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Democratic congressman tests positive for COVID-19 one day after House speech supporting impeachment

U.S. Congressman Adriano Espaillat attends Governor Andrew Cuomo (not pictured) delivering remarks at Riverside Church during morning worship on the inequities in the Trump administration's vaccine distribution plan. Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images Rep. Adriano Espaillat of New York announced he had tested positive for COVID-19 one day after he spoke in favor of impeachment on the US House floor. Four Democratic members of Congress, including Espallait, and two spo...
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14 affordable skincare companies that prove expensive doesn't always mean better

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Mighty Patch Sometimes a skincare splurge is worth it, but there are plenty of affordable options that can cover all the bases.Below are 14 affordable skincare brands that make under-$50 skincare basics we like to stock in our own cabinets.Read more: The Insider Reviews team tests hundreds of skincare brands each year. These are the 18 we keep coming back to in our everyday lives.Sign up for Inside...
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Marvel’s Avengers Update Fixes Thousands of Glitches

Marvel’s Avengers Update Fixes Thousands of Glitches Reported By Gamers Here’s some good news for those of you who have busied themselves playing Marvel’s Avengers. According to Collider, Crystal Dynamics, the team behind the game, has released a patch that fixes roughly 1,000 bugs and glitches discovered by fans since its release way back on September 4. Click here to purchase Marvel’s Avengers! PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; ...
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New Mac Ransomware Found in Pirated Mac Apps

There's a new 'EvilQuest' Mac ransomware variant that's spreading through pirated Mac apps, according to a new report shared today by Malwarebytes. The new ransomware was found in pirated download for the Little Snitch app found on a Russian forum. Right from the point of download, it was clear that something was wrong with the illicit version of Little Snitch, as it had a generic installer package. It installed the actual version of Little Snitch, but it also installed an executable file nam...
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NJ Teens Charged After Viral TikTok ‘Skull Breaker’ Challenge Goes Predictably Wrong

Two New Jersey teenagers have been charged after a failed attempt at the viral “skull breaker” challenge resulted in the hospitalization of a seventh-grader with a serious head injury and a seizure, prosecutors and family members said.The two students, who have not been identified because of their age, were both charged with third-degree aggravated assault and third-degree endangering the welfare of a child after the January incident spurred by the internet craze, the Camden County Prosecutor’s ...
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How to Fix the Display Bug in Windows 7's 'Final' Update

The “final” Windows 7 update, version KB4534310, apparently introduces a new bug that will require at least one more patch to remove. The bug is benign—all it does is cause your desktop’s wallpaper to turn black when you’ve set it to “Stretch”—but it’s still annoying.Read more...
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Terrorists Win

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive came out all the way back in 2012—though it still has a large player base and its tie-ins with the Steam Community marketplace have remained active long after developer Valve’s attention mostly went elsewhere. Patch notes from Monday flagged by Vice News indicate that may have become a…Read more...
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3 Must Haves My Daughter Needs in These Cooler Months

We’re almost three months into the school year and the weather is finally changing. We still have those 70+ degree days, but the morning time it’s a little chilly. My daughter complains that they’re doing more in physical education. While she’s not the most athletic, she still tries and comes home with a few bruises. She also hates being sweaty because it messes up her hair and leave it knotted up. With Halloween around the corner, the weather normally begins to get cooler. Below are three ite...
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Critical Microsoft Vulnerabilities

Our friends at Microsoft have another severe vulnerability that could bring the internet to its knees. It is essential that you STOP and PATCH your systems immediately! It does not require the user to do anything to begin an exploit from using this vulnerability to move through the system. CyberCriminals ...
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A Simple Emulator Patch Makes Many Super Nintendo Games Look Amazing on an HDTV

In 1991, the Super Nintendo was a graphics powerhouse, but today, some of the tricks it used to create 3D effects on 2D-focused hardware are hard to look at. Emulating classic SNES games on a modern hi-def TV exaggerates those graphical shortcomings, but a modder has found a way to make some titles actually look…Read more...
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A Long Island City landlord has been accused of paying people to protest against Amazon after it canceled its New York HQ2 (AMZN)

