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Customizing Lightroom Photo Book Layouts

You guys know how big I am on Lightroom Photo Books (well, that and tethering, right?), and anyway, today we’ve got a new video from Adobe’s own Benjamin Warde on how to totally customize your layout. Best of all, he does it in just 60-seconds. Check it out: Thanks, Benjamin! Don’t forget to book your hotel for Photoshop World 2019 now ! Last year we completely sold out the Hyatt Regency in Orlando (our host hotel), and people were having to grab other hotels down the ...
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Lust for Los Angeles: A Lifestyle Guide to LA

Photographer Olivia Lopez brings an insider eye and impeccable design direction to her debut book Lust for Los Angeles: A Lifestyle Guide to LA. With 200 pages of imagery and copy, the book acts as both a guide and a sociological study of the city. From architecture and landscapes to dining and style destinations, Lopez’s journey covers a wide swath of neighborhoods and cultural necessities.
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The NASA Archives. 60 Years in Space.

To celebrate the organization’s first 60 years in space, The NASA Archives features 400+ photographs and rare renderings—spanning the moon landing, rovers on Mars and more. Launched in 1958, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration was the world’s first civilian space agency with a focus on peaceful exploration—despite it being founded as part of the Space Race. With notes from science and tech journalists, NASA historians, …
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Interview: Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher, the Photographers Behind ‘African Twilight’

Two of the most accomplished photographers of African tribes capture the continent's disappearing ceremonies Renowned and respected photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher, (who have immense access and insight to the continent) began taking photos in Africa nearly 40 years ago. Their individual efforts, which culminated in more than a dozen books and many awards, led them to one another. A shared passion for the beauty and …
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Advanced Love

The creator of the delightful Advanced Style project, Ari Seth Cohen has released a new book—Advanced Love—and it celebrates long-lasting partnerships through tender portraits. With 40 profiles of couples (complete with how-they-met stories and relationship advice), the book honors the timelessness of love between all genders, all over the world.
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After Party

From kitsch to classy, François Prost‘s After Party is a 300-page exploration of French nightclub façades. The collection of photographs was shot during the daytime, offering a strangely alien element to the images—with their neon unlit, doors closed, and void of humans. In contrast, the cover boasts a holographic foil which will stand out on bookshelves or coffee tables. With a poster included, this book is available in an …
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5 tips to help you take better holiday photos of your kids

We know the holidays are full of photo opps, and lots of parents taking advantage of them. We also know that kids can be notoriously difficult to photograph, especially when there are presents and cookies to distract them from being their adorable selves on camera. That’s why we’re so thrilled to be teaming up with […]
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Holiday Gift Guides 2018: Art Nerds

Photography, architecture, graphic design and everything between, all in our favorite arty books this season Whether it’s visiting studio spaces, frequenting local galleries, bouncing between international art fairs or simply looking up and admiring a building, passion for art and design forms COOL HUNTING’s foundation. No matter where you are in the world, art is around. But to have art in your own home is …
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Hannah Starkey: Photographs 1997-2017

With pages and pages of photographer Hannah Starkey’s tender portraits of women, Hannah Starkey: Photographs 1997-2017 spans generations, backgrounds and intentions. Starkey’s photographs are personal but somehow distant, contemplative and cinematic, evocative and striking. This book is a thoughtful collection for those interested in exploring the concept of the female gaze. Price is in Pounds.
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The Current: New Wheels for the Post-Petrol Age

From eco-friendly power to wild designs, The Current: New Wheels for the Post-Petrol Age showcases the future of bikes—as well as a few cars and three-wheelers. From the stunning wooden and steel AVIONICS V1 to Alta Motors’ Redshift St concept, Cake’s striking Kalk, designs by Night Shift and more, the book is full of covetable bicycles. Readers can delve into the electric revolution over 208 pages—exploring engineering, design, custom creations, …
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The Sex Pistols 1977: The Bollocks Diaries

40 years after the release of The Sex Pistols’ 1977 album Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols, comes a book that documents that wild year. With photographs, gig posters and album art (much of which has never been published before), there are also plenty of stories about secret shows, media events, recording sessions—and, of course, fights.
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Holiday Gift Guides 2018: Aperture Priority

Lenses, gadgets, books and more for photography lovers Everyone is a photographer. With smartphones, we all possess digital photo rolls that run thousands of images deep. Thanks to social media, we can be quick to share, as well. Together, this means a slew of accessories that actually aid camera phone captures—some of which are quite good. That said, nothing makes a photo better than understanding …
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Hamburger Eyes No. 36

The latest from LA-based publisher Hamburger Eyes, No. 36: The Continuing Story of Life on Earth, is a 120-page perfect-bound collection of the beloved Boston Herald photographer Arthur Pollock’s work. Hamburger Eyes has been publishing—be it on Xeroxed paper or otherwise—for almost 18 years now.
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Fashion Climbing: A Memoir With Photographs by Bill Cunningham

A beloved documentarian of style, Bill Cunningham captured generation after generation through honest, fashion-oriented photography until his passing in 2016. This, his memoir, was typewritten and tucked away—only to appear now in his beautiful, clever voice. Accompanying the text are many images by the photographer and milliner. It’s an intimate self-portrait of glamour, bohemia and pursuing one’s dreams.
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12 creative ways to display kids’ artwork, from DIYs to clutter-saving services

One parenting conundrum that seems timeless: the search for creative ways to display kids’ artwork. From the preschool doodles and finger paint portraits to the kindergarten collages, to the papier maché sculptures that would look just perfect…where, exactly? I get it! While our own school year has barely begun, I’m already feeling overwhelmed by all […]
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The Best Work I Saw at the LACP Portfolio Review, Part 2

  I haven’t written a Trump column in months. I was going on about him weekly, for quite some time, so I decided to take a break. It seemed healthy, as this is not, in fact, a politics blog. Rather, aPE is about photography, so I decided that #247Trump was not appropriate. But it’s been a while, and this being the dog days of August, when most of you are on vacation anyway, it seems like the right time to exercise my First Amendment rights. (While I still have them.) Now that I’ve given myself p...
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The baby book that will have you wanting to make a baby book.

