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How to Pick Environmentally Friendly Houseplants, Because Yours Aren't

When we think about our personal impact on the environment, our first thoughts might be switching to reusable shopping bags or conserving water and electricity. But what about our houseplants? Read more...
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Siberia Is on Fire—and It’s Only May

It looks like wildfires in Siberia are starting up again—and some fires that never went out after last summer are starting to poke their heads out of the snow. Very normal and cool!Read more...
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Scientists Found a ‘Magical’ Solution to Fight Dangerous Zombie Fires

The rise of zombie fires is the latest iteration of climate horrors. The world became acquainted with them last summer when fires in Siberia that had been smoldering underground all winter reignited in the summer. They pose a major problem in a warming world, but scientists have come up with a way to extinguish them…Read more...
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Tropical peat conservation could help fight future pandemics

When I think of peat, I think of Scotch or Irish fireplaces. When I think of pandemics—pre-COVID, and now—I think about the impending doom of mutant virus strains spreading rapidly through increasingly warmer climates by droves of mosquitoes. I did not think there was a significant Venn diagram overlap between the two things. — Read the rest
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Spectacular land art sculpture is carved into the earth like branching rivers

Budapest-based artist Krisztián Balogh created a stunning piece of land art that looks as perfect as a digital rendering. Created in 2012, the land sculpture, called World Tree, was carved from peat bog in the shape of a tree viewed from an aerial perspective. The hand-carved World Tree stretches 10 meters (32 feet) in diameter in an undisclosed rural area. The artist, who has done several land art installations and sculptures, often looks to nature for inspiration. Related: These artists c...
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