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WeChat as a Platform for Problem-Based Learning in a Dental Practical Clerkship: Feasibility Study

Background: Problem-Based-Learning (PBL) has been widely accepted in student-centered medical education. Since WeChat is the most popular communication app in China, we have chosen to use WeChat as new platform for online PBL in order to reduce the limitations of traditional PBL in dental practical clerkships. Objective: This study aims to demonstrate the feasibility and acceptability of online PBL using WeChat (WeChat-PBL) in a dental practical clerkship. Methods: A total of 72 students in a de...
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Using technology to support project-based learning

How can we reduce plastic in our oceans? In today’s classrooms, teachers use project-based learning (or PBL) so that students can come up with potential solutions to real-world problems like this. With PBL, students identify the problem, research a solution and support it with evidence—all while learning valuable skills they’ll use long after graduation. Brainstorming these dynamic solutions can be an exciting and creative challenge for young minds. Technology can help motivate and spark imagina...
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Digital Problem-Based Learning in Health Professions: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis by the Digital Health Education Collaboration

Background: The use of digital education in problem-based learning, or digital problem-based learning (DPBL), is increasingly employed in health professions education. DPBL includes purely digitally delivered as well as blended problem-based learning, wherein digital and face-to-face learning are combined. Objective: The aim of this review is to evaluate the effectiveness of DPBL in improving health professionals’ knowledge, skills, attitudes, and satisfaction. Methods: We used the gold-standard...
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Five new grants to support CS education research

Excitement about computer science (CS) education is growing across the country—from educators and students to corporations, governments and nonprofit organizations alike. But as we work together to make CS education more available in the U.S., there’s a need for more scientific education research to determine the best way to teach CS—a fairly new discipline.After consulting with many CS education experts, we realized that while some research existed, more was needed.To better understand current ...
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The Ultimate PBL Resource Guide

Project Based Learning can provide a deep and meaningful learning experience for students. It allows the students to really drive their own learning, which allows that learning to stick - students will better retain the content because they are not simply passively taking in information. A Diagram of PBL This year, I stumbled upon a [...] The post The Ultimate PBL Resource Guide appeared first on EducationCloset.
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PBL and Arts Integration at its Best

  PBL – it’s a hot topic these days.  If you do a PBL search on EducationCloset you get a page full of resources, free courses, project ideas and articles.  I just watched a few videos from a website for a school in England I saw featured in an Edutopia article. This school uses arts [...] The post PBL and Arts Integration at its Best appeared first on EducationCloset.
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Learn what you can do #withClassroom

Editor's note:This week our Google for Education team will be joining educators and edtech enthusiasts at SXSW EDU in Austin, Texas. Join us as we talk G Suite for Education and Classroom integrations during our SXSW EDU sessions. Follow along on The Keyword, Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and updates. A few years ago, we launched the Classroom API to make it easier for developers to integrate their applications #withClassroom, and to help teachers and students easily use Classroom ...
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Harnessing the power of technology in medical education

Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality. Gamified Learning. Blended Learning. Mobile Learning. The list of technologies that promise to revolutionise medical education (or education in general) could go on, creating an exciting yet daunting task for the course leaders and educators who have to evaluate them. The visceral appeal of technology is understandable: technology is cool, and it’s increasingly a part of student’s lives and therefore something that they expect to be integrated into their curri...
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Helicone - Laser Cut

The Golden Ratio Project - Phyllotaxis on a Laser CutterIn my Geometry Honors class last year, we completed a PBL on the Golden Ratio. In the intoduction to the project, I showed my students different examples of the Golden Ratio. One of the most popular examples was the Helicone by PlayableArt an...By: EdwardJ13Continue Reading » [Author: EdwardJ13]
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Why a New District Initiative Doesn’t Mean You Have to Abandon Arts Integration

Another year, another new school initiative.  Doesn’t it seem that school districts are frequently embracing yet another idea that promises to improve education for our students?  If you let it, it could make your head spin!   I was just visiting with a friend of mine in Vermont and his district is embracing PBL, or [...] The post Why a New District Initiative Doesn’t Mean You Have to Abandon Arts Integration appeared first on EducationCloset.
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Defining Engagement through STEAM: Choice

Continuing our Defining Engagement through STEAM series, based on the research of John Antonetti and Phillip Schlechty, takes us to the next way we can articulate and define our student engagement.  Our sessions explain definitions, share strategies, provide templates and rubrics to self assess, and/or offer downloadable resources to ultimately define engagement in an actionable way.  Check [...] The post Defining Engagement through STEAM: Choice appeared first on EducationCloset.
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Quality Assurance Manager/Director (hercules, pinole, san pablo, el sob)

Are you looking for a challenging quality leadership position helping a dynamic team deliver outstanding regulatory testing to clients in the health products industries? Pacific BioLabs (PBL) is an independent contract research organization (CRO) of [...]
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MEDIA PREPARER (hercules, pinole, san pablo, el sob)

Pacific BioLabs The Company Pacific BioLabs (PBL) is an independent SF Bay Area contract laboratory offering cGMP and GLP testing services to the medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. PBL is located in a stunning 32,000 sq. [...]
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Administrative Support Position - Entry Level (hercules, pinole, san pablo, el sob)

ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT POSITION Pacific BioLabs (PBL), the Bay Area's service leader in Bioscience services has a full time position for an Administrative support person (entry level) at our Hercules, CA facility. PBL is seeking a highly organized, [...]
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Interview with Karl Kapp on Games, Gamification, and LEARNING!

