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What to Do If You Lose Your Vaccine Card

While debates rage about whether we need national or state “vaccine passports,” the truth is that we already have one, and it’s a little piece of paper with some numbers and your name scrawled on it. These cards, originally intended as a convenient reminder for personal use, are increasingly being used as proof of…Read more...
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Despite Drug Industry Claims, Higher List Prices Do Mean Higher Out-of-Pocket Costs for Many Patients

New research suggests that as the list price of brand name drugs rise, so do out-of-pocket medical costs for these drugs—at least for some patients. This is counter to a common industry claim that patients aren’t affected by list price increases. The study found a link between list prices rising and out-of-pocket…Read more...
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Scientists Are Looking Beyond Antibiotics to Stop the Drug-Resistant Bacteria Crisis

As the world continues to work toward defeating a pandemic caused by a virus, another type of pathogen is increasingly becoming a major threat. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria has been a growing problem for years due to the overuse of antibiotics in medicine and agriculture, as well as “poor infection prevention and…Read more...
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