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How Can I Search Through PDF Comments?

Confession time. This week’s Tech 911 is a bit of a head-scratcher, because the wide world of PDFs is confusing, at best, and typically more frustrating than anything else. There are a ton of different apps you can find that let you open, edit, and mess around with PDFs. Some of them are free and meh, a few of them…Read more...
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Podcast 55: PDFs – saints or sinners?

In this episode of the Cherryleaf Podcast, we look at the pros and cons of using PDFs. The post Podcast 55: PDFs – saints or sinners? appeared first on Cherryleaf. [[ For the full article, see]]
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Converting two-page layout pdf into one-page layout

Sometimes you find pdfs that, for sparing ink, put two pages of the document onto one pdf page. But this is not convenient to read on an ebook reader. Is there a software or a webapp that would do the conversion to one-page layout?
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Creating dynamic headers in Reportlab

When writing code to make a report, you never truly know what you are going to get into. In a recent Python project, I was using the excellent ReportLab libraryand things were going smoothly. But then I needed make a header that would appear on every page. This isn’t took bad – you just create a function that goes on the document when you build it. But the API doesn’t support that terribly well – the function that you give to the Document object takes the Document and the Canvas as the only para...
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PDF file is too big

I have a PDF file that is about 250MB that I would like to upload to Google Play Books where the limit is 150MB. Is there a way to shrink it or cut it into pieces?
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8 Best PDF Plugins for WordPress

By Nouman Awan PDF file format is a universal standard. The PDF files are read-only which cannot be edited without leaving an electronic footprint. Hence, this format is preferred for official purposes. Nowadays, there are many tools with the help of which you can generate PDF files. For example, PowerPoint presentations can be converted into PDF format by using PPT to PDF converter. Moreover, PDF files are also used on websites for providing information about the company, products and promotion...
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The best PDF editors for 2019

Though there are plenty of PDF editors to be had online, finding a solution with the tools you need can be tough. Here are the best PDF editors for your editing needs, no matter your budget or OS. The post The best PDF editors for 2019 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Marges blanches

Bonjour Nouveau sur le logiciel, je souhaite convertir des fichiers cbr en pdf, mais après plusieurs tentatives, il reste toujours de marges blanches à droite et gauche. Avez vous une idée sur le réglage à adopter ? Merci d'avance
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Calibre PDF Output: Adding Background Rgb colors customization options and Font Color

Hi everyone! New here. I have a request for the following feature if possible with PDFs. Adding Background Rgb colors customization options and Font Color customization options to the PDF output in Calibre converter Would be great to have the option to color the background of the PDF page other than the default white, and if possible too the font color. It would be of great help to make is easier on the eyes for on screen PDFs reading. This feature is currently available in Calibre Epub v...
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How Do I Create a Searchable Archive of PDFs?

In this week’s tech-advice column at Lifehacker—keep your questions coming, folks!—we’re helping out a reader who has way too many important papers that need to make a magical transition to the digital realm. At least, that sounds a lot more exciting than “Optical Character Recognition,” which doesn’t really roll off…Read more...
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You’ll soon be able to scribble all over PDFs on your Chromebook

Chrome OS users may soon be able to doodle all over their PDF documents with the possible addition of a new feature in Chrome OS' PDF viewer. The annotation feature is expected to allow users to hand draw or write over their documents. The post You’ll soon be able to scribble all over PDFs on your Chromebook appeared first on Digital Trends.
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AI desperately needs regulation and public accountability, experts say

Artificial intelligence systems and creators are in dire need of direct intervention by governments and human rights watchdogs, according to a new report from researchers at Google, Microsoft, and others at AI Now. Surprisingly, it looks like the tech industry just isn’t that good at regulating itself. In the 40-page report (PDF) published this week, the New York University-based organization (with Microsoft Research and Google-associated members) shows that AI-based tools have been deployed wit...
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Adjusting PDf sizes in Calibre

For highlighting and taking notes with PDFs I use Xodo on my Win 10 laptop. I cannot find as good an editor for epub/Mobi files; so I have converted a couple of ebooks to PDF via Calibre to use in Xodo. However the resultant output is not too satisfactory. In Calibre I have adjusted the paper size and base font size several times, but before I drive myself mad, I thought that I'd ask if anyone here has some optimum settings for a 13" screen. I'd be grateful.
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How to Automatically Create PDFs with Google Form Responses

Google Forms are the best tool for creating online polls, surveys, quizzes, and questionnaires. The form submissions are automatically stored in Google Spreadsheets, making it easier for you to analyse the submissions, and your forms can receive an unlimited number of responses.When a user submits your Google Form, a row is added to the destination Google Sheet with all the answers. The tutorial explains how you can save your Google Form responses in a customized PDF file in Google Drive and hav...
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How to add digital booklets to your album on iTunes

When you upload music to iTunes for free with RouteNote you can add a digital booklet offering lyrics, images and more that accompany your music. Here’s how to get yours online. Uploading your music to iTunes means that the world can come to the biggest online music download store and find your album to buy for themselves. With iTunes you can enhance the package with visuals and text, like the booklet in a physical album, giving your fans access to lyrics, recording photos, album artworks or...
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Remove background images from pdfs? perhaps all images?

