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Research investigates impact of climate change on glacier-fed rivers in Peru

(University of Plymouth) Remote communities in the Peruvian Andes, as well as communities downstream, depend on the water from melting glaciers and mountain ecosystems to provide them with food and power, and to support industry.
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Lewd In Peru

Vermont Disciplinary Counsel has filed a petition of misconduct in a matter where the attorney has been criminally charged with engaging in lewd and lascivious conduct. The charges arise from a single encounter with JH, the mother of a former... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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The Abandoned Spreepark Will Open Its Gates Once Again

photo: Tonkberlin / CC Berlin, are you ready for the Spreepark to finally (legally…) open its gates again?! You probably heard some stories of this abandoned amusement park in the Southeast of Berlin, but we got the real crazy sauce for you. So, why was it abandoned and how come no-one ever tore it down? And how can you get in there to see some of the crazy old rides of the park? Let’s start from the beginning. The Spreepark Berlin was an amusement park in the north of the Plänterwald in...
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Target’s Archer Farms Coffee to be 100% Sustainable by 2022

Minneapolis based Target has committed 100% of its private brand Archer Farms coffee to be certified sustainable by 2022 according to the Fair Trade USA standard or an equivalent. In collaboration with Fair Trade USA, they will partner with suppliers who meet Fair Trade social, economic and environmental standards, ultimately striving to enable coffee farmers to receive better prices and invest in their communities. This announcement comes at a pivotal moment for coffee farmers around the world ...
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Missouri River flooding catches small Nebraska town off guard

When Jim and Rose Downing heard forecasts last week for dangerously high water in their Nebraska hometown on the Missouri River, they were nonplussed since their house had not flooded in 100 years. Rose is the third generation of her family to reside in the brick home in the Gunnysack Flats neighborhood near downtown Peru, Nebraska, and 2 miles west of a levee that townspeople said never faltered in the past. This time was different, as the fewer than 1,000 residents of Peru discovered on Satu...
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10 Millennial Women Talk About Where They Donate Money & Why

Millennials are more often associated with the penny-pinching $1 Venmo charge than with charitable giving. But in many of the Money Diaries we publish, right under Utilities and Spotify on the OP's list of monthly expenses is a line for donations. From Planned Parenthood to Patreon to ASPCA, millennial women are giving — regardless of how much money they make — to the causes and charities they care about.Philanthropy isn't a word reserved just for multimillionaires. Whether you factor in donati...
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The Latest: Ex-Peru president brushes off detention queries

The Latest on the public drunkenness arrest of Peru's former president (all times local): 2:20 p.m. Former Peruvian president Alejandro Toledo brushed off questions about his arrest on suspicion of public drunkenness during a radio interview.
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The world’s top 5 luxury rail journeys

When it comes to exploring the world by train, the choice seems never-ending. For many it’s the destination that makes all the difference, be it the Rockies of Canada or Australia’s far-flung outback. But, it’s also the train itself that truly makes the journey truly unforgettable, whether you’re drawn to the glamour of travel’s Golden […] The post The world’s top 5 luxury rail journeys appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Ex-Peru president arrested in California drunkenness case

Authorities say a former Peruvian president who is wanted in connection with Latin America's biggest graft scandal was arrested in California on suspicion of public intoxication over the weekend and was briefly detained.
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testing what are the odds

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Barranco District Lima Peru

In hindsight we could have spent less time here and found another place in Peru for a week or so.We found Lima too big busy and crowded for our liking particularly after the charm of Cuenca.Traffic in and around Lima is brutal so we avoided taxis
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Discover Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca was a ‘must-see’ destination on our world tour of 15 countries in 10 months. But we found there is only one way to travel from beautiful Colca Canyon to Lake Titicaca; that’s the roller-coaster road over the volcanic mountains up to 4,910 metres and down into Puna, the elegant city on the banks […] The post Discover Lake Titicaca appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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15 Important Things to Know Before You Visit Buenos Aires

While residents of Buenos Aires spurn the moniker, there’s really no denying that Buenos Aires’ nickname as the “Paris of the South” is fitting – the architecture doesn’t lie. But the most European city of South America, and the Argentine capital is more than that. It’s a cosmopolitan city with a clearly defined Latin America twist and is a must-visit on any South America itinerary. If you’re planning to visit Buenos Aires Argentina for the first time, here are a few things you need to know bef...
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this was a good week

This was a good week! Wanna see?• Alex made it through finals week (alleluia), the weather has turned lovely and springlike so we’re having some friends over for a barbecue this weekend, and we have bean sprouts! It’s all good.• Since we’re having a barbecue, I’m thinking of this salad — what do you think?• I guess this horse is a Star Wars fan?• These man-made, floating islands on Peru’s Lake Titicaca are beautiful.• ...
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Nikkei cuisine and where to find it

“Nikkei” just sounds like a word people are going to use wrong. You can almost hear a half dozen people sitting around a violet-lit table in some SoHo hotspot asking stuff like, “Is the octopus tonight Nikkei? Perhaps you could go back and ask the chef.” While the waiter looks on confused another chimes in, “Kylie ONLY eats Nikkei now. It’s like sushi, but lower-carb.” “And, like, all the fish has to be flown in from Peru,” says another. “And they mix it with six different kinds of pomegranat...
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Amazon may finally get its hands on .amazon after world's DNS overseer loses patience

