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Young Woman

It wasn’t easy to pick out a favorite photo. I have so many: my kids at different ages, my wedding photos, reunions, ancestors, and even some of myself as a young child. I chose the photo of my maternal grandmother, Vesta Christena Wilt, as a young woman – before she was married (probably). Her unruly […]
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Spectacular images of Italian town unintentionally shaped like a person

Centuripe is an Italian town in the hills near Enna, Sicily. It appears to be quite stunning on the ground but truly extraordinary from the air thanks to its topology and layout combined with a wondrous dose of pareidolia. Photographer and drone pilot Pio Andrea Peri captured the following incredible images from the sky: View this post on Instagram A post shared by ᴄᴏɴᴛᴇɴᴛ ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛᴏʀ | ɪᴛᴀ...
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Stunning selfies from China's Mars probe

China's Tiawnwen 1 probe in orbit around Mark launched a small camera to grab stunning selfies and other beautiful images above the Red Planet. The probe has been in orbit for 11 months. From The views give an unprecedented view of a spacecraft in orbit around another planet, showing the golden body of Tianwen 1, the silver high-gain antenna for communications, solar arrays and science antennae. — Read the rest
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Weird and funny vintage snapshots of people with balloons

Relentless vernacular photography collector Robert E. Jackson curated an odd and, ahem, uplifting collection of vintage photos depicting people enjoying their balloons. See them all: Relentless vernacular photography collector Robert E. Jackson curated an odd and, ahem, uplifting collection of vintage photos depicting people enjoying their balloons. — Read the rest
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Weird and wonderful vintage snapshots from Christmas past

Vernacular photography collector Robert E. Jackson turned his magic eye on Christmas past to curate a weird and wonderful selection of vintage snapshots from around the tree. See them all: "Mid-Century Snapshots of Joy and Plenty"
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These creepy vintage Halloween photos are scarier than anything you'll see tonight

Ossian Brown was a member of the dark, magical electronic music group Coil and Cyclobe, a duo with his partner Stephen Thrower. Here are selections from his remarkable collection of antique Halloween photos, dating between 1875 and 1955, as collected in Haunted Air, with remarks from David Lynch and Geoff Cox.
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Real vintage photos of the Devil incarnate

Fanatical vernacular photography collector Robert E. Jackson curated a spooky series of "vintage snapshots of the Devil incarnate." "The devil's finest trick is to persuade you that he does not exist," wrote Charles Baudelaire. Fortunately, this photographic evidence proves otherwise. See the rest at Flashbak. — Read the rest
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Breathtaking images of auroras over Earth

European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet has captured absolutely stunning images of auroras, the incredible lightshows that occur when charged particles from the sun enter the Earth's atmosphere and interact with gases there. The image above is "the full Moon lighting up the shadow side of Earth almost like daylight," Pesquet tweeted. — Read the rest
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A fine art photographer has taken daily selfies since 1982

Fine art photographer Nancy Floyd has been photographing herself almost daily since 1982. From those images, she's curated a selection of 2,500 photos in a collection titled Weathering Time. Now published as a book, the project is a stunning meditation on life, time, and also technology. — Read the rest
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Astonishing actual photograph of Neptune rising from the sea

BBC photographer Jeff Overs encountered Neptune emerging from the sea in Newhaven, England. The astonishing image is below. "It's become a popular location for photographers because the sea 'boils' in high wind against the sea wall," Overs told BBC News. — Read the rest
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A portal to empathy: Photographs that change the world

It is important not to look away from visceral pictorial evidence of the suffering of disempowered people The post A portal to empathy: Photographs that change the world appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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The Portfolio: ‘Murder in Paris’ director Enver Samuel

Thirty-three years since Dulcie September’s assassination, a new documentary hopes to bring her name back into the public consciousness The post The Portfolio: ‘Murder in Paris’ director Enver Samuel appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Antique snapshots of dinosaurs

Intrepid vernacular photography collector Robert E. Jackson compiled an astonishing collection of vintage snapshots documenting a time when dinosaurs ruled the Earth and color was just emerging on our planet. See them all: "Vintage Snapshots of Dinosaurs" (Flashbak)
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Library of Congress asks: Who the hell are the mystery people in these photos?

After several years of the Internet's help, the Library of Congress has narrowed down its collection of 800 photographs of mystery people from the entertainment industry down to less than 30. They've just posted some of the toughest remaining. My favorites are above and below. — Read the rest
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How Many People Can You Spot in These MLS Photos?

