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A Nation of Felicity Huffmans

A  thing that occurs to you if you attend an elite college or university, as I did, is that most of the professors teaching you are more or less the same beleaguered time-servers who would be teaching you at any other school. I well remember the sad, unshaven schlump in corduroys who taught one of my introductory English courses: He was fine. He knew his stuff. But so did the people who taught me English at my public high school. Sure, at name-brand colleges you can attend huge lectures given by...
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Bobbie Gentry's Box of Surprises

None Of all the major label box sets issued last year, perhaps the one whose commercial and critical success most took the market by surprise was Universal's The Girl From Chickasaw County, an eight-CD Bobbie Gentry package, rounding up everything the undervalued singer/songwriter recorded for Capitol, including a vast number of previously unreleased tracks. Why was its success a surprise? Well, despite her success as a writer, recording artist and live attraction, Gentry vanished from public l...
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Hands-On: The Piaget Altiplano Automatic 40mm With Meteorite Dial

A new dial falls to earth for Piaget's signature Altiplano ultra-thin.
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Excavating knowledge

Photo by Steve Wheeler Theories of learning can be useful in helping us to understand the possibilities of learning, and also to guide teachers in their pedagogical practice. But to which theories should we subscribe? Furthermore, in the digital age where every aspect of our lives is governed by technology, do the theories from the last century still have relevance? The following exploration of the theory known as 'constructivism' may present some clues:Learning relies on the individual...
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Christmas in Paris

December is especially nice to find Christmas decorations. Hotels have nicely decorated interiors and, of course, the department stores go all out. Galeries Lafayette always has a fabulous tree under its beautiful dome. The Piaget company probably paid for the tree-just a guess. Closer to the tree looking up at the dome.   Looking down. Underneath. A little boy looking in a lavishly decorated and animated department store window.   Some animation and music done periodically with the Christma...
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Christmas in Paris 2018: Galeries Lafayette

Today starts my annual coverage of the Christmas windows and festivities in Paris.   Galeries Lafayette is first up and this year the windows convey The Dream Factory, which includes theAdvent calendar, the gift factory, Santa Claus village, and New Year’s Eve dinner.   Inside is the towering Christmas tree stretching up to the top of the glass dome decorated with precious jewels from Piaget.   40 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Metro: Chaussee d'Antin  https://haussmann.g...
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Amazing Christmas window displays

One of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday season isn’t gift-getting, or gingerbread house-making, or tree-decorating — it’s perusing those eye-catching Christmas displays in shop windows. This time of year, stores go all out to make sure you’ll check out their wares, even if you never actually set foot inside the store itself. From Broadway-inspired scenes complete with costumes and props to glitzy, high-end displays, some of these windows are sheer works of art. Here are nine of the mos...
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Most beautiful Christmas trees

If you need a little help to get into the holiday spirit this year, get yourself a winter drink with a side of holiday treats and a tour of the world’s best and most elaborate Christmas trees. These towering pines (or sand piles, in some cases) are decked to the nines and shine brightly for celebrants around the world to enjoy. 1. Zócalo Christmas tree — Mexico City, Mexico Photo: Henryk Sadura/Shutterstock Christmas time in Mexico City welcomes the return of a gigantic tree in Zócalo Squ...
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Common sense: the Chomsky/Piaget debates come to AI

In 1975, Noam Chomsky and Jean Paiget held a historic debate about the nature of human cognition; Chomsky held that babies are born with a bunch of in-built rules and instincts that help them build up the knowledge that they need to navigate the world; Piaget argued that babies are effectively blank slates that acquire knowledge from experiencing the world (including the knowledge that there is a thing called "experience" and "the world"). For most of AI's history, Chomsky's approach preva...
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Meet the skinniest watch in the world

Only a handful of brands possess the mastery required to take an already-svelte wristwatch and slim it down to the absolute bare-minimum size. Among them? Piaget, Bulgari and Breguet. In 1957, Piaget introduced its 9P manual movement, which, at only 2 mm thickness, established the brand as the reigning authority in ultra-thin watchmaking, a specialty...
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Connected learning

Image from PXhere Connected learning is currently a popular phrase in education. It's the theme of my keynote speech to the EADL conference in Tallinn, Estonia in May 2019. Learning in the digital age involves a lot of technology, but fundamentally the role of the learner is still to explore, discover and acquire knowledge. Through technology, we can connect not only with content but also context - people, resources and ideas, and we can also share our own ideas for discussion and further...
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Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept Watch Hands-On

Piaget used to pride – and finance – itself on its long-term achievements in crafting remarkably thin watches. All was well as long as they could rule in this game, sometimes by greater and sometimes rather minuscule margins. In recent years, however, we have witnessed... The post Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept Watch Hands-On appeared first on aBlogtoWatch.
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Constructivism 2: The Cognitive Revolution

Jerome Bruner was was a prime mover in the emergence of the so-called ‘Cognitive Revolution,’ an intellectual movement in the 1950s that began what are known collectively as the cognitive sciences – an interdisciplinary study of the cognitive processes underlying the acquisition and use of knowledge. Continue Reading → The post Constructivism 2: The Cognitive Revolution appeared first on E-Learning Curve Blog.
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2018 Film Independent Spirit Awards Announces Brand Sponsors

Film Independent, the nonprofit arts organization that produces the Spirit Awards and the LA Film Festival, has announced its brand sponsors for the 2018 Film Independent Spirit Awards, being announced on Saturday, March 3rd. Now in its 33rd year, the Spirit Awards is an annual celebration (telecast on IFC) honoring artist-driven films made with an economy of means by filmmakers whose films embody independence and originality. The Spirit Awards recognizes the achievements of American independen...
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Piaget Possession & Extremely Lady Watches

