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The Getty Digital Archive Expands to 135,000 Free Images: Download High Resolution Scans of Paintings, Sculptures, Photographs & Much Much More

J. Paul Getty was not a billionaire known for his generosity. But since his death, the Getty Trust and complex of Getty museums in L.A. have carried forth in a more magnanimous spirit, ostensibly adhering to values that transcend their founder: “service, philanthropy, teaching, and access.” A collection first gathered for private investment and consumption (sometimes under a cloud of scandal) has expanded into galleries that millions pass through every year; a Conservation Institute dedicated t...
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The Surreal Paintings of the Occult Magician, Writer & Mountaineer, Aleister Crowley

I am not equipped to judge whether the notorious Aleister Crowley—whom the British press once called “the wickedest man in the world”—was an overrated magician (or “Magick-ian”). His banishment from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, by none other than William Butler Yeats, may not speak well of him. But this is an area of debate best left to experts in the mystic arts. Nor do I feel qualified to venture an opinion on Crowley’s mountaineering. It’s true, he did not reach the summit of K2, b...
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You Can’t Return to Eden

Though one of the first Europeans to explore Tahiti, Louis-Antoine de Bougainville, only stayed on the island for about ten days, he was thoroughly impressed with what appeared to be a true paradise on earth. The natives, he observed, were graceful in movement, gentle in disposition, generous in spirit, and peaceful at heart. They seemed to live in a state of childlike innocence — free from shame and modesty, open in their sexuality and nakedness, living only for pleasure and love. Bougainville...
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Why Vincent Van Gogh Cut Off His Ear: It's Not What You Think, According To New Book

Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh may have died more than a century ago, but researchers are still discovering facets of his brief, prolific life. Case in point: On Sunday, an art historian revealed that one of the most popular legends associated with Van Gogh — that he cut off his ear because of an argument with fellow painter Paul Gaugin — might not be true.
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Romantic Cruises for Couples to Inspire More Romance

Romantic Cruises for Couples to Inspire More Romance While romance is never guaranteed, there are simply some cruises and cruise destinations that inspire more to romance than others – while a Disney cruise is probably a lot of fun, floating down the Rhine river with its towering castles perched on cliff tops is way sexier and an awesome Romantic Cruises for Couples. Boarding a romantic cruise away from life’s most stressful demands is a dream for many couples. There are plenty of destinat...
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A Complete Archive of Vincent van Gogh’s Letters: Beautifully Illustrated and Fully Annotated

First published in three volumes in 1914, only 24 years after his death, the letters of Vincent Van Gogh have captivated lovers of his painting for over a century for the insights they offer into his creative bliss and anguish. They have also long been accorded the status of literature. “There is scarcely one letter by Van Gogh,” wrote W.H. Auden, “which I do not find fascinating.” That first published collection consisted only of the painter’s 651 letters to his younger brother, Theo, who ...
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