Dr. Karl Kapp is one of the learning field's best research-to-practice gurus! Legendary for his generosity and indefatigable energy, it is my pleasure to interview him for his wisdom on games, gamification, and their intersection. His books on games and gamification are wonderful. You can click on the images below to view them on     The following is a master class on games and learning: Will (Question 1): Karl, you’ve written a definitive exploration of...
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5 PBL and the Arts Lesson Ideas

Project based learning is such a comprehensive teaching approach and we often wonder: how do we fit this in?  Fit it in with our content, our curriculum, or our own teaching philosophies.  Our resident PBL […] The post 5 PBL and the Arts Lesson Ideas appeared first on EducationCloset.
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Escape Room for Educators

Have you ever been to an Escape Room? They are a relatively new form of adventure entertainment, and they are popping up all over the country. People pay admission to be locked in a small, […] The post Escape Room for Educators appeared first on EducationCloset.
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The Future of Learning: Project-based*, Place-based, Experiential, Authentic, Constructivism

No matter what it's called, it's here and it will change the way teachers teach and students learn. Some year ago, a little non-profit called "Roadtrip Nation" partnered with high schools across the country to ask them who they might like to interview, on film which the students were taught how to use, to help them better understand their own curiosity about the "real world" and learn what was possible. As the three founders, all recent grads of the same college, put it: "We've talked to everyo...
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Endangered Species Infographic PBL Lesson

There are so many endangered species in the world who need our help. We, as humans, can be helpful or hurtful to this cause. This can be a strong lesson in empathy for our students. […] The post Endangered Species Infographic PBL Lesson appeared first on EducationCloset.
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STEAM Design Challenge: Kinetic Wind Sculptures

Kinetic sculptures are not only fun to make, they are perfect for STEAMing up school campuses and classrooms! Kinetic = Movement and there is something amazing that happens when a student sees their artwork in […] The post STEAM Design Challenge: Kinetic Wind Sculptures appeared first on EducationCloset.
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Illuminated Initials – New Unit!

Illuminated manuscripts date back to around the year 535. The author and illustrator were typically the same person, and text was embellished and decorated with beautiful artwork. The word illuminate means to fill with light, […] The post Illuminated Initials – New Unit! appeared first on EducationCloset.
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Redefining Career Readiness for an Uncertain Future

By Guest Author: Katherine Prince The world of work is changing rapidly. Those changes will have big implications for how we approach learning and what our education system aims to achieve. We increasingly organize work according to projects. The platform or gig economy means that more people are stitching together mosiac careers instead of working full-time for a single organization. Interest in entrepreneurship is rising, with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation reporting that one-half to ...
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Day 9 studiosus sum 08.08.2016

Today was an intense study day. First 45 hours of Polish. Lunch. 15 hours of Society and History. 15 of grammar class. Dinner. 15 of pronounciation class. More than in one week PBL. Selfies out of tiredness.See you tomorrow
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Best Basketball Betting Apps to Download Today

If you’re looking to get in on the action from your bus seat or the comfort of your couch, check out these top basketball betting apps. Betting has gone a long way from the days when you had to drive down to your local bookie with your friends, check the odds and then spend some time pondering your bets in a crowded room full of people trying to do the same thing as you. Nowadays you can easily do the same thing (minus the crowds) within the lazy comfort of your home or even on your daily commut...
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Measurement, Data, and Infographics with Growth Creatures: STEAM Unit

Have you used infographics with your students? If you teach any math or science standards related to graphing or analyzing data, they are a perfect way to incorporate visual arts standards to take instruction to […] The post Measurement, Data, and Infographics with Growth Creatures: STEAM Unit appeared first on EducationCloset.
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Introducing the 'Selfie Generation' to the Real World

By Guest Author: Sébastien Turbot I often meet people who are appalled to see today's "selfie-generation" drag itself through education - as if it doesn't care or see the importance of education. "What is education for?" my eight-year-old asked me one day. "Your education will offer you a good job, it will prepare you for the world," I replied. But as soon as I finished my sentence, I realized that my pragmatic response was no longer valid. Education is for life. Indeed. Except it no longer pr...
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Lock Down the Buzzword Bling

Welcome to the Teacher Locker Series where we are unlocking secrets and revealing the perfect combination of resources to have an effective and successful start to the new school year. During this series we will […] The post Lock Down the Buzzword Bling appeared first on EducationCloset.
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How to choose a medical school

Feeling confused? You’re not alone… Applying to medical school is like asking someone to marry you. This might seem like an exaggeration, however over your lifetime you will spend more hours working than you will spend awake with your life partner. Like marriage, being a doctor will change who you are, influence where you live, and affect what you can do. For the right person this can be a wonderful, life-affirming experience. Otherwise, divorce from a medical career can be messy, painful and up...
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A Reflection on Curriculum Design

Happy 4th of July!! FREE DOWNLOADS AND WEBINAR BELOW!!! We have spent the last six months on our Curriculum Design series where we explored the why and how of curriculum design via an Arts Appreciation […] The post A Reflection on Curriculum Design appeared first on EducationCloset.
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Week 17: Designing the Music Performance Season

The Art of Curriculum Design. We are nearing the end of our six month series where we have been exploring the why and how of curriculum design via an Arts Appreciation course created through an […] The post Week 17: Designing the Music Performance Season appeared first on EducationCloset.
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