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9 NOW Ideas: Chip and Dip Recipes You’ll Love

I am always on the hunt for good chip and dip recipes, especially as National Chip and Dip Day is coming up on March 23rd! Yep, there’s a holiday for that, and it’s well deserved! Chips & dip is one of my favorite foods. I could eat it for every meal. I also love that it brings people together around a table to chat and eat good food. It’s the perfect appetizer – everyone loves a good dip with some yummy chips. I always like to have a few dip recipes on hand for game days, pot lucks, girl’s nig...
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35 Valentine’s Day Classroom Party Ideas

Are you helping with a classroom party this year? Possibly a room parent? Or maybe you’re planning a Valentine’s get together with your family and friends! Well, we’re here to help with your party ideas. I love celebrating with parties during holidays, especially Valentine’s Day. There are so many fun ways to decorate and celebrate with hearts! Valentine’s Day Classroom Party Ideas We’ve got 35 Valentine’s Classroom Party Ideas just for you! Party Tip: It works really well to have rotating...
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A 2019 Guide to Outdoor Partying

With the new year comes a new calendar of events to celebrate in style. There are plenty of beautiful venues out there, but nothing turns heads quite like an outdoor party. Once you decide on that direction, you’ll find that every patch of grass or waterside stretch is fair game. Here’s what you need to consider before you throw an outdoor party. Get a marquee The elements are not as predictable as we would like them to be, particularly in Melbourne. Your daytime or evening event h...
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The new Oliver Jeffers space tattoos by Tattly let kids wear the moon and stars

We’ve been fans of Oliver Jeffers for years, and now kids (or young at heart parents) can wear his dreamy illustrations right on their arms, ankles and foreheads with the new Tattly collection of Oliver Jeffers space-themed temporary tattoos. The designs come from a few of our very favorite books from the best-selling children’s illustrator […]
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How to Throw a Fancy Dinner Party at Home

You’re long overdue for a fancy dinner party. From invitations to decorations, here’s everything you need to plan an elegant dinner for friends and family. We Americans are an entertaining bunch. Half of us host guests in our home at least once a month. That means the other half of us do not. If you happen to fall into that category and would love to host a fancy dinner party but have no idea where to start, fear not. Here are some tips on how to pull off an elegant dinner party th...
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Frugal Dinner Party Ideas for Moms On A Budget

Just because you’re a busy mom doesn’t mean you need to kiss your social life goodbye. Check out these frugal dinner party ideas to wine and dine your besties without breaking the bank! There’s always a reason to throw a dinner party. If you’re not sure you agree, give it a second thought. We’re sure you could find even the smallest reason right now to break out the placemats and napkin holders. Now, with that said, one of the biggest challenges to any dinner party is the question of your ...
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Holiday Party Trends For 2018: Roaring 20’s Parties!

Yes, it’s already time to start thinking about holiday parties and from just a little research it appears that 1920’s Great Gatsby style is one of the top holiday party trends for 2018. I have to say, I kinda love it! A Modern Classic Although the term has made it to the top of the cliche pile, there is some universal truth to it. The two terms seem to clash horribly, but isn’t it a fact that old things get rediscovered and branded as new every day? Our fascination with the 1920’s is...
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The BEST Halloween Party Games

Are you in charge of the Halloween Party Games? Here are some of my favorite party games for Halloween parties! Halloween Party Games These first three are my standbys.  I play them with kids year after year. Just keep all the supplies and each year you are ready to go. I do make new ghosts each year for the blow the ghost game. They tend to get a little wet (YIKES). Racing Ghosts Replay Make a ghost by covering a cotton ball with a tissue and tied with a piece of thread around its neck...
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7 Party Essentials You Can’t Afford To Overlook

Read on for some great ideas for your party essentials. Going to parties is fun!  You get to spend time with friends and family on special occasions or just for fun.  I’m sure most will agree it is more fun to attend a party that someone else is hosting.  You get to have all of […] The post 7 Party Essentials You Can’t Afford To Overlook appeared first on Not So Average Mama.
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This Ruth Bader Ginsburg paint-by-numbers kit is the craft of the year

Ever since Ruth Bader Ginsburg pledged to remain on the Supreme Court until at least turning 90, she’s solidified her role even further as a heroic icon to so many of us. As if such a thing were even possible! So of course I fell in love with this Notorious RBG paint-by-numbers kit right away. […]
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AWESOME Minute To Win It Games

