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Netflix Trailer for Mexican Thriller 'The House of Flowers: The Movie'

"Something strange is going on at our house…" Netflix has unveiled the official trailer for The House of Flowers: The Movie, also known as La Casa De Las Flores: La Pelicula in Spanish, from filmmaker Manolo Caro. This is a continuation of the Netflix series and the first "movie" based on the "The House of Flowers" show, created by Manolo Caro who also directs this film. The members of the De la Mora family return home, well… former Casa de las Flores, with one single purpose: to fulfill Del...
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A Decade of Federal Circuit Decisions

By Jason Rantanen While most commentators are focusing on year-in-reviews, I thought it would be fun to do a decade-in-review using data from the Compendium of Federal Circuit Decisions, the publicly-accessible dataset that we’ve developed at Iowa Law containing information about all decisions by the Federal Circuit since 2008.  You can access the Compendium via 1. Decisions by origin Recently, we updated the Compendium to include all decisions arising from origins othe...
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That one got away from me

Hello all, and thanks for waiting for me. I know it’s been a long time, and thank you for the emails and comments of concern – I got hit by some sort of combination crap train. When I left for the Rally everything was on fire, and then about halfway through the Rally the Blog (the software, not you) broke, and you wouldn’t believe how hard it was to fix. In fact, it was impossible to fix from the back of a bike, so it got fixed in the few days between being home from the Rally and leaving with t...
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Hard Things

I had planned to write you a big long letter today and do so many Karmic Balancing Gifts (I still will just after) and show you lots of knitting and then today was packing day for the Rally and several things that were supposed to be fast were slow and a few things that were supposed to be easy were hard, and now it’s past bedtime and I have to get up while it’s still dark to start riding my bike to Montreal and I’m just now eating dinner and… Let’s talk about hard things instead. I believe in d...
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And there were robots

Well, there. Youngest daughter is not only married, but the occasion’s now been properly feted, and I can’t even tell you how trashed our house is.  Not the kind of trashed that comes from not cleaning up for a few days because you’re busy, I mean the kind of deep trashing that comes from three sisters doing their nails while searching for just the right earrings (everything from my scant collection was rejected, and in the end Megan gave Sam the ones she was wearing) while a father tries to fin...
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The Federal Circuit Strides Forward with No-Opinion-Judgments

by Dennis Crouch Capella Photonics, Inc., v. Cisco Systems, Inc., SCT Docket No. 18-304 (Supreme Court 2018) (on petition for writ of certiorari) Capella Photonics has asserted its patents covering wavelength-separating technology using array of “fiber collimators” in at least ten separate infringement lawsuits, including a still pending action against Cisco filed in 2014.  After being sued, Cisco reached-out to the USPTO seeking an inter partes review of two patents.  RE42,678 and RE42368.  The...
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Onus on dangerman Pato in Champions League clash

Shanghai (AFP) – Axel Witsel and Anthony Modeste played a major part getting Tianjin Quanjian into the Asian Champions League quarter-finals but the Chinese side must contest the biggest game in their short history without... Visit for the rest of the story.
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Pato hits stunning free-kick to light up China league

Shanghai (AFP) – Brazil’s Alexandre Pato scored one of the goals of the season in a losing cause as Shanghai SIPG beat Tianjin Quanjian 4-1 to go second in the Chinese Super League. The 28-year-old... Visit for the rest of the story.
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It’s Probably in a Bin

It is very early in the morning, and I’m sitting here, drinking coffee, watching the day start – with the sun coming up, and Team Knit stirring as we get up and get going in four separate spots all over the city.  Funny to think that after this, we’ll travel together every day for a week. (Yes. I am drinking coffee in the bath to save time. It’s efficient.) I’m nervous.  I know I say that every year, and I know that people shrug it off – you’ve done it before, they say. You’ll be OK, they say. ...
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Only the lonely

Note: I started writing this on Sunday and things went completely sideways after that.  For the record, this Co-Chair job is only picking up speed over the last week to departure, and the workload, while manageable, is constant. I’m so looking forward to riding my bike 100km a day AS A BREAK, and how crazy is that? It took until today to finish and post. Bear with me, my lovelies. Things are pretty wild over here. (PS Joe is not back yet.) Joe’s away this weekend, attending a music festival out...
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Randomly on a Wednesday