Earlier this month, a Long Island City landlord launched a protest against Amazon after it announced plans to pull its HQ2 project from Queens, New York. The boycott, which took place outside an Amazon Books store near Herald Square, was supposed to include fellow angry Queens residents. But two protesters told Patch that they were paid for the gig. Earlier this month, a Long Island City landlord launched a protest against Amazon after the company announced plans to pull its HQ2 project from...
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The Umbrella Academy Episode 4 Recap

The Umbrella Academy Episode 4 Recap Episode 4 of The Umbrella Academy kicks off 7 years ago. Luther is the only one of the children who stayed. He is lonely in the big house without his siblings. Hargreeves sends Number One out on a mission, but without any backup, it goes badly. Luther is badly injured and dies on the table at the Academy. Hargreeves has Pogo hand him a serum, which Dad injects into Luther’s burned chest. Luther is saved, but days later he discovers the cost of his survival...
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The Umbrella Academy Episode 2 Recap

The Umbrella Academy Episode 2 Recap The Umbrella Academy episode 2 opens with a flashback. The kids are sitting to dinner with Hargreeves when Five beaks protocol and speaks. He wants to try jumping through time. Hargreeves says absolutely not. It’s too dangerous. There is no way to know the kind of damage time travel could cause to the mind and body. Furious, Five walks out, unexcused, and into the street, where he makes short jumps through time. His final jump takes Five into the post-apoc...
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The full ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ ending won’t be in the game at launch

Square Enix has revealed that although an ending is included in the disc version of Kingdom Hearts 3, a post-launch update will add the epilogue, as well as a secret additional video. The post The full ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ ending won’t be in the game at launch appeared first on Digital Trends.
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‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’ patch brings back fan-favorite Gun Game mode

A patch released for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has brought back the fan-favorite mode Gun Game. The patch also makes some changes to the battle royale mode, Blackout, including weakening armor. The post ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’ patch brings back fan-favorite Gun Game mode appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Houseplants Don’t Just Look Great — They’re Amazing For Your Skin, Too

Plant ladies are the new cat ladies among the millennial generation, and not only because so many of us are living too frugally and precariously to be able to look after an animal: They're low-maintenance, affordable, good for our mental health, and, most importantly, make for a great Instagram photo.The once-tacky artificial plant may be coming back into vogue in the interior-decor sphere — they'll never die, unlike even the hardiest succulent, and are more realistic than ever before — but now...
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Conversable, Impact Hub,, Localeur, ACC & More TX Tech

Let’s get caught up with the latest innovation news in Texas.—Conversable, maker of an AI-enabled chatbot technology, has been acquired by LivePerson, a New York-based provider of mobile and online messaging software. Among the customers of Conversable, which is based in Austin and Dallas, are Whole Foods and TGI Fridays. “Conversational commerce is about using AI and natural language to interact with a brand,” Robert LoCascio, LivePerson’s CEO and founder, said in a press release. “Consumers d...
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Liana Liberato and Wolfgang Novogratz Cast in Hush, Hush

Liana Liberato and Wolfgang Novogratz cast in Hush, Hush The movie adaptation of Becca Fitzpatrick’s popular young adult novel series Hush, Hush has found its leads in Liana Liberato (If I Stay) and Wolfgang Novogratz (Assassination Nation), according to Deadline. Per the report, Liberato will play Nora Gray, a sixteen-year-old whose life quickly changes when she meets Patch (Novogratz), a mysterious new bad boy in school. Her instincts tell her to stay away from him, but Nora can’t help bein...
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Nailed it: Milton Glaser's 'Space Force' logo

Bloomberg Businessweek asked eight designers to come up with logos for Trump's inane "Space Force." Milton Glaser nailed it. The image represents the relentless intrusion of our president in every aspect of our lives and future. The image can be read as his next conquest or simply that there is very little inside that skull. I
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Lights Out Morale Patch

