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This DIY medium format camera shoots both 110mm and pinhole lenses

Sometimes, you come across a DIY film camera that’s just beautiful in its simplicity. The LIMES 120 is one such camera. Made from an old Hasselblad medium format film back, it shoots 120 roll film and sports either an Industar 110mm f/4.5 lens and a tea can, or a pinhole. Created by photographer Daniele Sandri, a comparison […] The post This DIY medium format camera shoots both 110mm and pinhole lenses appeared first on DIY Photography.
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I promised to share pictures of my completed shed, which I finished with Su’s help last Sunday (she did all the wood treatment varnish painting!), but even though I took the pictures on my iphone, that bastard icloud didn’t update them to my photostream. Ugh. So I brute-forced it old school style and just sent them by email. Here for your delectation:
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where attention goes, energy flows

So, it appears I have a focus problem.I mentioned in my last post that I’m really working on creating routine — and for the most part, it’s working. I’ve made my bed every day this week. I’ve started my mornings with meditation and a huge glass of water. I’m journaling. I’m getting outside. And the routine is incredibly comforting.However: when I sit to meditate? I think about work. When I go for my hike? I think ab...
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Polaroid Flashback? Meet the Kodak SMILE Printer

It’s been a long while since the days of Polaroid and instafilm’s dominance over an industry since turned to the much-quicker method of smartphones with cameras. But that doesn’t mean that makers aren’t still giving the instant film market a shot, Kodak being among them. Image via Kodak. Revealed at CES 2019, the SMILE printer from Kodak uses some pretty cool tech underpinning it. A printer that uses “zero ink” technology, the Kodak SMILE joins products from others such as Canon and the aforem...
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GoPro bumps resolution on Fusion 360 cam to 5.6K with new firmware

Currently available in public beta, Fusion firmware version 2.0 offers a new 5.8K mode that results in 5.6K output when the 360 camera's two hemispheres are stitched together. It also adds support for 24 fps video and RAW time-lapse shooting. The post GoPro bumps resolution on Fusion 360 cam to 5.6K with new firmware appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Why President Trump is Quietly Caving on Parts of the Shutdown

When President Donald Trump signs a bill guaranteeing back pay for furloughed federal workers Wednesday afternoon, it will be a rare moment of bipartisan agreement during the ongoing partial government shutdown. It will also be the latest sign suggesting that Trump thinks he’s losing the fight. In recent days, the Trump Administration has taken several…
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The Biggest Flaw I See in Pictures*

In one way it's curious that Henri Cartier-Bresson is known for "the decisive moment," and for things like Joel Meyerowitz's description of him darting and pirouetting through crowds like a hummingbird, wielding his Leica like a hibachi chef's knife, because it downplays the amount of time he must have spent sitting around waiting. Because as I understand it, one of his picturetaking strategies was to find a nice setting, and then wait around until something happened in it. Who knows how long he...
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Everything you need to know about depth of field in under 4 minutes

Depth of field can be a somewhat confusing topic to get to grips with if you’re new to photography. That is to say, it’s easy to see what depth of field is, but it can be tricky to understand what elements can cause it to change, whether intentionally or by accident. In this video, photographer […] The post Everything you need to know about depth of field in under 4 minutes appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Gay party under fire over leaked doc banning “women, skinny boys, boys with bad skin”

Poof Doof is a popular gay circuit party in Melbourne that bills itself "a gay club for homos" and "Melbourne's favorite gay rave."
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Tunnel Vision is the Death of Creativity with Ami Vitale

After more than a decade covering conflict, photographer and filmmaker Ami Vitale couldn’t help but notice that the less sensational—but equally true—stories were often not getting told: the wedding happening around the corner from the revolution, triumphs amidst seemingly endless devastation. As a result, she re-committed herself to seeking out the stories within and around “the story”. Ami is a photographer with National Geographic magazine, yet this episode of the podcast isn’t expressly abou...
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How to clean your lens with a candle, a spoon and a lens cleaning cloth

