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These Girls Just Wanted to Run; the Right Wanted a War

As a young girl in the small town of Cromwell, Connecticut, all Andraya Yearwood wanted to do was run. Born into a family that prized athleticism, she dabbled in soccer, basketball, football, and dance as a child. But one day in the sixth grade, she saw older students running around the track oval, and she was hooked.…Read more...
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Make a DIY Vinegar Cleaning Spray With Orange Peels

Using vinegar is a DIY-er’s best friend when it comes to home cleaning, but the smell can be a pungent one. Granted, part of the benefit of using vinegar as a cleaning solution is that it’s a great deodorizer, too—your room will smell strongly like vinegar for a while, but give it a few hours and, like magic, the…Read more...
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Remove Odors From Your Entire Home by Simmering Vinegar

No need to cover up a smell when you can neutralize it. We’ve written in the past about how a bowl of vinegar can deodorize a room, but the same advice can be expanded to an entire house with slightly more effort: Simmering that same vinegar on the stove can maximize the reach of its odor-eating power.Read more...
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Traeger's Grill App Now Works With Your Apple Watch

Traeger pellet grills and smokers are the centerpieces of many suburban barbecues, and those lucky enough to be able to tend these machines are considered gods among the brisket set. Now, after years of only being able to check and tweak your grill via your phone, Traeger is now offering an Apple Watch app for…Read more...
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Gizmodo Dot Com Should Pay For Me To Buy An Aquarium

If you’re anything like me, the last year of social distancing and lockdowns has not been good for your social life, hobbies, or generally doing interesting things at all. Going to movies, restaurants, bars, concerts, or events are for the most part non-starters; parties and other social gatherings involving more…Read more...
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How Do You Organize Your Recipes?

There is a red binder in my kitchen cabinet, and in that red binder resides the following: A recipe for barbecue sauce I tore from a magazine years ago and never made. Scrawled instructions on a Post-it Note to remind me how to roast pumpkin seeds once a year. Directions from eHow on how to stir-fry “anything.”…Read more...
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How to Be Happy Right Now, With Dr. Laurie Santos

It’s no surprise to anyone that the pandemic has had a huge impact on our mental health. The virus has caused loneliness, depression, and anxiety to run rampant throughout the world. So this week, we sit down with The Happiness Lab host and Yale University psychology professor Dr. Laurie Santos to learn some of the…Read more...
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You Should Add Baking Soda to Your Ground Meat

Aesthetically speaking, ground meat is not the most pleasing of animal proteins. When raw, it is all squishy and speckled, and more often than not, cooking it just transforms the pink, soft stuff into grey, nubby stuff.Read more...
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Gay Culture Is gaysovercovid

The glee is palpable when you peruse gaysovercovid, as many have in the past few weeks; its follower count has ballooned in the wake of mass partying in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and an ensuing . The delight characterizing the Instagram account, which posts pictures of groups of gay (and mostly white)…Read more...
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Focus Solely On What You Can Do

The constraints of the global pandemic removed so many options that men and women alike were forced to focus solely on what they could do, which has not only led to meaningful business outcomes, it's improved their personal life going forward.Through these stories, you'll find inspiration and tactic level advice on how you can do the same for yourself and your business.Oh, and the above resulted from a recent report by Morning Consult, which highlights an unfair division of labor between coupl...
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Talking to Your Boss about Work-Life Imbalance

Dealing with the growing demands of a career and your personal life can seem like a never-ending challenge. In today’s competitive market where employees are expected to do more with less, the pressure of managing both your career and family is rising. However, the right balance varies over time depending on whether you’re single or married with children. But, a few steps in the right direction can go a long way. We’ve put together a brief on how you can actively work towards achieving the right...
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How IT Managers Can Deal With A Demanding Boss

It can be hard to get any work done when you work for a demanding boss Image Credit: Kaushal Karkhanis Oh, oh, you’ve just discovered that you are now working for a demanding boss. More and more often despite your IT manager skills, you are finding yourself in a no-win situation. Your boss is assigning you projects that have due dates that are way too short. Or else your new boss is always trying to get in touch with you via email, text messages, or phone calls even when it’s late at night...
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Tiger Woods …Comeback Story???

