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Dog Sleeping Patterns and Behaviors

According to Casper Mattress Company, dogs have distinct sleeping patterns and behaviors. Maybe a Dog Bed can make the difference? Here is how they list out: Dreaming: Yes, dogs can dream too! While it’s difficult to uncover exactly what dogs dream about, we know the brain processes their events of the day during sleep. So we can assume they’re dreaming of what happened during the day — like a walk around the block or chasing a squirrel. Twitching: Just like humans, dogs may twitch in their sl...
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10 Dog Sleeping Positions and What They Mean

Casper mattresses has produced a fun and informative guide on dog sleeping positions and what they mean. Just like humans, dogs sleep in a variety of positions. From sleeping on their side to sleeping on their back with their paws in the air, we can learn a lot about our furry friends through their sleeping positions and habits. And here is an insight into dog beds.  Dog sleeping positions are like little clues that can give insight into how they are — both physically and mentally. To truly unde...
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Advancements in Dog Orthotics Over the Year

Helene Petersen of KVP Orthotics writes to us to describe the available methods of improving the quality and mobility of our beloved dogs.   Over the years, there have been plenty of breakthroughs in the field of dog orthotics. As pet owners, this is certainly to our benefit. If before, there weren’t very many options for us to helpimprove our dogs’ quality of life, now, there is hope.   Here are some of the recent advancements in dog orthotics. Orthopedic BracesOne ...
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Pet Safety: 4 Brilliant Tips For This Holiday Season

This article has been generously donated. Holidays are the best time for social gatherings, family meals, festive lights and decorations, cupcakes, and whatnot. Holidays are all about weeks of decorating the house and the long shopping lists to complete and visiting friends and family once a year. However, all the fun and excitement can turn into a nightmare if you have a pet at home, and you are not careful about certain things during the holiday season. You should be mindful of things like spe...
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Great Hat!

[Author: TheStarryEye Astrologer]
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Cats Available For Adoption

Our dear friend Margot passed away in October. She was . Are you looking for more love in your home? Please contact Kiley to get more details.       [Author: TheStarryEye Astrologer]
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Cybepet Offers 15 Interesting Facts About Your Dog's Organs

Here is a link to a special offer from Amazon on pet supplies. [Author: TheStarryEye Astrologer]
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7 Essentials You Need For a New Puppy

A wonderful guide by guest columnist Grace Hawkins on the essentials you need for a new puppy: Congratulations! You are going through this content means you are all set to welcome a new family member (a puppy!) in your home. Or maybe you still require some prep work before making the final commitment! You might receive a puppy-care kit with samples of recommended products for the little canine, which includes treats, glucose drops, and training sprays. Are you excited about using them all? Yes...
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Zoom Meeting With Mabel and Olive is Tail Wagging

The perfect zoom meeting! Dog Gone Good. Scottish sportscaster Andrew Cotter brings back the quarantine laughs with his dogs Mabel and Olive, this time giving a Zoom meeting performance review of his two pups | via Twitter     [Author: TheStarryEye Astrologer]
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Dogs Are Being Trained to Sniff Out Coronavirus Cases

  As reported by the Washington Post, it makes sense that if dogs have the ability to sniff the presence of certain diseases, they could be trained to sniff out the coronavirus. As some states move to reopen after weeks of shutdowns, infectious-disease experts say the prevention of future coronavirus outbreaks will depend on scaling up testing and identifying asymptomatic carriers. Now, eight Labrador retrievers — and their powerful noses — have been enlisted to help. The dogs are the...
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Urban Resource Institute Outreach

We post this as a resource for pets and pet owners:   May is National Pet Month, and it is important to recognize the large intersection of domestic violence and animal abuse, as nearly half of domestic violence will not leave their pet behind. Children especially can be traumatized by leaving an animal behind because they have witnessed the threats or harm to their beloved pets. We’ve also seen a huge therapeutic value and positive health outcomes that pets have in healing including lower blood...
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Enjoy These Live Cams From

