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Actors show altered brain activity when in character, study finds

Method actors employ an intensive approach to acting that involves staying in character for long periods of time.The recent study asked trained method actors a variety of hypothetical questions under four different scenarios.The results showed changes in brain activity depending on whether actors were in and out of character, including alterations to activity in the prefontal cortex — a key region in terms of self-awareness. None Method actors famously blur the lines between their everyday perso...
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George Eliot and second lives

The Victorian novelist Margaret Oliphant knew she was second-rate in comparison, “No one even will mention me in the same breath with George Eliot. And that is just.” But, she added, “It is a little justification to myself to think how much better off she was – no trouble in her life as far as appears…” Mrs Oliphant was left, aged 30, a widow with 3 children, £1000 in debt, and a hard-pressed living to make out of her writing. In comparison, she thought, George Eliot lived luxuriously in “a ment...
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Old Goats and New Tricks

One of the surest ways to break through writer's block is to start making lists. They can be lists of words that rhyme or words that contain a similar sound. If you've got a talent for alliteration, consider what Sir William S. Gilbert accomplished in this verse from 1885's The Mikado. Each idea for a list is a stepping stone to forming concepts and ideas. One might create lists of favorite foods, classic ocean liners from the first half of the 20th century, bel canto operas, or whatever sounds ...
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Supreme Court Gives Prisoner Rare Second Chance To Fight Alabama's Death Sentencing Scheme

A death row prisoner might get a rare second chance to argue the constitutionality of Alabama's capital punishment scheme. After once turning down a request to hear the case of convicted murderer Bart Johnson, the Supreme Court on Monday reversed course and ruled for Johnson in a case that could have wide implications for the way Alabama sentences people to death. It may have all come down to fortuitous timing. On Jan. 11, the justices rejected Johnson's case, b ut the very next day it issue...
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Review: Dough

— by RON WILKINSON — Golden Globe-nominated Jonathan Pryce takes the lead in “Dough,” an easygoing sit-com about immigrant life in the big city. Nat Dayan (Pryce) owns and operates the kosher bakery Dayan and Son, which he started with his father in 1947 in London’s East End. Against all odds, he keeps the tiny […]
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With help from development interests, Wheeler is dominating mayoral fundraising

Then Multnomah County Chair Ted Wheeler at a2008 event calling for new local road funding.(Photos: J.Maus/BikePortland) Former Oregon Treasurer Ted Wheeler has reported raising almost 15 times as much money as his closest competitor in the race to be Portland’s next mayor. Among his donors are a wide variety of real estate businesses and Paul Romain, the oil and gas station lobbyist who’s threatened to kill the 10-cent local gas tax increase that Wheeler supports. Multnomah County Co...
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