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Every Episode Of The Expanse Season 6 Ranked Worst To Best

After a six-season run — three on Syfy, followed by another three on Prime Video — it was difficult to imagine "The Expanse" finding resolution in its infinite space. Based on the novel series by James S. A. Corey (a pseudonym for Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, who also helped write and produce the show), the series' expansive universe had spun so many story threads that tying it all up seemed nearly impossible. In addition, Abraham and Franck told Polygon that the season 6 finale was more of "a ...
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The Expanse Season 6 Ending Explained & The Biggest Unresolved Questions

After six seasons and two networks, "The Expanse" aired its last episode on January 14. The final season, which was only six episodes long, provided some closure for the crew of the Rocinante but also left lots and lots of opportunities (ring gates, if you will) open for the world of "The Expanse" to continue growing. We have an overall review of the final episode elsewhere on /Film, but this post will get into the details of the very ending of the final episode "Babylon's Ashes." What happened ...
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The Expanse Finale Ends With An Epic Battle In 'Babylon's Ashes'

We're finally here. This is the last episode of "The Expanse." While a lot of the big character moments and arguably some of the best scenes of the series came in last week's episode, the series finale, "Babylon's Ashes," ties up most (but not all!) of the major threads of the season.Read on for a breakdown of what happened and where the show's creative team have left us when those end credits came up for the last time.Warning! Spoilers before for the series finale of "The Expanse," "Babylon's A...
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The Expanse's Dominique Tipper And Steven Strait Talk About That Big Emotional Scene In Redoubt [Exclusive]

The latest episode of "The Expanse" includes a lot of emotionally intense moments, but one that especially stands out is that scene between Holden (Steven Strait) and Naomi (Dominique Tipper)./Film had the chance to ask Strait and Tipper about that scene and what it meant for their characters as well as what it was like for them as actors to perform it. Read on for a very spoiler-filled conversation about "Redoubt," the sixth season's fourth episode. The Last Scene They Shot Together The scene i...
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The Expanse Takes An Unvarnished Look At The Repercussions Of War In Redoubt

We're in the back half of the last season of "The Expanse," and the war is continuing to have a toll on all sides. That includes Marco Inaros (Keon Alexander), who isn't riding as high as he was at the beginning of the season.Even though Marco and the Free Navy are facing setbacks, that doesn't mean that the Inners are doing much better. And on the personal level, the relationships between characters aren't so great either! Pretty much everything is no-so-great (to put it mildly) for everyone. R...
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The Expanse Raises The Stakes As It Reaches The Halfway Point Of Its Final Season

"This feels like a trap." That's what MCRN Admiral Kirino (Krista Bridges) says to Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo) as the UNN-Luna-Martian fleet lands on Ceres free of any Free Navy. Kirino is right, of course, as we find out over course of "Force Projection," the third episode of "The Expanse" season 6.This episode is the last of the first half of the last season of "The Expanse," (trying saying that three times fast!) and the momentum has picked up accordingly, both in the solar system and on L...
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The Expanse Springs A Trap As It Reaches The Halfway Point Of Its Final Season

"This feels like a trap." That's what MCRN Admiral Kirino (Krista Bridges) says to Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo) as the UNN-Luna-Martian fleet lands on Ceres free of any Free Navy. Kirino is right, of course, as we find out over course of "Force Projection," the third episode of "The Expanse" season 6.This episode is the last of the first half of the last season of "The Expanse," (trying saying that three times fast!) and the momentum has picked up accordingly, both in the solar system and on L...
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The Expanse Season 6 Review: A Strong Send-Off, With Hope For The Future

This is it — the last six episodes of the sci-fi series, "The Expanse." The show has had quite a journey, saved by Prime Video when Syfy canceled it after its third season to give fans an additional three seasons in a future universe based on the books by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, the writing duo behind the pen name James S. A. Corey.In the universe of the show, the solar system has been through quite a journey as well. (Here's your obligatory warning for spoilers for the first five seasons ...
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Pella Windows Adding 120 Jobs at Southwest Iowa Plant