From African elephant watering holes to American National parks, enjoy these wonderful live cams and get back to nature at a safe distance. offers wonderful experiences.   Currently Live LIVE Great Gray Owls at Jim’s Place Mission Valley, Montana, USA       Gallery     Watch Now             Decorah Eagles   ...
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An Emotional Support Dog Is the Only Thing That Chills Out a Cheetah

A fascinating article from AtlasObscura: Like humans, the notoriously nervous cats can use a surrogate best friend. Cheetahs and dogs weren’t always friends. And at first glance, the feline-and-canine couple seems an odd pairing—one that turns heads for its cuteness, if not its unconventionality. But the practice of rearing young cheetahs with a canine companion has become a major means of relaxing the notoriously nervous cats at U.S. zoos from New York to San Diego. The relationship didn’t ...
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NYC's Dog Restaurant Week?

It was only a matter of time. New York City now has a Dog Restaurant Week. Organized by Petminded, a travel planning company for pet owners, the first-ever Dog Restaurant Week has sixteen participating restaurants, of which five have dog menus! At all of the restaurants and venues, you are welcome to dine with your dog on the patio of the restaurant. Some are just walk-in but others you can reserve, and the restaurants say you should make a note in the OpenTable or similar-type of online reserva...
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Cat Ladder City

Imagine, if you will, what it’s like to be an average cat. You live with your owner on the fourth floor of an apartment building and, like so many of your fellow felines with exposure to the outside world, you have a fierce case of wanderlust. But until your owner gets home, you can do little more than sit on a sunlit windowsill, press your nose against the glass, and peer wantingly at the neighborhood below. You are beholden to someone who chooses to spend most of the day separated from you. ...
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7 Steps To Build Confidence In Your Dog

Jennifer from FOMO Bones has shared her thoughts about building confidence in dogs in this great guest post: From petrified pooch to confident canine – In seven simple steps Oh Fido. It’s tough to see him frightened and not really have a clue as to how to help (or what he’s even scared of). From jumping at the slightest sound, to following you EVERYWHERE, and showing tell-tale signs of fear (such as a dropped tail, crouching and panting), it’s always pretty clear when you’ve got a nervy can...
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Tips for Curing Insomnia in Dogs

FOMO guest blogger Jennifer S offers her advice as to how to cure insomnia in dogs: If you think insomnia is solely a human issue, then you might be surprised to hear that it is not. Dogs (and even cats) can suffer from sleepless nights and insomnia is something that affects them equally as much as it does humans. Remarkably, many of the reasons that humans suffer from insomnia are the same reasons that cause dogs to be unable to sleep.  Insomnia typically manifests in dogs as they age or as a...
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Places to Visit in 2019 - Pig Beach

AtlasObscura offers intrepid travelers some new and fascinating vacation destinations for 2019. Here is one of them: Pig Beach. Just north of Staniel Cay in the Outer Exumas is Big Major Cay. On this small, uninhabited island, there’s a group of feral pigs. The pigs are regularly fed by those who go out to visit them, which is often those staying at Fowl Cay Resort, where boats are available and all the regulars direct visitors to the pigs because they never cease to amaze. If you are offshore...
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4 Steps To Treat Separation Anxiety In Dogs

This article has been sent to us, courtesy of FOMO. As a dog owner, dealing with canine separation anxiety and distress can sound like a daunting task. When you become a dog parent, you never even think about the potential behavioral issues that might arise and the thought of having a dog that struggles with anxiety almost seems slightly absurd. The reality is, though, that at one point or another during your life of being a doggy parent, you are going to have to deal with issues and one of th...
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How Does Air Quality Affect Your Pet?

