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I am back in Arizona. I have good memories of my boy wrangling time in California. My daughter in law returned to find all five of them well and fed. I even watched the youngest play two baseball games. They are young enough that they say they don’t keep score (I bet the adults do) but a lot of hits and runs occured. We had some beautiful weather while I was there too. A lovely park near my son’s home. Red wood trees are everywhere. I saw this in a grocery store. I don’t know ...
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Heading Back

I have decidedto head back to Arizona to spend some more time with my Mom and hopefully get her settled in a nice assisted living place. I had a good time with my five grandsons in California, a beautiful area. The pretty entrance to a Piedmont park. The lovely interior of a home I passed during my many walks. My son has a huge van that I was afraid to drive. I saw this in a yard. I don’t know what it was for but I like it. An entrance looking rather castle like. There...
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What do you say when an Italian wishes you "Good luck!"?

A guest post by Lucia de Zuani   "In bocca al lupo" (in the wolf’s mouth) is a typical way that Italians wish someone "Good luck!"  How should you respond to this augurio? Some say you should reply “Crepi!” (He can die!)  Others suggest “Grazie!”  Both are correct, but there are, in fact, two different interpretations. In medieval times il lupo was considered the personification of danger and evil. The phrase "in bocca al lupo"  implied pulling away an evil influence. In this context, it would...
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Suburb Staid No More: A California-French Family Remake a Bay Area House

When we first met Stéphanie Ross several years ago, she had a hint of plaster dust in her hair. That was at Remodelista’s San Francisco Market, where she was showing her children’s clothing line, Les Petits Carreaux (now available at Anthropologie and in some women’s sizes, too). At the time, she had just about finished resuscitating her family’s apartment near the Champs-Élysées—we took a tour and immediately featured it: see A Grand but Understated Flat in Paris. And she was also getting start...
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Up All Night with American – Part 2: Simulators, Hangars, and Ops Towers

Welcome to the second half of my long night with American. In my post about the first half of the night, I wrote about our time in the Integrated Operations Center (IOC). Today, I’ll pick up where exhaustion set in with a look at our visit to the flight simulators, maintenance hangars, and American’s DFW tower. (Note: All times Central) [Disclosure: American provided flights and hotel for this event] 1:53am Feeling rather proud of my airport code quiz victory, I felt a burst...
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Production of fedora hats - in pictures

Borsalino’s prized felt hats are handmade by 80 workers in its Piedmont factory, using hot water, steam and craftsmanship to transform rabbit fur into highly prized creations. Continue reading...
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Trail Dog: Rock Castle Gorge Loop

Jack’s Trail Review February 18, 2019 Rock Castle Gorge Loop; elevation ranges from 3572 at the top of the gorge to 1700 at the parking area off CC Camp Road (VA Rte 605) Blue Ridge Parkway; Rocky Knob National Recreation Area. Hi! My name is Jack and I am a 9 ½ year old border collie and I am a trail runner. Like most humans, I found my way onto trail by luck and accident, in need for something to fill the time.  Even though I was born and raised on a sheep farm and trained by the bes...
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Marella Agnelli, widow of Fiat tycoon, dies at 91 in Turin

Italian state TV and news agency ANSA say Marella Agnelli, widow of Fiat tycoon Gianni Agnelli and a 20th-century symbol of elegance, has died at her family home in Turin, in Italy's northern Piedmont region, at 91. Piedmont Gov. Sergio Chiamparino says Italy has lost an illustrious figure known for "grace and elegance."
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Man trying to enter France from Italy dies of hypothermia

Derman Tamimou from Togo found lying unconscious on side of road between Piedmont and Hautes-AlpesFrench magistrates have opened an inquiry into “involuntary manslaughter” after a man died of hypothermia after trying to cross into France from Italy.A truck driver found Derman Tamimou from Togo on Thursday morning, lying unconscious on the side of a highway that links the northern Italian region of Piedmont with France’s Hautes-Alpes. He was taken to hospital in the French town of Briançon, but i...
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Nigerian man kills himself in Italy after residence permit denial

Prince Jerry, 25, ‘fell into deep depression’ after losing appeal to stay in country, say sources A Nigerian man killed himself in Italy after authorities denied him a residence permit, a charity that hosted him has said.Prince Jerry, 25, was a chemistry graduate and was continuing his studies at university having arrived from Libya on a boat two and a half years ago. In mid-January his appeal to stay in the country was rejected and he “fell into a deep depression”, according to sources close to...
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What I’m Doing This Year to Learn About Wine

