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Incredible feat of parallel parking

A determined driver in France fit their car in a spot with just a few inches of clearance. This is one of 10 videos about heroic parkers featured in Car and Driver.
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Aspiring Michigan Drivers Could See Their Wish Come True

Your author failed his first driver’s test, but the blame falls not on an overall lack of precision and orientation on the part of the driver, but General Motors’ atrocious first-generation anti-lock braking system. “Stop” pedal bending to the floor, the sedan rolled sedately through the snowy intersection at a glacial 5 mph, happily confident […] The post Aspiring Michigan Drivers Could See Their Wish Come True appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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The Right Way to Parallel Park, Step-by-Step

Parallel parking can be a a challenge for even the most seasoned drivers. Thankfully, over at Quora, Yishan Wong offers this step-by-step breakdown of how to parallel park perfectly every single time—and he’s spot on.Read more...
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