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Mother And Son Found Safe After Bloody Crime Spree

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Police Search For Mother And Son After Bloody Crime Spree

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Sheriff: Stockton Man Arrested For Antioch First Responders Drive-By, Discovery Bay Murder

ANTIOCH (CBS13) – A Stockton man suspected of a drive-by shooting that injured a firefighter and paramedic in Antioch is now accused of murdering a person in Discovery Bay, according to the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office. The first responders were shot in a drive-by while assisting a person who was suffering a medical emergency on Saturday night, authorities said. Just before 9 p.m., they arrived at the 1900 block of Auto Center Drive to tend to the citizen when the suspect, identified Sun...
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Firefighter, Medic Shot In Antioch Drive-By While Tending To Citizen Suffering Medical Emergency

ANTIOCH (CBS13) – A firefighter and a paramedic were shot in a drive-by while assisting a person who was suffering a medical emergency in Antioch on Saturday night, authorities said. Just before 9 p.m., First responders arrived at the 1900 block of Auto Center Drive to tend to a citizen when a suspect in an SUV drove by twice and fired several shots at the group, the Antioch Police Department said. The paramedic, a 51-year-old man, and the firefighter, a 38-year-old man, suffered what police sai...
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Pair Of Alleged Car Burglary Suspects Arrested In Vacaville

VACAVILLE (CBS13) — Police are crediting watchful citizens who gave a good description with helping catch a pair of alleged thieves who were targeting cars at a Vacaville apartment complex early Monday morning. Vacaville police say, a little before 2 a.m., they got a report about a suspect being seen looking into vehicles. He was also allegedly seen opening the toolbox in the bed of a truck. Officers got to the scene in time to catch the suspects as they were leaving the parking lot. The suspect...
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Undeniable Mathematical Evidence the 2020 Election is Being Stolen

Reprinted with permission from The Red Elephants. . AmmoLand Editors Note: This reprint is only part of the complete article documenting the theft of the 2020 Presidential Election. Check the master page for full and continuing updates. It is important that gun owners are made aware of this as the Biden Administration will be an existential threat to your right to keep and bear arms. All Images property of Undeniable Mathematical Evidence the Elect...
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First California amusement park plans to reopen under state guidelines

California’s oldest amusement park is preparing to become the first amusement park to reopen under the state’s new COVID-19 health and safety guidelines following a seven-month coronavirus closure. The 1907 Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk plans to reopen in November after Santa Cruz County moved into the orange/moderate tier 3 risk level under Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy. “We are making plans, but nothing is set in stone yet,” Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Marq Lipton said. “We don...
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"Ask yourself: do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters? Really?"

Joe Biden went to Pittsburg today, where he read a speech indoors. Here's the video. I can't tell if he has an audience. There's no engagement with any questioners. I don't really know how this is different from speaking from his own home, but it was presented in the press as an important occasion. The NYT says: "Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Monday issued a forceful rebuttal to President Trump’s misleading charges that he would preside over a country wracked by disorder and lawlessness...." I watched ...
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Up to 40% of Small Businesses in Major US Cities in Danger of Closing

A survey by LendingTree reveals up to 40% of small businesses in major US cities risk closing. between 24% and 40% of businesses in the nation’s 50 metropolitan areas risk closure if business doesn’t return to normal. The analysis based on the U.S. Census Bureau’s Small Business Pulse Survey foreshadows a tough summer for small businesses. The survey covered the nation’s largest 50 metro areas based on the amount of cash they had in hand. LendingTree Business Closure Survey The sobering resul...
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Gov. Newsom Warns That California Will Be Retightening Stay-At-Home Order

PITTSBURG (KPIX) — The continuing surge of coronavirus cases in California and the upcoming Fourth of July holiday weekend will force a rollback in the state’s phased reopening plans, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced on Tuesday. Newsom previewed new measures as California once again shattered its daily record for new COVID-19 cases – with some 8,300 new infections from Sunday to Monday. Over the last 24 hours, Newsom said there were 6,376 new cases, with hospitalizations up 6.3 percent, ICU patients ...
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5 Indicted In Gun Store Burglary In Vacaville

