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Ancient Buildings At Palmyra, Destroyed By ISIS, May Really Get Rebuilt

“The ancient city of Palmyra in Syria, which was severely damaged by ISIS militants in 2015, appears to be heading toward reconstruction. In November, a memorandum of understanding on rebuilding the city’s Triumphal Arch was signed between Syria’s Directorate-General of Antiquities and Museums and Russia’s Stone Industry Association, which is based in Yekaterinburg.” – The Art Newspaper
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Barnstorming Palmyra, Wisconsin

General Aviation Thrives on Kettle Moraine Grass Situated along the Scuppermong River in Jefferson County, Wisconsin, the Village of Palmyra is, says the welcoming sign across the street from the Palmyra Municipal Airport (88C), “The Heart of the Kettle Moraine,” a state forest carpeting more than 22,000 acres of glacial hills, kettle lakes, and prairies about 40 miles west of Milwaukee. What remained of the Great American Flying Circus, writer Richard Bach, photographer Paul Hansen, and skydiv...
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NYSferatu: Symphony of a Century – review

Director: Andrea Mastrovito Release date: 2017 Contains spoilers Please note the review is taken from a screener, the screenshots, therefore, have a layer of watermarking that may, or may not be obvious. So this is a rendition of Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens created as an animated rotoscope recreation and moves the film from 19th Century Germany to 21st Century New York, though the foreground figures keep the form of the original film. It is startlingly beautiful but it is the reappr...
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Steamy Kitchen Update

1. Steamy Kitchen Buddha Bowl Update YAY! The beautiful Buddha Bowls are arriving in your kitchens! Every day, I’m getting glowing emails from my friends who have ordered their very own Buddha Bowl.  Here’s a lovely note I got from Marusia: “Just received my Buddha Bowl & I was so excited to open the parcel. It’s gorgeous, so beautifully crafted by your artisan. I love it!!!! It’s just the perfect size & I am dying to try it out with one of your delicious Buddha Bowl recipes.”  ...
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After ISIS: Syria’s Damaged Architecture Is Being Restored

Syria’s architectural legacy has been a well-known victim and propaganda tool of the civil war. Islamic State famously took pleasure in detonating the temples and tower-tombs of Palmyra, with the delicate paintings and sculptures that they contained, and making sure the world knew about it. – The Guardian
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How Syria's blasted landmarks are starting to rise from the ruins

From Aleppo to Palmyra, many of the country’s architectural treasures have been reduced to rubble, but restoration has begunThe centre of Aleppo was a marvel. It was a demonstration of the multiplicity of both humanity and stone. It was an embodiment of the material and cultural wealth that once made Syria one of the luckiest and most civilised places on Earth – a California of the Middle East, blessed by climate, fertile land, physical beauty and its position between the Mediterranean and the S...
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Missing Wirecard exec escaped to Russia and 'has close ties to Russian government officials and possibly organized crime,' intelligence sources say

EXCLUSIVE: Jan Marsalek, the ex-COO of collapsed German financial services Wirecard, likely fled to Russia, not Belarus or the Philippines, intelligence sources tell Insider. "It appears that Mr. Marsalek has close ties to Russian government officials and possibly organized crime that were not obvious before but have become more clear as his past travels are investigated," one Italian official told Insider. The Russians are currently not cooperating with a Europol request to find Marsalek. Mar...
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Rhine is a manager at Klick Lewis, a new and used car dealership on East Main Street. He said golf balls started appearing on the car lot and surrounding streets 18 to 24 months ago — and it hasn’t stopped. (Thanks to Ralph)
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The Saudis’ Preaching Inspired Terror, and Then It Turned on Them

If you recognize the term “Wahhabi” or “Wahhabism,” the conservative state religion of Saudi Arabia, it’s probably because of 9/11. It was in the wake of that attack that institutions like Freedom House began to publish reports about “Wahhabi ideology” that seemed to provide some intellectual context for a senseless event. The same goes for Salafism, for which there wasn’t even a standard spelling in 2001: The Guardian went with “Salafee” in one post-9/11 article.Trump Administration Preps New W...
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Director Ivan Bolotnikov on ‘Palmyra’ in Which a Russian Man Seeks His Daughter Who Has Joined Terrorists in Syria

