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Neighbors From Hell? The Insane Drama Behind the Gun-Toting St. Louis Lawyer Couple

Before they were photographed brandishing guns during a Black Lives Matter protest, Mark and Patricia McCloskey had made a name for themselves in their St. Louis neighborhood, suing and writing angry letters to community groups, and even accusing a neighborhood association of trespassing for taking a picture of their house.The McCloskeys, a pair of lawyers, won internet fame this week after they were filmed pointing guns at racial justice protesters outside their mansion in a gated community. Th...
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St. Louis Man Who Pointed Gun At Protesters Says He Was Victim Of ‘Terrorism’

Mark McCloskey said that he and his wife — who are the subject of a viral video that shows them barefoot and b randishing loaded weapons at a crowd of anti-racism protesters outside of their St. Louis mansion on Sunday — were victims of “social intimidation” and “terrorism.” McCloskey made the comments when asked by CNN’s Chris Cuomo if any damage had been done to him or his property as demonstrators  marched near his house en route to the home of St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson to demand h...
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Couple draw guns at crowd heading to St. Louis mayor's home

A white couple who stood outside their St. Louis mansion and pointed guns at protesters support the Black Lives Matter movement and don't want to become heroes to those who oppose the cause, their attorney said Monday. Video posted online showed Mark McCloskey, 63, and his 61-year-old wife, Patricia, standing outside their Renaissance palazzo-style home Sunday night in the city’s well-to-do Central West End neighborhood as protesters marched toward the mayor’s home to demand her resignation. M...
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Man Who Pointed Gun At Peaceful Protesters Compares March To Storming Of Bastille

Mark McCloskey, the man in St. Louis, Missouri, who aimed a rifle at peaceful anti-police brutality protesters as his wife Patricia swung her tiny pistol around on Sunday evening, painted the situation as some kind of French Revolution in miniature. During an interview Monday on local NBC affiliate KSDK, McCloskey claimed that the protesters had broken the gate in front of Portland Place, the gated community where he resides, which prompted him and his wife to retrieve their guns while orderi...
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What a Day Will Bring

  The silver lining being home with my mother and son during COVID 19 is this extension of time, together as we pass these uncertain days I get to be with them with quality and quantity of time on hand. Plus the space and fields around my mother's home allow us a freedom that many do not have. A friend who lives in Milan, Patricia, said yesterday was the first time they could walk outside without a purpose there was dancing on the street. What a very different isolation it would be if I could n...
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The forgotten letter a social worker wrote on behalf of a psychiatrist

Patricia, she is maybe 40.  She is mentally ill.   Her mother was shot while cooking in her kitchen with a rifle someone was fooling with, and the weapon went off.  Patricia was there to see her mother’s head just about blown off.  She was 16 then. I don’t know why I mention the long-ago shooting, […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Comment on ice cream cake roll by Patricia

In reply to mastelk. This cake is fantastic. I tried Deb’s family roll cake, which was delicious but I lacked the skill to roll it successfully. This cake was a dream to work with. We celebrated my daughter’s 7th birthday today, and she asked for a Neapolitan ice cream ice cream cake. Deb had my back! We did the deluxe version, with hot fudge sauce, whipped cream, and strawberries. Delicious! I can’t wait to try it again!
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Christine Lampard twins with daughter Patricia in matching outfits – how adorable

Christine Lampard was spotted enjoying a stroll on Monday – and we can't get over...
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Christine Lampard shares rare video of her daughter and Frank Lampard

Christine Lampard has shared a video of her one-year-old daughter Patricia playing football...
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Bonnie Pointer of the Pointer Sisters Dies at 69

Bonnie Pointer, who rose to fame as a member of the Pointer Sister, has died at age 69. “It is with great sadness that I have to announce to the fans of the Pointer Sisters that my sister Bonnie died this morning,” said Anita Pointer of her sister, Patricia, aka Bonnie. “Our family is devastated. […]
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Comment on strawberry summer cake by Patricia

I just made this and am taking to my son’s house for a cookout this evening…came out great. My strawberries are a little lopsided.
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Comment on lemon cake by Patricia

Came to me. Prick cake and brush with syrup before inverting.
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Comment on lemon cake by Patricia

What if you prick the cake all over then wrap it in cheesecloth and drizzle the syrup over throughout the day?
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Wonder what THIS tastes like?

