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Spectacular images of Italian town unintentionally shaped like a person

Centuripe is an Italian town in the hills near Enna, Sicily. It appears to be quite stunning on the ground but truly extraordinary from the air thanks to its topology and layout combined with a wondrous dose of pareidolia. Photographer and drone pilot Pio Andrea Peri captured the following incredible images from the sky: View this post on Instagram A post shared by ᴄᴏɴᴛᴇɴᴛ ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛᴏʀ | ɪᴛᴀ...
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Pareidolia subreddit

r/pareidolia is my new favorite subreddit, interpreting the term to refer to "things that look like other things". Above, the sweater of lost souls.
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Seeing is Believing But Should We Believe What We See?

Earlier this week I came across a fun article about how old art pieces appeared to show evidence of time travel and I thought about the work we do as lawyers. Let me explain. Take a look at this piece of art from the mid 1800s. Courtesy Wikipedia Commons From a distance, it looks like a girl looking at an iPhone! There’s that tell tale glow. But let’s blow it up even further. It’s an iPhone, right? Well, as the author of the post that originally talked about this noted, it is actually a pic...
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Ruin marble is a kind of rock with patterns that look like derelict cities

According to Wikipedia, ruin marble can either be marble or limestone. The pattens in the rock look like gloomy scenes from nature or long-abandoned cities. Check out this cool Pinterest page of ruin marble. [by Mirtio – Own work, CC0]
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This bottle of mayo was possessed by a demon

This sinister face appeared in my bottle of Kewpie Mayonnaise the other night at dinner. Is my bottle of Mayonnaise haunted, or is this just an instance of creepy pareidolia? Either way, I'm going to be seeing this face in my dreams. — Read the rest
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Mary, Jesus, and Cookie Monster

The Mother, the Son, and the real Holy Spirit. Can you spot Cookie Monster? (@marksumm, thanks UPSO!)
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Buck Meek – “Pareidolia”

Last month, Big Thief member Buck Meek announced his latest solo outing, Two Saviors. Along with the news, he shared the single “Second Sight.” Today, he’s back with another. Meek’s latest is called “Pareidolia,” named for the first word on the album — a term about the act of “recognizing shapes where none were intended to exist.” Here’s what Meek had to say about it: We have all painted forms onto the clouds; a phoenix, a fire truck, snakes, Elvis, and so on. We saw these visions as children...
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Computer finds faces in grains of sand

In artists Erwin Driessens and Maria Verstappen's installation "Pareidolia," a computer vision system uses facial recognition software to find faces in grains of sand. Of course, "pareidolia" is a trick our brain plays that causes us to see meaningful patterns that aren't really there, like animals in clouds or hidden messages in songs. From the artist statement: Driessens & Verstappen are fascinated by the idea that all the faces of all the people who have ever lived and will ever live, may ...
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Jesus Christ appears in a Colombian tree

Residents of Magangué, Colombia recently broke the compulsory quarantine to visit Jesus Christ who was hanging out in a tree. Praise be pareidolia. From a El Tiempo via Google Translate: "It looks clear and everyone is praying to him and asking him to cure the land of this evil and to protect Magangué," says Agustina Díaz, a town clothing merchant, who closed her store in the center of town for the pandemic. What worries local authorities is that the image is becoming a point of ...
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The Weirdest Images Ever Taken on Mars

In the 19th century, Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli thought he spotted canals on Mars through his telescope. Since then, we’ve seen lots of things on the Red Planet that aren’t really there. From spoons and squirrels to campfires and women wearing dresses, we present to you the most notorious false sightings…Read more...
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Artist Paints Creatures She Sees ‘Living’ In The Walls Due To Pareidolia

Do you remember how you used to look at the clouds in the sky as a child and your imagination projected animals and various scenes of life? This phenomenon is called Pareidolia, which scientifically means the tendency to perceive a specific, and in a lot of cases meaningful images in completely random or ambiguous visual patterns. Even though this phenomenon is more common among children... Source
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Does This Photograph Show an Eagle Cloud Over Jerusalem?