Russian director Ivan Bolotnikov after several prizewinning documentaries made his feature debut in 2016 with “Kharms,” a biopic of renowned Russian absurdist author Daniil Kharms that travelled on the international festival circuit. His sophomore outing is ambitious upcoming drama “Palmyra” based on the true story of a former Russian military, a widower, who learns that his only […]
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Syrian war monitor says Israeli strike near Palmyra kills 9

An Israeli airstrike in central Syria killed nine fighters, including six who were not Syrians and some who were loyal to the militant Hezbollah group, an opposition war monitor said Tuesday. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights gave no nationalities for the foreigners who were killed on a military post in the desert near the historic central town of Palmyra. It said the dead included some fighters loyal to Lebanon's Hezbollah group.
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Italy’s Carabinieri Art Squad, Catching Thieves, Looters, And Traffickers For 50 Years

The Comando Carabinieri Tutela Patrimonio Culturale was founded in 1969 as the world’s first law enforcement service to specialize in art and cultural heritage. Its agents have worked from Rome and Venice to London and New York to war-ravaged Palmyra to recover stolen treasures, and it has developed an international databse of 1.1 million missing objects. – Artsy
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Breweries in Middle East

The Middle East is almost never the first region people think of when they hear the word “beer,” but that might be changing as craft breweries find an increasing market among locals and foreigners alike. In a way, it’s a long overdue homecoming for the beloved beverage. Ironically, it wasn’t in my hometown of Cincinnati that I learned to appreciate beer, even though it’s home to dozens of breweries and one of America’s largest Oktoberfest celebrations. Rather, it was during my time in the Mi...
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Here's what could be lost if Trump bombs Iran's cultural treasures

The US president has warned Iran he will obliterate its cultural sites. Here is our guide to the nation’s jewels, from hilltop citadels to the a discoball mausoleumIf carried out, Donald Trump’s threat to target “cultural sites” in Iran would put him into an axis of architectural evil alongside the Taliban and Isis, both of which have wreaked similar forms of destruction this century. The Taliban dynamited Afghanistan’s sixth-century Buddhas of Bamiyan in 2001; Isis has destroyed mosques, shrine...
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Trump says Iran will never have a nuclear weapon as Tehran mourns Suleimani – live updates

Follow the latest developments as huge crowds pack streets of Tehran in memory of Iranian general 3.24pm GMT Donald Trump’s threat to destroy the sites of ancient Persia should send a shiver down the spine of any civilised person. How can anything justify American bombing of Persepolis or the mosques of Isfahan? Only the demented can see them as “threatening America”. It is on the same ethical plane as the Islamic State vandalism of Palmyra and Mosul. Related: Donald Trump’s belligerent th...
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Concern over rise in dark tourism in Syria as war enters ninth year

Attempts to reopen country to visitors have been met with criticism from some localsSyria’s almost nine-year conflict is far from over but that is not stopping a new wave of western tourists from visiting.As President Bashar al-Assad tightens his grip on the remains of the opposition in the north-west, a handful of tour companies and travel bloggers catering to English-language customers have started running bespoke trips to the country to “mingle with locals while also passing destroyed village...
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best ski resorts in North America

The absolute best places to ski in North America this winter Photo: Visit Park City S ki resorts from Vermont to California to British Columbia are slated to open for the season at the end of November, which means it’s time to start making those winter skiing and snowboarding travel plans. While there are plenty of trendy ski destinations that get a temporary buzz, they don’t always last to the next season, and even some of the mainsta...
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Facebook shut down 49 groups being used by looters to sell stolen ancient artifacts like Roman mosaics

Looters are selling stolen antiquities from Syria on Facebook, a BBC investigation has found. Working in cooperation with Syrian archaeologists, the BBC monitored private Facebook groups where antiquities including Roman mosaics were put up for sale. Facebook said it removed 49 Facebook groups following the investigation, although one of the archaeologists said at least some of the groups are still active. Facebook said "coordinating illegal activity is not allowed" on the platform. Visit Busi...
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Replica of part of destroyed Palmyra altar unveiled in Syria

A Damascus museum on Tuesday unveiled a replica, built by Italian archaeologists, of part of a temple altar destroyed by Islamic State militants in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra. The 2,000-year-old Temple of Bel at Palmyra was one of the jewels in Syria's lavish trove of historical monuments, spanning myriad civilizations, before the country's conflict began in 2011. Islamic State seized Palmyra in May 2015 and demolished many of its ancient structures and objects, while looting others to...
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Far-Right Fearmongers Push Bizarro Narratives About Notre Dame Fire

