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LG UltraGear GP9 review: The best gaming speaker you shouldn’t buy

The LG UltraGear GP9 could be the best gaming speaker, but the high $500 price tag is too tall of an ask.
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AMD RX 6000 graphics cards could get a 10% price hike soon

A new rumor suggests that AMD is passing increased manufacturing costs onto partners, which could result in a 10% increase in the price of RX 6000 GPUs.
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IdolMaster: Starlit Season DLC Has Even More Idols for Nude Mods

An assortment of new items, stages, and content is being made available to idol-raising simulator IdolMaster: Starlit Season via some new DLC, perhaps most important however is the inclusion of three new idols: Kaede Takagaki, Kotoha Tanaka, and Mamimi Tanaka, as modders are probably excited to make them nude. All the new DLC that producers […]
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The best motherboards for gaming

The best motherboards for gaming offer overclocking support, solid power design, and, of course, RGB lighting. Here are the top AMD and Intel options.
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Nvidia DLSS vs. Nvidia Image Scaling vs. AMD Super Resolution

The battle for the upscaling crown just doesn't stop. Here are all of the differences between Nvidia DLSS, Image Scaling, and AMD Super Resolution.
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The best gifts for PC gamers

PC gamers are notoriously difficult to shop for, but with our list of the best gifts for PC gamers, you can take the guesswork out of it.
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Battlefield 2042 Predictably Bombarded With Negative Reviews

The latest release in the slowly deteriorating historical FPS Battlefield series, Battlefield 2042, has been showered in negative reviews on Steam as users complain about a seemingly endless amount of issues, no doubt brought on by Dice and Electronic Arts’ irredeemable greed. The game’s main steam page has its overall reviews standing at “Mostly Negative”: […]
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Atelier Sophie 2 Trailer Shows Off Characters New & Returning

Another brief glimpse at the Atelier Sophie 2 sequel has introduced observers to a couple characters present in the RPG, some returning and some new and sure to potentially receive more attention than the last game thanks to the monetary success of Atelier Ryza. The video has Sophie reuniting with Plachta and also shows off […]
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Arya Stark Battles Scooby Doo’s Shaggy in Warner Bros. Fighting Game MultiVersus

The Warner Bros. Smash style fighting game rumor has been confirmed to be real as Warner Bros. Games and developer Play First Games recently announced “MultiVersus”, pitting various Warner Bros. characters against each other in a fighting game that wishes it could become anywhere near as popular as Smash Brothers. The title will be free-to-play […]
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Battlefield 2042 PC performance guide: The best settings for a high frame rate

Battlefield 2042 is as demanding as previous games in the franchise, so you'll need our list of the best settings if you want to optimize your PC performance.
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Mods Elevating the Style of Shin Megami Tensei V’s Protagonist

Less than a week after releasing for the Nintendo Switch, modders have already altered Shin Megami Tensei V in various ways, from changing the protagonist to trading out the in-game dialogue font, modifying the game in countless ways so that players can enjoy the optimum experience. Created by Rirurin and titled “Adachi over Nahobino“, this […]
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Halo Infinite PC performance guide: The best settings for a high frame rate

Microsoft surprise-launched Halo Infinite. To get your Spartan ready, we put together a PC performance guide with the best settings for a high frame rate.
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How switching to a $25 vertical mouse helped heal my serious hand injury

A $25 vertical mouse I found on Amazon helped me heal a severe injury without having to sacrifice my work or hobbies.
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Gigabyte inadvertently confirms 12GB Nvidia RTX 2060 Super rumors

Graphics card maker Gigabyte may have just spilled the beans on Nvidia's rumored 12GB RTX 2060 Super refresh, which is reportedly launching in 2022.
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Nvidia resurrects Image Scaling to compete with AMD Super Resolution

Nvidia just released (erm, updated) its Image Scaling feature to compete with AMD Super Resolution, and it works across all games and Nvidia GPUs.
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What is Nvidia Image Scaling? How to use the upscaling feature