Could anyone have ever imagined Tiger Woods as a comeback story? A few years back, before his personal life and body fell apart he was the biggest thing in sport. And he was one of those magical figures that transcended his sport like Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan and Arnold Palmer. He was wealthy beyond belief, jetted around the world on his whim and socialized with any one he chose. Unfortunately for some time he chose poorly and that led to… Continue Reading →
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40 Ridiculously Hot Instagram Pics Of Kristina Chai

Kristina Chai is a published model who has worked with a number of photographers and bands. Modeling for Kristina is...
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Clix Marketing Blog’s #PPC News & Views: Friday, September 15, 2017

From the Experts State of Digital : We learned some handy tips from this post, so you might too! Our favorite tip mentioned? Automated Imports. Metric Theory Increase Revenue This Holiday Season With These Google Shopping Features: The holiday season is quickly approaching, so beef up your Shopping campaigns with showcase shopping ads, RLSA audiences for shopping and more. Klient Boost Call Tracking: The Ultimate Review Of Best Platforms Here’s what to consider when getting call track...
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Ways to Combat Personal Stress and Stay Focused at Work

Our personal and work lives have their own seasons of ups and downs.  Sometimes, we encounter smooth sailing and others, we feel like we’ll be torn about by the jagged rocks near the shore. If things are rough at work, that affects life outside of work and vice versa.  We’ve all faced something life-altering in our personal lives at one time or another.  Maybe one of these scenarios hits close to home for you right now…you or a loved one are dealing with chronic illnesses or cancer, death, add...
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Ways to Combat Personal Stress to Keep Focused at Work

Our personal and work lives have their own seasons of ups and downs.  Sometimes, we encounter smooth sailing and others, we feel like we’ll be torn about by the jagged rocks near the shore. If things are rough at work, that affects life outside of work and vice versa.  We’ve all faced something life-altering in our personal lives at one time or another.  Maybe one of these scenarios hits close to home for you right now…you or a loved one are dealing with chronic illnesses or cancer, death, add...
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Know Those Who Come into Your Life

With all the people who will likely come into your life over the years, can you say all them are good for you? Often, those people will contribute to your life in one form or another. Those positives experiences are things you can look back on in life one day with a smile. Meantime, there will be some individuals who will not be as positive an influence in your life. In those situations, could you have avoided such negative encounters to begin with? Well, no is the answer in some cases. This is...
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Episode #5 – Pamelah Landers on Love-Based Money with Michele PW | Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW) | @michelepw

Developing Your Intuition and Your Ability to Receive. In this episode, Michele interviews Pamelah Landers, Expert on Relationship Wisdom for your Work and Personal Life and Master Hand Analyst. Pamelah, whose intuitive nature inspired Michele to include her wisdom in the Love-Based Money and Mindset book, is featured in the book a few different times, including in the section that focuses on the “Why Isn’t It Working for Me?” question. She speaks here about the role intuition plays in receiving...
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How LSD microdosing made a mega difference in one woman's mood, marriage, and life

Ayelet Waldman is a novelist, non fiction author, and former federal public defender. Her latest book is called A Really Good Day: How Microdosing Made a Mega Difference in My Mood, My Marriage, and My Life. I interviewed her this morning. Why did you start microdosing? I started microdosing because I was profoundly and dangerously depressed. I have a mood disorder and for many, many years my medication worked great. I took it, I did what my doctor told me and everything was fine. But at some...
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Best of Our Blogs: January 3, 2017

Happy New Year Psych Central readers! I hope your 2017 started off better than mine. After more than a year of remission from my autoimmune disease, I found myself at the ER. Thankfully, nothing serious happened. But it was a wake up call that 2017 needs to be about my health. Like you, I struggle with daily life when managing an illness. But I’m also grateful. Life is harder, but it also makes it more precious. We all struggle with something. Whether it’s a physical or mental illness, a painful...
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The Most Pressing Reason Why We Need to Help Our Kids Get Moving

