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Nintendo to open its first official store located in Japan

Fourteen years after unveiling its first location in New York, Nintendo is finally opening an official store in Japan, too. Nintendo Tokyo will be located in Shibuya Parco, the new flagship of the Parco department store chain. Nintendo Tokyo is scheduled to open at the same time as the shopping center in fall. In an announcement, Nintendo said “we are preparing to make this store, which will be a new base for communicating Nintendo information in Japan, an enjoyable place for a wide range of ...
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Our Guide to the Best Things to Do in Turin, Italy

While many of Italy’s cities are overcrowded with tourists, Turin remains off the tourist trail – for now. This city of culture, history, cuisine, and breath-taking views of the Alps won’t stay a secret for long. Find out why in our guide to the best things to do in Turin, Italy. Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice; when people think of Italy, those are usually the cities that come to mind first. While travelling to any of these places will likely result in a fantastic trip, these are major tourist ...
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Palazzina di Stupinigi Visitor Guide | Piemonte

The UNESCO World Heritage Site called Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi is located a few kilometers south of Turin. It was designed by the architect Filippo Juvarra for Victor Amadeus II, King of Sardinia. The word “stupendous” does not derive from Stupinigi, yet…I liked visiting Piemonte’s premier Baroque hunting lodge quite a bit. The borgo and the grounds surrounding Stupinigi (Parco Naturale di Stupinigi) offer more down to earth eye candy. I also like the label, “palazzina” or “small”...
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Liquori Bernard: The Alps in a Bottle

Giacomo Bernard returned to his valley, the Val Chisone from Marseille in 1902 and became a beverage producer, making gazzosa, a lemon drink like Sprite only better. It came in what they called a Codd bottle, with a little marble inside that sealed the carbonated beverage tight so that the cork or stopper wouldn’t pop out. Kids loved it when the adults emptied the bottle into a like amount of beer to create what they called a “panaché” and what might be called a “shandy” by more northerly imbibe...
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Day Trip from Rome: The Monster-Filled Gardens of Bomarzo

Parco dei Mostri in Bomarzo Gardens filled with monster heads and fantastical creatures — you’ve probably dreamed of such things or read that they existed, but you just didn’t know where to find them. So, let me tell you about Bomarzo. About an hour and a half north of Rome, just shy of the city of Viterbo, is the town of Bomarzo, home of the Sacro Bosco (Sacred Woods), aka Parco dei Mostri (Park of the Monsters). These Mannerist gardens, filled with gigantic sculptures of monsters, animals (...
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Akira Murals at Shibuya Parco, Tokyo June 2018.

One of the first things I did during my recent time in Tokyo was to visit the giant Akira murals found at Shibuya’s Parco shopping mall, now undergoing construction until 2019, the year Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira manga is set. A year ago during summer there was but one paltry piece at this exact spot, but it has since expanded to fill a huge portion of the contruction walls. ( I also missed an interim set probably put up around the winter of 2017 ). The images are composite/montages of panels ta...
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New images revealed for Zaha Hadid Architects LEED Platinum-seeking Generali Tower in Milan

Zaha Hadid Architects just revealed new images of their soon-to-be-completed Generali Tower, a twisting glazed landmark in Milan targeting LEED Platinum certification. The sculptural building was created as part of the massive CityLife masterplan that, when completed in 2020, will mark the largest new civic space and public park created in the city since the opening of Parco Sempione 130 years ago. The 44-story Generali Tower, along with two other towers, serves as the centerpiece for CityLife....
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Parco 1923 Scarpetta di Venere

Last year at the Esxence expo in Milan PARCO 1923 introduced the first fragrance Parco 1923, a fresh, intense blend of moss, angelica and juniper with a fine touch of floral notes. The new fragrance Scarpetta di Venere is inspired by a homonymous mountain flower (lady slipper orchid) visible during a walk in the woods only between May and June. Parco 1923 and Scarpetta di Venere were created by t... Read full article: Parco 1923 Scarpetta di Venere from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazi...
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Berlin: Uplink Mini Theater Offers New Space for Art Movies in Japan

Japanese distributor Uplink has teamed with department store group Parco to open an art house multiplex at Musashino, in west Tokyo. The five-screen complex, being built inside Parco’s Kichijoji store, will expand the opportunities for indie and foreign films in Japan. In recent years, Japan’s box office has become increasingly focused on local Japanese blockbusters, […]
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Under Rome: Visiting the Ancient Houses Under Basilica Santi Giovanni e Paolo