Nvidia just released a new upscaling feature called Image Scaling, but it's been around for two years now. Confused? Allow us to explain.
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Grand Theft Auto Mod Site Hit With DMCA Claims on GTA 4 Files

The Grand Theft Auto mod hosting site announced that Take-Two Interactive sent DMCA claims and forced them to remove three files, two mods and a regular save file. Take-Two is known for their heavy-handed tactics in dealing with modders, so this might be deemed as nothing new, to some. LibertyCity has theorized this DMCA […]
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Resident Evil Village Squid Game Mod Dresses up Alcina Dimitrescu

Those obsessed with unoriginal Korean Netflix drama Squid Game will probably be interested in this mod for Resident Evil Village, as it transforms the appearance of antagonist Alcina Dimitrescu to make her look like one of the many omnipresent guards in the aforementioned show, perfect for those who need the show in every aspect of […]
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Call of Duty Vanguard performance guide: The best settings for high fps

Call of Duty Vanguard is here, but what's the PC performance like? In this guide, we break down the best settings so you can achieve a high frame rate.
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Modders Add Pinnacle Station to Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Modders have continued to improve upon Mass Effect Legendary Edition to restore the beloved game trilogy to its former glory, and recently, a team of modders went the extra mile to do what developers refused to do: restore and remaster the Pinnacle Station DLC. Mgamerz spoke at length about the arduous process of implementing the […]
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Update your AMD Radeon GPU drivers now to avoid these 27 security risks

AMD revealed 27 security risks in its Radeon graphics drivers, and you should update your drivers now to avoid any issues with your PC.
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Final Fantasy VII Mod Uses Style Similar to Tetsuya Nomura’s Concept Art

New attention has been brought to a visually impressive old mod for the original Final Fantasy VII, one that changes the in-game models by applying textures similar to Nomura’s concept art and giving them a surprisingly distinct look that will surely have observers itching to play the game again. A tweet generated some new attention […]
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Dead or Alive 5 Beach Paradise Nude Mod Guide Superbly Erotic

A “visual guide” for top Dead or Alive 5 nude mod “Beach Paradise” has been uploaded online in the style of an erotic video, providing a wealth of information on the mod’s features while also showcasing various motions that will allow players to ogle the girls as they bounce about nude. The visual guide for […]
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Forza Horizon 5 performance guide: The best settings for high FPS

Forza Horizon 5 is here, and it looks beautiful. Here are the best settings to get Mexico looking its best in Playground Games' latest.
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Valve delays Steam Deck to next year, cites component shortages

Valve cited supply chain issues in announcing that its Steam Deck will be delayed.
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Resident Evil 4 PS1 Edition Fan Game Brings the Title to an Older Era

Resident Evil 4 is receiving a demake of sorts courtesy of one talented modder as “Resident Evil 4 PS1 Edition” brings the setting and characters of the award-winning entry back to the era of PS1, even implementing an inventory system and mechanics similar to that of the first entry in the franchise. Videos of early […]
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IdolMaster Starlit Season Naughty Mods Nearing Perfection

The modding scene for IdolMaster Starlit Season has yet to grow tired of the game’s stupendous idols as yet another nude mod has come about, in addition to some other unique mods that will make the game far more lewd for those who prefer watching the girls humiliate themselves. A different nude mod that some […]
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Modder Creates Olympus Coliseum Cup Battles in Kingdom Hearts 3

A modder has gone above and beyond to recreate the Olympus Coliseum Cups in Kingdom Hearts 3, a staple of the main series titles dating back to Kingdom Hearts 1. The modder, known as Aproydtix, recreated the game mechanics from prior entries, with each round bringing more difficult opponents to face, hopefully proving entertaining for […]
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How DRM sabotaged a weekend of PC gaming

This past weekend didn't earn DRM services any brownie points from PC gamers, as it rendered dozens of new and old AAA video games unplayable.
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Elden Ring will be capped at 60 FPS on PC

A spec sheet for Elden Ring shows some compromises the game is making to run across generations.
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