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The Rock Critic Who Decided To Rewrite Classical Music History

Paul Morley “still writes about rock today, when asked, but his focus has shifted. His current mission is to inspire rock fans to explore and love classical music. An admirable aim, as far as it goes.” – The New York Times
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Popdose Profile: Claudia Brücken (Propaganda) and Jerome Froese (Tangerine Dream) “Beginn” Again

There are only two types of music fans in this world, those who believe Propaganda’s audacious German synth pop opus, A Secret Wish, from 1985 is one of the greatest records of all time, and those who have yet to hear it. Within the Propaganda camp, two factions peacefully coexist– those who are still obsessed with the band’s one and only album, and those who have followed lead singer, Claudia Brücken on an adventurous career of wildly unique collaborations across the past four decades. This yea...
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How To Slum As A Rock Critic, Like The Rock Critics Before You

In this piece David Gerard looks at the collective state of music journalism today, bemoaning its content and quality, but also looking that potential merits of critical music writing, both now and throughout the history of the music business. _______________________________ Guest post by David Gerard of Rocknerd Sometimes you see a piece of modern music journalism and you wonder why these people are allowed fingers. JS: I won’t buy the book because in a way, the book is with...
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