ICANN tired of delay tactics from Brazil and Peru Amazon may finally get its hands on the .amazon top-level domain it craves, having been blocked for years by the governments of Brazil and Peru, after ICANN finally lost its patience.…
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New sweet potato dye spares bugs and pleases vegans

Cochineal beetles are rejoicing this month as the Hansen sweet potato proves a viable alternative for producing the carmine color crushed beetles have long added to foods and cosmetics. Chr. Hansen, a bioscience company based in Denmark and founded in 1874, developed and commercialized the Hansen sweet potato™ Ipomoea batatas. “For the first time, we’ve created a whole new variety of vegetable to create the natural color our customers are asking for,” said Jakob Dalmose Rasmussen, vice presiden...
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The Shopping Carts Mystery

When I moved into the studio I’m renting in Santiago, I noticed several shopping carts parked by the elevator, in the lobby of the residential high-rise building. Clearly, they didn’t belong here, but I didn’t think much of it. Except that every night, the shopping carts were gone for a few hours, and they would reappear the next morning. Now, this was an intriguing mystery. In Canada, I would have assumed that people without a car were “borrowing” a cart to haul groceries back home. But this is...
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Lewandowski becomes Bundesliga’s top-scoring foreign player

MUNICH (AP) — Robert Lewandowski has become the outright top-scoring foreign player in Bundesliga history after taking his goal tally to 197. The Poland forward scored in either half of Bayern Munich’s 6-0 rout of Wolfsburg on Saturday to surpass Peru veteran Claudio Pizarro’s total of 195 goals. The 30-year-old Lewandowski went into the match […]
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Solo Female Travel in Colombia — Is It Safe?

Is it safe for a woman to travel alone in Colombia? I wanted to find out for myself. One of the main reasons why I traveled to Colombia alone was to report for you, dear readers, on what it was like to experience the country as a solo female traveler. I visited Colombia for just under three weeks and explored Cartagena, Medellín, Guatapé, El Peñol, Salento, the Valle de Cocora, Bogotá, and Zipaquirá. In a single trip I hit up most of the major tourist destinations in the country. Tell your fami...
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Brazil launches high-risk expedition to protect isolated tribe

Team sponsored by Funai is searching for the indigenous Korubo community, saying move is necessary to avoid bloodshedBrazil’s agency for indigenous peoples has sent off a rare and high-risk expedition, hoping to contact a small, isolated group in the Amazon and reunite its members with some of their relatives, saying the move is necessary to avoid bloodshed in an area near the border with Peru. Related: Lost tribes: the 1,000km rainforest mission to protect an Amazon village | Dom Phillips and...
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High risk expedition to reach isolated tribe in Brazil

BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) — Brazil’s agency for indigenous peoples has sent off a rare and high-risk expedition hoping to contact a small, isolated group in the Amazon and reunite its members with some of their relatives, saying the move is necessary to avoid bloodshed in an area near the border with Peru. A team of […]
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Swiss federal judges reject final appeal by Peru’s Guerrero

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) — Peru forward Paolo Guerrero has lost his final appeal against a 14-month ban by FIFA for a positive doping test. Switzerland’s supreme court says its judges rejected Guerrero’s appeal against FIFA and the World Anti-Doping Agency. The Swiss Federal Tribunal ruling announced on Thursday delays the 35-year-old player’s return to action […]
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Swiss federal judges reject final appeal by Peru's Guerrero

Peru forward Paolo Guerrero has lost his final appeal against a 14-month ban by FIFA for a positive doping test            [Author: AP]
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Peru: Significant Fines For Infringement Of The Data Protection Law - Moeller IP Advisors

The National Authority for the Protection of Personal Data, which belongs to the Ministry of Justice, imposed fines for a total of $ USD 232,271.- to public and private institutions that violated the personal data protection law.
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Peru opens military base to protect Amazon from deforestation

Peru opened a military base in the Amazon on Tuesday in a bid to tackle illegal mining, the main culprit for deforestation in the world's largest rainforest. "The government has taken the political decision to be present in this region to eradicate illegal mining," said Defense Minister Jose Huerta at the inauguration of the base in the Tambopata nature reserve.
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Best family trips in South America

Perhaps you hadn’t been thinking of South America as a family travel destination. The huge continent is actually a fantastic place to explore with the kids — full of otherworldly landscapes, sand dunes, dinosaur sites, sky-high cable cars, national parks, and super beaches. For parents with an adventurous streak, there’s no better place to bring the family. From Ecuador down to Uruguay, here are some of our favorite places. Ecuador Photo: Stephanie Frias If Ecuador isn’t on your bucket li...
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Uncovered: the sacrifice of 140 children

The largest mass sacrifice of children ever discovered took place in Peru 550 years ago. The reasons why remain a mystery. Andrew Masterson reports.
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Ancient mass sacrifice site reveals hundreds of child and llama skeletons

Archaeologists excavated the site of a previously unknown 15th-century mass sacrifice in Peru and discovered the skeletons of 137 children, three adults and more than 200 juvenile llamas, according to a new study. The researchers say that the displaced ribs and cut marks on the sternums of the human and animal bones suggest their hearts were removed.
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Ancient mass sacrifice site reveals hundreds of skeletons

Archaeologists excavated the site of a previously unknown 15th-century mass sacrifice in Peru and discovered the skeletons of 137 children, three adults and more than 200 juvenile llamas, according to a new study. The researchers say that the displaced ribs and cut marks on the sternums of the human and animal bones suggest their hearts were removed.
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