Lights Out Origin The Lights Out Mother****er (LOMF) patch was designed by Charles “Chip” Lasky in 2010. His intent was to create a patch professionals would actually want to wear. Often patches are simply a brand’s logo and professionals do not want to simply be a walking billboard. The spotlight for this patch was on […] Read More … The post Lights Out Morale Patch appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Now there’s an app that will store the presets of all the synths that don’t have presets

Or at least so it would seem. It’s a good idea in many ways, and a refreshingly simple idea too. One that you might be wondering why it wasn’t done before. I think that’s a good question. The app has an almost non-existent description on the app store. It simply states: Don’t forget another setting on your non-preset synthesizer again. Quickly input your favorite synth sounds in a compact, intuitive way with SynthPatch. SynthPatch currently supports patch creation (not synthesis) for Minimoog, S...
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How to Paint the Exterior of Your Home (the Easy Way)

With the cost to paint a house’s exterior averaging about $2,500 nationally, homeowners longing for a new look may be considering their DIY options. You don't need to be particularly handy to make your home's exterior look like new. All you need is some spare time between now and summer. You can wash your house in a day, prep it in a weekend, and finish giving it a dazzling makeover over the course of a few weeks (and for about one-fifth of the cost to hire pros). 1-day project: Wash your house...
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Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 patch will address Spectre Variant 2 CPU flaw

Microsoft now offers a manual update for Windows 10 addressing the Spectra Variant 2 flaw in sixth-generation Intel processors. It addresses a large lineup of Skylake CPUs ranging from desktops to laptops to 2-in-1 devices. The post Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 patch will address Spectre Variant 2 CPU flaw appeared first on Digital Trends.
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How a Small Business Can Compete with a Major Brand Selling Similar Products

Small business owners typically face one major hurdle when building their own niches in the market: contending against bigger competitors. But any small business can compete with major brands by using a few effective marketing strategies. Photo by Goh Rhy Yan 1. Engage with Your Consumers Directly Engaging directly with consumers makes transactions more personal. It makes each customer feel valued and appreciated and is not just a means for the company to make a profit. Being a small busin...
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The Meltdown, Spectre Patch Reboot Issue Has Been Identified

Since Intel starting rolling out patches for Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities there have been reports of various reboot issues. After some investigation Intel has found there were problems with the patch implementation.
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Intel requests hardware partners to halt Meltdown patches due to reboot issue

Intel told its hardware and software partners to stop distributing the current fixes for the Meltdown security issues due to a large number of PC reboots. The company is working on a new fix for fourth- and fifth-generation CPUs. The post Intel requests hardware partners to halt Meltdown patches due to reboot issue appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Still using Windows 8.1? You’re on your own now

Microsoft has officially ended mainstream support for Windows 8.1, meaning it will no longer receive patches or improvements. This comes ahead of its extended support end in five-years time. The post Still using Windows 8.1? You’re on your own now appeared first on Digital Trends.
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What Is Intussusception? California Baby Dies After Deadly Condition Mistaken For Flu

Two California parents are seeking answers after their 18-month old daughter died following a misdiagnosis from a doctor. The baby girl, name Annalina Rose Stewart fell ill on Oct. 30 and passed away just two days later. Stewart’s mother, Courtney Durham told Patch that her daughter had woken up crying and screaming on Oct. 30. Durham called the young girl’s pediatrician who was unavailable for a consultation but referred her to another doctor.
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How to Bring a Pimple to a Head

Pimples under the surface of the skin, especially on or around the chin, can be painful, annoying, and just plain stubborn. Making a hot compress to apply to the problem area is a great way to bring a pimple to a head, but sometimes it's just not enough. Find out how to get that pimple out fast below. Tea bag compress: Not only can a warm tea bag help bring the pimple to the surface, but also, the tannins within, particularly in black tea, help reduce redness and swelling. Patch work: This bit...
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Here’s Everything in Hello Games’ Enormous No Man’s Sky Update

It completely overhauls Hello Games' one-year-old galaxy exploration game
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