Possession and Extremely Lady sound like fragrance collections, but they are actually two great new watch lines introduced by Piaget at SIHH in Geneva. Together, they are right on target for today’s ladies’ market, representing a few emerging trends in ladies’ watches. The most important of... The article Piaget Possession & Extremely Lady Watches first appeared on aBlogtoWatch and was written by Carol Besler.
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Piaget Altiplano Flying Tourbillon Stone Marquetry Dial Hands-On

Piaget blends traditional stone marquetry with their classic Altiplano design and 4.6mm thick Calibre 670P. The article Piaget Altiplano Flying Tourbillon Stone Marquetry Dial Hands-On first appeared on aBlogtoWatch and was written by David Bredan.
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Ten Extraordinary New Timepieces : Unexpected, inspiring and innovative wristwatches from Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Genève

With eyes ever-wandering to the whizzes and bangs of the smartwatch world, traditional luxury brands have amped up the wonders defining their own timepieces. To be honest, there's nothing quite like a watch. Even though people generally look to their...... Continue Reading...
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The Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept Is Now The Thinnest Mechanical Hand-Wound Watch In The World

Piaget is stamping its authority on all things ultra and thin, with the introduction of the Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept, which measures a gobsmacking two millimeters thick. The article The Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept Is Now The Thinnest Mechanical Hand-Wound Watch In The World first appeared on aBlogtoWatch and was written by Zach Pina.
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Introducing: The Piaget Altiplano Ultimate 910P, The World's Thinnest Automatic Wristwatch

Piaget is now the record-holder for the world's thinnest automatic wristwatch. Again.
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Rainy, fall Topanga Canyon wedding

Don’t know about you, but whenever we see rainy weddings like Amanda + Cody’s, we’re always left with that feeling that *everything turned out just as it should*. It’s certainly not something they anticipated when planning their outdoor ceremony at The 1909 in Topanga Canyon, but the whole day ended up being a perfect reflection of them and their quirky-cool moody fall style. See what we mean by perusing Mandee Johnson Photography‘s photos in the post! Amanda found Mandee Johnson + Sweet ...
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Piaget Altiplano 60th Anniversary Watches Hands-On

Piaget combines its expertise in ultra-thin movements with its fearless use of color to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Altiplano model. The article Piaget Altiplano 60th Anniversary Watches Hands-On first appeared on aBlogtoWatch and was written by Carol Besler.
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Breaking News: Valentin Piaget, The Creator Of The Calibers 9P And 12P, Has Died At Age 95

The grandson of Piaget's founder will be remembered for developing some of the most important ultra-thin movements of all time.
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Bring a Loupe: Some Funky 1970s Vibes With An Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Reference 5402 'A-Series,' A Piaget Beta 21, A Zenith 'Big Lemon,' And More

This week we're focusing on some memorable watches from the 1970s, starting with the iconic stainless steel Royal Oak from Audemars Piguet – a watch which, with an original price tag higher than that of contemporary gold dress watches, truly created the sport-luxury category. We've also found a Beta 21, the very first Swiss quartz caliber, here housed in a Piaget reference 14101 with a striking tiger's eye dial. The Zenith A3637 shows how it earned its "Big Lemon" nickname, while the Favre-Leuba...
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Hands-On: The Piaget Polo S Chronograph, A Luxury Sport Watch Under $13,000

My first vintage watch was an ultra-thin Piaget, which probably explains the infatuation I have for the brand. Understandably, the announcement of an upcoming "game changer" last year raised my expectations – and my doubts. July's release of the Polo S was dominated by polemics over its potential resemblance to some other iconic watches, overshadowing a bit the conversation about whether it might or might not be the crucial game-changing piece that Piaget had promised. More than nine months late...
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Hong Kong - A-level, GCSE, IB Diploma SAT SSAT - Tutors

Piaget’s theory is sometimes described as ‘genetic epistemology.’ ‘Genetic’ because he believed that the stages we progress through and the structures and
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Gcse pendulum coursework examples of idioms

Piaget’s theory is sometimes described as ‘genetic epistemology.’ ‘Genetic’ because he believed that the stages we progress through and the structures and
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Recommended Reading: Piaget CEO Chabi Nouri Talks About Being One Of The Few Women At The Top Of Richemont

As you may know, there have been some major shake ups at Richemont lately. George Kerns was announced as the new Head of Watchmaking, Marketing, and Digital and Jerome Lambert was announced as the Head of Operations – both gentlemen getting board seats in the process. In addition, back in February, Richemont announced that Chabi Nouri would be the new CEO of Piaget. This is huge news, not only because it represents a continued change at Richemont, but also because Nouri is one of very few women ...
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In The Shop: A 1960s Omega Genève 'Admiralty' Reference 135.015, A 1940s Gallet MultiChron 30M 'Clamshell' Chronograph, And A 1974 Piaget Dress Watch in White Gold

There is truly something for everyone this week – we’re firing on all cylinders over here. For sporty chronographs we have a Breitling Top Time reference 2002 with a gorgeous reverse panda dial and a wonderfully hefty Heuer Autavia reference 11630. On the other end of the spectrum, in the realm of dress watches, we've found a stunning white gold Piaget. A beautiful ladies' Rolex Oyster Perpetual reference 6917 in impeccable condition and a fun military-inspired Omega Admiralty round out our retu...
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