VACAVILLE (CBS13) – Five people were indicted Thursday for a burglary that occurred at a gun shop on June 1 in which over 70 firearms were stolen, U.S. Attorney McGregor W. Scott announced. Donte Marcel Anderson, 31, of Antioch, Desteny Estrella Leilani Salazar, 22, of San Francisco, Donley Thompson, 27, of Pinole, Tracy Whitfield, 31, of Pittsburg, and Adrian Oscar Duran, 23, of San Francisco, face charges of possession of a stolen firearm and burglary of a federally licensed firearms dealer. A...
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Through civil asset forfeiture, police become the real looters

After weeks of protest in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, the country was thrown into an important dialogue about police reform. Massive protests have forced ending qualified immunity, halting military transfers to police stations, disbanding police unions, and even reconsidering police budgets to rapidly become top legislative priorities. However, the conversation has not always remained on the topic of reform. Many bad-faith actors who would like to distract from such conversations, focused...
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Read all of Inman’s state-by-state market snapshots here

The pandemic's impacts have varied across the country. Inman has put together data on those impacts and talked to dozens of agents on the front lines.
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Catching Up With Henry Repeating Arms Daniel Clayton-Luce

U.S.A. –-( Got Lever Action? If the answer is No, then my condolences to you because really don’t know what you’re missing out on! A combination of fine American Steel, Wood, and Brass. Hand cranking everything from 22lr all the way up to 45-70 into the chamber always equals fun and enjoyment. Founded by Louis & Anthony Imperato, in Brooklyn NY. Henry Repeating Arms has been producing the highest quality Lever Actions based on Benjamin Tyler Henry’s original rifle since 1996. ...
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Read all of Inman’s state-by-state market snapshots here

The pandemic's impacts have varied across the country. Inman has put together data on those impacts, and talked to dozens of agents on the front lines.
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SPC Tornado Watch 134 Status Reports


Pittsburg Man Accused Of Multiple Car Burglaries Over The Weekend In Auburn

AUBURN (CBS13) — A Pittsburg man was arrested on six counts of burglary in Auburn this weekend in connection to multiple car burglaries. Auburn police say officers responded to eight of car burglaries on Saturday afternoon in the city of Auburn. Two detectives investigating the burglaries obtained a suspect and suspect vehicle description that led a Placer County Sheriff’s deputy to pull over and detain a suspect. READ: El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office Looking To Identify Burglary Suspects Inve...
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Who is USC 4-star WR Gary Bryant Jr. from Centennial?

Centennial’s wide receiver Gary Bryant (1) returns the opening kickoff against Pittsburg in the first half of the game Friday in Corona, CA. August 25, 2017. (TERRY PIERSON,THE PRESS-ENTERPRISE/SCNG) Portrait of Centennial senior wide receiver Gary Bryant Jr., who has been chosen The Press-Enterprise’s Offensive Player of the Year for the 2019 football season, on Monday Dec. 17, 2019. (Photo by Milka Soko, Contributing Photographer) Sound The gallery will resume in seconds Cente...
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Notre Dame Fire Reveals Gap in Safety Regulations for Toxic Lead-Dust

(PARIS) — It took a blaze that nearly destroyed Paris’ most famous cathedral to reveal a gap in global safety regulations for lead, a toxic building material found across many historic cities. After the Notre Dame fire in April spewed dozens of tons of toxic lead-dust into the atmosphere in just a few hours, Paris authorities discovered a problem with the city’s public safety regulations: There was no threshold for them to gauge how dangerous the potentially-deadly pollution was from the du...
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Down Range Radio #623: A Concealed Carry Expo

