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The Last Leg, Akron Resident on His Struggle to Return Home

Since March, Ruben Luevano has been trapped in the Philippines, unable to return home because of pandemic restrictions. He had reached Manila, but a Herculean effort still remained to find a flight home.
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The Philippines Picks ‘Mindanao’ for Oscars Foreign Film Category

The Philippines has selected the Brillante Mendoza-directed war drama “Mindanao” as its national contender for the Academy Awards best international feature category. The selection was made by the Film Academy of The Philippines and announced on Tuesday by the Academy’s director general Vivian Velez. The film tells the twin stories of a Muslim woman who […]
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The Long Trip Back Home: An Akron Resident's Return from the Philippines During the Pandemic

Since March, Ruben Luevano has been trapped in the Philippines, unable to return home due to pandemic restrictions. Reaching the capital city of Manilla meant the possibility of finding an international flight home.
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Southern California retailers face COVID-19 hurdles head-on this holiday season

As COVID-19 tightens its grip on the nation’s economy, Southern California retailers are bracing for a holiday shopping season plagued by product shortages, social distancing and lots of uncertainty. “We’re hopeful, but like everyone else, we don’t know what to expect,” said Jeanie Viveros, who co-owns Tiddlywinks Toys & Games in Orange along with her husband, Gilbert. “It’s still that unknown that everybody is living with.” Tiddlywinks, a fixture in Old Towne for eight years, specializes in cla...
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KTM 390 Adventure now available in the Philippines, costs INR 4.74 lakh

The KTM 390 Adventure is one of the best bang-for-the-buck adventure...
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Hey everyone!

Hello! I'm Rhulain from the Philippines and I'm a bookworm who reads both ebooks and print books. I'm so grateful for this community because this helps me to enhance my reading experience with my Android phone and on my Calibre library.
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How to Get More Views on YouTube

YouTube is ranked as the 2nd most used site in the world. That means the video streaming platform which we all use is the second-best right behind Google. I mean Google has to be the top because the internet is ruled by it. More than 70% of adults living in the world get their daily dose of video content from YouTube. With all these, it should be pretty easy getting views on YouTube right? There is more to it than meets the eye. Below we will discuss some of the tactics you can use to increase y...
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Marine mammals dying from plastics in large numbers

Amid the growing call for reducing the use of plastics, the environmental group Oceana has issued the first ever compilation of the material’s gruesome impact on sea turtles and marine mammals in U.S. waters, with rare animals at a particular risk of dying. The most common cause of death in the cases documented for the report was plastic ingestion, which disrupts ingestion and leads to starvation, though strangulation and drownings were also reported. Of the 1,792 deaths examined in the report, ...
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The Geek in Review Ep. 95 – Spotting Bias and Politicization of Local News Sources – Loyd Auerbach and Dave Boitano

We live in a society that cannot seem to come to an agreement on what is truth and what are lies. People are seeking out stories that back up their beliefs rather than seek out the truths which may undermine those beliefs. We particularly see this on social media, but there are other sites out there which pass themselves off as local news organization which is really just biased sources designed to play upon the needs of people to have their “truths” backed up with like-minded articles. We aske...
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Invention that makes renewable energy from rotting veg wins James Dyson prize

Carvey Maigue, from the Philippines, used a substance made from crop wasteA novel material made from rotting fruit and vegetables that absorbs stray UV light from the sun and converts it into renewable energy has landed its designer the first sustainability gong in this year’s James Dyson awards.From a record 1,800 entries – despite the challenges of Covid-19 – the award was given to 27-year-old Carvey Ehren Maigue, a student at Mapúa University in the Philippines, for his Aureus system which us...
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Resellee wants to become the Pinduoduo of Southeast Asia

Launched in the Philippines, social commerce startup Resellee wants to recreate the success of Pinduoduo, one of China’s fastest-growing e-commerce companies, in Southeast Asia. A major part of Resellee’s business is grocery deliveries, including fresh produce, and it has struck partnerships with the government and farmers’ groups to meet demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. The startup announced this week it has raised $1 million in seed funding from Mintech Enterprises and Hofan Capital to bui...
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Philippine tradition of 'long Christmas' survives Covid and typhoons

Festive season usually last four months but this year as well as the pandemic there have been three strong stormsThe strains of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer echo around a popular shopping mall in Quezon City, Manila. A band of mechanical snowmen, dressed in Santa hats, sway back and forth to the music, as shoppers – socially distanced – browse stacks of baubles and Christmas lights.In the Philippines, a majority Catholic country, festive preparations are well and truly under way already. The c...
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The US's plans to keep a foothold against China in the Pacific have 'one huge blind spot'

A US sailor prepares a utility boat for US Marines and sailors to disembark at Koror in Palau, November 22, 2018. US Marine Corps/Staff Sgt. Gabriela Garcia A series of recent trips by US officials to small island countries in the Pacific and Indian oceans reflects those islands' role in the US's plans to counter China's growing clout. The US has longstanding ties with many of those countries but doesn't always attach the same importance to issues they care about, which could be a problem,...
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Coronavirus live news: Russia reports worst daily increase; Boris Johnson self-isolating

