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By The Numbers: Who Are The Bosses At US Ballet Companies And What Are They Paid?

“[This new report finds] that the position of Artistic Director is held by far more men than women, while the position of Executive Director is much more equitably distributed. However, in both Artistic and Executive Director roles, men are compensated at a higher rate than their female counterparts.” (One prominent detail: Peter Martins earned way more than anyone else — though one must grant that New York City Ballet is three times the size of the country’s next largest company, San Francisco...
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Lauren Lovette, Retired NY City Ballet Star, Moves Into Her Next Career: Choreography

“For Lovette, becoming a choreographer was something she grew into. ‘When I was 18 and I had just joined the New York City Ballet and the corps, I remember doing a piece next to Justin Peck … and I thought, ‘That’s a choreographer. I’m not. I’ll just stick to dancing. I don’t think I have what it takes.’ And it was my boss. Peter Martins, who ever since that day thought that my piece was really good, even if I didn’t think so. Every year, in passing, he’d say, ‘She’s a choreographer.'” – Los An...
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Arts Philanthropist Anne Bass Dead At 79

The first wife of Fort Worth oil billionaire Sid Bass, she ultimately “became one of New York’s most respected philanthropists, supporting, in large but unflashy ways, the New York Botanical Garden, the Museum of Modern Art and … the New York Public Library and its Jerome Robbins Dance Division.” She was best known for her long support of New York City Ballet and its school, though she left its board in 2005 after giving warnings, then unheeded, about the behavior of the company’s and school’s ...
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How To Neutralize The Ugly Chinese Stereotypes In ‘Nutcracker”s ‘Tea’ Dance

Phil Chan And Georgina Pazcoguin have become the go-to advisors on this subject since then-NY City Ballet chief Peter Martins asked them to address it in the company’s Balanchine Nutcracker. “We’ve discovered three areas in the divertissement,” they write, “where creative questioning can help productions become more respectful to Chinese culture, while remaining faithful to the artistic visions of the past.” – Dance Magazine
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How Suzanne Farrell Came Back To New York City Ballet, 26 Years After Peter Martins Fired Her

Amy Brandt, who danced in Farrell’s company in Washington, DC, talks with Farrell about her return to the troupe where she became a star, and watches her coach Sara Mearns and Russell Janzen in a piece that Balanchine choreographed on her: the “Diamonds” act of Jewels. – Pointe Magazine
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Suzanne Farrell Returns To NYCity Ballet For First Time Since Peter Martins Fired Her In 1993

Farrell’s return to the company’s studios could be further evidence that its new leaders — Director Jonathan Stafford and Associate Director Wendy Whelan — are continuing to make changes for the good. It also seems like a healing act. – Washington Post
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New York City Ballet names new leaders, post-Peter Martins

NEW YORK (AP) — The New York City Ballet has chosen two former dancers to lead the company after the scandal that ended with the retirement of longtime artistic director Peter Martins. The new artistic director is Jonathan Stafford, who filled the gap left by Martins’ departure last year amid accusations, which he denied, of […]
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Peter Martins Is Retired From New York City Ballet, But He Won’t Go Away

“More than a year after he left amid allegations of sexual harassment and physical and verbal abuse, he continues to make his presence felt in ways both big and small — including by ordering last-minute cast changes in performances of his ballets and showing up backstage after a show,” much to some dancers’ discomfort. – The New York Times
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Peter Martins Left City Ballet a Year Ago. But He’s Not Entirely Gone.

Mr. Martins, who faced allegations of abuse, retains the right to make casting changes and to show up backstage, which has upset some company members.
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Joan Acocella: How New York City Ballet Was Brought Down To Earth (An Epic And Chilling Account)

“People trying to assess Peter Martins’s career should keep in mind that, in the history of ballet, he had what was probably the worst case, ever, of big shoes to fill. Balanchine was an artist on the order of Bach or Tolstoy, in the sense that he had a long career, an enormous range, and a kind of poetic force that made people, when they saw his ballets, think about their lives differently, more seriously. If, at the end of time, anyone ever congratulates us on being the human race, he will be...
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NY City Ballet’s SuperFan

Edward Gorey “was very breezy about his opinions,” tossing them off in an artless manner, Peter Anastos says. “He just sat back and proclaimed evident truths about the company from a lofty cloud.” He had a flair for the bitchy bon mot, dubbing Suzanne Farrell and Peter Martins, neither of whom he could abide, “the world’s tallest albino asparagus.” Asked about the moldy chestnuts of the classical repertoire, he sniffed, “Les sylphides? Where they’re all looking for their contact lenses?” That sa...
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Why Have Men In Ballet Gotten Away With Abuse? Hero Worship Plus Supply-And-Demand

“It’s like a cult,” says Alexandra Waterbury, the accuser at the center of the New York City Ballet nude photo-sharing scandal, of the deference that was given to the bad behavior of the likes of George Balanchine, Jerome Robbins, and Peter Martins. As for why women don’t speak up and male dancers get a pass — as one former NYCB dancer puts it, “Women are a dime a dozen.”
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At Long Last, Balanchine’s Own Stars Are Back At New York City Ballet To Coach

“Amid [its current] turmoil, the company faces an artistic challenge: The sudden dearth of experienced ballet masters who worked with Balanchine.” (Many of them had been kept away from the company by Balanchine’s successor, the just-retired Peter Martins.) “Now it’s not just the dancers who need coaches, but also a new generation of ballet masters, including Rebecca Krohn, Glenn Keenan, Craig Hall and Jonathan Stafford.” So Stafford has brought in Patricia McBride, Edward Villella, and Mimi Paul...
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‘Mr. Balanchine’s Stage Is Now Filled With Rot’, Writes Former New York City Ballet Dancer In New York Times Op-Ed