I only recently started drinking wine. Until age 40 I actually didn’t drink at all, so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Far from becoming a lush, what I really want to do is learn about wine in all its fascinating variations (or varietals!) and hone my palate into a greater ability to recognize the finest of flavours. This year my main resolution is to be more dedicated to learning about wine in various, more structured ways than I’ve used so far. Talking about this goal with friends, I find...
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10 Most Beautiful Towns & Villages of Piedmont, Italy

If you are dreaming of a relaxing Italian holiday filled with excellent food and wine, breath-taking sights, and peaceful locations, look no farther. Catherine takes us on a tour of the ten most beautiful towns and villages of Piedmont, Italy. Piedmont, Italy has solidified its reputation as a prime destination for foodies who enjoy Italian cuisine. The rolling vineyards produce amazing wines while the region’s bountiful supply of white truffles gives the area a unique flavour profile you’ll b...
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Here's the Weather Forecast for the Super Blood Wolf Moon of 2019 Tonight!

It's time for the total lunar eclipse of 2019 and if you're hoping to catch the amazing event, you better check your weather first. The National Weather Forecast for the lunar eclipse tonight (Jan. 20) is basically a coin toss for depending upon where you plan to be. It appears that about half of the United States will have clear skies which will provide a good backdrop for observing tonight's total lunar eclipse. For the rest of the nation, cloudiness will vary in degree from provi...
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Traditional Italian meat dishes

When it comes to Italian food, there are the basic you know and love: pizza and Italian pasta dishes. Maybe you think of some meatballs, prosciutto, and other sliced salumi as well. But there’s so much more to the beloved food of Italy. Italian cuisine is highly regional and varies place to place (as does the regional Italian wine and food pairings). Some of the variation dates back to tradition, some is due to what’s available in the area. Meat dishes are one of the clearest examples of thi...
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Kick your cold to the curb with these natural cold remedies

Have you ever wondered if natural cold remedies really work? When you catch a cold, chances are you are going to be sick for a week or two. But you don’t have to be miserable. There is no cure for the common cold, but there are natural ways to help yourself feel better faster. Here are some of the most common natural cold remedies that actually work, and what they do to help ease those cold symptoms. Vitamin C There is no proof that vitamin C prevents colds, but it does boost your immune sy...
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The Circle is Complete: ExpressJet’s Long Journey Ends Where It Began

It has been a long road for the regional carrier ExpressJet, but the recent announcement that ExpressJet would be acquired by United (through a subsidiary) brings the airline right back to where it started. It returns to its roots as a partner-owned regional airline flying only for that partner, Continental’s corporate successor. ExpressJet began life as many regional airlines did… by rolling up a bunch of different operators into one bigger one. In this case, it was the doing of Frank Lore...
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Happy New Year in Italian!

Happy New Year! New Year’s Eve as we know it was an invention of the ancient Romans. In 153 B.C. they moved the start of the new year from the Spring equinox to January 1 and dedicated the first month of the year to Janus, the two-faced god of beginnings, who looks back toward the old year and ahead toward the new one.  For six days, Romans celebrated by hanging lights, preparing lavish banquets and decorating their houses with boughs of greenery, including holly and mistletoe (considered magi...
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Report: Carbon monoxide fumes kill French tourists in Italy

ROME (AP) — An Italian news agency is reporting that two French tourists have died of carbon monoxide poisoning in northwest Italy. The ANSA news agency said the 57-year-old tourists were found dead on Tuesday in a two-room house in Monterosso Grana, a small mountain town near Cuneo, in the Piedmont region that borders France. […]
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25 good California wines that you can get for $25 or less

In California, even wine haters know about the rock-star regions of Napa and Sonoma. But there are many worthwhile places all over the state that are unjustly ignored, belittled, or forgotten, even by passionate fans of California wine. Lately, many of those places have been gaining respect. This year, the trend strengthened. Lodi, Livermore, Anderson Valley, Carmel Valley, Arroyo Seco, Edna Valley — all produce excellent wine and a few stars. A smattering of them are on this list (I could have ...
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Our Guide to the Best Things to Do in Turin, Italy

