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Stranger Things 3 trailer improved with cheery old-timey music

The Stranger Things 3 trailer with a delightful original score by Michael Hearst of "Songs for Ice Cream Trucks" fame. "Survive, pack up your synths! Hearst, crank up the calliope!"
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A massive victory for fair use in the longrunning Dr Seuss vs Star Trek parody lawsuit

Back in 2016, the Dr Seuss estate won a preliminary court action against "Oh, The Places You'll Boldly Go!" a crowdfunded parody of Dr Seuss's "Oh the Places You'll Go!" and Star Trek, written by veteran Star Trek creator David "Tribble" Gerrold and illustrated by the comics giant Ty Templeton. In 2017, Comicmix, the publisher, secured a partial legal victory, but the Seuss estate wasn't done -- they have been litigating ever since, but now it appears the fight is done, and Comicmix has pr...
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All the Succubi Take Turns in Succubus Battles

Eroge enthusiasts with a penchant for flirtatious succubi might find Succubus Battles to be in their realm of interest, as the sex-laden title has players controlling warriors in a Fire Emblem like style to fight off the luscious creatures (or not, resulting in a game over rape scene). Succubus Battles is a turn-based strategy game […]
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Warrior of Love, Complete Destruction Not at All Merciful

Warrior of Love, Complete Destruction may satisfy the lusts had by those infatuated with the new Cutie Honey series, as this riveting animation subjects the main heroine to all forms of torture, both sexual and grotesque. As per usual, the erotic animation revolves around the titular Cutie Honey losing against vile evildoers and subsequently being […]
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Want to take your social media to the next level? Then you’d better call Paul [NSFW Language]

Is your social media getting you down? Need some help raising your profile? Well, then you’d better call Paul. German photographer, cinematographer and part-time comedian Paul Ripke, that is. Having amassed almost 450K followers on his own Instagram, he’s now put out this amusing commercial offering to help you get your Instagram “Lit as f**k”, too! […] The post Want to take your social media to the next level? Then you’d better call Paul [NSFW Language] appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Pastel Memories Cooks up Some Comedy

Pastel Memories has this time parodied cooking anime Shokugeki no Soma as much more culinary-focused content was present than usual, with the episode even making sure to include “orgasm” scenes after a character samples the food (albeit sadly only of the males). Omake:
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Deadpool is a Terrible Brand Ambassador and HAL 9000 Is Outdated in This Google Assistant Ad

Look, I’m not saying you should buy a Google Assistant. But this ad is a blast. Read more...
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"Happy Furry Monsters" and other Sesame Street parody mashup songs

Sesame Street is turning 50 years in November. As part of the yearlong celebration, they've posted this fun compilation of well-known musicians parodying their own songs over the years. (I'm actually ok with not being able toget REM's "Happy Furry Monsters" out of my head because it's adorable.) A YouTube commenter listed all the musical artists with their Sesame Street-ed song: * 1973 - Stevie Wonder | Superstition (0:00) * 1978 - Paul Simon | Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard (5:09) * 197...
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Pastel Memories Parodying All the Games

Pastel Memories has given up on parodying anime and has instead switched to RPGs and video games, with its latest 7th broadcast poking fun at titles such as Dragon Quest, old school Phantasy Star and the aggravating Ghosts n’ Goblins. Omake:
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An Erotic Zelda Clone Arrives in the Form of “The Sword of Succubus”

Libra Heart has delivered another nostalgically fueled title, with their “The Sword of Succubus” game clearly paying tribute to the Legend of Zelda series as it features a top-down view, gem collecting and items that allow passage into new areas. The Sword of Succubus stars an amorous succubus as she acquires a holy sword from […]
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Midnight Castle Succubus a Complete Ode to Castlevania

An erotic ode to the Castlevania series has emerged in the form of “Midnight Castle Succubus“, as the 2D sidescroller has players controlling a voluptuous maiden as she defeats foul monsters and rescues women across a gargantuan labyrinth of rooms. Midnight Castle Succubus involves the main heroine going on a journey to defeat the succubus […]
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Beginning with S-rank Supports a Rather Sexual Fire Emblem Parody

Fans of the Fire Emblem franchise who have passionate emotions for its many luxurious women may be enticed by the appeal of the eroge known as Fire “Beginning with S-rank Supports” Blem, as the title has players running around performing various tasks in order to have sex with multiple Fire Emblem girls. The game’s basic […]
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SSSS.Gridman Ero-Anime Edit Masterfully Perverse

The undying lust had for SSSS.Gridman has yet to wane as another tantalizingly erotic creation has been produced, this time involving scenes from various ero-anime being cut in with footage from the anime (specifically the bikini episode) to make it seem like Takarada Rikka is being raped. The splendidly sexy 7-minute creation:
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Feisty Fan Ero-Animation Sexually Borderline

A new erotic fan-animation has gained notoriety for its quality and concept, with it delivering a collection of brief animations involving anime and game girls participating in sexual antics, though focusing on the suggestive concept of “implication” by not depicting any actual nudity. The surprisingly stimulating non-nude animation:
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Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san Ero-Animation Whores Out

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san has earned itself a hand-drawn erotic parody revolving around main character Nishikata stumbling upon a pornographic video starring titular tease Takagi-san, the girl clearly going to great lengths to tease the boy at any cost (whilst stimulating watchers). The scandalous animation:
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Production team makes a hilarious revenge video after a client doesn’t pay them

