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Builders grab 11% of Southern California sales, highest new-home share since ’08

With homeowners shying from selling their homes in the pandemic era, new homes have become a hot property. In what was the slowest-selling May for Southern California housing in the 32 years DQNews has tracked the region’s homebuying, builders continue to gain market share. According to my trusty spreadsheet, new homes grabbed 11.4% of all purchases in the six counties in May — up from 8.9% in April and 7.7% a year earlier. It was builders’ largest slice of sales for any May since 2008. Southern...
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PETA: In Captivity

Many say this had never happened. But we believe this had happened since long time ago, centuries, decades, years. The global lockdown we humans experience now it’s so common for the animals, that we might not see it in a daily basis. Let’s show the world how we look in this confinement and how similar it is to the way animals look when in captivity. ...
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PETA says new Clippers arena in Inglewood will be bird-friendly

Inglewood has revised its environmental impact report on the Los Angeles Clippers arena project to ensure that the new building uses bird-friendly glass, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals announced Tuesday, June 17. The animal rights group said the building would use a fritted finish to make all glass panels visible to birds, and the arena’s lighting will be managed so that it doesn’t attract birds and cause collisions at night. “The Clippers net nothing but kudos from PETA for embraci...
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Religious believers prefer dogs over cats — by a lot

A 2019 study in Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion found that religious believers are more likely to own dogs than cats.Researchers found that hardcore evangelicals are less likely to own pets than more the progressive religious. Pet ownership also skews political: Democrats prefer cats while Republicans choose dogs. Bastet was the daughter of the sun. The ancient Egyptian goddess was originally a fierce lioness warrior—a strong woman with the head of a big cat. Over time, her image ...
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12 best Chinese food restaurants in the San Fernando Valley for takeout, delivery

It is, easily, the most iconic to-go container in culinary history — a Totem of Takeout, an origami box built for noodles, pork, shrimp and chicken. It’s technically an isosceles trapezoid solid, a three-dimensional representation of a high school geometry problem. The Chinese food takeout container was born in the last decade of the 19th century, when it was known as an “oyster pail” because, well, it was used for to-go orders of oysters. It was also used, for many years, for honey — and was un...
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PETA Is Protesting Soulless, Video Game Fish Now

By Isaac Cabe  Published: May 26th, 2020 
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Santa Anita racing is back on the track, with strict safety measures

Santa Anita will have a much different look Friday when it resumes racing after a 54-day absence caused by the coronavirus. Santa Anita was shut down by the L.A. County Health Department on March 27 and received the OK on Wednesday to resume racing as long as strict protocols are followed. Horsemen are enthusiastic about the return with races through the weekend drawing strong fields, but no fans will be allowed and the precautions will be different. Some of the most important protocols include:...
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Bryan Adams Apologizes for ‘Wet Market’ Coronavirus Tirade, But Doubles Down on Veganism as PETA Comes to His Defense

Rocker Bryan Adams is taking a cue from one of his top 10 hits in the ’90s, “Please Forgive Me,” as he apologizes for a coronavirus-related social media post that struck many as reckless. “Apologies to any and all that took offense to my posting yesterday,” he wrote on Instagram, referring back to a contentious […]
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TV meets its advertising challenges head-on and Publicis lays off staff: Tuesday Wake-Up Call

Plus, a look at Jerry Stiller's best ads, Wendy's and PETA debate meat, and Twitter identifies misinformation.
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Wendy's and PETA offer divergent takes on America’s meat shortage in print ads

Wendy’s explains its fresh beef shortage with its “Where’s the Beef?” tagline while PETA says “no one needs meat” in its full-page ad.  
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PETA (Accidentally) Found HARD MODE on 'Animal Crossing'

By Isaac Cabe  Published: April 28th, 2020 
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PETA Plans Billboard To Memorialize Chickens, Shame Meat Eaters After Large Stanislaus County Barn Fire

STANISLAUS COUNTY (CBS13) — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says they will be putting up a billboard in remembrance of the thousands of chickens who died in a barn fire last week and to shame meat-eaters. Scene of the fire on Thursday. (Credit: Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department) The fire happened early Thursday afternoon at a large chicken barn near on Barnhart Road, near Ceres and Keyes. A thick plume of smoke filled the sky above the barn during the fire. It’s unclear exactl...
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Best Liquid Foundations

Not everyone is blessed with flawless skin and an even tone. Sometimes, we need extra help from makeup to conceal spots on our face that we find unsightly. This is why liquid foundations are a popular product. They fill in lines, wrinkles, and pores, making them less noticeable. Wearing the right shade for the face also makes the skin appear smoother and younger. If you need something that will last all day long, liquid foundation is likely to last without multiple touch-ups during the day. C...
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Best Eyeshadow Palettes

Some people don’t like to have the same look every day. They play around with makeup, blending different shades and colors to match with their outfit or mood. One way to really make a statement with makeup is applying shadow on the eyes. The best way to achieve different looks is to blend together different colors. This is why a palette comes in very handy. You get more than one shade to change you look every single day. You don’t just limit your makeup to warm tones, but also get to enjoy paste...
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Best Makeup Highlighters

Gone are the days when people used glitters to add shimmer to parts of their face they wish to stand out. Today, if you want to step up your makeup game, you can achieve a glowy finish with the use of a makeup highlighter. What it does is give you a lasting shimmer by creating an illusion of brightness that emphasizes your face’s most beautiful features. With the right amount on your lids, inner eye corners, and cheekbones, you get the same subtle glow you only see on the face of celebrities. ...
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Best Eyeliner Pencils

