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Visual Feasts: Merchant Ivory Do What They Do Best in 'Feast of July'

None Left in the lurch by the movie-going public in 1995, Feast of July was probably one of the more demure productions to come out of the Merchant Ivory workshop. Based on a minor work by H.E. Bates, who wrote mostly charming and very British novels about the English working life, the film was further sidelined by its rather unenthusiastic critical reception. Time, however, has been kind to the film and it isn't really the forgettable fluff that the likes of Roger Ebert claimed it to be. Lift...
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Paul Thomas Anderson Tailors a Masterpiece with ‘Phantom Thread’

There are so many delicate, intertwining threads connecting the latest drama from auteur filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson that pulling just one might cause the entire structure to unravel. Compared to Anderson's more audacious masterpieces -- Boogie Nights (1997), Magnolia (1999), and There Will Be Blood (2007) -- Phantom Thread is a low key affair; a deliberate approach that will likely prevent it from becoming an immediate classic. Gi...
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Paul Thomas Anderson Tailors a Masterpiece in ‘Phantom Thread’

There are so many delicate, intertwining threads connecting the latest drama from auteur filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson that pulling just one might cause the entire structure to unravel. Compared to Anderson's more audacious masterpieces -- Boogie Nights (1997), Magnolia (1999), and There Will Be Blood (2007) -- Phantom Thread is a low key affair; a deliberate approach that will likely prevent it from becoming an immediate classic. Gi...
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French TV company behind Versailles to invest in UK drama

Newen Group will look to tap British market for projects in move influenced by falling value of pound since Brexit voteThe French maker of the lavish TV period drama Versailles is launching a €50m (£42.4m) fund to make English-language dramas with UK production companies, in a move influenced by the weakening of the pound since the Brexit vote.Newen Group aims to capitalise on the success of Versailles, described as the sexiest TV drama ever, by setting up a London office and will look to tap th...
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Dreamer, rebel, lover: the hidden sides of Albert Einstein

A 10-part drama will explore the many facets of the physicist’s lifeHis image has beamed out at us from posters, T-shirts and even mugs, transforming his name into handy shorthand for eccentric genius and ensuring that Albert Einstein is considered the original mad scientist, science’s first celebrity and, arguably, still its greatest. Related: Albert Einstein in Manchester – archive, 10 June 1921 Continue reading...
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On my radar: Daniel Mays’s cultural highlights

The actor on Harold Pinter, a great Marlon Brando documentary, a Peter Ackroyd murder mystery and Shane Meadows’s This Is England sagaDaniel Mays, 37, grew up in Epping, Essex, and trained at the Italia Conti Academy and Rada. Not long after graduating, he was cast by Mike Leigh in All Or Nothing and later as Imelda Staunton’s cocky son, Sid, in Vera Drake. His impressive list of screen credits, including roles in Atonement and Made in Dagenham, Red Riding and Ashes to Ashes, is matched by an eq...
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Happy Valley has become Britain’s version of The Wire | Emma Brockes

The Yorkshire-based drama has become a hit on the other side of the Atlantic because US viewers love being transported to another worldFans of the TV show Happy Valley who live in the US have, over the past few weeks, had to take a few bothersome but more or less legal steps in order to watch season two, which concludes on the BBC next week and has, as with the first season, been monstrously good – the best thing on TV on either side of the Atlantic. Related: Happy Valley review: understated, ...
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'Everyone we know is white': John Legend sings to Downton Abbey theme

Singer concludes America’s love affair with the British show by adding lyrics to the instrumental theme on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Listen hereJohn Legend leant his vocal prowess and a dose of satire to the Downton Abbey theme song by adding lyrics to the show’s famous instrumental opener. Clad in a tuxedo, Legend appeared on Monday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform his rendition of the song on the heels of Downton Abbey’s series finale, which aired Sunday night on PBS. The British perio...
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America’s Highway Fonts Got More Drama Than The Bachelor

There's a war being waged over America's highway fonts, and it's pretty fascinating. The post America's Highway Fonts Got More Drama Than The Bachelor appeared first on WIRED.
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Downton Abbey: why did America fall so hard for the show?