1. Happy Canada Day! (Ok. I’m a little late. I actually wrote a post that day, but my computer crashed and I lost it, and didn’t have the time to write it again. It was an homage to the Canadian health care system, and how grateful I am for it. A few years ago I read something somewhere (probably my own comments section- or maybe Ravelry?) where someone said that they thought that I wouldn’t be such a fan if I’d had occasion to really use our system. That clearly nothing had ever happened in my ...
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Guangzhou snuff out Pato, Modeste in Asian Champions League

Shanghai (AFP) – Guangzhou Evergrande nullified the twin threat of Alexandre Pato and Anthony Modeste to earn a 0-0 draw at Chinese rivals Tianjin Quanjian in the Asian Champions League last 16 on Tuesday. Fabio Cannavaro’s Guangzhou will return home for the second leg next Tuesday slight favourites to progress following a dreary game lacking poise and invention. But it might have been even better for the reigning Chinese Super League (CSL) champions and two-time AFC winners had Brazilian winge...
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Pato in public bid to woo ‘most beautiful’ Chinese actress

Shanghai (AFP) – Brazilian football star Alexandre Pato celebrated Tianjin Quanjian’s victory in the AFC Champions League with a very public attempt at wooing the Chinese actress Dilraba Dilmurat. The 28-year-old Pato and his team-mates held up a poster showing two pictures — one of him and one of Dilmurat — as Tianjin supporters chanted her name following... Visit for the rest of the story.
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I’m ready to talk about the hats. A few weeks before Christmas, I noticed that the Tiny Lumberjack hat that I’d knit for Elliot was too small. (He’s really a rather petit little fellow, but growing like a weed.) Meg had it on him with the brim folded down and well… it triggered some grandmother knitting. I decided he should have a new, bigger one for Christmas.  Easy enough.  I mucked around with the pattern, changed it to worsted weight, and made it big enough to last him a good long time. One...
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Tianjin Quanjian win over Hebei CFFC sees Champions League race tighten

Alexandre Pato provided a late game-winner to help Tianjin Quanjian close the gap on Hebei China Fortune in the CSL table. Alexandre Pato's header earned Tianjin Quanjian a 2-1 win over Hebei CFFC in the Chinese Super League on Saturday as the battle for third place, and a spot in next year's AFC Champions League, intensified further. Fabio Cannavaro's Quanjian side remain fourth in the standings but moved to within a point of third-placed Hebei with just two games remaining afte...
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Tianjin 2-1 Hebei: Pato hits the winner

Alexandre Pato provided a late game-winner to help Tianjin Quanjian close the gap on Hebei China Fortune in the CSL table.
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Coming home in two Americas

1. TWO AMERICAS After four months in Buenos Aires, the idea of going home to the US felt almost as surreal as the life I’d established here. “Home” had become my neighborhood on Avenida de Mayo, my balcony overlooking the core of microcentro, the Caasa Rosada, and the Israeli embassy across the way. The countless demonstrations and parades (remarkably similar) that would start off as bass drums reverberating from 9 de Julio and end with thousands passing right below, descending on Plaza de Mayo...
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I don’t know if you know this about me, but I am pretty much a coward. I spend a lot of time worrying, and a lot of time being afraid, though I am afraid of regular things, I think. I am afraid of getting hurt physically- when I ski I worry about falling, about hurting myself (mostly I am afraid of breaking an arm. If I broke a leg I could still knit, so I think it would be ok.) I am afraid of not fitting in. I am afraid of love or respect extended and not returned. I am afraid of spiders. (This...
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It started with a boo boo

A few days ago, before I rode my bike 120km in the pouring rain (I am not even kidding. I’ve never had to ride in conditions like that. At one point I was going up a hill with Jen and Ken, and it was raining so hard that the water was coursing down it, and we all looked down and burst out laughing – none of us had ever ridden “upriver” before. It was nothing short of epic. My riding shoes are still wet, a whole day later.) I hurt my finger. I was making dinner, and moving fast, and a tiny mistak...
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Pato finds mojo in China after years of decline

Shanghai (AFP) – Alexandre Pato is rediscovering his love for football in China after a turbulent few years saw his career nosedive before he had even reached his prime.  The 27-year-old forward hit a cracker from long distance in Tianjin Quanjian’s 3-0 weekend win over Shanghai Shenhua, for whom Carlos Tevez now has just two league goals during an injury-disrupted season. In... Visit for the rest of the story.
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Pato scores as Tianjin Quanjian beat Shanghai Shenhua, move into third