Russia confirms over 22,000 new cases; UK PM has no symptoms but has been confirmed as contact of positive case; Global cases rise by 4m in one weekBoris Johnson told to isolate after contact with Covid-positive MPCovid vaccine hopes must not make Britons complacent, warns adviserCovid vaccine rally fuels market optimism of a faster global recovery 8.15am GMT The Philippines’ health ministry has recorded 1,738 new infections and seven additional deaths; the lowest daily increase in casualtie...
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China and 14 Asia-Pacific countries agree historic free trade deal

Signing of RCEP unites nations totalling 2.2 billion people and covers 28% of global tradeThe leaders of China and another 14 countries in the Asia-Pacific region have signed one of the biggest free trade deals in history, covering 2.2 billion people and 30% of the world’s economic output.The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) was signed over a video link on Sunday after eight years of negotiations. Continue reading...
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Storm Vamco hits Vietnam as Philippines rescues survivors

High winds uprooted trees and blew roofs off buildings as the powerful storm battered Vietnam.
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Trump's post-presidency is going to be boisterous and belligerent. And that will cause headaches for Biden, the media, and the US economy.

President Donald Trump. Rick Loomis/Getty Images Trump's will be a first-of-its-kind post-presidency in the modern era, with "the Donald" norm-busting his way out of the tradition of reticence that has been observed by American leaders who have departed the White House. Trump will likely go on to lead a rump government (a T-Rump government, as it were) over his tens of millions of adulating supporters. His future incarnation will not only do its best to undermine the Biden administration, ...
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Philippines' typhoon deaths rise as worst floods in 45 years hit north

The death toll from the deadliest cyclone to hit the Philippines this year has climbed to 67, while many areas remained submerged in a...
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Vietnam braces for Typhoon Vamco, 67 dead in the Philippines

Typhoon Vamco is hurtling towards Vietnam, where it is expected to make landfall Sunday, after leaving 67 dead in the Philippines, making it that country's deadliest storm this year.
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Vamco hits Vietnam as Philippines death toll rises to 67

Storm Vamco barrelled into Vietnam on Sunday, damaging buildings and injuring at least five people, as the death toll in the Philippines climbed to 67.
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Typhoon Vamco heads for Vietnam after 67 are killed in the Philippines

Typhoon Vamco is hurtling towards Vietnam, where it is expected to make landfall Sunday, after leaving 67 dead in the Philippines, making it that country's deadliest storm this year.
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Typhoon Vamco heads for Vietnam after 53 are killed in the Philippines

Typhoon Vamco is hurtling towards Vietnam, expected to make landfall early Sunday, after leaving 53 dead in the Philippines, making it that country's deadliest storm this year.
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Philippines' typhoon deaths rise as worst floods in 45 years hit north

The death toll from the deadliest cyclone to hit the Philippines this year has climbed to 67, while many areas remained submerged in a northern region hit by the worst flooding in more than four decades, officials said on Sunday. President Rodrigo Duterte flew to Tuguegarao province to assess the situation in Cagayan Valley region, which was heavily flooded after Typhoon Vamco dumped rain over swathes of the main Luzon island, including the capital, metropolitan Manila. Twenty-two fatalities w...
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Vietnam orders 460,000 to evacuate ahead of Typhoon Vamco

Storm forecast to hit the country on Sunday morning with winds of up to 150 kphVietnamese authorities have ordered 460,000 people in the country’s central region to be ready for evacuation ahead of Typhoon Vamco, after the storm killed at least 42 people and left 20 others missing in the Philippines, state television reported.The typhoon, which is forecast to hit Vietnam on Sunday morning, could pack winds of up to 150 kilometers (93 miles) per hour as it approaches the country’s already flood-b...
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Philippines scrambles to rescue after typhoon

Aerial footage from the Philippine Coast Guard showed severe flooding in several towns in the Cagayan Valley region, north of Manila, while rescue efforts continue for the affected residents. Accumulated effects of previous weather disturbances, as well as water from a dam and higher plains brought high flooding to Cagayan province, the disaster agency said. The nearby Magat Dam released water on Friday (November 13) eq...
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Typhoon Vamco: extensive damage in the Philippines seen from sky – video

Coastguard footage shows extensive flooding triggered by the typhoon in the northern Isabela province. Dozens of people were killed and thousands were rescued from fast-flowing floodwater, as the Magat Dam released water in the region. Though waters have mostly receded since Wednesday, rescue teams continued to help people in places where waters remained high Typhoon Vamco: dozens dead as extensive flooding hits the Philippines Continue reading...
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Typhoon Vamco: Thousands evacuate as storm heads for Vietnam

There are mass evacuations in Vietnam as Typhoon Vamco, which killed dozens in the Philippines, nears.
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20 photographs of the week

The US election, lockdown in London, flooding in the Philippines, and rising cases of Covid-19: the most striking images from around the world Continue reading...
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Vietnam bracing for Typhoon Vamco as death toll in Philippines rises to 53

Vietnam was bracing for Typhoon Vamco to make landfall in the country's central coast early on Sunday, as the death toll in the Philippines rose to 53 from that country's deadliest storm this year. Packing winds of up to 165 kph (103 mph), Vamco is forecast to hit a swathe of Vietnam's coast from Ha Tinh to Quang Ngai province, the government's weather agency said on Saturday. "This is a very strong typhoon," Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said, warning provinces in Vamco's ...
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Typhoon Vamco hits the Philippines – in pictures

Typhoon Vamco has killed at least seven people and unleashed some of the worst flooding in years in the Philippines’ capital, Manila Continue reading...
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