It’s the most milquetoast cultural phenomenon since Kenny G, Mad Men if even less happened and the characters were more repressed. Our man in LA watches the final episode and tries to make sense of a phenomenonOn Sunday night, PBS aired the final episode of Downton Abbey for the first time in the US. It was a highly anticipated occasion all over the nation, except at my house. I’ve never seen a single second of Downton Abbey and was not planning to for the remainder of my time on this planet. So...
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Doctor Thorne recap: episode one – want a carnival of cleavage? This is your show

Uncle Julian is back! And, just like Downton Abbey, his new period drama is awash with heaving-bosom action and cut-glass accentsUncle Julian’s back! And he’s brought Lovejoy with him! If you’ve been missing Julian Fellowes’s Downton Abbey scripts (yes, I know you haven’t, no one has), here’s your chance to get more scheming aunts, rich heiresses, downtrodden husbands and country estates peeling around the edges ... They were all here. As was an awful lot of explanatory detail and very little ac...
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Never mind the Trollope, Doctor Thorne gets the Fellowes treatment

Suffering from severe Downton Abbey withdrawal? Its creator Julian Fellowes returns with another prescription of bonnets in this Anthony Trollope adaptationIn order to cram the 1,400-page War And Peace into a stingy six episodes, BBC adapter general Andrew Davies says he took out “the history and the philosophy”. Yeah, bor-ing! Whiskery Victorian novelist Anthony Trollope makes it even easier for a post-Downton Julian Fellowes. His Doctor Thorne (Sunday, 9pm, ITV), the third in Trollope’s social...
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ITV loses out in ratings war thanks to catch-up TV, Julian Fellowes warns

Julian Fellowes warns Doctor Thorne, his new period drama, may suffer in ratings as viewers now see broadcast time as 'release date' [Author: Hannah Furness]
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Is Doctor Thorne the new Downton? Let's play period drama bingo!

Brash Americans? Tick. Shrill ladies? Tick. Over-active eyebrows? Tick. As Julian Fellowes aims to reclaim Sunday night TV, here’s your handy checklist of period drama cliches. First to tick them all off gets to bang the dressing gongWatching ITV’s new series Doctor Thorne is like being punched in the face by the very concept of Sunday night television. It’s a lush, light period drama about dozens of posh people who live in big houses and don’t really do an awful lot. And Julian Fellowes adapted...
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War and Peace … and then what?

Andrew Davies’s triumphant TV series has caused sales of Tolstoy’s epic to soar. Here are five more big reads to fill the gap – from Finnegans Wake to Gravity’s Rainbow. And every one is ripe for the small screenLet the bells ring. War and Peace concludes in triumph. 5.7m viewers can’t be wrong. The critics agree: the man did it. He crammed Tolstoy’s massive quarts into half a dozen pint pots. Genius in a box set. Andrew Davies, reportedly, is signing up for Les Misérables. No warbling. No subti...
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From the Moscow of Tolstoy to Dickensian London: Tuppenc’s talent goes a long way

Tuppence Middleton tells of the contrasting costume drama roles in War and Peace and Dickensian that have catapulted her to stardomJumping from one persona to another is second nature to an actor. But what happens if you are simultaneously playing two parts: one the most unscrupulous, lascivious woman on television; the other, the best-behaved and most cruelly put-upon?Tuppence Middleton, star of both War and Peace and Dickensian, appears on British television screens this winter in two entirely...
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February’s Finest!!

So after a few months of (mostly) serious critically acclaimed movies, Hollywood now brings us mostly humorous and exciting titles which sometimes is all you need. On the TV section there are some new TV shows on board that’s well worth checking. Here are February’s Finest!! Movies: Hail, Cesar! – For those who enjoy witty humor regarding showbiz and stylized films about filmmaking. What? Hail Caesar! Follows a day in the life of Eddie Mannix, a Hollywood fixer fo...
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Russia's verdict on BBC's War and Peace: 'a classic with cleavage'

Critics in the Russian media respond with praise, amusement and raised eyebrows at the adaptation’s more explicit scenesRussian reviewers have responded with both praise and barely concealed amusement to the BBC’s adaptation of War and Peace, with reviewers describing it as a “medium-budget soap opera” and a “classic with cleavage”. Related: War and Peace: the 10 things you need to know (if you haven't actually read it) Continue reading...
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War and Peace recap episode four: doom with a view

Opportunity knocks for Boris, Anatole makes a play for Natasha and Nikolai tries to do the right thing as Tolstoy’s epic continuesOh dear, oh dear. It’s all taken a very wrong turn. Emotionally, I mean. (Poor Prince Andrei and his forever opening-and-closing Austerlitz wound!) Narratively, directorially and aesthetically everything is still on top form. The strands are slowing coming together and it’s all rising to fever pitch. Continue reading...
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National Television Awards: Downton Abbey crowned best drama

ITV show’s creator Julian Fellowes hails ‘happy ending’, while Doctor Foster wins two awards and Strictly Come Dancing beats X Factor to talent show prizeDownton Abbey has won best drama at the National Television Awards, beating shows including Doctor Who, Casualty and Broadchurch.The recently concluded ITV show’s creator, Julian Fellowes, called the win a “happy ending” at the ceremony at London’s O2 arena on Wednesday. He said: “I love happy endings and this is a very happy ending, thank you....
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War and Peace recap: episode three - fifty shades of Freemasons!

