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Finding Love (And Community) In Gaming

For many of us, virtual worlds are fertile ground for growing new friendships and romance. In online role-playing platforms, gamers may feel more confident in their social interactions than in real life because they can be seen exactly as they want to be seen, says Anthony Bean, a clinical psychologist in Fort Worth, Texas, and founder of Geek Therapeutics. – Wired
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Dolly Parton Funded A COVID Vaccine. It’s Not The First Time She’s Come To Our Rescue.

Jessa Crispin: “In the past month, Dolly Parton has saved us both from the pandemic and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, if you’ve been paying attention. Dolly Parton has been saving us her entire career.” – The Guardian
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Boom Radio announces first senior commercial hires

Boom Radio has made some appointments to its senior commercial team with former Global, Sky and Celador execs joining the start-up. Dawn Le Men joins Boom as Head of Sales, having just finished an eight year stint as Head of Media Partners for Sky. She joins with a near 40 year track record in Broadcast Sales and Management and Boom says she will be a high profile leader for the station’s commercial ambitions. Ali Page, recently Director of Client and Category Development for Global, has join...
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Boy Thrown From Tate Modern’s Deck Can Now Walk, Says Family

The victim, visiting London with his family from France, was 6 when he was hurled from the museum’s viewing deck by a deranged 17-year-old (now imprisoned) in August of 2019. The boy’s family says that he can now walk with a cane and breathe well enough to speak in words rather than syllables, though he still suffers from chronic pain and memory loss. – CNN
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Camilla Wicks, One Of World’s Leading Violinists In 1940s and ’50s, Dead At 92

She performed her first Mozart concert at age 7, debuted at Carnegie Hall with the New York Philharmonic at 18, and played the Sibelius concerto for the composert himself, who called her performance the best he’d heard. Her fame faded after she retired to raise five children, yet, wrote Henry Fogel in 2015, “Her technique is as close to flawless as humans get, and her intelligence and interpretive breadth are clearly those of a major artist.” – The Washington Post
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Flor Silvestre, Mexican Singer, Actress And Musical Matriarch, 90

Silvestre married musical icon Antonio Aguilar after she was already a star, and the two had vital careers apart – “but transformed into a supernova when they worked together in 20 films and dozens of songs that get screened and streamed to this day. More important, Silvestre and Aguilar created a traveling rodeo that toured across the United States and Mexico for decades. Part musical revue, part horse show, part comedy act, and all about a wholesome night out for the family, their espectáculo...
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Hugh Grant Says He Never Wanted To Be A Romantic Hero

Not that he hated it. “I’m not ungrateful. I loved the money, of course, and I’m proud of a lot of those films. But if someone said to me, ‘Do you have any talent as an actor?’ I’d say, ‘Well, only in regard to character acting.'” – Los Angeles Times
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Sarah Bryan Miller, Longtime Classical Music Critic In St. Louis, Has Died At 68

Miller was the first woman to be the Post-Dispatch‘s classical music critic, but as that role shrank (as at so many papers), she filled many other spots as well. Originally, “she got into journalism because she wanted to make a difference. In 2001, the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra found itself in a financial crisis that threatened its existence. Ms. Miller covered the situation and explained to readers the options for keeping the SLSO alive, from maintaining it as an international-class ensembl...
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Susie Mathis joins Wythenshawe FM community radio

Former BBC Radio Manchester and Piccadilly Radio presenter Susie Mathis is joining community station Wythenshawe FM. Susie will host a new Friday lunchtime show called “That Friday Feeling with Susie” from 12 till 2pm starting Friday 4th December. She made the surprise announcement on Wythenshawe FM during an interview on “The Buzz Show” with Colin Owen and Chris Paul just after 11am today. “It started out that I needed to do something as a volunteer, I’m bored stiff as Covid has side-lined s...
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My Zoom With Andre

The self-engrossed Gregory of “My Dinner With Andre” was in the midst of a Dantesque midlife crisis. The Gregory who emerges in his autobiographical first book, “This Is Not My Memoir,” is older and more quietly reflective, less prone to grandiose pronouncements and more humbly accepting of the wisdom between words. – Los Angeles Times
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Chopin’s Letters Show He Was Totally Gay, So Let’s Quit Pretending, Says Journalist