Our “Just For Fun” posts are among our most popular, but MLS photo fails are at, or very close, to the most viewed. Here are some more, enjoy?   If you enjoyed this post, you’ll definitely like these other Just for Fun posts!
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Johnson Reunion Beginning

MINUTES OF THE JOHNSON AND SHIVELY REUNIONOrganization Aug 16 – 1915 Johnson and Shively reunion organized Aug 16, 1915 at the home of J.L. Johnson 99 Indiana Ave. Anderson, Indiana. Several relatives and minds were invited to this home in honor of J.W. Johnson. “J.L. Johnson’s father”. It being his birthday. He being the oldest […]
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Censoring Jon Hamm's Penis Doesn't Violate Copyright Law, Federal Judge Rules

What does Jon Hamm’s penis have to do with internet freedom and the future of memes? Quite a lot, believe it or not, following a new court ruling in New York.Read more...
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Last But Not Least

I ended my time in Italy in Vicenza, a city 30 minutes by train from Venice. Palladio, a famous Renaissance architect, did a lot of work here. It was an interesting city to roam around in. It has one of the prettiest squares I’ve ever seen-not grandious like Venice but charming. The white building is by Palladio. A beautiful building on the other side housing a museum. I stopped for a late lunch under a beautiful arcade. Across the square. How Italain is t...
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How Many People Can You Spot in These MLS Photos?

If you enjoyed this post, you’ll definitely like these other Just for Fun posts!
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The chemist who made big bucks hoaxing ghost photos

The mid-19th century was the heyday for séances, mediums, and psychics. In Boston, a chemist and silver engraver named William H. Mumler saw an opportunity to mix the hot new technology of photography with paranormal activity to make some big bucks. So he announced that if you sat for a picture in his studio, your dead relative might just turn up for the photo opp. Mumler's secret? Ye olde magical double exposure that he stumbled upon after accidentally taking a self-portrait on an already-used ...
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5 critical steps to maximize your listing’s sales potential

This year brought significant changes in the way homes are bought and sold. To accommodate this new reality, sellers need to be prepared — and agents need to provide the necessary coaching. Here are five important steps.
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Two far-out books about California counterculture reviewed by Erik Davis

I'm honored that in the latest issue of The Burning Shore, Erik Davis, scholar of West Coast counterculture, reviewed The Family Acid: California, Roger Steffens's far-out photo album I published with my Ozma Records partner Tim Daly! Erik's excellent essay is a double review, also focusing on the Anthology Editions reprint of Dennis Stock's striking California Trip book from 1968. From Erik Davis's The Burning Shore: Steffens’s use of multiple exposures is perhaps the key gestu...
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Charity auction of Andy Warhol's Polaroid photos and snapshots to benefit artists

“You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you," Andy Warhol said. A collection of Warhol's Polaroid photos and snapshots are up for auction at Christie's to benefit the Andy Warhol Foundation’s emergency relief fund for artists. The body of work is title "Better Days."
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Some very weird stock photos

deMilked posted a fine selection of the "50 Weirdest Stock Photos You Won’t Be Able To Unsee." Many more at Bored Panda's archival post "177 Completely WTF Stock Photos You Won’t Be Able To Unsee." And for a constant stream, there's always r/WTFStockPhotos! (via Kottke)
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Locked-down wedding photographer shoots beautiful LEGO wedding

UK wedding photographer Chris Wallace is on lockdown like so many of us. To keep his creativity alive, he staged and photographed a fantastic LEGO wedding. You can see the photos and Wallace's narration of the nuptials over at Petapixel. It looks more romantic and fun than many real weddings I've attended!
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Unreal photos of foggy streets dreamily illuminated with stoplights

Photographer Lucas Zimmerman captured these dreamy long-exposure shots on foggy streets near Weimar, Germany. He followed up on the original 2013 series a few years later with Traffic Lights 2.0. "...Photography shows us things we otherwise overlook, such as a simple traffic light on the street," Zimmerman says. "An all-known object, which produces a strong effect in an unnatural situation with a simple photographic setup." (via Kottke)
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Photo of boxing orangutan wins wildlife photography award

Yesterday, I posted Sam Rowley's fantastic photo of two brawling mice on a subway platform that won the London Natural History Museum's Wildlife Photographer of the Year LUMIX People's Choice award. Also in the animals-that-fight vein is Aaron Gekoski's photo of a pugilist orangutan, a beautiful and ultimately tragic image that earned Gekoski a Highly Commended award in the Natural History Museum's competition. From the photo caption: Orangutans have been used in degrading performances ...
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Photo of mice brawling on a subway platform wins wildlife photography award

Sam Rowley's fantastic image of mice brawling over crumbs on a London Underground platform won the London Natural History Museum's Wildlife Photographer of the Year LUMIX People's Choice award. "With the majority of the world living in urban areas and cities now, you have to tell the story about how people relate to wildlife," Rowley told CNN. Over the course of a week, Rowley staked out multiple train stations each night to find the shot. Sir Michael Dixon, Director of the Natural ...
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Downtown For Democracy’s “ABORTION IS NORMAL” Art Show

Works by Nan Goldin, Barbara Kruger and others in a show that's meant to inspire activism and normalize women's reproductive rights Organized by political action committee Downtown for Democracy, the ABORTION IS NORMAL show featuring work by powerhouse artists including Nan Goldin, Barbara Kruger, Marilyn Minter and Cindy Sherman opens today and is both a cultural event and a political call to action. Curated by …
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Absolutely magnificent black-and-white photos of trees in the fog

These are just a small sample of Michael Schlegel's glorious photographs of trees in Fanal, the laurisilva forest of Madeira, Portugal. The otherworldly images reassure me with their quiet calm. (via Kottke)
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