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Where to Get Free Pasta on National Pasta Day 2019

National Pasta Day is Thursday, October 17. It reminds me of a charming Salon interview with a man who sucked the marrow out of a seven-week Olive Garden pasta pass. “If I could say I collected $1,800 in Olive Garden meals, that is big. I don’t know what city you’re in or anything, but in rural North Carolina, that’s…Read more...
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Where to Get Free Pasta Thursday for National Pasta Day

National Pasta Day is Thursday, October 17. It reminds me of a charming Salon interview with a man who sucked the marrow out of a seven-week Olive Garden pasta pass. “If I could say I collected $1,800 in Olive Garden meals, that is big. I don’t know what city you’re in or anything, but in rural North Carolina, that’s…Read more...
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Drinking straws that are made of pasta

Do we really hate paper straws so much that drinking through pasta seems reasonable? Apparently so! Because here are Italian-made Stroodles. Their selling points: They're edible, vegan, made for cold drinks, have a shelf life of three years, and don't get soggy. Just don't give them to someone with celiac disease -- these are wheat! If pasta isn't your thing, try these straws made of rice, hay, sugar cane, bamboo, ice, or metal. I guess the message is, "leave plastic straws behind." (Geekologi...
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Hey, Look! Nonna and Her Pasta Are on YouTube

A filmmaker is trying to preserve the art of handmade pasta by turning Italy’s Pasta Grannies into video stars.
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Purple Pesto Pasta with Beets

We have been making various kinds of pesto this year. Last night we enjoyed purple beet leaf pesto on pasta with beets. It was really delicious and fun to make. Serving Size: 4 Ingredients: organic spaghetti for 4 3-4 medium red beets, peeled and cubed 1-1½ cups beet leaf pesto toasted sunflower seeds as garnish Directions: Peel and cut the beets. Place the beets in a pot and cover with water. Add a pinch of salt and cook until the beets are soft , yet al dente (about 20 minutes). Bring a ...
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Meatball Stroganoff

Meatball Stroganoff is an easy weeknight dinner that is full of comfort!  Tender meatballs in a creamy mushroom sauce on top of egg noodles and ready in under 30 minutes, this easy dinner recipe is a winner! This post has been sponsored by Carando®. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Fall is a great... Read On → The post Meatball Stroganoff appeared first on All Things Mamma.
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Ricotta Corn Lemon Cheese Tortellini

Ricotta Corn Lemon Cheese Tortellini: This quick to make cheese tortellini is filled with creamy ricotta cheese, sweet corn, garlic, and finished with fresh basil and lemon. The post Ricotta Corn Lemon Cheese Tortellini appeared first on Sweet ReciPEAs.
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Pasta Bolognese

A while back I made Meatballs Subs because I had a craving. They’re not that difficult to make and when you make them at home, you can use better ingredients than the versions you get elsewhere. Fortunately, there’s good bread in France and no shortage of cheese. And meatballs aren’t much of a challenge to make either. (Interestingly, a few weeks after I posted that recipe, an American woman living in Paris came up to me and said, “I don’t know how you knew, but I was craving the exact same thi...
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Imperfect Pasta is the Secret to Perfect Pasta Salad

Like other entries in the “carbs coated in mayo” category of side dishes, pasta salad is incredibly polarizing. When it’s good, I can’t stop eating it; when it’s bad, it’s inedible. I’ve found that the secret to really good pasta salad isn’t homemade mayo or a good jar of pickles—it’s really bad pasta. Specifically,…Read more...
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Should You Cut Your Spaghetti With Kitchen Shears?

There is a thing about me that I’m not particularly proud of, and it is this: I cannot eat spaghetti without first cutting the noodles. Well, I guess I could, but let’s just say it wouldn’t be pretty. Which makes me a disgrace to pasta-lovers everywhere, I know.Read more...
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Make a Bowl of Fresh Pasta (Without Having to Make Fresh Pasta)

These pillowy ricotta dumplings come together in minutes and make an excellent vehicle for green spring vegetables.
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20-Minute Family Dinner Idea

Knock meal planning and cooking off your to-do list! Make this family dinner in just 20 minutes so you can spend more time together on busy nights. This post has been sponsored by Schwan’s Food Delivery™. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Easy Family Dinner – Ready in 20 Minutes If your family is... Read On → The post 20-Minute Family Dinner Idea appeared first on All Things Mamma.
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Too Delicious Not to Publish

Alison Roman’s creamy cauliflower pasta used to be something she just made for herself. You’ll want to hoard it, too.
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Alpine Dijon Macaroni and Cheese

Alpine Dijon Macaroni and Cheese: German-inspired mac and cheese pasta dish with creamy alpine cheeses, rye bread crumbs, and with the tang of caraway seeds and dijon. The post Alpine Dijon Macaroni and Cheese appeared first on Sweet ReciPEAs.
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Chicken Piccata

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City Kitchen: This Pasta Gets Sauced

An entire bottle of red wine — some in the cooking water, the rest for the rich, ruddy sauce — goes into this hearty, impromptu meal.
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How I learned to make Sunday sauce from my huge Jersey family

I’m reaching way back to the earliest memories of my youth, to the first pasta accompaniment I ever knew and loved: Sunday sauce. Back then that’s not what we called it, at least in my family. It was just sauce. My immediate family wasn’t on the “gravy” train—which was odd because that’s what my maternal grandmother…Read more...
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"He ordered a $9.50 dish of homemade lasagna and $10 penne alla vodka with grilled chicken, along with two Snapples at $1.50 apiece to wash it all down."