Tianjin Quanjian moved up to third in the CSL after an easy 3-0 home win over Shanghai Shenhua. Zhao Xuri scored twice as Tianjin Quanjian handed Shanghai Shenhua a 3-0 defeat as Fabio Cannavaro's side moved into third place in the Chinese Super League standings. Alexandre Pato also found the back of the net as Tianjin moved two points clear of Hebei CFFC and into the final qualifying place for next year's Asian Champions League. Tianjin are eight points behind league leaders Guangzho...
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Long Distance Knitting Ninja

I’ve got two feelings about knitting that most of you will have guessed by now. (Well, I have lots and lots of feelings about knitting, but let’s just talk about two today. It’s best not to let all the crazy out of the box at once.) First, I think knitting is a good friend to have. I’m seldom lonely if I have my knitting with me – especially if it’s the right kind, and like all good friends, knitting (usually, let’s not go too deep here) makes me feel pretty good about myself. No matter what els...
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I think it’s in the living room

Random thing the first: I got on my bike this morning and took about sixteen deep breaths before pushing off and going to the gym.  (Did I tell you about this? I’ve started picking up heavy things and putting them back down again. I’m absolutely terrible at it, but that’s not the point. Avoiding osteoporosis and staying strong is the goal, so it doesn’t matter that I’m a pathetic weight lifter. I’ve got the bar low. Literally and figuratively.)  Four trips across the continent, a retreat and sev...
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Alexandre Pato on his girlfriend Fiorella Mattheis being a prostitute & sex scenes

Alexandre Pato & girlfriend Fiorella Mattheis Chelsea fans may still have a decent memory of Alexandre Pato’s rough spell at Stamford Bridge. Pato played a handful of matches for Chelsea in a failed loaned spell in 2016. He scored once in the Premier League in two EPL matches. During his time in England, Pato was joined by his girlfriend Fiorella Mattheis. Fiorella is a Brazilian actress, and she’s about to star in a new TV series in South America called ‘Augusta Street’. In her role Fiorella M...
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WATCH: Pato's stunning free-kick for Tianjin

Alexandre Pato got Tianjin Quanjian off the mark in style in their Chinese Super League clash with Jiangsu Suning.
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Walk to Downtown, Garage, Downstairs 4plex, 1 common wall (mountain view) $1995 1bd 550ft 2

Walk to Downtown Mountain View Cozy fourpkex building One common wall downstairs unit Water and garbage included Remodeled kitchen Pato area
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No time. Only pictures. Luis listens to Megan’s baby. I made a million cookies, and piping icing is hard. (But I win, because they’re still cute.) Ken is 51. I spent a ridiculous amount of time with a peeler and made this tart. I thought I was crazy then Meg said “Oh Mum, I love pretty food!” and then it was all worth it. Jen (knitter, cyclist, student midwife) brought her fetoscope. Best baby shower favour ever. This picture is okay, but it’s not as good as the one I should have taken, wh...
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"The Beauty Queen of Leenane" - Devastatingly Brilliant

Reviewed by Judd Hollander There's a moment in Martin McDonagh's pitch-black comedy The Beauty Queen of Leenane where the entire audience gasps over a certain character's actions. It's a sound not of horror or pain, but rather of anger and disgust over what they see is about to happen; as well as their inability to do anything about it. Such is the power of this completely shattering work, which offers a look at the dark side of family relationships. The work performed to absolute perfectio...
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Alexandre Pato completes move to China's Tianjin Quanjian from Villarreal

The guys respond to your tweets about Alexandre Pato's quality and the Columbus Crew. Alexandre Pato has become the latest high-profile player to move to China after the Brazilian striker linked up with Fabio Cannavaro at Tianjin Quanjian. The 27-year-old signed for Villarreal last summer but made only 11 La Liga appearances this season. On Monday evening Pato, who made his name at AC Milan, played for Corinthians and Sao Paulo in Brazil and later spent six months on loan with Chelsea, twe...
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Pogba key to United's Griezmann move; Pato could triple wages in CSL

Steve Nicol has his say at the latest rumours, including Man United's reported attempt for Antoine Griezmann. The winter transfer window is now in full swing! As usual, Transfer Talk has its finger on the pulse when it comes to which rumours are picking up steam. Check out all the latest deals here. TOP STORY: Pogba key to a Griezmann move to United Jose Mourinho hopes to take advantage of Paul Pogba's friendship with Antoine Griezmann in order to convince the Atletico Madrid stri...
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