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Why Do Personal Checks Still Exist?

Personal checks are steadily falling into disuse. They’re kind of like fax machines—outmoded, slow, with only a hardened group of people still using them even as they become less practical. Is there any good reason to still use paper checks? In some cases, yes—although you still have to be careful about identity…Read more...
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The OpenStack Foundation becomes the Open Infrastructure Foundation

This has been a long time coming, but the OpenStack foundation today announced that it is changing its name to ‘Open Infrastructure Foundation,” starting in 2021. The announcement, which the foundation made at its virtual developer conference, doesn’t exactly come as a surprise. Over the course of the last few years, the organization started adding new projects that went well beyond the core OpenStack project and renamed its conference to the ‘Open Infrastructure Summit.’ The organization act...
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Hackers say ‘jackpotting’ flaws tricked popular ATMs into spitting out cash

In 2010, the late Barnaby Jack, a world-renowned security researcher, hacked an ATM live on stage at the Black Hat conference by tricking the cash dispenser into spitting out a stream of dollar bills. The technique was appropriately named “jackpotting.” A decade on from Jack’s blockbuster demo, security researchers are presenting two new vulnerabilities in Nautilus ATMs, albeit virtually, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Security researchers Brenda So and Trey Keown at New York-based secur...
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A Christian-friendly payments processor spilled 6 million transaction records online

A little-known payments processor, which bills itself as a Christian-friendly company that does “not process credit card transactions for morally objectionable businesses,” left a database containing years’ worth of customer payment transactions online. The database contained 6.7 million records since 2013, and was updating by the day. But the database was not protected with a password, allowing anyone to look inside. Security researcher Anurag Sen found the database. TechCrunch identified its o...
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Latin America Roundup: Uber acquires Cornershop, Softbank invests in Buser and Olist

Sophia Wood Contributor Share on Twitter Sophia Wood is a principal at Magma Partners, a Latin America-focused seed-stage VC firm with offices in Latin America, Asia and the U.S. Sophia is also the co-founder of LatAm List, an English-language Latin American tech news source. Brazil continued to churn out unicorns this month, with Curitiba-based Ebanx becoming the first startup from the southern part of the country to top a...
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Africa Roundup: Paga goes global and 4 startups raise $99M in VC

Jake Bright Contributor Jake Bright is a writer and author in New York City. He is co-author of The Next Africa. More posts by this contributor Polestar unveils first production EV with aim to overtake Tesla Liquid Telecom goes long on Africa’s startups as future clients Nigerian digital payments startup Paga is gearing up for international expansion with a $10 million round led by the Global Innovation Fund. The company is explori...
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Offering a white labeled lending service in emerging markets, Mines raises $13 million

Jake Bright Contributor Jake Bright is a writer and author in New York City. He is co-author of The Next Africa. More posts by this contributor MallforAfrica goes global, Kobo360 and Sokowatch raise VC, France explains its $76M fund Harley-Davidson to expand EV lineup, may include scooters, bicycles Emerging markets credit startup has closed a $13 million Series A round led by The Rise Fund, the global impact fund formed b...
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Coinbase blames Visa for glitch that overcharged users

 While Coinbase has had its fair share of technical issues the last few months, it seems the latest one may not be their fault. Earlier today reports started coming in across social media and reddit that Coinbase users were seeing strange charges on their credit and debit cards. Many of these were users being double-charged for a past transaction, although there were also some (unconfirmed)… Read More
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What a Startup CEO Needs to Understand About Online Payments

  We live in the 21st century, in a time when technology is advancing so fast that we can barely keep pace. Since we started doing almost everything using the Internet, the main accent here is on buying and selling. Therefore, if you're starting your own business or if you're a startup CEO, you will need to understand online payments. There are several ways you can manage your payments and payment methods. One of these different modes of payment is a combination of a merchant account and a payme...
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