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The Killer: A front wheel drive motorcycle from Rodsmith

The concept of the patron is well established in the world of art. Charles Saatchi is almost a household name in the UK, but before him we had New Yorker Peggy Guggenheim—who anchored the careers of Pollock and Rothko. Parallels are now edging into the modern custom motorcycle scene, and one of the leading lights is Bobby Haas of the Haas Moto Museum in Dallas. Bobby has built up a collection of 130-plus extraordinary motorcycles, and occasionally commissions them too. Hazan is one of his...
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Azulik, an eco-paradise in Tulum, celebrates the four natural elements

The four elements of earth, fire, water and air are reflected in every material, design and spa offering throughout the campus of the Azulik eco resort in Tulum, Mexico. With the goals of conservation and fair-trade at every turn, Azulik is a 48-villa haven of relaxation built seamlessly into the jungle and along the postcard-perfect shoreline of the Caribbean Sea. All of the villas are hand-built from wood with eco-friendly materials sourced locally. There are a range of accommodation styles,...
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Nature-inspired art gallery is built from bamboo and reused bricks

Belgium- and Brazil-based design practice CRU! architects channeled its passion for bamboo architecture and natural building materials into an art gallery in Catuçaba, a rural community about three hours east of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Spanning an area of 1,184 square feet, the project was commissioned by the owner of Fazenda Catuçaba, an idyllic farmhouse-style hotel that includes an operational organic farm. Building on Fazenda Catuçaba’s environmentally friendly practices, the art gallery was con...
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Stock Market Or Cars? Where To Invest? The Data Might Surprise You

Rarely, if ever, have cars been an “investment” in my life. For myself and countless other gearheads around the world, cars are not a way to make money, they are a perfectly efficient way to lose money. This is not to say classic cars cannot make money in the long run . . . just that 99.99999% of the time, they end up costing you bread, not earning it. If you’re going to invest, the stock market seems more likely. Now, it seems, some people would beg to differ. Cash For Classics According to K...
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This breathtaking Tulum art gallery was created by Peggy Guggenheim's great-grandson

Much like the Guggenheim Museums around the world, a new art gallery founded by the great-grandson of Peggy Guggenheim is a true architectural showstopper. Santiago Rumney Guggenheim commissioned designer Jorge Eduardo Neira Sterkel to create IK LAB, a stunning arts gallery that opened late last month in Tulum, Mexico. Topped with a curved timber canopy, the nature-inspired space is located within the eco-friendly Azulik resort. Upon entering, visitors are asked to slip off their shoes and “t...
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Lawsuit Over Guggenheim Foundation Use of Venice Palazzo Dismissed

The case brought by the heirs of Peggy Guggenheim over management of her Venetian estate has been dismissed by France’s highest court, the Art Newspaper reports, with the court finding that there had been no prior stipulations over the exhibition of works or the timing of exhibitions left by the well-known arts patron. “We are pleased that these meritless lawsuits and appeals have now […]
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High French Court Rules Against Peggy Guggenheim Heirs Over Operation Of Venice Palazzo

In its judgment on 7 March, the Cour de Cassation found that the 1996 agreement between Pegeen Vail’s descendants and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation “imposed no constraint on the number or the duration of the displays of other collections, nor did it require a constant presentation of all the works” in Peggy Guggenheim’s collection.
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The Artist Behind that Famous Phallus - Marino Marini at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice

The Angel of the City by Marino Marini (1948) - Photo: Cat Bauer (Venice, Italy) You know the statue. A rider with outstretched arms and an erect phallus astride a horse challenging the Grand Canal at the water entrance of Palazzo Venier dei Leone, also known as the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. And now, thanks to an excellent exhibition at the Guggenheim entitled Visual Passions, you can learn more about the artist, Marino Marini (1901-1980), in the first retrospective dedicated to him. ...
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Venice Architecture: a dream with substance (& BOOK GIVEAWAY!)

What is it that makes Venice unique? Clearly it’s the canals, but there’s something else alongside that. The architecture of the whole city, its unique buildings, the eclectic decorative style… Scratch an architect and he’ll be able to tell you more. Which is exactly what JoAnn Locktov has done with the latest book she has edited. In Dream of Venice Architecture, a cadre of architects and architectural writers explore the uncharacteristic elements that make Venice unique in the world. In the int...
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Venice- The Floating City

While Florence charms visitors with its art and architecture, Venice engulfs you with its picture postcard streets, buildings and waterways. The Venetian windows decorated with flowers, numerous outdoor cafes along with musicians on the colourful streets and the neatly decked up gondolas rowing beneath the bridges accentuates the charm of this gorgeous city. Devoid of vehicular traffic (you will not even sight a two wheeler unless close to the station or airport), the streets and the smal...
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Venice's Guggenheim Collection Appoints New Director (With Personal Ties)

Not only is Karole Vail a Guggenheim stalwart — she has been on staff since 1997 and organized the sweeping retrospective “Moholy-Nagy: Future Present” last year — but she also has personal ties to the institution: Peggy Guggenheim was her grandmother.
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Peggy Guggenheim’s Life in Venice Profiled in The Guardian

The Guardian profiles the life and impact of collector Peggy Guggenheim on the city of Venice, and the heiresses that followed similar paths in Venice in the years before she opened her palazzos up to artists like Picasso, Ernst and Dali.   Read more at The Guardian
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Peggy Guggenheim’s Heirs Speak Out Over Perceived Violation of Her Will