Hamish stepped out to the garden between rain showers. He might be looking for a salad, Patricia! :) Sheltie Nation - Largest Community of Sheltie Lovers on the Net!
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‘Killing People in Fiction Was Fun’: Mysteries That Have Stood the Test of Time

From Agatha Christie to Raymond Chandler to Patricia Highsmith, classic detective stories are given new life in audio form.
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Loose Women star Christine Lampard reveals fears after taking baby Patricia to hospital

Christine Lampard faced every parents' worst nightmare last week when her one-year-old...
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Virginia Man Faked His Own Death in Ridiculously Elaborate Plot to Avoid Bankruptcy

The wild plot involved faking his own death, stealing the identity of a Florida attorney, using an app to disguise his voice, and pretending to have prostate cancer, bone cancer, and a brain aneurysm.Unemployed Virginia man Russell Louis Geyer was so determined to hide his assets in bankruptcy proceedings, he even threw his own wife under the bus—duping her into handing over $70,000 and using her email address to inform an attorney he was dead. Geyer, 50, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to contempt ...
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What a Day Will Bring

  The silver lining being home with my mother and son during COVID 19 is this extension of time, together as we pass these uncertain days I get to be with them with quality and quantity of time on hand. Plus the space and fields around my mother's home allow us a freedom that many do not have. A friend who lives in Milan, Patricia, said yesterday was the first time they could walk outside without a purpose there was dancing on the street. What a very different isolation it would be if I could n...
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Nursing Homes Violated Basic Health Standards, Allowing the Coronavirus to Explode

This story first appeared at ProPublica. ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Sign up for The Big Story newsletter to receive stories like this one in your inbox. One by one, toward the end of March, residents of Enumclaw Health and Rehabilitation Center outside of Seattle started coming down with symptoms of COVID-19. On March 22, residents in Rooms 503 and 522 were moved to a wing for COVID-19 patients. Another resident began showing symptoms, too, and was also move...
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Even You And I Can Learn This Merce Cunningham Dance At Home

Seriously? But Merce is hard. “And yet, this is what Patricia Lent, the director of licensing at the Cunningham Trust, is proposing. In a new online series, she has been systematically breaking down Cunningham’s solo 50 Looks into digestible slices.” Marina Harss explains. – The New York Times
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Family of woman who is now 1st known COVID-19 fatality in U.S. says she was healthy and active

Patricia Dowd's family attributed her death on Feb. 6 to a heart attack, but this week, they learned she tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus, making her the first such documented fatality in the U.S.Dowd, 57, lived in San Jose, California, and was a manager at a semiconductor company. Before the Santa Clara County medical examiner determined through an autopsy that Dowd had COVID-19, the first documented coronavirus death in the United States was recorded in Kirkland, Washington, on...
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Christine Lampard strolls with daughter Patricia wearing ultra-chic designer jacket - and we've found a bargain dupe

Christine Lampard was snapped heading out for a walk with husband Frank Lampard and...
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Wineries on Prosecco Road, Australia

A wine-producing region with rolling hills, a lush landscape, and soil rich in nutrients sits only three hours from Melbourne, Australia. It’s called King Valley, and its cool-climate location in the state of Victoria is ideal for some of the finest Italian grape varieties. One portion of King Valley became known for imitating Prosecco, an Italian wine style loved the world over, in the early 2000s. Today, that portion is known as Prosecco Road. The story of Australia’s Prosecco Road starts i...
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Pandemic Stories from Readers Around the World

In the latest issue of the newsletter sent out on Sunday evening, I asked readers if they would share what they’ve been up to during the pandemic and how their families and communities are coping. I received a bunch of responses and beginning today, I’m going to publish some of their experiences here and in the newsletter. Thanks to everyone who wrote in. The hope is that sharing these experiences will make us all feel a little more connected and a little less alone. In this first in...
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Action DeFoe, Daniel: Robinson Crusoe, 1719 (v2), 7 April 2020

Daniel DeFoe's 1719 novel and perennial best seller. Test from the .prc file by Patricia, hence v2; cover from 1925; and the original frontispiece from the 1719 edition. Attached Thumbnails   Attached Files Robinson Crusoe - Daniel DeFoe.epub (757.1 KB)
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Patricia Bosworth, Actress-Turned-Author, Dies at 86

She gave up the stage for the writing life, publishing biographies of some famous friends and two powerful memoirs. She died of the coronavirus.
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Catherine Zeta-Jones makes the sweetest video for her mum Patricia's birthday - watch

Catherine Zeta-Jones may have been unable to celebrate her mother Patricia's birthday...
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Two sisters died days apart from coronavirus. Their family didn't see their last moments

Richard Frieson's sister, Patricia, was the first person in Illinois to die from the coronavirus outbreak.
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Darius Slay’s parting shot underscores culture clash in Detroit

Darius Slay had five years of experience in the Detroit Lions organization before Matt Patricia arrived as head coach. And Slay's experience with Patricia shows what happens when 60 years of mediocrity-at-best slams into the Patriot Way. After the trade that sent Slay to the Eagles, Slay started talking on the record about Patricia. The [more]
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Christine Lampard and daughter Patricia adorably twin in their designer puffer coats

Christine Lampard showed off her luxurious laid-back style on Wednesday, as she was...
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