Minute To Win It Games are fun and can be played at any party or big group get together.  It is also easy to come up with new variations of games, you can find new ideas all over the internet.  Some of our favorite party recipes (because everyone love games and food) are monster cookie dough dip,  ultimate Chex mix, and this buffalo chicken dip!  Make these recipes and get the supplies for the games and you will have a smashing good party! Minute To Win It Games Here are a few varia...
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Whimsical, modern party ideas at The Fig House for Party Crush Events

If a big, colorful balloon bouquet, hot pink jumpsuit, and a furry friend altogether in one shot don’t scream fun to you—well, we kiiinda don’t know what will. The talented lady biz-owners behind Forrest and J., Party Crush Events, and Mary Costa Photo hooked up to bring us these whimsical, modern party ideas to life at one of LA’s most vibrant venues: The Fig House. And fun really is quite an understatement here, we think: The entire space was decked out with spectacularly colorful florals ...
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Newlywed Game

Did you ever watch the Newlywed Game on TV? I thought it was so funny!  We recently had a trivia night with a large group of people and we ended the night playing the Newlywed Game.   We definitely learned a lot about each couple, and we had a ton of laughs!  This would be a fun game to play at a family reunion, a bridal shower,  a small group, or even at a wedding reception–more on that later! How to play the Newlywed Game We chose four couples to play, and we put some thought into our conte...
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Super Simple Hula DIY Grass Skirts

We’re celebrating my daughter’s summer birthday and she chose a Hawaiian theme. Naturally we needed to have few hula grass skirts for the party guests. I’ve come up with a fun DIY option for grass skirts, repurposing plastic tablecloths. They make for a quick and easy skirt that will last as a take-home gift as well. These are so simple, you could even save yourself some time and have the kids make them as an activity at the party! NOTE: these are fun for adults too, everyone loves a hula skirt...
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Felt Bunny Treat Bag

Looking for the perfect Easter treats? This felt bunny treat bag would make the perfect favor for Easter dinner or take home party favor. They would also be cute tucked in an Easter Basket. These felt carrots pencil holders are another fun idea for Easter. The carrots and bunnies are both easy sewing projects that go together quickly! If you want to keep the kids busy and entertained on Easter be sure to print out a few Easter Coloring Pages. I have loads of tips for dying Easter eggs with food ...
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How to make a cupcake stand

This cupcake stand can match any party decor! With just a few supplies from the home store, you can make a cupcake stand with plastic plates.  The best part is that it easily comes apart and can be stored flat. There is also another bonus.  This project uses inexpensive plastic plates. You can even use bowls.  For sure this is an easy way to make a tiered serving tray that can easily be interchanged with different plastic plates and bowls. The supplies for this project can be found at home impr...
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Printable Dinner Conversation Starters

Dinner conversation starters will get the conversation flowing at your Easter dinner!  These questions will help you avoid awkward silence or even worse emotionally charged conversations by giving your guests good questions to answer . It’s a fun way to keep the conversation going while getting to know your family and friends. Another way to entertain guests and host an amusing dinner is to play Would You Rather. Just print off these funny questions and listen to the laughter! Here are a few Ea...
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22 Magical Unicorn DIYs that must be made!

If you haven’t gotten on the unicorn obsession train yet, it’s time to jump on! There are unicorn DIYs for about anything you can think of. Cakes, kids crafts, milkshakes, costumes, birthdays, home decor, and other desserts. All of them are colorful, sparkly, and tons of fun to make. Take a minute to read through these 22 magical unicorn DIYs and get crafting. These are must-make projects to try with friends and family. 22 Magical Unicorn DIYs That Must Be Made 1. DIY Mini Unicorn Piñata: You...
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Budget-Friendly Birthday Party Ideas

Image Source: Arranging a budget-friendly birthday party for kids seems really simple initially but very soon the expenses can stack up in a significant manner. Things like birthday cakes, balloons, party bags, decorations, foods, games can all be an expensive affair and that too without adding the venue charge and the activities added in. Now, this article gives you the smart and highly effective ideas that you can use for your kids so that you don’t have to break the ba...
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Blue Mermaid Hot Chocolate

Having hot chocolate after playing outside in the snow is a tradition in our house. Even if my kids don’t feel like going outside to play in cold weather, knowing they get some cocoa when they come back inside is a great motivator.  Do you do the same? Now imagine serving up an extra special […] The post Blue Mermaid Hot Chocolate appeared first on Finding Zest.
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Star Wars Party Ideas

