in Jakarta. Calotropis gigantea finished painting, 51cm x 39cm watercol...
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The Lady in the Portrait review –painterly pageantry in a Chinese royal court

Fan Bingbing stars as an emperor’s wife having her portrait painted in this artful yet inert period dramaThis French-Chinese co-production about an earlier French-Chinese collaboration offers handsome pageantry amid its lavish recreation of 18th-century imperial court life, but it isn’t quite enough to compensate for a puttering narrative motor. Longtime Apichatpong Weerasethakul producer Charles de Meaux has turned director with a far eastern equivalent of Girl With a Pearl Earring – another de...
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Auto painter demonstrates how to apply chrome paint to all kinds of objects

Chrome paint takes a little bit of skill to do well. Australian YouTuber custompaintmods tries applying it with paintbrush, airbrush, and with various primers and topcoats, and the end results compare favorably with real chrome. One interesting quality of chrome paint is that it looks best applied over glossy black paint. Another is that is goes on dull and starts to get reflective after application. Other people testing chrome paints suggested spraying with successive very thin layers tha...
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The Portfolio: Levy Pooe

Artist Levy Pooe conceptualises his work as ‘a social diary of being black in the city’ The post The Portfolio: Levy Pooe appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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'Fake' Rembrandt came from artist's workshop and is possibly genuine

Head of a Bearded Man revealed to be from same wood panel used for Rembrandt’s AndromedaA tiny painting of a weary, melancholic old man long rejected as a fake and consigned to a museum basement has been revealed as one from Rembrandt’s workshop, and possibly by the man himself.The Ashmolean museum in Oxford will this week put on display Head of a Bearded Man (c 1630) which was bequeathed to it in 1951 as a Rembrandt panel. In 1981, it was rejected by the Rembrandt Research Project, the world’s ...
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Brand New Star Wars Art Breathes Fresh, Collectible Life Into the Mos Eisley Cantina

Few scenes scream “Star Wars” more than the one set in the Mos Eisley Cantina: the creatures, the music, the introduction of Han Solo and Chewbacca. It’s as iconic and memorable as Star Wars gets. And now, artist Kevin-John has immortalized it like never before, in a series of original paintings done exclusively for …Read more...
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Hunt is on for rightful owner of Nazi-looted French painting

Sign hangs next to Nicolas Rousseau artwork in Verdun urging public for informationA 19th-century oil painting stolen from Nazi-occupied France during the second world war has gone on display in an attempt to trace its rightful owners, after being returned by the son of the German soldier who was ordered to take it.After 76 years in Germany, the small untitled artwork by the French painter Nicolas Rousseau is back in France and exhibited at the World Centre for Peace, Liberty and Human Rights in...
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Watch how artist Georges Rousse paints large-scale anamorphic works

Anamorphosis, or variable geometry, it the art of creating a work that must be viewed from specific vantage points to see an intended form. Georges Rousse is one of the major practitioners of the form. Here's are nice overviews of some of his finished works: Image: YouTube / Musée de l'Homme
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6 Ideas To Add Color To Your Bedroom Without Painting

Isn’t this the time to get your space a color makeover? It is totally normal to want to add more colors to the space where, especially these days, we are spending most of the time. It will feel joyful and will give you the energy to have bright colors and hues. To begin with that transformation, it is not necessary to start with the walls, however. Try with a colorful plum comforter set first , for example. These ideas are also ideal for those who are renting their apartment, as they ca...
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Relieve stress through art with the help of these drawing courses

In a stressful time, art therapy has been shown to relieve stress, stimulate the brain's pleasure center, and help you become emotionally resilient. Creating art stimulates the release of dopamine, which in turn raises self-esteem levels. Pencil Kings features world-class teachers from Marvel and DreamWorks guiding you through art therapy by drawing. Creativity is a uniquely human trait. We can dream up gods and demons and give them form through drawing. We can even take a two-dimensional surfa...
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3 Reasons You Should Hire A Professional Painting Service

If you are looking to renovate your home or improve the household value, painting is one of the best ways to change the entire look to something modern or classic. Painting is one of the most straightforward ways to give a captivating look to your house. However, painting your home by yourself includes excruciating hours of pain and fatigue. Also, you will never get the type of finish that you expect from professionals. Therefore, the best options are to hire professional services for home...
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Banksy altered sea view triptych sells for £2.2m at auction

Romantic seascapes – with political message in washed up life jackets – raise funds for Bethlehem hospitalA Banksy triptych, which aims to make a powerful political statement on the global migrant crisis, sold for £2.2m at an auction in London that also featured works by Rembrandt, Picasso, and Bridget Riley.The three paintings were offered by Banksy to raise money for a hospital in Bethlehem. Continue reading...
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Place depicted in Van Gogh's final painting found with help of postcard

French hillside scene in Tree Roots may have been painted hours before artist’s deathThe exact location from where Vincent van Gogh is likely to have painted his final masterpiece, perhaps just hours before his death, has been discovered with the help of a postcard.The scene in Tree Roots, a painting of trunks and roots growing on a hillside near the French village of Auvers-sur-Oise near Paris was first spotted on a card dating from 1900 to 1910 by Wouter van der Veen, the scientific director o...
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A Renaissance masterpiece, Nazi looters, a double murder … and a happy ending

His grandparents had to sell their paintings for a pittance – and then were killed. Simon Goodman on why the recovery of one means so muchA masterpiece by the Italian Renaissance artist Paolo Uccello, which disappeared after the Nazis forced its owner to sell it for a pittance before sending him and his wife to their deaths, is to be sold this week after its current owners discovered its shocking past.The painting, Battle on the Banks of a River, had belonged to Friedrich “Fritz” Gutmann, who wa...
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Beyond sourdough: the hobbies that helped readers cope with lockdown

As lockdown restrictions continue to ease, Guardian readers tell us what pastimes and skills they’ve discovered – and rediscovered – during the pandemic During lockdown, my husband and I have taken daily walks in the countryside that have kept us sane and given us a break from the monotony of confinement. Along the way, I have collected stones to paint. Looking for ways to engage the five-year-olds in my class (and missing them a bit too), I painted each stone to look like them and used them to ...
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Venice Shots

Oleander is blooming all over Venice. I have this for breakfast every morning: hard boiled eggs with olive oil and black pepper, along with artichoke hearts. A pretty corner. The gorgeous floor at the Gallerie Academy. From a painting there of God creating animals. Do you think this is a unicorn? Just thought this was pretty. An aperol spritz across the place where they make and repair gondolas.
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Emil of Squidmar Miniatures paints a medieval knight while dressed in a suit of armor

On of the things I love about Squidmar Miniatures is that Emil is always trying unique, unusual, and just plain kooky stuff to make his miniature painting channel more entertaining and fun. Chalk this one up to kooky. In it, he paints the bust of a medieval knight while dressed in a set of 14th century armor. Given the weight and the heat, he's exhausted even before he starts painting and it's not long before he starts removing the helmet, the gauntlets... Some of the YouTube comments are great:...
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Artlords, not warlords – how Kabul's artists battle for the streets

Muralists are covering the Afghan capital’s blast walls with agitprop imagery and calling out corruptionFrom the killing of George Floyd in the US and the drowning of Afghan refugees in Iran, to the signing of the US-Taliban agreement towards peace and brutal murder of a Japanese aid worker, a group of Afghan artists have taken paintbrushes to adorn Kabul’s grey blast walls with vivid imagery.The barriers have been transformed into politically inspired murals, which the artists hope will create ...
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