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Fred Hersch Trio Live at the Village Vanguard (concert review)

Fred Hersch Trio.Photo: John Rogers. Fred Hersch Trio Village Vanguard January 5, 2019 Sequenza 21 By Christian Carey   NEW YORK – Beginning the new year with a six-night long residency at the Village Vanguard, pianist Fred Hersch had a lot to celebrate. His current trio, in which he is joined by bassist John Hebert and drummer Kevin McPherson, has been together for a decade. They have received a Grammy nomination for their 2018 Palmetto Records CD Live in Europe. In December, Pa...
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Beyond the 88: A No-Fear Beginner’s Guide to Preparing the Piano

In my university music department, I run a weekly composition colloquium, bringing in guest composers and new music performers, as well as faculty speakers, with the latter often coming to talk about things like idiomatic writing and extended techniques for a particular instrument, or setting up a composer website, or digital publishing. A couple of years ago, some of my composition students asked me if I could spend one of those meetings on extended techniques for piano. I dug through my scores...
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Piano fetches $22 mln in Updata Partners-led round

Piano, a content monetization and audience intelligence technology company, has raised $22 million in Series B funding. Updata Partners led the round. PRESS RELEASE NEW YORK – January 10, 2019 — Piano, the leading content monetization and audience intelligence technology company, today announces it raised a $22M Series B funding round, led by Updata Partners. This comes as a result of Piano’s recent successes and corresponding growth, equipping it to build on star products and expand into new ma...
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Renzo Piano Design Will Replace Collapsed Bridge in Genoa

The design by the Genoan-born architect features 43 lamps to honor the 43 victims of the Morandi Bridge collapse last summer.
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Simone Dinnerstein in Recital at Miller Theatre

Photo: Lisa Marie Mazzucco.   Simone Dinnerstein in Recital Miller Theatre – Columbia University December 8, 2018 Published on By Christian Carey   NEW YORK – On Saturday, December 8th, pianist Simone Dinnerstein made a return appearance to Miller Theatre to perform an intriguing and eclectic solo recital. The stage was set with subdued lighting, with electric “candles” placed throughout and, over the course of the evening, small shifts of color. Ms. Dinnerstein, dre...
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Brendan Kavanagh (Dr K.) Teaching Boogie Woogie Piano at London Train Stations (Video)

Brendan Kavanagh (Dr K.) has been making some amazing headway of late on YouTube with teaching the London general public about Boogie Woogie piano. The Dr K. YouTube channel is now over 330,000 subscribers strong and it looks like it will be going higher even faster in 2019. Take some time and have a listen to Dr K. Make sure you also keep an eye out in a London Tube Station near you! The post Brendan Kavanagh (Dr K.) Teaching Boogie Woogie Piano at London Train Stations (Video) appeared fir...
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Today's Read: The Weight of a Piano by Chris Cander

What if you found yourself in possession of something you couldn't keep but that was your last link to your parents? This is what happens to 26-year-old Clara, when she realizes she must sell her piano, which is the only thing she owns that belonged to her late-parents. What ensues after she places her Craigslist ad, was totally unexpected. Here's how the book starts: Hidden in the dense forests high in the Romanian mountains, where the winters were especially cold and long, were spruce ...
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This incredible LEGO grand piano has moving parts

Prepare to be impressed: While it doesn't actually play music, this 2,798-piece miniature LEGO model of a concert grand piano does have 25 independently working keys, a removable keyboard, and a height-adjustable bench. It also has a working damper and pedal, a self-playing mode, a working piano lid, and more. LEGO master SleepyCow engineered it to contribute to LEGO Ideas in the hopes that it will be voted in to be mass produced as a retail kit. He writes: Ever since I started learning musi...
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Piano teams up with True[x] to combine advertising and paywalls

Nearly every online publisher has launched or announced a paywall — but of course, even the ones who are successful won’t convince every reader, or even the majority of readers, to sign up. Now Piano and True[x] say they’ve found more effective way to monetize the rest of the audience, without threatening crucial subscription revenue. Piano is a company that’s built a range of publisher tools, including paywall and subscription management. True[X], meanwhile, is an adtech company that was acquir...
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The Really Useful Chord Progression Poster is really useful

After many people found the Really Useful Piano Poster really useful the company is back on Kickstarter with a poster that songwriters will find… really useful. Earlier in the year we shared a Kickstarter campaign for the Really Useful Piano Poster, a massive A1 poster featuring all the vital information on piano chords, 48 scales and a digestible dive into music theory. The campaign was a huge success and the poster now hangs on many a wall and is now available outside of a fundraiser. Now ...
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Play it again Sam! / La copie du pianiste?