While pareidolia may explain why we see faces (or birds) in the clouds, it doesn't explain why we post misinformation to social media.
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Rug pattern looks like Pennywise

Reddit user Sneegles spotted the unpleasant clown, Pennywise, from Stephen King's It hiding in a rug pattern. Pattern in rug looks like Pennywise from r/mildlyinteresting
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Now even clouds are vaping

Photographer unknown. (via r/mildlyinteresting)
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Bread faces

Carbo pareidolia. Artist: Sabine Timm, “artist, creator, beach-trash collector, flea-market lover and photographer.” She's on Instagram as @virgin_honey. View this post on Instagram topless version A post shared by Sabine Timm (@virgin_honey) on Apr 30, 2018 at 5:17am PDT View this post on Instagram ba...
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Upcoming Print Sale Plans

I've been a-workin' hard the past few days and have some good news to report. • I've reached an agreement in principle with TOP reader Chester Williams to offer a fine print of his remarkable example of pareidolia* called "The Goodbye Kiss" that he submitted to the "It Must Be Color" Baker's Dozen. Chester Williams, The Goodbye Kiss It's a straight photograph of...well, concrete. But of course it seems to be something entirely different, and therein lies its charm. And the subtle color promise...
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Breathtaking photos of sea monsters emerging from the waves

Rachael Talibart's breathtaking "Sirens" photo series pareidolically reveals the fantastic mythical beasts hidden in the ocean waves. From Tailbart's gallery page at the Sony World Photography Awards in which she was shortlisted: ‘Sirens’ is an ongoing portfolio of storm waves captured on the UK’s south coast. A childhood afloat and a love of maritime mythology have come together in these portraits of monstrous waves named after mythological creatures. These images are from 2017 and were capt...
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Pareidolia knife

What does this DeWalt knife, posted to the "midly interesting" subreddit by turltlecam_son, look like? a) a chicken b) a unicorn c) a fish d) a knife
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Short video about Japan's museum of rocks that have faces

Japan is home to the only museum in the world that is dedicated to rocks that look like they have faces. The owner started the museum because her father was an avid collector of rocks with faces, and when he died she wanted to carry on the tradition. She finds many of the rocks herself on a nearby beach, but now people from around the world send her rocks with faces. There are about 1000 specimens in the collection. If you’re ever in Japan, consider a trip to Chineskikan, located two hours o...
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Donald Trump found inside dog's ear

That's really earie. (posted by BanksyBhoy to r/pics)
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Jesus spotted in sonogram image along with baby

Alicia Zeek and Zac Smith of Franklin County, Pennsylvania were surprised and delighted to see Jesus looking at their baby girl in this sonogram image. From Fox43: The expecting parents say while they aren't very religious, they see a man dressed in a robe with a crown of thorns looking on at their baby. Zac says the image made him emotional, "when I seen it, it almost brought tears to my eyes... I was speechless, I just couldn't believe it, I really didn't believe what I was seeing." That i...
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Jesus appears in the clouds above Colombian city after catastrophe

Earlier this month, landslides in Manizales, Colombia killed 17 people and devastated the city. As emergency workers and citizens responded to the tragedy, some people reportedly noticed the clouds part and a beam of sunlight form into the figure of Jesus. "‘Jesus’ Appears Over Landslide-Stricken Colombian City" (Mysterious Universe)
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Shadow on garage door looks like human face

Well done, Tree, Sun, and Garage Door!
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Deep dreaming at the supermarket

This three-minute video was run through Deep Dream, Google's neural net that generates algorithmic pareidolia in the form of weird creatures. I want glasses that do this. [via]
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Trump as a boxing glove

The November 2016 issue of Vonk (Netherlands) has a photo of Trump that looks a lot like a boxing glove.
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Creepy ice ghost pareidolia

Let her in [via]
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Photo of scary man turns out to be something else when rotated

If you aren't following Clifford Pickover on Twitter, you are missing out.
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Upside down man lives in Joaquin Phoenix's forehead

The longer you look, the better the effect. Joaquin Phoenix Forehead
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This is either a petrified Bigfoot skull, or a rock

Todd May of Ogden, Utah discovered this object that he says is a fossilized Bigfoot skull. May previously spotted Bigfoot in Ogden Canyon. Twice. In fact, he says the creatures have thrown rocks at him. Hiking again in the area, he found the fossilized skull. "It had the same facial structure as the creatures I had seen," he told the Times Record News. "There's haters out there, other Bigfoot enthusiasts that don't like that I found something first," May said. On the other hand, Jesse Carl...
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Watch this machine cut car tires in half

It takes its own sweet time. Bonus points for looking like a face near the end.
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