Production company Ridge Productions shot a video for a rapper Sheck Wes. However, he allegedly decided not to pay for it, so Ridge Productions decided to get even. They used the footage to create their own parody video and troll Wes. But although the parody video is absolutely hilarious and has amassed around 1.5 million […] The post Production team makes a hilarious revenge video after a client doesn’t pay them appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Youmu Konpaku & Dungeon of Lewd Creatures Ravages the Touhou Girl

An erotic side-scroller for Touhou’s Youmu Konpaku has arrived in the form of “Youmu Konpaku & Dungeon of Lewd Creatures“, with the title providing both a compelling 2D experience alongside a wholesome amount of erotic content that will surely pleasure both demographics. The English-translated title has Youmu purging a cave full of youkai for the […]
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Isekai Maou Majutsu TMA AV Parody Likes It Rough

Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu‘s innocent elf and cat-girl have been predictably ravaged as part of TMA’s latest AV parody, with multiple males once again using the girls as they see fit whilst satisfying the company’s many loyal consumers. Screenshots of the sexually brutal AV: The TMA AV parody can be bought […]
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Overlooking the Overstatement: On Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery" and Bojack Horseman's "Thoughts and Prayers" Episode

None That Shirley Jackson's short story "The Lottery" has managed to perennially retain its status in anthologies and high school curriculums as a quintessentially "American" work of literature is – on paper, at least – curiously anomalous. A parable of sorts in its minimal exposition and heavy-handed moralizing, the story involves a community of individuals disposed to the execution of an age-old tradition in the spirit of self-preservation: the tradition – by necessity violent and in essence ...
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Pastel Memories Now Parodying Ro-Kyu-Bu

Top parody anime Pastel Memories has shown no signs of stopping its parodying content as the series has now made numerous references to Ro-Kyu-Bu, the episode likely motivating viewers into re-watching the cute JS basketball anime. Omake:
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Brilliant video: Wilbur Ross dubbed over Mr. Burns

Watch the video below. As a wise man once said, "God bless America!" Fixed it: Wilbur Ross dubbed over Mr. Burns— ElElegante101 (@skolanach) January 24, 2019 (Thanks, Bob Pescovitz!)
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Pastel Memories Total Rozen Maiden Parody

Occasionally sexy parody anime Pastel Memories has paid tribute to another popular series, this time with the girls dressing up as the Rozen Maiden doll characters whilst poking fun at the show in general (among other anime). Omake:
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Faith/Grand Orgasm 3 AV Parody Does It In Swimsuits

TMA’s previous Fate/Grand Order AV parodies were apparently successful enough to warrant a 3rd entry, with “Faith/Grand Orgasm 3” this time focusing on a swimsuit theme as numerous Fate girls are ravaged in stunning bikinis – many of the erotic scenes predictably taking place at Japan’s “most popular AV pool”. Screenshots depicting the Fate girls […]
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Video Collection -Takao Type- Tries All Sorts Of Sexy Things

Kantai Collection fans wishing more erotic content of the animated variety existed for the series need look no further as “Video Collection -Takao Type-” has arrived, boasting tantalizing voices in addition to elevate the sexiness to incomprehensible levels. The delightful package comes with a multitude of sex-centric videos starring both Takao and Atago as they […]
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Goblin Rape TMA AV Parody Not At All Merciful

TMA’s blatantly titled AV parody of Goblin Slayer, “Goblin Rape”, has met expectations by presenting an abundance of enticing gang rape, with the actors portraying the gruesome goblins wearing some rather questionable outfits (though watchers will likely be more interested in ogling the women). Screenshots of the spicy rape-heavy AV: “Goblin Rape” can be purchased […]
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Apple Product Launch, a bad lip reading

While I'm sure the new Apple Handsome Anthony will get all the headlines, I'm most excited for the fancy tetra-fusion Hole. And I don't care that it isn't portable yet.
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NASA has created posters for every space mission and they’re so bad they’re amazing

Of all NASA’s achievements over the years, this has to be up there amongst the best. It’s certainly the most hilarious. It turns out, that on every mission since the first International Space Station mission in 2000, NASA has created expedition posters. Posters that typically include a group photo of the crew. After a while, […] The post NASA has created posters for every space mission and they’re so bad they’re amazing appeared first on DIY Photography.
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The dark truth behind the sensor size wars… Or is it?

If you want to learn about the real history of the digital camera sensor size wars, then you probably should watch a different video. But if you want to have a bit of laugh while seeing how far sensors have come over the years, then this video from Camera Conspiracies may just be for you. […] The post The dark truth behind the sensor size wars… Or is it? appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Ass-tolfo Onahole – They’ll Never Know If You Don’t Tell Them!

The company most responsible for bringing our 2D and 3D worlds together is Tamatoys, who has pioneered making “anime parody” onaholes based on our favorite waifus. They make everything from Satania to Albedo from Overlord II to a certain lewd camper and do a fine job at it. They also make a parody onahole based […]
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Zootopia H-Parody The Epitome of Erotica

The Zootopia parody released a little while ago has had its erotic iteration unleashed as well, removing all convenient censorship and exposing the nipples and genitalia that will no doubt make the version superior in the minds of many. The erotic version of the parody (the original censored version is also available for more sensitive […]
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