THE ORIGINAL? Pioneer Car Audio Systems –  2007 “Let the road play” Agency : Mc Cann Erickson, Madrid   (Spain) LESS ORIGINAL Viva Street Festival –   2018 “Street music is art ” Agency : Core4, Bratislava (Slovakia) [Author: Joe La Pompe]
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An upbeat piano cover of Michael Jackson's 'Beat It'

Hungarian pianist Peter Bence covers popular songs by performers like Sia, Queen (check out his "Don't Stop Me Now"), and The Beatles. His latest cover is "Beat It" by Michael Jackson and it might well be the most chipper version of it I've ever heard. Absolutely delightful! (The Awesomer)
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This Korg keyboard plays with you to help you learn

Learning to play an instrument is a long process and it’s a lot easier when you have someone to play along with. What could be better than accompaniment from the keyboard itself? Korg have unveiled their EK-50, an entertainment keyboard made for any level of player. It sets itself apart by “growing with you” with an entire backing band that accompanies whatever you play with increasingly advanced functions as your skill grows. The EK-50 uses a function which they call ‘Styles’ to follow and ...
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James Romig – Still (CD Review)

James Romig Still Ashlee Mack, piano New World Records 80802   Composer James Romig has spent the past twenty years cultivating a body of work that embodies both rigorous structuring and a wide-ranging gestural palette. As is explained in Bruce Quaglia’s excellent liner notes for Romig’s first New World CD, Still, there is good reason for these two aspects to be so important to Romig. His training as a composer was with American modernists Charles Wuorinen and Milton Babbit...
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Life is…

More life. [Author: Doug]
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Pianist Henry Butler dead at 69

If you love New Orleans-style piano or simply subscribe to joy, the music of Henry Butler would be welcome in your home. Gospel, old school rhythm and blues, Caribbean-tinged jazz and, of course, that signature syncopated New Orleans sound made renowned by musical luminaries like Jellyroll Morton and Professor Longhair--Butler could play it all. And he did. His playing challenges the ears, turning well-known standards up on their ends to show listeners what's inside of them. Sadly, we're a...
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Apple’s latest GarageBand will help you learn an instrument, for free

Can GarageBand for macOS make music more accessible? The newest release brings free lessons for those wanting to learn. And on another note, it provides crucial bug fixes for blind users. For a lot of Mac users, GarageBand will be the first taste of music making with technology. So it’s important Apple gets it right. There’s not really any direct comparison on another platform like this, either – GarageBand is available as a free install for new Macs, and yet provides an easy window into the s...
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Soaking | Piano Instrumental [Episode 86, June 21, 2018]

Soaking – Piano Instrumental “Soaking” – there are so many ways to think of this word.  You may think of soaking in sunshine, in a warm bath, or in the peace and tranquility of a peaceful river.   Perhaps you think of soaking under a waterfall, or the sound of ocean waves.   In some religious circles,... The post Soaking | Piano Instrumental [Episode 86, June 21, 2018] appeared first on Fred McKinnon, Pianist, Composer.
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Reinier van Houdt at Dog Star 14

The 14th annual Dog Star concert series rolled into The Wild Beast at CalArts on June 9, 2018 and featured the Los Angeles appearance of the noted Dutch pianist Reinier van Houdt. A fine crowd assembled in The Beast despite a brush fire that shut down two lanes of the local freeway. Four contemporary solo piano pieces were on the program as well as Concert for Piano and Orchestra, by John Cage. Layers for Piano, by Nomi Epstein, opened the program and began with a series of soft, single notes f...
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Enjoy these delightful piano lessons from Mikael Jorgensen of Wilco

I don't play piano but I just can't get enough of this series of music lessons from my pal Mikael Jorgensen of Wilco and Quindar. The clips are smart. Funny. Earnest. And weird. Just like Mikael.
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LABS is a free series of sound tools for everyone, and you’ll want it now

