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The Dresden Panometer gives visitors an immersive experience on a 1:1 scale of the Allied bombing raids of 1945

The Dresden Panometer is a converted former gasometer that exhibits 360°  panoramas created by the artist Yadegar Asisi. “The 15 m high visitor’s tower provides you with a 360-degree view from the tower of Dresden’s Town Hall and reveals the extent of the destruction in the panorama by Yadegar Asisi, almost 3,000 m² in size.” Image: YouTube screengra
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Adobe Did a “Panorama Fest” Post and It’s So Good!

Josh Bury did a how-to post on Adobe’s own blog about Panoramas and it’s really, really good — so well written, illustrated, and just plain helpful (shout out to LRKT commenter/LRguru Lyle Stavast for the heads up). It’s part of Adobe’s “From the ACR Team” series, (ACR being the acronym for “Adobe Camera Raw” which is part of Lightroom — it’s Lightroom’s Develop Module, which is Photoshop’s Camera Raw, or vice versa). Anyway, Josh’s post doesn’t just cover Panos but also Lightroom’s HDR...
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Mind-bending high-resolution photo of Shanghai

This ultra-high resolution panoramic photo was taken from a tower in Shanghai. You can zoom in and see details from far away areas. Incredible!
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Behold! A 400,000 megapixel panorama of Prague!

Jeffrey Martin (previously) writes, "I shot this gigapixel image last year in mid November. It's made of 8000 photos, shot with a fullframe SLR and a 600mm lens. It was shot from the top of Prague's 'Orloj', the clock tower on Old Town Square, built in 1410. The tower had a scaffolding all over it at the time, going all the way up past the top of the roof: a perfect platform for a high resolution 360º photo, if only I could get up there! I actually didn't even consider trying, as the answer...
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Issue 45 of Lightroom Magazine Is Now Available

 is now available for KelbyOne Pro members on the KelbyOne site and on the KelbyOne Mags app for iOS and Android. In this issue, learn how the latest version of Lightroom has streamlined the process of merging your bracketed shots into an HDR panorama, plus capturing and editing nighttime images, sharing image galleries via Lightroom CC for web, and so much more! KelbyOne Pro members have access to more than 60 back issues of Photoshop User magazine all the way back to January 2012, plus all ...
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Panorama of Eiffel Tower gone wrong

If you’ve ever wondered what the Eiffel Tower might look like if it came to life and drank far too much wine (or absinthe), this photo should give you an idea. Jean-Philippe Dumais, a tourist from Quebec, recently attempted to take a panoramic shot of Paris’ famous landmark that resulted in this Dalí-esque distortion of the tower. Tried to take a panoramic picture of the Eiffel Tower today, it went surprisingly well! from r/pics Dumais posted the picture on Reddit, with the sarcastic capt...
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NASA’s Curiosity Rover Takes a Stunning Selfie Under Dusty Martian Skies

A new 360-degree panorama captured by the Curiosity Rover is one of its best yet.Read more...
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Creating HDR Panos in Lightroom

It’s a new week; here’s a new tutorial. This is one I get asked about, so I thought I’d cover it here. In this first part, I’m talking about how to set and shoot the HDR pano, then we combine it (quickly) in Lightroom. Then, on Wednesday, I’m going to take the HDR Pano we create in this tutorial and I’ll do the post processing stuff that comes next (that one’s quite a big longer, but it covers a bunch more stuff). But, it all starts here, so let’s do it! Above: If you’re thinking the HDR Pano...
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Use the Brenizer Technique to Shoot Wide-Angle Photos With Shallow Depth-of-Field

If you’re trying to get a unique look on your photos without applying a bunch of unnecessary filters, here’s an advanced technique that can give you a dramatically wide shot with seemingly impossible depth-of-field. Here’s how it works.Read more...
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Panos in Lightroom: Auto Crop vs. Boundary Warp

Hi gang, and happy Friday. I’ve had a number of questions about this, so I thought I’d cover it briefly here on the blog — it’s the difference between the Auto Crop feature and the new Boundary Warp feature when you’re stitching a pano using Lightroom’s Panorama Merge. Above: Here’s the original pano, unretouched or edited, as it appeared after eight vertical frames were combined into this one panoramic image. Note the big white gaps on the top, bottom, and sides of the image? That’s what this ...
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Panorama: the largest photo ever made of NYC

Jeffrey Martin writes, "Here is the largest photo ever made of NYC (more than 200,000 pixels wide). Shot handheld from the top of the Empire State Building with a 135mm lens and a 50MP fullframe SLR."
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Ethiopian Incredible Brilliantly Colored Panoramas

Il semble que notre belle planète aie encore des secrets bien gardés, comme ces paysages éthiopiens dignes d’un film de science-fiction. C’est le nombre important de minéraux, de sel, et d’autres éléments lourds dans le sol, au pied du volcan Dallol qui permet ces panoramas. Des bassins d’eau brillamment colorés se sont formés à son sommet au fil du temps ; le magma chaud a interagit avec l’eau lors des éruptions, ce qui a altéré le sol de cette partie de l’Afrique. Les photos sont de Francisco...
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