Rome is fantastic any time of year. If you look at Rome’s historic climate, you’ll notice it rains a lot in October and November. You’d think this would lead to those long days reading the dog-eared pages of your useless guidebook in your hotel room, but it doesn’t have to come to that. Lots of Rome exists below the surface. You don’t want to miss the old stuff that exists hidden under the modern city. So grab an umbrella while I give you instructions on how to access these things. One of the l...
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Weekend Tokyo Travel Guide: Exploring Kouzushima Island 神津島

If you are planning a trip to Tokyo and want to experience a completely different part of Tokyo apart from tax-free shopping and themed dining experiences, I strongly recommend checking out the Kouzushima (神津島)– one of the Izu Seven Tokyo Islands for an experience that brings you closer to nature and at the same time savouring some of the best seafood in Tokyo. Kouzushima (or Kōzushima or Kouzu Island – as shima means island) is known for clear blue waters (ideal for snorkelling and diving) and...
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Torino: Parco del Valentino

Parco Valentino in Fall What if you got the chance to do the medieval period over? The Piemonte city of Torino did just that. The Borgo medievale con Rocca, that is the medieval village with small castle, was built on the left bank of the Po river in the Parco del Valentino by a group of intellectuals and artists for dell’Esposizione Generale Italiana di Torino del 1884. It was to be a typical village as you might find in Piemonte in the 13th century. Here it is as you walk...
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Towns to visit near Venice

Veneto , one of the northeastern regions of Italy, is mostly known for Venice and Prosecco. Fair enough. But the northeast of Italy spans from the Adriatic Sea, to Lake Garda, to the Dolomites. In the shadow of La Serenissima are unique towns that are star-shaped; are much older than Venice and still inhabited; or simply offer sweeping views of the land. 1. Torcello and Burano   Burano Venezia, Italy Sparsely-populated Torcello was an important port for centuries, benefiting from...
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Best Cars, Trucks, and SUVs We Drove in 2017

We’ve traveled the world and tested well over 220 cars to bring you the very best automotive reviews around. In 2017, we were blessed to have the best access to cars all over the price spectrum, from one of the smallest cars offered today to some of the quickest and luxurious, too. Now that 2017 is coming to an end, we’re reflecting on some of the very best cars and trucks we drove this year. Enjoy, and check out the best cars we drove in 2016 right here. 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB Sure, it’s M...
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Early artist's impression of Villa Castello WANT TO BUY HARDY ORNAMENTAL PLANT SEEDS? THEN CLICK HERE FOR THE 'SEEDS OF EADEN' SEED SHOP Ask anyone with the right passions to name Europe's most important gardens and you can expect to hear the likes of Versailles, the Alhambra and Kew amongst of course many other worthy contenders. However there is one that you have probably never heard of and yet is perhaps the most important of all European offerings. They are the gardens of Villa Ca...
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MINIONS CAFE To Open In Singapore For 2 Months – Here’s What You Can Expect

MINIONS CAFE is slated to open in Singapore this November! Managed by the same team behind the extremely successful Pokémon cafe, PARCO is bringing the first pop-up MINIONS CAFE to Singapore from 23 Nov 2017 to 21 Jan 2018. Fans of this cute yellow cartoon character in popular animated film ‘Despicable Me 3′ must not miss it for anything in the world! Here in Singapore, guests can expect a myriad of Minion-themed food and beverages at the cafe and be spoiled with over 14 options on the menu tha...
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Neo-Tokyo Is About To Explode – Akira Murals In Shibuya

Back in summer this year I took a picture of the giant poster of Kaneda on his bike in Shibuya, Tokyo, just outside the construction barriers of Parco shopping mall. Just last week or so the poster was taken down, but now replaced with a much more spectacular, giant montage/mural made up of Akira manga drawings. Check out some of the pictures taken by Tokyoites below : These murals decorates the construction wall of Shibuya’s Parco shopping mall, now under renovation until 2019 – the yea...
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Parco 1923: Parks and Recreation

The moss-and-greens stand of the Italian brand Parco 1923 on Pitti Fragranze was plagued by journalists and distributors, which usually rarely happens with non-perfumery brands on such events. The reason, however, was: the eponymous fragrance in the green bottle proved to be an order of magnitude more interesting than bathbody brands usually offer, and for me it became one of the main discoveri... Read full article: Parco 1923: Parks and Recreation from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazi...
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Canale di Dubai: arrivano le prime case sull’acqua

Il canale di Dubai è sempre più in trasformazione, sono arrivate le prime case sull’acqua a Marasi Business Bay come
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A.D.2019 Akira Poster – Shibuya, Tokyo.