Everyone’s talking these days it seems about new users and finding an entry way into production. But Spitfire’s take is pretty irresistible: give you some essential sounds you can use anywhere, then charge you … nothing. Spitfire Audio are a little bit like the “recording studio, engineers, and world-class rented orchestra” you … never had. These are exceptionally detailed sample libraries, including collaborations with Hans Zimmer and Ólafur Arnalds. LABS is something different. Spitfire says...
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The Simple Things – Solo Piano Instrumental [Episode 78, May 17, 2018]

About this piece: “The Simple Things” is a piano instrumental for prayer, meditation, worship, and relaxation.  Today as I was taking my morning walk with my Golden Retriever, Sadie, I couldn’t help but notice a patch of purple wildflowers. They were growing in a nearby patch of grass. As I stopped at the simplicity and... The post The Simple Things – Solo Piano Instrumental [Episode 78, May 17, 2018] appeared first on Fred McKinnon, Pianist, Composer.
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Crudebyte brings a significant raft of new features to Colossus Piano 2.0

Crudebyte have been responsible for a number of interesting and powerful instrument apps and audio units for iOS. Now Colossus Piano 2.0 arrives with a bunch of new features and of course a range of fixes as one would expect. Introduces “App States”. Introduces native iPhone X support. Significant speed improvements when switching between piano models and/or sound variants. Unified tuning dialog with master tune, static scale tuning and dynamic tuning (Hermode Tuning). Adds extended features to...
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The ONE Smart Keyboard Pro lets you tickle the ivories with ease

While the ONE Smart Keyboard Pro doesn’t have a sweet demo tune nor can it play barking dog Jingle Bells without some help, it can teach you or your kids how to play piano. The elegant keyboard has 88 weighted keys that simulate a true mechanical piano and connects to your phone so you can learn to play at your own pace. The Keyboard Pro costs $799 and is essentially a compact teaching keyboard. It can connect to your iOS or Android devices via an oddly shaped USB B cable and once it’s paired...
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The evolution of music from 1680 to 2017

I enjoyed the piano stylings of Lord Vinheteiro in this "Evolution of Music" video**. He plays a little music from each year, starting with 1680 and ending with 2017. There's Beethoven, Iron Maiden, Aqua, and more. Another fun video of his has him playing the soundtrack and sound effects from Super MarioWorld on the piano along with the video game itself. **Though I found his staring at the camera a bit jarring!
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Learning piano is simple when you have a Really Useful poster

Learning an instrument is hard but should but worth it and this single wall poster may be the step you need to start playing the piano. What can just one poster do? Well if it’s the Really Useful poster then it could potentially teach you everything you need to get started playing the piano. Big enough to fit in loads of vital lessons, small enough to hang on the wall just above your piano/keyboard, just the right size to master the basics of piano scales and chords. The Really Useful Poster C...
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I am so scared about where my site will end up in search results when I add the words TASTEFUL PORN to this title

Yesterday I was sitting among 10 other mothers (and one dad!) at the School Community Council meeting when the topic turned to porn and the danger it poses to our children and I might have just then slid off of my chair to hide underneath...
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Worship Interludes: Restoration [Episode 66, February 22, 2018]

Yesterday I was talking to some friends about the word “Restore” and “Restoration”.   This is a word that I’m focusing on in 2018.   There have been some things I’ve lost – that I’ve let slip in my life – and I am hoping to see them restored. In the end, restoration is beautiful.   Most things that are restored are more strong and beautiful than before – many times, even better than the original condition.   When we see something restored we are in awe. But we lose sight of the reality that the...
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EP Review: Léah Lazonick – “Movimenti della Luna d’Oro”

All it takes is 12 minutes to wow us. With a sense of movement falling somewhere between the piano phrasings of Cage (thinking The Seasons, from ‘47) and Glass’ more emotionally driven Metamorphosis, Brooklyn-based composer Léah Lazonick offers us the beautific Movimenti della Luna d’Oro, translation: Movements of the Moon of Gold, a chamber suite in three parts now available on Francis Harris’ Kingdoms label. And it’s a singular accomplishment, if only for the fact that Lazonick unwinds her wor...
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Ave César

Right now (until March 26) there is a César exhibition at Centre Pompidou. César Baldaccini (1921-98) was a French sculptor (Italian parents). His works include “compressions”, “expansions”, “human imprints”, “welded-metal sculptures”…  e.g. the top picture, a bat.  Here are some samples of these various techniques and uses of different materials… We can for example see “The Thumb”, now exposed in- and outside the Centre Pompidou - a permanent large version is to be found at ...
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