It's Anthony Weiner, half free now, and never to be free of the jokes about his name"'Hold on a second here. Hold on a second. They’re in here?' Weiner grilled the deliveryman around 2 p.m. after he was handed a large pizza box and brown paper bag with straws poking out at the door of the GEO Care Inc., facility in Fordham Heights."I guess "in here" and "straws poking out" are additional penis jokes."After grabbing his food, Weiner couldn’t beat it fast enough." See what I mean? That kind of thi...
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A Sauce That Tastes Like a Good Sweater Feels

Alison Roman’s quick lamb ragù is warm, luxurious and something you’ll want to keep close on very cold days.
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Is it sauce or gravy? The answer

Americans love Italian food . They love the ubiquitous foods like pizza, pasta, and lasagna, and they even love the harder to find traditional Italian meat dishes like brassato and cotoletta alla milanese. You can find Italian food in every corner of the country, each region with its own slight differences (consider, if you will, the many types of regional pizza styles in the US). No difference has such staunch defenders, however, as the Italian food debate that has nothing to do with the actu...
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How I learned to make ravioli in my tiny kitchen

My urban kitchen is a small one, so prime counter real estate is only for near-daily necessities like a toaster and a small food processor. Any appliances that seem large and somewhat superfluous—waffle-maker, standing mixer—have no place in my home.Read more...
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Creamy Sage Pasta Sauce (Non-Dairy!)

I can’t count how many times it’s been less than an hour until dinner time and I’m frantically looking through our cabinets with no idea what we are going to have. Sometimes that frenetic pace results in something that’s just barely edible, but other times it’s lead to some of our favorite meals! I knew we had pasta the other night but not a whole lot else, so I set out to make a non-dairy cream sauce that would be good with some leftover sausage and peas I dug out of the freezer. The results w...
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Of pasta and patents

According to the Encyclopedia of Pasta, there are hundreds of pasta shapes. At Smithsonian, Elizabeth Chu and D. Lawrence Tarazano of the US Patent Office look at relatively recent machinery to crank out the floury forms. From Smithsonian: The various shapes can be categorized based on the means by which they are formed: by hand, rolled into sheets, or extruded. For each pasta making method, there have been a number of inventions to ease and mechanize the process. Pastas formed by hand have...
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City Kitchen: Bringing Out a Bit of Radicchio’s Sweetness

Charred under the broiler and a pairing of ricotta and pecans, the vegetable is tamed in this wintry pasta.
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The Deep Allure of the One-Pan Recipe

It’s not always less complicated, but it is more comforting. Yotam Ottolenghi explains why he’s embracing streamlined cooking in the new year.
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Eat Lasagna For Breakfast

More people should eat pasta for breakfast. The combination of carbs, fat, and (sometimes) protein welcomes one into the world in a most comforting way, and often there is cheese. It also tends to reheat well, which means you can make a big batch and eat from it throughout the week. There is no downside.Read more...
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Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

If you want the perfect comfort food, this Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup made from scratch is the easiest and the best soup recipe ever! How to Make Chicken Noodle Soup? One pot recipe, where you’ll add all ingredients and approximately 50 minutes later you have this rich, full of flavors homemade soup. No need to buy chicken stock you can make the most flavored chicken broth at home, using quality and natural ingredients adding fresh herbs and seasoning. Add the really tender, fall apart chic...
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How to Make Spaghetti and Meatballs in Your Instant Pot

Italian-American food is, for me, the final word in comfort. Even my foulest moods are no match for cheesy, red sauce-laden carbs, but I rarely have six hours to spend on a pot of Sunday gravy. Thankfully, I haven’t met a low-and-slow dish my Instant Pot couldn’t handle—so when a craving for spaghetti and meatballs…Read more...
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Cooking with canned crab taught me a nifty new pasta trick

One night, I was jonesing hard for any sort of seafood pasta. Clam linguine, shrimp fra diavolo, mentaiko spaghetti—if it lived in the sea, it could nestle in my bowl of noodles. So the idea of crab plus angel hair sounded exceptionally delicious on a cold winter’s night.Read more...
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A Good Appetite: A New Way to Spaghetti and Meatballs

It may not necessarily save time, but making the dish in an electric pressure cooker will spare you the mess and the fuss.
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