An Akira poster featuring Kaneda on his futuristic red bike decorates the construction wall of Shibuya’s Parco shopping mall, now under renovation until 2019 – the year that Otomo Katsuhiro’s groundbreaking manga is set in. The poster has been on display for quite some time when I visited it, but there were still the occasional Tokyoite stopping to take pictures. Incidentally, the superb Otomo Tribute exhibition was held just a couple of blocks down at Shibuya Tower Records. The post A.D.20...
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The ultimate road trip around North Italy

Today’s guest post was written by Roxanne Smith, an adventurous travel writer who loves to explore Europe by taking road trips. We have not yet taken a road trip in Italy (but it’s high on the list), so we’re happy to share this itinerary for an 11-day road trip around North Italy and Tuscany. If you’re looking for more road trip inspiration, read our perfect Ireland road trip itinerary for families or get inspired by these stunning landscapes from our Canadian Rockies road trip.    The ultim...
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France’s Ankama Sells ‘Mutafukaz,’ Sets Digital Series ‘Eros,’ ‘Doggybags’ (EXCLUSIVE)

ANNECY, France —  France’s Ankama, whose “Mutafukaz,” world premieres at Annecy on June 13, has licensed Japanese rights to the sci-fi action movie to Parco, an upmarket Japanese department store which operates a genre movie distribution operation. Closed via Ankama’s Asia distribution subsidiary PlanetNemo, the deal is crucial for “Mutafukaz” which, produced in association with... Read more »
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I really like a lot of the work by design unit NNNNY, including the image you see here, produced for Parco. There’s lots to see in this Pinterest page as well.
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A Local's Guide To Venice: What To See And Do

This July, I visited Venice for the fifth time in seven years. Over those five trips, I have fallen in love with Venice, with her backstreets and her broad canals, with her crowded buildings tumbling against one another and her crowds. After writing my article, "Venice: Must Sees and Mystique", I began to wonder what I had missed on my previous trips. Here are five tips on what to see and do off the beaten track from the eyes of two locals who have lived in Venice their whole lives. Many th...
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Night photography workshop in Maremma

I had the fortune to participate in a night photography workshop in Maremma this weekend and wish to share the images without too many words. The beauty of the Milky Way and the night sky speaks for itself! The first photo of the night before darkness fully fell Click to view slideshow. These photos were taken on the beach at Principina a Mare, near Grosseto, where the regional Parco della Maremma begins. What’s characteristic about this beach is the driftwood that people pile into little h...
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So I just got back from Japan yesterday. Sorry that I wasn’t more up front about the timing of my trip. I’m one of those people who isn’t comfortable revealing travel plans online, especially when my house is being left unoccupied. It’s tough for me to exist in that intersection of social media and safety. I spent a lot of my trip fighting the urge to post pictures on Instagram. That said, I have so much to share with you. I loved Japan. It’s that simple. The place is magical. The people are be...
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Holy crap, I’m going to Japan this summer. Perhaps you’ve taken a look at my , which to date includes over 70 resources. And I’m sure that I haven’t even scratched the surface. There’s no way I’m going to see all of those places, as much as I’d like to. The fact remains that I’m taking this trip with my hubby and we need to do some non-paper things too.  I’m a good wife. So what’s the plan? Here’s what it’s looking like so far: Tokyo Tokyu Hands: This is the mother of all craft stores. Kino...
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Venice: Must Sees and Mystique

Venetian first; Italian second. Just as her people proudly proclaim themselves natives of their city over their country, Venice is a city that transcends history: not quite Italian, but something mystical, unique. Venice is born of the ocean and taken by the ocean, caught in a push and pull with time, faced with her own mortality constantly, yet immortal - and perhaps this is why so many are drawn to her flooded shores, drawn by the sense that she has survived so long only to possibly disappe...
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10 Ways to Experience Rome Without the Crowds

Anyone who's ever attempted to visit the Trevi Fountain on a sunny day in spring (or a rainy day in winter) will know that in some parts of Rome, crowds are unavoidable. But if you know where to look, you'll find plenty of quiet corners in Rome - beautiful churches, peaceful parks, and museums where the Roman statues outnumber the visitors. Here are ten ways to enjoy the Eternal City without being trampled by tour groups: Photo: Through Eternity Visit during the winter Compared to the busy summ...
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