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Exploring Interconnectedness in 'Echoes of the Invisible' Doc Trailer

"A path forward during uncertain times." Utopia has released an official trailer for an award-winning indie documentary titled Echoes of the Invisible, from filmmaker Steve Elkins. "The film became a reflection on the importance of silence and stillness in the digital age. Thinking about our relationship to technology at this point in human history, it's a really critical moment." It follows remarkable explorers as they embark upon seemingly impossible journeys to find the connective tissue ...
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Google Earth, class is now in session

So much of what students learn in the classroom—from social studies to history, science and literature—relates to a geographic place on Earth. Recently, we announced a new version of Google Earth, and since then, educators have been telling us what a valuable tool Google Earth is for their students. They use the “I’m feeling lucky” feature to inspire writing exercises, do research exercises with Knowledge Cards, and explore satellite imagery and cloud strata with their students. Now, to make it ...
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Tracing Human Migration With A Walk Across The World

Steve Inskeep talks to journalist Paul Salopek about his years-long walk around the world. In this installment Salopek discusses his travels through Central Asia.
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Rediscovering the Earth in the Footsteps of Our Ancestors

Four years ago Paul Salopek's global storytelling odyssey, the Out of Eden Walk, began in Ethiopia. He is now poised to trek into China.
Tags: Earth, Ethiopia, Paul Salopek

Santa Claus's 2016 Travel Naughty/Nice List

I dreamt I was knee deep in white Polar Vortex excess. But then I woke up and realized, it will not be a White Christmas in Baja this year. Fondly reflecting on a year's worth of travel (25 countries) and assorted adventures, I thought "What would Santa do?" Well, of course, Santa would make a Naughty/Nice List. So, here's my quick, down and dirty 2016 Travel Naughty/Nice List. First, the Naughty List that would make Ebenezer Scrooge proud--lumps of coal for all: ● Carnival's Princess Cruises f...
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Checking In With Paul Salopek, Who's Walking Around The World

Steve Inskeep talks to Paul Salopek, the National Geographic writer who is on a seven-year journey around the globe, tracing the steps of human migration. We catch up with him in Kazakhstan.
Tags: World, National Geographic, Steve Inskeep, Paul Salopek

What I'm Learning From Walking 21,000 Miles Around the World

On National Walking Day, Paul Salopek reveals unexpected rewards of taking to your feet.
Tags: Paul Salopek, Miles Around the World

erican Pulitzer Prize winning writer to walk through Kazakhstan in 2 months

A Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and National Geographic fellow, Paul Salopek, said he will be walking through Kazakhstan in 2 months. He is walking from Africa to South America, the original human migration trail.
Tags: Africa, South America, Kazakhstan, Paul Salopek

National Geographic: A Century Later, Slaughter Still Haunts Turkey And Armenia

A CENTURY LATER, SLAUGHTER STILL HAUNTS TURKEY AND ARMENIA National Geographic Issue: March 2016 March 11 2016 Where Armenians once flourished, the 'great catastrophe' is an enduring reminder of pain and controversy. By Paul Salopek Photographs by John Stanmeyer PUBLISHED April 2016 One million Armenians--some say more, some say less--were killed a century ago in the Ottoman Empire, the predecessor of modern Turkey.
Tags: Turkey, Armenia, National Geographic, Paul Salopek, John Stanmeyer

Santa's 2015 Travel Naughty-Nice List

I dreamt I was snowbound last night. But due to El Nino, it will not be a white Christmas. A tad deflated, I set out reflecting on a year's worth of assorted travel adventures. There was a lot to cheer and jeer in 2015, with so many high peaks and low valleys, good encounters and stinkers too; I wondered, "What would Santa do?" Well, of course, Santa would make one of his infamous Naughty/Nice Lists. (And yes, he would checked it twice!) First the Nice List side of the ledger: ● Paul Salopek,...
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US journalist removed from "black list" of Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry

Paul Salopek, an employee of the National Geographic and a US citizen, requested Azerbaijan's Foreign Ministry to remove his name from the list of undesirable persons, the head of the ministry's press service, Hikmet Hajiyev told Trend Sept. 4. In a letter sent to the Foreign Ministry, the journalist expressed regret over the illegal visit and stressed that he respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.
Tags: US, Azerbaijan, National Geographic, Foreign Ministry, Paul Salopek, Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, Hikmet Hajiyev

Former Trib correspondent Paul Salopek is taking an eight-year walk

The last time I mentioned Paul Salopek in a story was 2009. He'd been touted as a favorite for a Pulitzer Prize for his Tribune coverage of America's war on terrorism in the Horn of Africa.
Tags: America, Paul Salopek

Trek Around The World Marked By Obstacles Both Natural And Man-Made

Journalist Paul Salopek is on a seven year trek around the world, retracing early humans' first great migration, out of Africa. We first spoke to him two years ago, when he was in Ethiopia, at the very beginning of his odyssey. [Link to media]
Tags: Africa, Ethiopia, Paul Salopek

Paul Salopeka s epic journey to retrace the footprints of mankind

The last time we caught up with National Geographic 's globe-trotting Paul Salopek , he was 11 months into his epic seven-year journey to walk around the globe, from Ethiopia to the tip of South America, retracing the path of our Stone Age ancestors. That was last December and he was in a nice hotel in Jordan, putting up his tired feet and letting the camels have a rest.
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