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Ready Or Not, K-Pop Is Here To Stay

Just a few short years ago, it seemed unlikely that the K-pop wave would ever truly break on the US, with multiple attempts to break into the market falling short. This all changed with the rise of BTS, bringing K-pop into the American mainstream, and while you still won't here much K-pop on US radio, it seems it's here to stay. _________________________ Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0 A few years ago it seemed inconceivable that Korean Pop music, known as K-Pop, would ever...
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I'm Pandora Music Analyst Hannah Glass, and This Is How I Work

Pandora’s musical curation is a big reason the site still stands out among competition from Spotify, Google, Apple, and YouTube. Professional music analysts listen to tracks and identify common elements, building the Music Genome Project that powers Pandora’s customized user stations. As a Senior Music Analyst, Hannah…Read more...
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Pandora CEO Roger Lynch Discusses Forthcoming Label Negotiations

Nearly 15 months after Pandora Music joined forces with SiriusXM/Liberty Media, and two years after he joined the company, CEO Roger Lynch sat down at Goldman Sachs Communicopia conference to discuss the company’s progress since he took the helm last year, and the way forward. After starting off by describing the company to investors as […]
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