When it comes to giving your eyes a dramatic look, an eyebrow pencil always does the trick. But not all liners are the same. By using the wrong pencil for your lids, your eyes can fall victim of smudging and smearing. A cheap eyeliner can create the illusion of raccoon eyes even after it has set. Even if it is waterproof, it doesn’t mean it won’t smudge. This is why it is important to choose your eye pencil wisely. Aside from defining your eyes, it should be able to stay on for hours without sme...
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PETA Pens Open Letter to Taika Waititi on ‘Fat Thor’ in Love and Thunder

PETA Pens Open Letter to Taika Waititi on ‘Fat Thor’ in Love and Thunder As fans continue to wonder whether Thor’s weight gain seen in Avengers: Endgame will be included in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder movie, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) sent along their own solution as to how director Taika Waititi could address the God of Thunder’s new build, according to IndieWire). Waititi previously said that Thor’s physical appearance in the upcoming film was “an ongoing...
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Superhero Bits: Diamond Comics Plans to Return in May, ‘New Avengers’ Rumors, ‘Lucifer’ in Trouble & More

What is Diamond Comics‘ plan to get back in business starting in May? What is holding up the deal for the sixth and final season of Lucifer? What movie is rumored to lead into a New Avengers movie? Want to see bloopers from Bloodshot? Is Black Widow merchandise coming out now or in November? What does PETA want Taika Waititi to do with Thor in Thor: Love & Thunder? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. View this post on Instagram ...
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Jeff Lowe From “Tiger King” Says Joe Exotic Filmed Himself Having Sex With Animals

“Tiger King” star Joe Exotic allegedly filmed himself having sex with animals in his zoo, his rival Jeff Lowe said. Lowe, who took over Exotic’s GW Zoo after Exotic went to prison in 2018 for allegedly orchestrating a murder-for-hire plot against Carole Baskin for criticizing how he treats his tigers, held an “Ask Me Anything (AMA)” session on Reddit on Wednesday (Apr. 15) and answered questions from fans of the wildly popular Netflix docuseries. During the AMA, Lowe made a shocking revelation a...
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Bet You Can Guess PETA's Suggestion For Trimming Down Fat Thor

Three guesses, and the first two don’t count.
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Morning Docket: 04.07.20

* A judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by musicians who had their work destroyed in a 2008 Universal Music Group blaze. Maybe the defendants listened to "We Didn't Start the Fire" to celebrate their victory... [Variety] * The top lawyer at CVS Health was paid over $23 million last year. Clearly, I'm in the wrong field. [Bloomberg] * An attorney that spent two years in prison for wire fraud has been reinstated. Those are some forgiving bar examiners... [CT Post] * Attorney General Barr has ...
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PETA asks Shaquille O'Neal to disavow another 'Tiger King' personality following Joe Exotic fallout

Shaquille O'Neal was seen in a photo apparently video chatting with big cat breeder Jeff Lowe.
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‘Tiger King’ on Netflix

In 2017, I visited Tampa’s Big Cat Rescue and had a private media tour led by Susan Bass. Bass appears in the mega-hit Netflix documentary Tiger King, which premiered to great enthusiasm earlier this month. I heard from friends that the organization run by Carole Baskin (a central and not entirely sympathetic figure in the documentary), is not positively portrayed, but I wanted to decide for myself. From my experience at the sanctuary, I believed Big Cat Rescue had its heart in the right plac...
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Let's Go Fishing

Look at this f'n pig of a bluegill. I had to alter the background so people wouldn't figure out where my honey hole is located. Actually, that's a joke. It cracks me up when people do that online. I get it (maybe) if you're fishing a fragile native brook trout stream where a little bit of pressure could be negative for the health of the resource... but when people do it while hoisting mutant hatchery trout out of the water, it's dumb. They probably just followed the stocking truck anyway. ...
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Iditarod looks for relevance as race across Alaska starts

By MARK THIESSEN ANCHORAGE, Alaska — When 57 mushers line up Sunday for the official start of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, it will be the second-smallest field in the past two decades. Only last year’s field of 52 was smaller. Interest in the world’s most famous sled dog race has waned in recent years, in part because of smaller cash prizes that make it difficult for mushers to compete in an expensive sport. Animal rights activists also have stepped up pressure on sponsors to drop their sup...
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Penicuik Farmer admits punching sheep in the face

The 59-year-old from Penicuik was filmed by an undercover Peta animal welfare officer in July 2018.
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How the "monkey selfie" is affecting copyright law for art and writing produced by artificial intelligence

Earlier this month, the United States Copyright Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization co-sponsored a symposium titled Copyright in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.  The purpose of the symposium was to examine "how the creative community currently is using artificial intelligence (AI) to create original works," and "what level of human input is sufficient for the resulting work to be eligible for copyright protection," among other topics. In his article for The Scholarly Kitc...
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MAGA hats can harm Las Vegas pigeons. PETA says enough with the 'stupid pranks.'

An anonymous group said they released pigeons with 'Make America Great Again' hats into Las Vegas on the eve of the Democratic debate.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Chad Mayes deserves to lose

In California, the fastest-growing portion of the electorate is not Republican or Democrat, it’s No Party Preference. Voters in the Golden State seem to want no part of the donkey or the elephant. Personally, I blame PETA. But there’s more to it than that. People are fed up with the two parties. Despite this, voters have been unwilling to elect candidates who are registered as having “no party preference.” Former Pete Wilson advisor Dan Schnur tried and failed in his race to be California’s secr...
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