The Pella Windows & Doors company plans to shift more window production to its southwest Iowa factory and hire 120 additional workers in Shenandoah.
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Pella: Welcome to Stormy Heights

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Here’s How ‘The Expanse’ Season 5 Differs from the Book ‘Nemesis Games’

The entire fifth season of The Expanse is now streaming on Amazon, and — like the seasons before it — many of the events from the last ten episodes mirror what takes place in its corresponding book in the nine-volume series written by James S. A. Corey.  This season, however, there are a few major differences between the show and the book; differences that will have real ramifications for the on-screen characters in they enter the sixth and final season.  Read on for an exploration of so...
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‘The Expanse’ Ends Its Fifth Season With a Major Departure from the Books

The finale of The Expanse  season 5 has arrived on Amazon, and wow, there’s a lot for fans to unpack from the last 10 episodes. If you haven’t watched the season in its entirety (and I do mean all 10 episodes, not just the first nine), check out our non-spoiler review .  If you’ve finished this season, however, read on for a spoiler-filled take on some of the major events of season 5. We have a lot to discuss. This is your final warning: MAJOR spoilers for season 5 below! Let’...
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Pella in the US' Little Netherlands

Many of us dream of traveling to Europe for weeks on end to admire the historical beauty and the cultural diversity present on the Old Continent. But of course, not everyone is lucky enough to make that dream come true. Whether it’s a busy schedule, lack of finances, or overwhelming responsibilities, traveling can be out of reach. Luckily, the United States, the land of immigrants, is diverse enough to provide worthy domestic alternatives. One of them is a small town in Iowa where you can ge...
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How to Choose the Right Advertising and Marketing Channels

Where and how do you spend advertising and marketing money? Which advertising and marketing channels should you use? These become two of the most important questions a business owner has to wrestle with year after year. And today, you find so many channels available to you and so many “expert” voices clamoring for your attention. Don’t get swept away by a current of media buzz. Avoid making unprofitable decisions. Advertising and Marketing Channels Keep this in mind. Consider your options in ...
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How to Develop Property Listings that Make Purchasers Take Action

After discovering a property representative, preparing your home for sale, and staging the house, you and your realty representative require to create remarkable real estate listing descriptions. The initial step that 42% of purchasers require to buy a home is to look for listings online. 95% of purchasers utilize the web to eventually discover a home in their search. You might lose these purchasers permanently if your listing pictures and story do not mesmerize home hunters browsing online. One...
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Nautic sells CWS to Pella

Nautic Partners has sold Custom Window Systems Inc to Pella Corporation. No financial terms were disclosed. Florida-based CWS is a maker of high-quality windows and doors. PRESS RELEASE PROVIDENCE, R.I.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nautic Partners, LLC (“Nautic”) announced today that it has sold portfolio company Custom Window Systems, Inc. and related affiliates (“Custom” or “CWS”) to Pella Corporation (“Pella”). Custom designs, manufactures, and markets custom-configured, impact-resistant and non-impact re...
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The Latest: 20-year-old Moutet downs Pella at French Open

Corentin Moutet produced the biggest win of his burgeoning career in front of his home crowd to reach the third round at a Grand Slam tournament for the first time            [Author: AP]
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Revelation 2:4

Revelation 2:4   (4) Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love. Revelation 2:9-11 (9) "I know your works, tribulation, and poverty (but you are rich); and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. (10) Do not fear any of those things which you are about to suffer. Indeed, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and you will...
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Surprised Nadal sees 'super solid' Djokovic exit Monte Carlo

Surprised at seeing rival Novak Djokovic go out of the Monte Carlo Masters after an error-strewn performance, defending champion Rafael Nadal acknowledged he enjoyed some luck in reaching the semifinals on Friday. Top-ranked Djokovic, who has won the tournament twice, earlier lost 6-3, 4-6, 6-2 to 10th-seeded Daniil Medvedev and produced 47 unforced errors. Especially when Pella served for 5-1.
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Best spring break trips in the US