So new parents in pursuit of Baby Book perfection, you’ve met your match.
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Printed photo books option officially arrives in the Google Photos app

After announcing the feature during the I/O conference, a Google Photos app update allows users to order photo books in-app. The books start at $10 for softcovers and $20 for hardcovers. The post Printed photo books option officially arrives in the Google Photos app appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Google Photos makes it easier to share your shots, create physical photo books

Google is pushing a major update to the Google Photos app, now suggesting photos to share with your friends right after you take them. Google has also launched Photo Books, allowing you to print photos into high-quality albums. The post Google Photos makes it easier to share your shots, create physical photo books appeared first on Digital Trends.
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An updated comparison of our 13 favorite custom photo book services, for one of our all-time favorite gifts

Since one of our very favorite Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and teacher gifts are custom photo books, we thought it was about time to take a fresh look at our favorite custom photo book companies. There are now so many out there, it can be hard to choose one service over another. That’s where we come in! We’ve […]
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This iOS app lets photographers earn cash from selling small photo books

Booxie today launched a royalties program that allows visual artists to sell photo books to their followers. The iOS-only app allows users to create, share, and print -- and now sell. The post This iOS app lets photographers earn cash from selling small photo books appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Personalized Photo Books Make Special Gifts

When’s the last time you actually printed photos or made an album?  For most of us, probably a lifetime ago because of how the tech world has evolved.  I find that my boys LOVE to go through our old photo albums, of when they were under 5, and just talk & laugh about past times.  As a mom, it’s one of the best moments to watch.  And you know, I’m super tickled to have been sponsored to write about something I love already a photo book from Walmart! I use Walmart Photo a LOT to print my pho...
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‘Stop Wasting Hours’ Goes Viral: Q&A with Chatbooks CMO Rachel Hofstetter

Chatbooks is an easy and affordable automatic service that turns your smartphone’s digital photos into photo books. The easy-to-use app & website lets users to get the photos they’ve already taken from their phones and posted on their social platforms, and print them in 6-inch-square volumes. Chatbooks recently became a viral sensation when its humorous video about a busy mom with three active kids had 2.7 million views in two days. Working with Harmon Brothers, the ad agency behind the “Squatt...
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Top 5 Tips to Save Travel Photos

Changing office space always gives me an excuse to reorganize photos, paw through faded memories and old Polaroids.  It’s a treasure hunt among the shoeboxes and old hard drives and thumb drives.  Yet, travel photos are not all that I have and there are many, many scans of ticket stubs, receipts and museum passes no […]
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Mixbook photo prints and books

Pretty paper time! The save the dates, invitations, and books below are from Mixbook, who is all about making custom photo products very simple and very custom. For those who haven’t been to their site before, they have a free online editor that allows users to make anything from photo books to cards to canvas prints and more, all completely customized. Don’t forget to grab the promo code at the bottom… It’s a good one! What’s different about Mixbook is that you aren’t limited to static pre-des...
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Chatbooks nabs $6 mln Series A

Provo, Utah-based Chatbooks, a service that automatically turns your digital photos into photo books, has raised $6 million in Series A funding. Signal Peak Ventures led the round with participation from Kickstart Seed Fund, Peterson Ventures and BYU Cougar Capital. PRESS RELEASE PROVO, UT—February 4, 2016—Chatbooks, the subscription-based service that automatically turns your digital photos into photo books, has secured a $6 million Series A investment led by Signal Peak Ventures. Kickstart See...
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These Iconic Road Trips Make You Want To Grab a Camera and Just Drive

The road trip is one of the great American photographic traditions. Open Road: Photography and the American Road Trip, a new book published by Aperture, revisits the journeys of 18 influential photographers as they set out in search of weird, beautiful, and unknown things to point their cameras at. Read more...
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Grab a Bargain on the eBook Version of My Exposure Book

There are still a couple of days left to grab an e-copy of my newly updated book – From Snapshots to Great Shots: Exposure. My publisher, Peachpit Press, is having a special half off deal on this title through the end of the week. If you are looking for a general photography book to help demystify the process of taking better photos, then you should check it out. This book is a non-camera specific guide on the basics of photography and how to utilize different techniques to improve or capture...
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Give a wrapped ebook for last-minute Christmas gift

Christmas is right around the corner and oh no! you forgot someone on your shopping list. Why not get them an ebook? eBooks are very easy to download and take only a few minutes to purchase. OK, you say, yes, its easy but such a lame present. Sending someone a message such as “Merry Christmas, here is your download link” is quite boring. But no worries, you can actually GIFT WRAP your ebook with is a free service that will let you create an e-wrapper for your eBook and...
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Paperback book on sale: Spice Up Your Photos

I have a few signed copies of the book and will sell them for only $28 each. Shipping is free in the US. Get it HERE. Product Details Paperback: 104 pages Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; First edition (December 21, 2012) Language: English ISBN-10: 1481203525 ISBN-13: 978-1481203524 Product Dimensions: 9.9 x 7.9 x 0.4 inches Shipping Weight: 9.6 ounces Publisher review: In her latest book Nitsa provides detailed instructions accompanied by her unique photos to guide you...
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