Three great-grandchildren of Peggy Guggenheim have spoken out against the Guggenheim for its current exhibition, Visionaries, claiming it violates their grandmother’s wishes to keep works from her collection in Venice from Easter to November.  “She wanted the work to be in Venice at that time every year because it is the high tourist season in the city, and every […]
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Three Of Peggy Guggenheim's Great-Grandchildren Protest Guggenheim Museum Exhibition

"Three of Peggy Guggenheim’s great-grandchildren say that when she donated her Venetian palace and Modern art collection to the foundation set up by her uncle in New York, she stipulated that none of the works on show in Venice should be removed for display elsewhere between Easter and 1 November."
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Vanity Fair Spotlights Battle Over Peggy Guggenheim’s Expansive Art Collection

Vanity Fair has a piece on the ongoing battle over the estate of Peggy Guggenheim, and the contentious family relations that underscore the fight for her impressive collection of works.  “It was rather a joke,” the piece quotes Guggenheim on leaving her collection to the Guggenheim Foundation, “since I wasn’t on very good terms with my uncle.” Read more at Vanity […]
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40 Years After Peggy Guggenheim's Death Legal Battles Still Rage Over Her Amazing Collection

The legal briefs have become increasingly acrimonious. The foundation says that it has faithfully carried out Peggy’s wishes, that she never said the collection should remain as she left it, and it describes the descendants’ claims as “distortions,” “pointless,” “ridiculous and outrageous,” and “devoid of good faith.” It also says that a 2013 letter to the foundation from the descendants’ attorney “leaves little room for doubt as to their genuine objectives: they believe they can obtain a financ...
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"I Hate Hatred" - My Weapon Against the Atomic Bomb is a Blade of Grass - Tancredi at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice

Tancredi Parmeggiani in Venice, 1955-56. Venezia, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Istituto di Storia dell'Arte, Fondo Cardazzo (Venice, Italy) Tancredi Parmeggiani was a beautiful, sensitive soul, both inside and out. I could tell by looking at the works of art he created, and by his striking physical appearance, captured in photos from the 1950s. But most of all, I could tell by speaking to his son, Alexander, who looks uncannily like his father.  Alexander Parmeggiani (cent...
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Learning Patience Abroad: 5 Tips on Surviving Travel with 30 Female Art History Students

Traveling with thirty female students wasn’t easy for me nor our university professor set on taking us to 6 different Veneto cities and towns over three weeks. We were there to learn about the Venetian Renaissance and the eventual rise and fall of the Empire as well our libidos. Additionally, my first time abroad to Italy would lead me to start my blog. Six years later I am only now writing these tips as I realize how fortunate I was to embark on this complicated journey. I was taught patience a...
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IMAGINE! Italian Art in the 1960s at Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice

Roof Terrace at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection - Photo: Cat Bauer (Venice, Italy) Imagine sipping prosecco and munching elegant nibbles while gazing at the Grand Canal. Imagine Italy back in the 1960s, after the war and during the economic boom. Imagine what the art world would be like today if Peggy Guggenheim had not scooped up the work of some of the best contemporary artists and sheltered them in her home. Imagine...When the weather is fine, one of the most beautiful spots for a pres...
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The Road to Montauk -- History in the Making

With a few days left in the States before I go abroad again, my old college friend took me on a road trip through Long Island. We drove from Stony Brook to Montauk, the easternmost point of the island. Our first stop was a quick pullover at the Memory Motel because I had done some research earlier in the week and found out that back in 1975-76, the Rolling Stones had rented out Eothen, Andy Warhol's five-house compound to work on their 13th album, Black and Blue and would sometimes hang out at ...
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CultureZohn: Troublemakers

Robert Smithson, Broken Circle, 1971 I'm immediately drawn to any film with the title of Troublemakers and this one does not let go. The film by James Crump does something that is rare for art documentaries: It is very beautiful and dynamic itself in examining work that is challenging. It meets the subject head-on. "Dear Virginia: Many Land sensations and projects already realized. So very positive. I urge you to consider closing of gallery and to consider world wide land operations. Walte...
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Guggenheim's postwar art in Venice

Venice, January 22 - Ninety works from art collector Peggy Guggenheim's collection will go on display starting Saturday at her eponymous gallery in Venice.
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Capone's Art-House Round-Up w/ Peggy Guggenheim doc, Diablo, Emperor's New Clothes, Western and more

Capone's Art-House Round-Up with PEGGY GUGGENHEIM: ART ADDICT, DIABLO, DRONE, THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES, and WESTERN!!! Hey, folks. Capone in Chicago here, with a few films that are making their way into art houses or coming out in limited release around America this week .
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A year in review – where Heather travelled in 2015

We’re in that lull between the feasting and celebration of Christmas and the fresh starts and new plans of New Year. It’s the quiet time when we can reflect and review the year that’s gone, the time to reminisce and consider what the year brought us: the adventures and challenges, the excitement of visiting new places, the holiday times we enjoyed with loved ones. Here’s a look back to the travels I enjoyed in 2015. January – A cottage stay and fossil hunting in Devon and Dorset The ammoni...
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Guggenheim vs Guggenheim in French court over art treasures housed in Venice

Peggy Guggenheim Collection on the Grand Canal in Venice. Photo: David M. Heald © The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, New York.
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