Toni Bentley: “The company has now formally hit its nadir after 35 years under the direction of Peter Martins, who succeeded Mr. Balanchine. As a lead dancer for Mr. Balanchine, Mr. Martins embodied a singular purity that made him one of the great male dancers of the 20th century. But the company, under his guidance, is now proffering vulgarity, narcissism and amorality … [and] this descent into moral vacuity has been in the works for decades.”
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Peter Martins, Former New York City Ballet Chief, Convicted Of Drunk Driving

The 71-year-old, who retired from City Ballet late last year amid controversial charges of violent bullying and sexual harassment, was found guilty for an incident that happened in late December. This is his second conviction on a charge of driving while impaired.
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Ex NYC Ballet leader Martins convicted of impaired driving

ARDSLEY, N.Y. (AP) — Former New York City Ballet leader Peter Martins has been convicted of driving while impaired in the New York City suburbs. The Journal News reported on Tuesday that Martins was found guilty of the violation last week in Ardsley Village Court. Village Justice David Rifas also convicted Martins of backing unsafely. […]
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Assessing The State Of NY City Ballet After Peter Martins

City Ballet — still the world’s most valuable company for the excellence of its classical-modernist repertory — is in remarkably good shape. Had Mr. Martins resigned a decade or two earlier, the same could not have been said. Just what happened to make the difference in the years 2008-18? There are multiple answers. Dancers have learned again […]
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Critic’s Notebook: New York City Ballet Is in Limbo, but in Bloom

The company, directed by a team of four young people since the resignation of Peter Martins, is in a state of impressive improvement.
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Why It's So Difficult For The Dance Field To Root Out Sexual Harassment

The cases of Peter Martins and Marcelo Gomes are the only ones from the dance world to have hit the national media in the #MeToo era, and the movement's momentum seems to have faded in the field seems to have dissipated. "[Yet] we've barely scratched the surface of the dance world's harassment problem. One reason […]
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City Ballet’s New Team Gets a Crash Course in Season Planning

Peter Martins had mapped out most of City Ballet’s next season before he retired under pressure. But there was still work for its new leaders.
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How Is New York City Ballet Doing Without Peter Martins - And What's Next?

As City Ballet is run by a team of four (three ballet masters and a choreographer), Alistair Macauley sums up a few recent changes: "Whoever takes over City Ballet long-term must address not just the legacy of Mr. Martins but also the achievements of this interregnum, too. A controversial slap in Mr. Martins’s Romeo + […]
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Critic’s Notebook: Taking the Pulse of New York City Ballet Without Peter Martins

While City Ballet waits for a successor, its history has gone on developing in performance. Roman Mejia, 18, made his presence felt.
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New York City Ballet's Investigation Finds Peter Martins Accusations 'Not Corroborated'

The inquiry, done by attorneys hired by the company and its school, into allegations of sexual harassment, bullying, and physical abuse that led the longtime chief of City Ballet to retire reportedly found no verification for the accusations. However, several former dancers, including some interviewed by the attorneys, argue that the entire exercise was meant […]
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At NY City Ballet - Tapping The Original Balanchine Masters

Why have even senior City Ballet dancers been deprived for so long of interpretive wisdom about this (and many other) Balanchine ballets? When Peter Martins was ballet master in chief (1983-2018), Ms. McBride was among the many creators of Balanchine roles who — as if in exile — were seldom if ever invited to coach […]
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New York City Ballet Isn't Dropping Peter Martins's Ballets (But It Is Making Small Changes)

As Michael Cooper reports, City Ballet has "no intention of editing him out of the company's history, the way Kevin Spacey was cut out of the film All the Money in the World after he was accused of misconduct. The Martins ballets remain important to the ticket sales and continuing the company's fortunes." Even so, […]
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A Peter Martins Ballet Loses Peter Martins, and a Slap

Peter Martins is not being erased from City Ballet, which he retired from amid accusations of harassment and abuse. But his “Romeo + Juliet” is being tweaked.
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Critic’s Notebook: Bringing It All Back Home: City Ballet Begins Again With Balanchine

Peter Martins is gone. But the company, at a critical moment in its history, showed grit and rose to the challenge in six Balanchine ballets.
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Catherine Deneuve Backtracks On #MeToo Criticism

Following days of harsh backlash, Catherine Deneuve has published a public explanation of why she signed her name to this week's letter from 100 French women denouncing the Me Too movement. The actress apologizes to victims of "odious acts," such as sexual assault and harassment but still defends her decision to sign the letter."I don’t like this aspect of our times where each feels the right to judge, arbitrate, condemn — a society where simple denunciations on social networks lead to punishme...
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An Open Letter To New York City Ballet Dancers Supporting Peter Martins

Former NYCB corps member Sophie Flack: "I have known some of you for a long time, so I'm telling you this as a friend: by posting on social media your sadness for Peter's downfall, you are siding with an abuser. You are discrediting the men and women who've come forward, an extraordinarily difficult thing to […]
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Ex-New York City Ballet Dancer Goes On-Camera To Detail Allegations Of Peter Martins's Violent Abuse

"Wilhelmina Frankfurt, a former NYCB ballerina and currently a dance educator, joined [Alyona Minkovski] on 'Salon Talks' to discuss Martins's legacy and reveal new claims against her former director." (text and video)
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