A headline crossed my desktop recently. And it made me sad:   “ U.S. ranks near bottom among countries for youth fitness, study says ” We’d ranked 47 out of 50. It didn’t concern me that we’d be among the losers in a global field day. After all, the pressure to always win, rather than to have fun, is a key reason why most kids in the U.S. drop out of organized sports by the time they’re  thirteen . The news made me sad because, chances are, the lack of physical activity among our...
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Best of Our Blogs: December 16, 2016

There’s someone in your life who you wish would change. Maybe it’s a friend, co-worker, or a partner. You’ve desperately tried saying the right thing, encouraging them, and sending them our articles. You might have even done this for years. Your intentions are genuine. If only they would stop _____ and start _____, you believe they would be the happy person they deserve to be. It’s frustrating to love someone who is struggling. It’s maddening when you see him or her continually do the thing to s...
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17 Things You’ll Understand if You Are Dating an Event Professional

Dating an event planner has the highs and lows of the tallest, fastest roller coaster. Here are a few ways you know you’re not alone. An event professional is a good catch. They work in a lucrative industry, have a meticulous attention to detail, are more organized than a museum curator, and keep up with […] The post 17 Things You’ll Understand if You Are Dating an Event Professional by Editorial Team appeared first on
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Best of Our Blogs: October 25, 2016

I thought I was over my dysfunctional relationship with one thing. You know the “one thing” I need to make me happy. As soon as I lose this much pounds, I’ll be happy. As soon as I meet my soulmate, I’ll be happy. As soon as I marry him, I’ll be happy. When I have two kids (one boy and one girl), I’ll be happy. When I publish a book, I’ll be happy. I realized all I did was exchange one thing for another. But I realized that happiness wasn’t a destination. It was a choice. And it wasn’t even rea...
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Best of Our Blogs: October 18, 2016

A lot of us fail at the life we desire because of one thing. You’re secretly waiting for permission. You were raised to believe you had to play by the rules to succeed. Surprisingly, rules to stifle your voice and emotions, downplay your talents actually left you on the road to unhappiness and further away from your true self. Who you were before adults broke your spirit is the real you. Rediscovering that person takes courage, support and the right resources, but when you uncover your true self...
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Science Explains How We Choose Political Leaders

Wherever you might live in the world, you know what it’s like when it’s election time. The airwaves and the billboards are taken over by the electoral candidates. Your mailbox is flooded with brochures and mailers every other day while the newspapers ignore most events other than those related to the elections and the candidates. We, of course, gobble up every piece of information that is dished out to us. After all, we need to know about the candidates before we choose a leader. But how do you...
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Lyle Slovick’s “Trials and Triumphs of Golf’s Greatest Legends” Is a Winner

Every golfer knows that golf, just like life can be difficult. As we make our way around the course we have as many ups as we do downs. Part and parcel of the game is facing difficult challenges and overcoming those bad breaks and poor bounces we encounter. In a new and enthralling book by Lyle Slovick we get to see that many champions of the game had to overcome major obstacles in their lives and live with difficult challenges… Continue Reading →
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Best of Our Blogs: August 5, 2016

Would you choose to live with debilitating pain or hardship? Would you pick parents who are cruel or uncaring? Would you decide to live a life filled with constant fear or sadness? Probably not. But the life you’ve been given has also come with resilience, strength and courage. It hasn’t made you the most popular or easiest person to be around. But when you look at the road you travelled on and the road still unfolding in front of you, you realize it’s molded you into the person you are now. So ...
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Adult ADHD: 5 Tips for Managing Technology So It Doesn’t Manage You

Technology for ADHD can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it helps adults with ADHD stay productive. After all, you can use technology to remind yourself of important appointments, meetings and deadlines. You can use technology to keep track of your tasks and help you structure your day. On the other hand, technology can be incredibly distracting. ADHD coach and therapist Eric Tivers, LCSW, finds it to be a big challenge for his clients, who often don’t realize that it’s actually ...
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