“Chopin’s Men, a two-hour radio programme that aired on Swiss public broadcaster SRF’s arts channel, argues that the composer’s letters have been at times deliberately mistranslated, rumours of affairs with women exaggerated, and hints at an apparent interest in ‘cottaging’ … simply ignored. The music journalist Moritz Weber, who started researching Chopin’s letters during the spring lockdown, said he discovered a ‘flood of declarations of love aimed at men’, sometimes direct in their erotic to...
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Daniel Cordier, French Resistance Hero Who Became Prominent Art Dealer, Dead At 100

He and his mentor, Jean Moulin, spent part of World War II undercover as art dealers in occupied Nice, where they showed Matisse, Degas and Bonnard. After the war, Cordier took up art as his career, running a leading Paris gallery (with outposts in Frankfurt and New York) and giving Robert Rauschenberg his first major show in France. – Artnet
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New Head of Audio role for Geoff Jein at TBI

Producer Geoff Jein has been appointed as Head of Audio at independent production company TBI Media. Geoff has worked with many well known presenters including Chris Evans at BBC Radio 2, Christian O’Connell at Absolute Radio and Jamie Theakston & Emma Bunton at Global. In the past 12 months at TBI he’s Exec Produced projects including the ACF funded VE Day tribute Absolute Radio 40s, Sleeping… with David Baddiel for Audible and Magic with the Musicals from the London Palladium. After spells...
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Fred Hills, Legendary Editor At McGraw Hill And Simon & Schuster, Dead At 85

“During his four decades in publishing, Mr. Hills brought to market both commercial hits and literary prizewinners and edited more than 50 New York Times best sellers. His stable of authors encompassed an eclectic assortment from multiple genres — Heinrich Böll and Jane Fonda, Justin Kaplan and William Saroyan, Raymond Carver and James MacGregor Burns, Sumner Redstone and Joan Kennedy, Phil Donahue and David Halberstam.” – The New York Times
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The New Normal

Confirmed by the U.S. Senate in December 2019, the Honorable Dana Deasy is the Department of Defense chief information officer. With more than 38 years of experience leading and delivering large-scale information technology strategies and projects, Deasey serves as the primary advisor to the Secretary of Defense for matters of information management, information technology and information assurance, as well as non-intelligence space systems, critical satellite communications, navigation and timi...
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Six new members for the Ofcom Content Board

Ofcom has appointed six new members to its Content Board to serve a three-year term from 1 November 2020 to 31 October 2023. Ofcom’s Content Board has advisory responsibility for a wide range of content issues, including the regulation of television, radio and video-on-demand quality and standards. It provides senior editorial and content experience to Ofcom with its membership drawing on a wide range of expertise and experience from across the broadcasting, production, media and technolog...
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The Remarkable Life Of The Notorious Art Thief

The privilege and social rank that Bridget Rose Dugdale repudiated gave her the trained intellect and discerning eye that made her the most notorious (and nearly the only) female art thief in history. – Washington Post
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Nelly Kaplan, Director Of Films Including ‘A Very Curious Girl,’ Has Died At 89

The Argentine turned French director, whose death was caused by COVID-19, made “witty, satire-tinged French films about female empowerment and revenge.” – The New York Times
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Premier Christian Radio’s Rick Easter leaves

Presenter Rick Easter is leaving Premier Christian Radio after being on-air for 25 years. He’s the longest serving broadcaster at the station having joined in 1995 but has been redundant due to cutbacks at Premier. The 62 year old presented many of the station’s programmes over 25 years and was responsible for 27 hours of programming a week, including the lunchtime show which included the ‘Worship Hour’, ‘Hour of Prayer For Healing’ and ‘Friday Lite’ Rick continued to work while undergoing ch...
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Jan Morris, Legendary Travel Writer And Memoirist, 94

