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What Does Mars Sound Like? The Perseverance Rover Is Going to Find Out

Nothing on the hills seems to be alive, so the rocky terrain of Mars will be filled with the sounds of solitude when the NASA’s Perseverance rover lands in Jezero Crater next month. One of the rover’s many tasks will be listening to the Martian environment with microphones—the first effort at acoustic data collection…Read more...
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Overcoming Your Quit

Everyone's experienced it. It can be very strong, even overpowering. Couch potatoes experience it, but experienced exercise gurus experience it too. It's that little voice in your head telling you to stop. Scientists call it "inner speech" or "thought chatter." I call it a nuisance.  Steve Taylor Ph.D.  in a Phycology  Today article , says that "real thinking is when we consciously use powers of reason and logic to evaluate different options, deliberate over problems, decisions,...
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NASA's New Mars Rover Has Some Fun Easter Eggs

One of the few non-shitty things to happen in the recently-deceased (see you in hell) year 2020 was that the next generation of Mars rover, Perseverance, was launched, and is currently on its way to the Red Planet, where it will land on February 18. If my local CVS feels comfortable putting up Valentine’s Day crap…Read more...
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All about the tubes NASA’s Perseverance rover will use to collect Mars samples

How do you preserve a sample of an alien planet over millions of miles and a decade of time?
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Trying out real estate part time in 2021? Here’s what you should know

In these uncertain times, dipping your toe in the water with a part-time real estate gig may be the way to go before committing to a job that doesn't offer a regular paycheck.
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Watch the 'Seven Minutes of Terror' Awaiting NASA's Perseverance on Its Martian Descent

In just 57 days, NASA’s Perseverance rover will attempt a landing on Mars. Mission controllers say it’ll be “seven minutes of terror,” as this new depiction demonstrates in dramatic fashion.Read more...
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Watch NASA’s movie-like trailer for Perseverance’s upcoming Mars arrival

Watch this NASA video depicting the "harrowing" finals stages facing its Perseverance rover when it descends to the surface of Mars in February 2021.
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Mars will receive a new visitor in 100 days’ time

NASA's Perseverance rover is well on its way to Mars and is expected to land on the red planet exactly 100 days from now. After then it has much work to do ...
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When You Don’t Want to Run the Race

At one time or another in your life, and maybe that time is right now, you’ll feel flattened and despondent from what is being asked of you. In a season when I felt the same, I shared what I was going through with my friend, Alli. The crux of my agony and angst was this: I was plumb terrified to walk the road the Lord was asking me to walk. I didn’t want to do it — I didn’t know if I could do it. Alli is one of those gals whom God uses to lift the Rockies right out of their mountain chain throug...
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Perseverance rover’s twin takes its first drive in Mars Yard

An identical version of the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover has been taken for a spin in the Mars Yard, a dirt field that simulates the Martian surface.
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NASA video offers behind-the-scenes look at Perseverance mission prep

"Countdown to Mars: A Story of Perseverance" is a new short film from NASA that shows behind the scenes footage in the days before the Mars 2020 launch.
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If You’re Just Plain Weary from Life’s Difficult Changes

We’re so deep into summer now that the outline of fall is clearly visible in front of us, and today I’m neck-deep in yet another unforeseen change within this maddening year that is 2020. I’ve had it up to here, and I tell God as much. I mean, it should be enough that we have a global pandemic and national unrest and a political divide wider than the Grand Canyon. But no. Several more problems closer to home are here too. This shouldn’t surprise me, I know. After all, it’s not like job stresses ...
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NASA begins testing on Perseverance rover’s twin, OPTIMISM

NASA's Perseverance rover is on its way to Mars, and now testing has begun on a twin of the rover which stayed here on Earth, OPTIMISM.
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Follow NASA’s Perseverance rover in real time as it heads toward Mars

Check out NASA's desktop app for some fascinating information on Mars 2020
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Learning to Look Forward and Press On

For weeks my oldest daughter asked me to find out where she could watch Full House. She’d seen the reboot series (Fuller House) at my parents’ house and was itching to watch the original show. I remembered it fondly from my childhood and figured it would be a fun watch this summer, so one day I found the show on one of our streaming apps and hit play. When the theme song began playing, my head began nodding without my permission. But the thing about knowing every single word of a song I heard ne...
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Track NASA’s Perseverance rover on its journey to Mars with this simulator

The Eyes software shows the spacecraft's location in real time
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Spacecraft Carrying Perseverance Switches to 'Safe Mode' After Glitch, but NASA Says Not to Worry

True to this agonizing year that is 2020, yesterday’s launch of NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover was not without problems.Read more...
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NASA reveals how Perseverance is doing as it hurtles toward Mars

A couple of issues came to light shortly after launch, with one already fixed
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NASA: Perseverance rover spacecraft suffers minor communications issue

There's a snag with the Deep Space Network
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Meet Ingenuity: The high-tech helicopter designed to fly on Mars

If you thought the Perseverance rover was cool, wait until you meet its sidekick
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NASA just launched its Mars alien-hunting Perseverance rover into deep space with a drone tucked under its belly

NASA's new Mars rover, Perseverance, successfully launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on Thursday at 7:50 a.m. ET. If Perseverance survives its seven-month journey to Mars, the robot will search the planet for signs of alien life and test technologies that humans will need to survive on future interplanetary missions. Perseverance will also take the first HD video of a Mars landing, drill the first Martian rock samples for return to Earth, and deliver the first interplanetary helicopter. Vi...
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Watch NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover launch live

NASA is set to launch its newest rover to Mars later this morning. The liftoff is set for 7:50 AM EDT (4:50 AM PDT), with a broadcast beginning at 7:00 AM EDT (4:00 AM PDT). This mission will launch a ULA Atlas V rocket to carry the Perseverance rover to Mars with a trip that will last several months, arriving in February 2021. The 2,260-lb rover is equipped with a range of sensors to help it search for signs of past micro organic life on Mars, as well as study the planet’s amtospheric and...
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NASA successfully launches its Perseverance rover on mission to Mars

The hunt for life on the red planet is on
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NASA successfully launches its Mars 2020 Perseverance rover using an Atlas V rocket

NASA has launched one of its most crucial science missions to date, the Mars 2020 mission that carries its Perseverance robotic rover. This rover, a successor to the Curiosity robotic explorer, is equipped with sensors specifically designed to help it hopefully fund evidence of ancient, microbiotic life on Mars. Mars 2020 departed from Cape Canaveral in Florida at 7:50 AM EDT (4:50 PM PDT). Perseverance was loaded atop a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket, which had a good liftoff an...
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Weather looks good for NASA’s Perseverance rover launch to Mars

There's an 80% chance of favorable weather
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Watch NASA Launch Its Perseverance Mars Rover Live Right Here [Update: Liftoff!]

Update 8:08 a.m.: The Atlas V rocket lifted off on schedule, and everything appeared to go well. Perseverance is now on its way to Mars. Original article appears below.Read more...
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Watch NASA Launch Its Perseverance Mars Rover Live Right Here

NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover is ready for launch. You can watch the action live in the stream below starting at 7:00 a.m. EDT (4:00 a.m. PT).Read more...
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How to watch NASA launch its new Perseverance Mars rover live on Thursday

It will search for evidence of ancient life on the planet
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NASA’s Mars launch depends on the weather. Here’s how it’s looking

The Perseverance launch is NASA's first rover mission to Mars since 2011
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