Hi, I have a few pdfs I can't read because background images obscure the text. I don't expect any solution for scanned pdfs, but I've tried to find one for pdf-born-pdfs, and been beset with bugs. In Ghostscript, I've tried: gs -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -dFILTERIMAGE -dFILTERVECTOR -dCompatibilityLevel=1.4 -dNOPAUSE -dQUIET -dBATCH -sOutputFile=[output.pdf] [input.pdf] I don't just lose raster images and vector images, I lose about half the text too. And quick checks confirm it wasn't raster images ...
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Are you an informed voter? [quiz]

With the 2018 U.S. midterm elections quickly approaching, it’s important that Americans feel prepared to enter the voting booths. To help our U.S. readers feel better prepared on election day, we created a quiz to test your knowledge on key political issues.Referencing a selection of titles from our What Everyone Needs to Know® series, we collected questions about a variety of topics, including climate change, healthcare reform, and the news media. Take the quiz to find out what you need to know...
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PDFs and Kobo

Hello, I searched for some solution for this and I haven't found much yet. I was wondering if there was a way to completely remover the header and footer when reading sideloaded PDFs. Or basically have the PDF displayed full-screen... I wanted the opportunity since I bought the Clara to read my Walking Dead collection on it but the rendered screen is too small for no reason. Thank you :)
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Adobe Releases Major Updates to Acrobat DC, Including Integrated Adobe Sign

Adobe today announced a number of enhancements to its Adobe Document Cloud intended to enhance collaboration around PDF documents, maximize mobility, and improve the overall PDF workflow and experience. It is also making a number of enhancements to Acrobat Reader and to its Adobe Scan and Adobe Sign mobile apps. The new features of greatest interest to lawyers are: Sign from anywhere. Every subscription to Acrobat DC now includes Adobe Sign and Acrobat DC comes with a redesigned and simplified w...
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extra spaces in Kindle (e.g. Ganzhe i t swor t e) but not DC (e.g. Ganzheitsworte)

I scanned a German document at 600dpi. Then I used Briss to split each scanned page into two PDF pages. Then I ran Acrobat DC's OCR for 600dpi output. It worked, as can be verified by copying and pasting the text. When I send the PDF to Kindle, however, virtually every word has spaces within it. What in DC, e.g., was properly "Ganzheitsworte," when selected within Kindle is "Ganzhe i t swor t e". This renders Kindle's integrated dictionary useless. Ideas?
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Remove white margins from the PDF (Sony DPT-RP1)

Hello, I am reading a lot of PDF's (scanned books) on my Sony DPT-Rp1 which has 13" screen (A4 page size). The problem is that many PDFs have white margins and are not filling the entire screen like here: A) The very same book, another page renders correctly (screen is filled properly) B) Majority of these scanned PDF books are either A5 or B5 format (smaller then A4), so I dont understand why do I have the white margins? How...
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What can we learn from the abuse scandal in Pennsylvania?

There has been a whirlwind of reactions to the grand jury investigation in Pennsylvania which uncovered thousands of abuse cases over many decades and a pattern of denial and coverup that continued to imperil vulnerable children.  Several people offered their thoughts to the Café; below we offer some of those in hopes that we in the Episcopal Church might redouble our efforts to make church a safe and welcoming place.     We start with Tom Buechele, a retired (but still serving) Episcopal pries...
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Tip of the Day: Use LibreOffice to Edit PDFs — Sort Of

To access this post, you must purchase The Ask Leo! Tip Of The Day, Online Video Library or Downloadable Video Library . Tip of the Day: Use LibreOffice to Edit PDFs — Sort Of from Ask Leo!. Get the newsletter:
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PDF pass removal

Is there any way to remove pass from PDF file downloaded from Ipublishcentral Reader ??
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How to convert a Kindle book to PDF

Amazon's Kindle is one of the best ebook readers on the market, but it doesn't make viewing proprietary files on other platforms any easier. Here's how to convert a Kindle book to PDF using either desktop or web-based applications. The post How to convert a Kindle book to PDF appeared first on Digital Trends.
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How to save a webpage as a PDF

Need to quickly save and share a webpage? The best way is to learn how to save a webpage as a PDF file, as they're fully featured and can handle images and text with ease. Here's how to get it done whether you're on a mobile, desktop, or laptop. The post How to save a webpage as a PDF appeared first on Digital Trends.
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K2pdfopt - can't get download to open app

I am on a Mac, and downloaded the K2pdfopt file. But when I click on the downloaded file, I get a text window with all the text jumbled. Is this app still working for Mac? Can anyone tell me how to get it to work? Thanks for any help.
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How to convert a PDF to EPUB

If you like to read on a tablet or ebook reader, you'll find that ePUB files offer a number of advantages over PDFs. With this guide, we'll show you how to convert a PDF to EPUB in a few quick steps. The post How to convert a PDF to EPUB appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Can anyone help, please? FileOpen DRM

Can anyone give me a kind of private walkthrough on accomplishing this? FileOpen DRM bypass for PDF file. Can provide private email or even potentially screenshare via any platform. I don't want someone to do it for me. I want to learn. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
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Problem with Bookmarks

Hello, I read mostly pdf books and magazines in my Ipad, using the apple app "ibooks", which I think is pretty easy to use. But I got this problem: I have bookmarks in several pdf files and when I want to go back to them I have to go in the file to see the bookmark. Is there a software, an app that has the ability to catalogue all the bookmarks in all the pdf files so I can see them all instead of going book by book and try to find which of the bookmarks I'm looking for? Thanks
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