Morris established her reputation with dispatches from Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary’s climb of Mount Everest – she went 3/4 of the way up herself – and continued as a journalist interviewing everyone from Che Guevara to Guy Burgess. In a book review, “Anatole Broyard extolled Ms. Morris’s travel books as ‘oddly reassuring, showing us that there are more ways of experiencing cultures than most of us supposed.'” – The New York Times
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Johnny Beerling returns to radio with Serenade

Former BBC Radio 1 Controller Johnny Beerling is going back to his roots as a radio presenter. Johnny will host an hour of the music he loves from the 40s, 50s and 60s on Serenade Radio each Sunday evening in Big Band Special. Speaking to RadioToday, Johnny says, “This may appear to be a far cry from my old BBC job but it gives me the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for my favourite music. I am a huge fan of Serenade with its broad appeal to the older audience, which is no longer catered f...
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Remembering Ellis Marsalis And His Outsized Influence

Happy endings don’t happen often during a novel coronavirus pandemic. Marsalis, eighty-five, died in New Orleans of complications from the virus on April 1. But when the crying is over and Marsalis gets the jazz funeral he deserves, even the most sober study of his contributions to music might begin with a celebratory cork popping from a bottle of champagne. Jazz spoke to him early, in a way that no music had before, and in its service, his character was revealed. –
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Artist-Mathematician Anthony Hill Dead At 90

“An artist under two names, and a mathematician and writer under more than one alias, he was a member of the constructionist group of geometrical abstract artists that emerged in Britain in the mid-1950s, and was its leading theoretician.” – The Guardian
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Chris Evans turns on the Christmas lights in Marlow

Chris Evans has turned on the Christmas lights in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, in the middle of the night as a surprise for residents. The Virgin Radio breakfast show presenter stopped by with his son Noah on his way to his radio show to perform the act without a crowd. Check out the video here.
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Andrew White, Versatile Musician And Jazz Scholar, Dead At 78

“Mr. White, who played the oboe, saxophone, bass and other instruments, performed and recorded for more than five decades” in classical and rock as well as jazz. … “He self-produced more than 40 albums of his music, encompassing contemporary jazz, classical oboe, funk, and rhythm and blues. He self-published [an] autobiography … as well as treatises on music, educational manuals and his original compositions and transcriptions.” – The Washington Post
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An Oral History Of Alex Trebek

“We talked to nearly 30 [Jeopardy!] contestants [from] over the past four decades — ranging from a player in the first episode to one whose winning moment went viral just earlier this month — about how Trebek became America’s most beloved game-show host.” – The Washington Post
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Mikey Faulkner joins All Oldies Radio for Drivetime

Former Hereward, Connect, MKFM presenter Mikey Faulkner is starting a new afternoon Drive show on All Oldies Radio. Mikey will take over from Wes Thompson hosting weekdays 4pm to 6pm. Station Director Russ Dee told RadioToday: “Wes Thompson had a beautiful edition to his family recently. Mollie is so adorable and Wes would like to spend even more time with her. “The door is open and we hope that he will return at some point later next year. Wes has been a part of AOR in one form or another f...
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Bruno Barbey, Famed War Photographer For Magnum, Dead At 79

He captured some of the most memorable journalistic images of key events of the late 20th century: the 1968 riots in Paris; the Troubles in Northern Ireland; the Biafran war in Nigeria; the Solidarity demonstrations in Poland; the first Gulf War and the burning of the Kuwait oil fields by retreating Iraqi troops. – The New York Times
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Northampton presenter completes Bavin’s Big Bikeathon

BBC Radio Northampton presenter Wayne Bavin completed and exceeded his 12 hour, 100 mile challenge in ‘Bavin’s Big Bikeathon’ for Children in Need. Wayne, who hosts the afternoon show on BBC Radio Northampton smashed his target by cycling 117 miles in 12 hours – finishing his challenge live on air whilst presenting his radio show. He started the challenge at 6am on the hi-tech Watt bike from the University of Northampton, cycling throughout the day, raising hundreds of pounds for the BBC’s Ch...
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Painter Wayne Thiebaud @ 100

Thiebaud is still painting, still driving, still in touch with students and disciples gathered over a career that included decades of teaching. He works most days and describes himself as “still a struggling painter.” – Washington Post
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