Here is a great article by guest writer/contributor Betti Wilson:   Description: Everybody’s beloved pet can suffer from bad quality air, just like humans can. This article highlights some of the reasons why air-quality effects your pet, what a lack of air quality can do and what you can do to mitigate harmful effects.   Everyone loves their pet, even if they are a lot to deal with. Pets have been documented to have a significant positive effect on mental health, with countless benefits....
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The Dog Lady of Mexico

Already a best seller on Amazon, The Dog Lady of Mexico: A Heartwarming Journey into Animal Rescue transforms Alison Sawyer Current's heroic, real-life efforts to save the neglected and starving dogs and cats of Isla Mujeres, Mexico, into an inspiring and moving story. Alison founded the nonprofit Isla Animals as a means of offering spay/neuter clinics, low-to-no cost veterinary services, owner education, and so much more to help the plight of these poor animals. Alison comes alive on the page...
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4 Steps To Treat Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Jennifer of FOMO bones has written a very practical article on how to treat anxiety in dogs and has kindly shared it with us. As a dog owner, dealing with canine separation anxiety and distress can sound like a daunting task. When you become a dog parent, you never even think about the potential behavioral issues that might arise and the thought of having a dog that struggles with anxiety almost seems slightly absurd. The reality is, though, that at one point or another during your life of ...
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Buildings in Switzerland Have Cat Ladders to Help Felines Survey Their Kingdom Below

As reported by By Sara Barnes Anyone with a cat knows how they love to climb to high perches and survey their kingdom below. But felines often need some help from us, and we happily oblige. Switzerland-based designer and writer Brigitte Schuster documented the ways in which we aid our furry friends in their quest for climbing. Her new book called Swiss Cat Ladders focuses on outdoor cat stairways in the city of Bern. It highlights the different approaches people take to create complex scaffoldin...
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Road Safety For Dogs

A thank you to and Sarah for the fascinating and useful guide on road safety for dogs.   As a Pet Owner, you want to ensure road safety for your dog when you’re out and about. And while you may feel that you have to be hyper-vigilant in busy areas, which is true, there are also a few habits that you can teach your dog to further prevent any accidents.In this guide, we’re going to talk about how to improve your leash-training game so that your dog is extra safe around cars. ...
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Places to Visit in 2019 - Nairobi Animal Orphanage

AtlasObscura offers intrepid travelers some new and fascinating vacation destinations for 2019. Here is one of them: Nairobi Animal Orphanage. Established in 1964, the Nairobi Animal Orphanage houses and treats over 20 animal and bird species in need of rehabilitation after injury or abandonment. Lions, cheetahs, jackals, hyenas, ostriches, parrots, and more inhabit the orphanage, which welcomes over 200,000 visitors each year. The Nairobi Animal Orphanage is both a conservation facility for ...
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How to Calm an Aggressive Dog: Step-by-Step Guide

Fomobones has sent us a very interesting and useful article on aggression in dogs: If your dog is aggressive on or off his leash and has started growling, snapping, trying to bite other people or animals, or demonstrating territorial aggression, then you could be facing a serious behavioral issue that requires your attention right away. Dog aggression is one of the main reasons that quality dog trainers are always in demand; as if it is not dealt with as soon as possible then it tends to only...
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Places to Visit in 2019 - Cairngorm Reindeer Centre

AtlasObscura offers intrepid travelers some new and fascinating vacation destinations for 2019. Here is one of them: Cairngorm Reindeer Centre Despite what Santa may have led you to believe, you don’t have to head to the North Pole or wait until Christmas to spot reindeer. An entire herd of these charismatic antlered beasts roams within Scotland. In the Cairngorm Mountains, you’ll find the United Kingdom’s only herd of free-range reindeer. Currently, about 150 of the hooved creatures call the ru...
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Places to Visit in 2019 - RAPS Cat Sanctuary

AtlasObscura offers intrepid travelers some new and fascinating vacation destinations for 2019. Here is one of them: RAPS Cat Sanctuary. RAPS Cat Sanctuary—or the Regional Animal Protection Services Cat Sanctuary—was built to house and protect the many homeless cats and kittens in Richmond. Now considered one of the largest cat sanctuaries in North America, this veritable Camp for Cats is now a safe, forever home for feral, abandoned, and surrendered felines.  Operating in British Columbia, t...
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