If you use a lens pen, you’ve noticed that its felt tip is covered in black powder. It’s great against fingertips and other greasy residue, but it wears off. In this video, Mathieu Stern will show you how to clean your lenses equally efficient without using a lens pen. You will need a candle, a […] The post How to clean your lens with a candle, a spoon and a lens cleaning cloth appeared first on DIY Photography.
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This Photo of Shanghai is Made of 195,000 Megapixels

Shot from 750+ feet above the city, this 360-degree panorama by BigPixel is made from 195,000 megapixels—for reference, the new Google Pixel shoots at 12.3 megapixels. Since it is one of the most detailed photos ever taken, viewers can zoom from the perch it was taken from all the way down to street-level where faces and license plates can be seen clearly. Though the photo …
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5 Years On…The Death of the DSLR Revisited

A little over 5 years ago, we posted an article questioning whether the death of the DSLR had been greatly exaggerated. It was one of a raft of articles by various writers on various websites. Some were very much of the opinion the DSLR was dead, others thought it was absurd that mirrorless would be the future. All the articles were well reasoned, based in fact and created heated discussion within the community.   In our article, we looked at how smartphones had killed the compact camera market...
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Photographing with less

Minimalism, Marie Kondo, tidying up, goodbye things, less is more. You might have heard of these things if you have ever scrolled through Netflix or Youtube. You might have even come across a few articles on social media referring to decluttering or getting rid of your stuff, or simple living. Minimalism is becoming a social movement, culturally recognised. We have […] The post Photographing with less appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Travel photographers, beware of this international scam that tricked 100 people so far

There are all sorts of scams targeted at photographers. But there has recently been a new one that has reportedly tricked at least 100 people so far. It’s targeted particularly at travel photographers and Instagram influencers. It doesn’t only involve losing thousands of dollars, but potentially being in danger and manipulated in a foreign country, […] The post Travel photographers, beware of this international scam that tricked 100 people so far appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Sony is bringing realtime Eye AF and native timelapse to the Sony A9, A7RIII and A7III

It looks like Sony are taking a leaf out of the Fuji playbook by introducing new substantial features through firmware updates rather than entirely new bodies. The Sony A9, A7RIII and A7III are about to get quite a significant feature upgrade with new firmware updates coming out over the next few months. The first firmware […] The post Sony is bringing realtime Eye AF and native timelapse to the Sony A9, A7RIII and A7III appeared first on DIY Photography.
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How to make & use a single DIY globe modifier for simple, stunning portraits

It’s not often I get to shoot very simple, clean white light shots, but in a recent shoot the model asked if she could get some updated ‘Polaroids’. For those of you not familiar with the term when used in reference to a model shoot, it’s actually not the now obsolete and ludicrously expensive single-shot […] The post How to make & use a single DIY globe modifier for simple, stunning portraits appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Get Inspired By The Community This Week At Light Stalking

As always, we want to say a big warm hello to all of the new members we got this week – yep all 210 of you! Wow, that really is a lot! A lot has been happening this week on the forum, we have seen so much activity from you all that it is just awesome. So we hope to see you around the “ Introduce Yourself “, “ General Chit Chat ” and, of course, “ Shark Tank ” forums.   This week we had a weekly challenge with the theme of Favourites . This was Tersha ‘s magnificent idea and ...
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Turkish artist creates collages that send a powerful message to society

We have all seen powerful images of conflicts, riots, and wars all over the world. They are striking on their own, but Turkish artist Uğur Gallenkuş puts them into collages that make them strike you even more. His project Paralel Evren is a series of collages, each created only from two images. But the photos […] The post Turkish artist creates collages that send a powerful message to society appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Pricing & Negotiating: Pet and Vet Portraits for a Pharmaceutical Company