Need to plan an amazing party? These Star Wars party ideas are sure to wow all your Star Wars lovers.  From games to Star Wars food you will love the Star Wars themed party ideas and it is sure to help you pull off and plan the perfect Star Wars Birthday Party.  You won’t believe what you can make with a pool noodle and some duct tape.  There are also a lot of star wars printables that can simplify everything.  If you have a real star wars fan you might like these star wars lunch box notes. Sta...
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Under the Sea Party Ideas: Mermaid Tail Marshmallows

If you are searching for under the sea party ideas, look no further than these mermaid tail marshmallows! This no-bake treat features colorful chocolate mermaid tails and swirled chocolate waves. It is the perfect addition to any mermaid party or under the sea birthday themes! My kids loved both the flavor of the marshmallows and […] The post Under the Sea Party Ideas: Mermaid Tail Marshmallows appeared first on Finding Zest.
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Our top wedding decor ideas of 2017

If you stopped by the blog this morning, you know that we’ve kicked off Best Of week with some of our top instagrammed weddings of 2017. Did your fave make the list? We’ve still got tons of incredible wedding ideas to share with you from the past year, so let’s dive right in, okay? Enter, our top wedding decor ideas of 2017. Spoiler alert, they almost all include crazy stunning florals. Duh! PS Be sure to click over to the weddings behind all your fave shots below, as each one contains about a z...
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Panini Party

We like to keep things simple during the holidays so our time is spent making memories with each other chatting and playing games and not cooking elaborate meals with endless clean-up. We are thrilled to have been introduced to the De’Longhi Livenza All-Day Grill.  This amazing appliance is not only streamlining our gatherings it has become a fun activity turning our meals interactive! I now know why it earned a coveted place among the 2016 list of Oprah’s Favorite Things. This All-Day Grill wil...
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The Best Minute To Win It Games

Minute to win it games are fun and can be played at any party or big group get together.  It is also easy to come up with new variations of games, you can find new ideas all over the internet.  Some of our favorite party recipes (because everyone love games and food) are monster cookie dough dip,  ultimate chex mix and this buffalo chicken dip!  Make these recipes and get the supplies for the games and you will have a smashing good party! Minute to win it games Here are a few variat...
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24 wonderful non-candy Halloween treat ideas for parties or kids with allergies.

We love putting together non-candy Halloween treat ideas for our readers who want to to offset the all the candy, have options that will delight trick-or-treaters with food allergies, or just have something fun for Halloween party goodie bags. So I’ve updated our 2015 list of super fun non-candy Halloween treats to include both store-bought […]
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How to make a paper hat perfect for parties!

Let me show you how to make a paper hat. These hats are a great way to make last minute party hats for New Year’s Eve or any other party.  We made two different styles of newspaper hats. Grab your local newspaper and get ready. These step by step instructions will help you make a child sized paper hat. Paper hats can be made for a party, last minute costume or just for fun for play at home.  You will be set to play sailor, pirate and even the Pope!  It is a super easy boredom buster!  We used o...
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Unicorn pumpkins FTW! The cutest tutorials from around the web

We are here for the unicorn pumpkin trend! And, maybe you are too. I mean, unicorns are not going away because, unicorns. And magic. And glitter. And make-believe. Whether you’ve got a kid trick-or-treating dressed as a unicorn, or just want some front porch decor that’s a little more treat than trick, we love these […]
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Sparkling Mermaid Ice Cream Cones

Do you love the current mermaid trend? Over the summer I went on a mermaid kick, coming up with all sorts of ways to celebrate with a mermaid party. This included tutorials like how to make mermaid smoothie shots and informational posts like how to choose the perfect mermaid tail mold for your project. Of […] The post Sparkling Mermaid Ice Cream Cones appeared first on Finding Zest.
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Walking Tacos For A Crowd

If you are feeding a crowd how about serving them each a walking taco. This is my go to meal for large groups in the summer. This walking taco recipe can easily make servings for 50 or even 100 people. I serve this every Fourth of July! The best part about serving a walking taco  is that the clean up is easy. No need for paper plates, you eat right out of the bag and throw away! Mess free! You and your guests will love walking tacos! How to make walking tacos Walking Taco Recipe T...
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