You don’t have to do five-story beer bongs off a beachfront balcony to have a great spring break. Though let’s be honest, it’s a better story if you do. The annual respite from school and work that runs from the beginning of March to mid-April is one of the great American traditions, where college kids create memories they won’t remember, and families finally have time for some peace and quiet. Even if you can’t afford a week of debauchery in Mexico or a family jaunt to Europe, each state has...
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Argentine Pella wins first career title at Brazil Open

Third seed Guido Pella of Argentina has claimed his first professional title at the Brazil Open            [Author: AP]
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Pella Takes First ATP Title In Sao Paulo Over Garin

finishes off the Golden Swing in fine style. [Author: [email protected]]
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South Americans Pella and Garin to meet in Brazil Open final

SAO PAULO (AP) — Guido Pella of Argentina and Christian Garin of Chile will meet in Sunday’s final of the Brazil Open. Third seed Pella advanced by beating Rio Open champion Laslo Djere of Serbia 7-6 (10), 7-6 (1) at the clay-court event on Saturday. Garin eliminated Norway’s Casper Ruud 6-4, 6-4. The only time […]
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Pella advances in Brazil, Canadian Auger-Aliassime falls

SAO PAULO (AP) — Third-seed Guido Pella of Argentina advanced to the Brazil Open semifinals Friday, beating compatriot Marco Trungelliti 6-0, 6-3. Pella will face Serbia’s Laslo Djere, a 6-2, 3-6, 6-3 winner over 18-year-old Canadian Felix Auger-Aliassime in a rematch of Djere’s victory Sunday at the Rio Open final. Chile’s Christian Garin will face […]
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Third-seeded Guido Pella advances to Brazil Open quarters

SAO PAULO (AP) — Third-seeded Guido Pella of Argentina advanced to the Brazil Open quarterfinals Wednesday, beating Spain’s Roberto Carballes Baena 6-2, 6-4. Pella will face compatriot Marco Trungelliti, a 6-4, 7-5 winner over Brazilian Thiago Seyboth Wild. Canadian teen Felix Auger-Aliassime beat Uruguay’s Pablo Cuevas 5-7, 6-3, 6-3. The 18-year-old Auger-Aliassime will face Spain’s […]
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Factory Visit: Italian Faucet-Maker Fantini

Production and headquarters on the shore of Lake Orta Located not far from Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta is perhaps the least internationally known of Northern Italy’s lakes. But it’s here—in the small village of Pella, directly on the lake’s shore—that the Fantini company can be found. The lake is intrinsic to the company, and its employees. Fantini has been making faucets, showers and accessories …
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Eminem Disses Everything (MGK Response) (Parody)

Brent Pella embodies the spirit of Eminem as he fires back with a new diss track toward Machine Gun Kelly...and everyone else. Written & Directed by Brent Pella DP: Danny NealCamera: Patrick Bellante, Elijah Kiter Featuring:Tim de la MottePatrick QuinnJules the DogMorgan Jay LYRICS BELOW: Yea…you know sometimes…I just want to punch the world in the dick I hear a lot of people out there talking trash So to everybody who hated on me, this one’s for you Starting with Machine Gun Kelly more ...
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Man Photographing Teen Girls Jogging Adds New Clue To Mollie Tibbetts Case

There's a new detail in the case of Mollie Tibbetts, the 20-year-old University of Iowa student who disappeared on July 18 while dog-sitting at her boyfriend's house in Brooklyn, IA. She was last seen jogging that evening, and police are gathering more information from her Fitbit and social media accounts.After being caught on camera taking photos of teenage girls jogging, a man turned himself in to police in Pella, IA, contacting police "due to pressure on social media," according to local WHO...
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Tornadoes Flatten Buildings In 3 Iowa Cities

A flurry of unexpected tornadoes swept through central Iowa, injuring at least 17 people and flattening buildings in three cities. Ten people were injured in Marshalltown and seven at a factory near Pella. No deaths were reported. (July 20)            [Author: AP]
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Iowa tornadoes spawned by heavy storms cause severe damage; injuries reported

Pella police Lt. Shane Cox said he did not have a number of people hurt or the extent of injuries.            [Author: Des Moines Register]
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