Craig Oppenheimer, Wonderful Machine Concept: Portraits of three dogs and three veterinarians against a solid background Licensing: Unlimited use of 6 images in perpetuity Photographer: Animal and portraiture specialist Agency: Medium in size, based in the Midwest Client: Large pharmaceutical company Here is the estimate: Creative/Licensing Fees: The campaign focused on a new medicine for dogs, and the creative approach was straightforward. The agency hoped to capture individual portraits of t...
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Wordless Wednesday: Donut Worry, Be Happy

Apple Fritter from Vegan Donut Gelato Jelly Doughnuts and Boston Creme Doughnuts from The Butcher’s Son Strawberry Doughnut from Rainbow Donuts Matcha-Glazed Chocolate Doughnut from The Flying Apron  
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Yes, you can update your Godox firmware on the mac, and here’s how to do it

As good as Godox equipment can be, it has one fatal flaw which puts many photographers off using their equipment. There’s no easy, native way to update the firmware on a Mac. And firmware updates do come fairly regularly for their various models of flashes and triggers. It’s a question I see pop up regularly […] The post Yes, you can update your Godox firmware on the mac, and here’s how to do it appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Instagram now lets you post photos to multiple accounts at once

If you are an Instagram user, then you know that you can link multiple accounts to a single user name. This is a handy option, but Instagram is now making it easier to post to all the accounts you have. From now on, it’s possible to post the same image across all your accounts at […] The post Instagram now lets you post photos to multiple accounts at once appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Here are free alternatives to all major Adobe CC programs

A few days ago, Adobe had another price increase for its Creative Cloud programs. Annoyed by this change, Twitter user Ghost Malone created an extensive list of alternatives, in case you don’t feel like paying more for major Adobe CC programs.  They cover different areas, from image editing to building websites, and all of them […] The post Here are free alternatives to all major Adobe CC programs appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Haiti's isolated and forgotten village – in pictures

Near the bottom of the island of Hispaniola in south-east Haiti is a forgotten village, cut off from its own country, and slowly emptying as its residents leave. As well as health services or electricity, Boucan Ferdinand also lost its only road to the nearest town, Bois Negresse, in devastating floods in 2004. Some of its residents have left for the capital, Port-au-Prince, while others cling onto a precarious life. Many have crossed illegally into the more prosperous neighbouring Dominican Rep...
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A Look at Filtering

The word “filter” often gets used to describe the edits and adjustments made to our photos, but in Lightroom the real meaning has to do with how you can filter the data stored in the catalog to help you in your workflow. In my next series of posts I’m going to dig into getting the most out of these easily overlooked, yet extremely powerful functions hidden in plain sight. We’ll start with the most obvious, but there’s more hidden here and there within the Library module. The Library Filter Bar ...
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NASA Probe Snaps Selfie of Earth from 71 Million Miles Away

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, selfies are a byproduct of the sheer ubiquity of cameras. And part of the reason for this ubiquity is that optical technology has advanced so much – and become so much cheaper in the process – over the past two decades that it is astounding. Image from NASA/Goddard/University of Arizona/Lockheed Martin Space. Of course, one area where optical technology has really delivered some non-selfie dividends for humanity is in outer space where we receive photographs of a history-...
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Selfies and Pictures of Food for Everyone: Change to Instagram Makes Posting to Multiple Accounts Possible

Instagram just made a huge change that should make life easier for social media mavens around the world. You can now post your selfies and videos to multiple accounts simultaneously instead of having to log out of each one and posting it manually to each individual account. Image via OMKAR from DPReview reports that the option to post to multiple accounts pops up when you are prompted to add the caption, geotag the pic, or add hashtags to it. For their part, DPReview reports seeing...
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A Tokyo meal delivered the traditional way

Modern delivery motorbikes or more old-school Honda Super Cubs are the standard method these days for quickly, and efficiently, transporting meals around the capital. Now and again, however, it is still possible to see how things used to be done.
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Reader’s Lens | Under the bridge

Seattle Times reader Michael Uschold captured a quiet moment under the I-90 bridge.
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