The Tsar’s Ball brings Andrei and Natasha together, Tuppence Middleton’s Helene devours Boris, and Ken Stott is a welcome addition to the excellent castJust when you thought it couldn’t get any better. It’s Ken Stott with Fifty Shades of Freemasons! “I should like to help you if I can. But if for any reason you find conversation with me unpleasant, please say so.” No, please continue, Comrade Freemason. Our hero Pierre is in dire need of spiritual sustenance. “How can I know God if all my powers...
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What did the US learn from Downton? Obsolescence catches up with us all | Emma Brockes

As political consciousness finally seeps through the servants’ quarters, we’re sighing with Carson not out of sympathy with aristos but at the passing of timeThe final season of Downton Abbey just got going on PBS in the US and, as those who saw it in Britain last year already know, it has a sufficiently sad, end of an era air about it to make one practically mourn the passing of formalised inequality. The Dowager Countess is laying off staff, Lord Grantham is wondering if he still needs an unde...
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Deadwood: what to watch until the movie rides into town

HBO has confirmed that series creator David Milch will be making a new film of the wild west drama that was cancelled in 2006. Here are five shows to watch while you waitAfter almost a decade of industry tittle-tattle, fan speculation and hopeful tweets from former cast members, HBO has finally addressed the Olyphant in the room. Last week, the network confirmed that Deadwood – David Milch’s peerless, profane exploration of frontier psychology in gold-rush South Dakota – would belatedly return i...
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From Call the Midwife to Jericho: the unstoppable Jessica Raine

She shot to stardom in Call the Midwife and Wolf Hall. Now she’s preparing for a western – set in Yorkshire. Jessica Raine talks about Jericho, growing up on a farm and why fame left her ‘espalled’ You half expect Jessica Raine to turn up wearing a corset, or at the very least a pillbox hat. For someone who was told at drama school that she had a “modern face”, the actor is certainly making a decent living in period drama. It’s the modern roles that have been few; after Call the Midwife she retu...
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British production firms spend big on 'vintage lenses' to profit from period drama boom

Investment in analog technology is up more than 1,500pc because digital picture 'too crisp' [Author: Rebecca Burn-Callander] [Link to media]
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Sherlock draws largest festive TV audience

The Abominable Bride attracts 8.4 million viewers, beating the EastEnders wedding, Queen’s speech and Downton AbbeyThe New Year’s Day episode of Sherlock was the most viewed TV programme of the festive period, drawing in an average overnight audience of 8.4 million, official figures have shown. Related: Sherlock’s back and it's fast, fun, flashy, fantastic Continue reading...
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Victorian classics don’t need TV to sex them up - they’re risque enough already | Kathryn Hughes

From George Eliot’s menstruation references to Anne Brontë’s depiction of alcoholism, 19th-century literature is less uptight than you might thinkThose who watched TV over the festive period could be forgiven for thinking that people in the past barely bothered to get dressed. In And Then There Were None, the BBC’s adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic murder mystery, we were treated to Aidan Turner, playing one of the chief suspects, naked and deliciously slippy in nothing but a bath towel. T...
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January’s Finest!!

The New Year is here with lots of new movies and TV shows! What else do you need? Maybe some recommendations as to which one of them fits your taste? Well, that’s what we’re here for. So a minute before we blow out the candles for 2015 and light up the fireworks for 2016, here are our recommendations for an entertaining new year. Here are January’s finest!!
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Downton Abbey hands ITV Christmas Day ratings victory

Period drama, which aired at same time as EastEnders, was watched by average of 6.9m viewers, compared with 5.7m for BBC1 soapDownton Abbey went out on a high, beating EastEnders and Strictly Come Dancing to hand ITV its first Christmas Day ratings number one for 15 years.The ITV drama was seen by an audience of around 6.9 million viewers on Christmas night – with the viewing figure peaking at 7.1m. Continue reading...
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Downton Abbey – the finale: 'happy endings for virtually every single character'

A warm Christmas send-off for the Crawleys and all those who work for them – but who has won the last-ever Golden Eyebrow of the week?Well, as Christmas specials of old favourites go, it wasn’t at all bad. This was a Quality Street offering: predictable, reliable, with something sweet for everyone. But somehow not quite as special as you’d hoped. Was I wrong to hold out for a ghost at the feast? There was at least a memory of Cousin’s Matthew’s infamous tingle when Iron-Deficient Anaemia Man ref...
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