While many of Italy’s cities are overcrowded with tourists, Turin remains off the tourist trail – for now. This city of culture, history, cuisine, and breath-taking views of the Alps won’t stay a secret for long. Find out why in our guide to the best things to do in Turin, Italy. Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice; when people think of Italy, those are usually the cities that come to mind first. While travelling to any of these places will likely result in a fantastic trip, these are major tourist ...
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Fiat Chrysler may review $5.7 billion plan if Italy taxes diesel, petrol cars

Fiat Chrysler (FCA) could review its 5 billion euro ($5.7 billion) Italian investment plan, which includes a shift to cleaner engines, if Rome raises taxes on petrol and diesel cars. "Were these measures to be confirmed as of 2019, a thorough examination of their impact and an update to plans already announced would be necessary," FCA's Europe head, Pietro Gorlier, said in a letter to government representatives in the northern Piedmont region, where some of the new investment would be targete...
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Overlooked wine and cheese pairings

Wine and cheese is a classic, if very Eurocentric, combination. It’s talked about extensively by pretty much anyone who’s a fan of fine dining, and wine and cheese pairings are served everywhere from at-home wine parties to the fanciest wineries and restaurants. All the attention is for good reason. Tart or juicy wine is the best companion to a fatty, creamy cheese. Plus, few things can bring as much joy as either of these things on their own, so putting them together only seems right. It’s e...
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Best barbecue in North Carolina

People are passionate when it comes to food. No matter where you are, people light up when asked about their favorite regional delicacy. Yet where there’s passion, there’s bitter division. Just try telling a New Yorker that real pizza is deep dish and see how far you get. Ask a Chilean about the Peruvian roots of the Pisco Sour (or vice-versa) and get ready for a fight. There’s an equally bitter feud smoldering in my home state of North Carolina: the battle between Eastern and Western (also ...
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Native Plants in Containers

I visited a fascinating native plants garden this past week, the Mount Cuba Center in Hockessin, Delaware.  A botanical garden devoted to the native plants of Delaware’s Piedmont plateau, Mt. Cuba is preserving 1,000 acres of this special habitat.  It also provides object lessons about how you can use native plants in your own landscape, whether formal or informal. I was especially interested in the container plantings, which had, to my eye, a special kind of beauty.  They also provided examples...
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The Best Things to do in Aosta Valley Italy for Slow Travellers

Good things come in small packages, and that’s true of the tiny region of Aosta Valley, Italy. Gemma shares why this corner of the Alps is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and slow travellers. Read on to learn all the best things to do in Aosta Valley, Italy. Situated in the most northern corner of Italy, the Aosta Valley is a peaceful, stunningly beautiful area nestled amongst the Italian Alps.  The region is steeped in history and tradition, is one of the quietest parts of the country, and is...
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Native Plants in Containers  by  Thomas Christopher

I visited a fascinating native plants garden this past week, the Mount Cuba Center in Hockessin, Delaware.  A botanical garden devoted to the native plants of Delaware’s Piedmont plateau, Mt. Cuba is preserving 1,000 acres of this special habitat.  It also provides object lessons about how you can use native plants in your own landscape, whether formal or informal. I was especially interested in the container plantings, which had, to my eye, a special kind of beauty.  They also provided examples...
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Parents object to possible release of accused priest

PIEDMONT, S.D. (AP) — Some parents in Piedmont are objecting to the possible release of a Rapid City priest accused of sexually abusing a 13-year-old child. A defense attorney for John Praveen has asked a judge to release the defendant to the supervision of Catholic diocese at Casa Maria, a property in Piedmont for retired […]
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Under and Over the Moon in the Italian Language

Gibigiana Reflected light, moonglow “Why do you keep going back to Italy?” a curious friend asks “For the moonglow,” I reply, only half-joking. I could have answered with a single melodic Italian word: gibigiana (spelled in various ways, including gibigianna). I learned it only recently, from an Italophile as besotted as I by the reflected moonlight (chiaro di luna) on the Tyrrhenian sea off the Tuscan coast. An Italian dictionary defines gibigiana as a “balenìo di luce riflesso dall’acqua o d...
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Handler asleep, wakes in Chicago

Falling asleep on the job is always a very bad idea, but you’ve got nothing to worry about if you don’t get caught. In this baggage handler’s case, getting caught would have actually made his life a whole lot easier. Early Saturday morning, the 27-year-old fell asleep in the cargo hold of a Piedmont Airlines plane departing Kansas City for Chicago. The ground crew found him once the flight landed in Chicago, though it’s unclear whether he was asleep or awake at the time. A spokesperson for Am...
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