The blaze that consumed much of Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral on Monday afternoon was, by all official accounts, a tragic accident related to ongoing renovations on the structure’s wooden frame. But that hasn’t stopped the “just asking questions” brigade from pushing their usual brand of nonsense. In the hours after the iconic 12th century monument went up in flames, far-right conspiracy theorists began casting doubt on the official story. Twitter fabulists with tens of thousands of followers hy...
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22 months of Syria's civil war condensed into a 1-minute video

The War in Syria has dropped off the radar, but it's not over (yet)This 1-minute video shows how the fronts have moved – and stabilised – over the past 22 monthsWatching this video may leave you both better informed, and slightly queasy: does war need a generic rock soundtrack? The Syrian civil war no longer dominates the headlines. It has, in fact, almost completely dropped off the radar. Why? It's too complex and has gone on too long. Fighting has already lasted two years longer than World W...
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22 months of war - condensed in a 1-minute video

The War in Syria has dropped off the radar, but it's not over (yet)This 1-minute video shows how the fronts have moved – and stabilised – over the past 22 monthsWatching this video may leave you both better informed, and slightly queasy: does war need a generic rock soundtrack? The Syrian civil war no longer dominates the headlines. It has, in fact, almost completely dropped off the radar. Why? It's too complex and has gone on too long. Fighting has already lasted two years longer than World W...
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Police capture ‘unruly’ and ‘uncooperative’ runaway pig

PALMYRA, Maine (AP) — Maine State Police say they helped corral a rather “unruly’ pig on the run along Interstate 95. State police say in a Facebook post they were alerted to the “uncooperative” pig along the interstate in Palmyra on Wednesday. Police say the pig was spotted several times over the past week, but […]
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Syrian museum reopening hailed as 'return to normal life'

Archaeologists and restoration specialists attend reopening of museum in DamascusSyrian officials, foreign archaeologists and restoration specialists have attended the reopening ceremony of Syria’s National Museum in the heart of Damascus, more than six years after it was shut down and emptied as the country’s civil war encroached on the capital.The occasion was hailed as a return to normal life by Syrian officials, eager to cash in on military victories against armed groups who had only recent...
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Islam's Advantage Over Christianity

You can search for political Islam and its implications. The advantage Islam has over Christianity is birth rate. I'm afraid demographics is destiny. Christian nations are not growing but must import people to maintain their populations. Muslim countries are growing and emigrating all around the world. I fear for the future of humanity. It is not an accident that virtually all human progress in the last 2,000 years has been from the Christian West. A few notable exceptions, algebra invented ...
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Was the Arch of Baal Erected in Washington Before Christine Blasey Ford’s Testimony?

The Arch of Palmyra appeared on the National Mall, but its relationship to Senate Judiciary Committee hearings was purely coincidental.
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Popdose Choice Track: Palmyra Delran & The Doppel Gang, “Come Spy With Me”

Guitar rock diva, songwriter, on-air personality and masterful entertainer Palmyra Delran is inciting espionage and bringing fans along for the ride with the announcement of her new album, Come Spy With Me, and the release of its title track. While the single, “Come Spy With Me” featuring Little Steven, Debbie Harry, and John Carlucci (Fuzztones) lyrically hints at history repeating itself within today’s political climate, it sonically ties in elements of the punk rock scene from the ’60’s and ...
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Palmyra to reopen in summer 2019

Millions stood aghast in 2015 as news of destruction of the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria by ISIS caught headlines across the world. The site has remained closed following the Syrian government’s recapture of the area in March 2017. Major renovation efforts have begun since then and the UNESCO World Heritage site could reopen to tourists as early as summer 2019. Palmyra was a semitic hub for culture and innovation in ancient days, and its ruins have stood in what is now Syria’s Homs Gover...
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Ancient City of Palmyra to be Restored

The ancient city of Palmyra in Homs, Syria will be restored by 2019, the Art Newspaper reports. “The authorities now have a project to repair all the damage caused to Palmyra’s Old City,” says Homs’ provincial governor Talal. “There are also good offers from the world powers to restore the artefacts and historical value of Palmyra. I suppose that Palmyra will […]
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