This week, it’s all about the U.S. Concealed Carry Association Expo and training session in Pittsburg! Down Range Radio – Podcast Episode #623. Scroll down for reference links on topics discussed in this episode. Disclaimer: The statements and opinions expressed here are our own and may not represent those of the companies we represent or any entities affiliated to it. Host: Michael Bane Producer: Marshal Halloway More information and reference links: MichaelBane.TV Michael Bane on Facebook...
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Outdoor Updates: U.N. report finds unprecedented loss of biodiversity threatens humanity

U.N. report finds unprecedented loss of biodiversity threatens humanity A summary released last week by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services has found that there are dire, unprecedented threats to biodiversity and human survival currently taking place across the globe. The report, which will be released in full later this year, found that approximately 1 million plant and animal species face extinction and that in the last 120 years the ...
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Justice Department charge Deep Dot Web administrators with money laundering

U.S. prosecutors have formally brought charges against the alleged co-owners and administrators of Deep Dot Web, who were arrested Tuesday. Tal Prihar, 37, and Michael Phan, 34 — both Israeli citizens — were charged with one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering, according to a newly unsealed indictment. Prihar, who resided in Brazil, was arrested by French police in Paris on Monday, while Phan was arrested by Israeli police in a simultaneous raid. The two are accused of making millions...
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Garden inspired wedding ideas at The Big Fake Wedding Pittsburg

It’s sunny, it’s May, and there’s only one thing we’re inspired by right now… FLOWERS. Particularly the wild and colorful kind. That was the concept behind The Big Fake Wedding‘s event in Pittsburg, full of free-spirited and folksy wedding ideas with a bohemian ceremony and a cool, casual indie reception. See more in the photos Emily Havranek, Kayla Bri, & Requiem Images shared! For their portrait sesh at Pittsburg’s HIP at the Flashlight Factory, the team chose a light and airy wedding gown ...
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Associate Planner at City of Pittsburg in Pittsburg, CA

The City of Pittsburg seeks an ASSOCIATE PLANNER for the Planning Division in the Community Development Department. Join Team Pittsburg to do meaningful work that has a real impact on the community!
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College Intern (Planning) at City of Pittsburg, CA in Pittsburg, CA

The City of Pittsburg's Planning Department is looking for an INTERN to assist with various projects.
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Pittsburg principal allegedly shot by wife dies from injuries

A principal in Pittsburg who police say was shot by his wife during a "domestic altercation" at their home has passed away.
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Pedaling through timber reserves and history in Columbia County

A second-growth timber reserve on Camp 9 Road in Columbia County.(Photos: Jonathan Maus/BikePortland) I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where we ride. Whether I’m in on the streets of inner northeast Portland, or way out in the middle of the woods, I want to go below the surface and beyond the pretty views. I want to know about the people who lived on the land long before we pedaled through. I want to know what they did, what they cared about, and why they’re no longer there. When it comes...
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Kansas ordered to pay $48M to ex-pizza magnate Gene Bicknell

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — A judge has ordered Kansas to pay $48 million to settle a long-running legal fight with former pizza magnate Gene Bicknell. Bicknell once owned the most Pizza Hut franchises in the nation. His legal fight with Kansas centered on whether the Pittsburg native lived in Kansas or in Florida when he […]
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Senior Planner at City of Pittsburg in Pittsburg, CA

The City of Pittsburg seeks a SENIOR PLANNER for the Planning Division in the Community Development Department.
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What Does the ABC Trails Plan Mean For Kansas?

With the recent approval of the ABC Trails Plan, Allen, Bourbon, and Crawford counties have become the first rural Kansas counties to collaborate on an active transportation plan. The plan is comprehensive and ambitious, featuring both short-term and long-term projects, consisting of bike routes, rail-trails, singletrack trails, scenic and historic bicycle touring and bikepacking routes, and connections to other regional, state, and national trail and route networks. Here are some quick project ...
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