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2020 High School Graduates Can Get a Free Pizza Hut Pizza Today

High school graduates from the class of 2020 and their families can get a free medium pizza from Pizza Hut today.Read more...
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16 May 2020 Playlist: Don’t Write With a Peach

Just in case you didn’t know it’s Saturday….it’s Saturday. Congratulations. Celebrate with a playlist of amusing mayhem curated especially for you. The immortal Fishbone kicks off with appropriate songs for this time we live in. A medley of celebrities impersonating various things and other celebs on The Graham Norton Show. My favorite TED Talk of all time, starring Sir Ken Robinson. The only person who could safely keep Don Rickles in his place: Groucho ...
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Detroit-style pizza guide

Thankfully, the rest of the world has caught on to the cheesy wonder that is Detroit-style pizza, but when I was growing up in Michigan, that was the only kind of pizza I knew. I didn’t realize how special the crispy crusts were, with cheese caramelized right out to the edges. And as far as the shape went, which most people tend to fixate on, I grew up assuming square was the classic pizza shape. I caught on to the triangle style the rest of the country knows and loves after a while, but it w...
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7 types of Italian pizza

Pizza is loved around the world. There are many American styles with fierce defenders, like New York style and New Haven’s apizza (no, that’s not a typo), which vary from the pies made at the cherished pizza shops of Paris, which are different from the pizza in Buenos Aires. But hands down, the most famous pizza in the world comes from Italy. Pizza, along with an overwhelming number of pastas, is often the first food people think of when they imagine Italian cuisine. Yet there’s no one Itali...
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How to Make a Frozen Pizza Less Sad

I am not above eating a frozen anything, much less a frozen pizza, but I cannot help but make modifications. Even the best frozen pizza can benefit from a few tweaks or finishing touches. (This does not apply to Totino’s Party Pizza, which is its own unique, some would say “perfect,” product.)Read more...
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Best pizza restaurants in Phoenix

Phoenix is a slice of pizza heaven. Yes, that Phoenix, the one where it’s nearly hot enough in the summer to cook said pizza on the sidewalk. While Chicago and New York were dueling it out for pizza supremacy, Phoenix was quietly building an army of pizza joints that could dethrone Naples. We’re talking true temples of dough, some stylish, some artisan, and some traditional. While there’s no “Phoenix-style” or even “Arizona-style” pizza, you can find places that have perfected just about ever...
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Make Your Own Self-Rising Flour

The widespread flour shortages have created a situation where we’re grateful just to get our hands on whatever we can get. Whole wheat flour, all-purpose flour, cake flour, whatever bag is left on the bare shelves, we’ve probably just grabbed it and been happy we could get anything at all. Read more...
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Delightful clip of a pizza-loving groundhog

Pizza Rat has got nothing on this Philadelphia groundhog who casually walked up to a glass door and casually munched on a slice, apparently for more than an hour, as two dogs looked on with delight. (6ABC)
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Ooni’s Koda 16 pizza oven is the rare kitchen gadget that delivers on its promise

Ooni (nee Uuni), has been around for a few years now, but its latest oven, the Koda 16, launched in March. Just like everyone else, I’ve been cooped up at home for weeks with nothing but all of the projects I would get around to one day. At the top of my list was learning how to make decent pizza at home (we don’t have many decent pizzaiolo’s in my town). I’d been hearing about the Ooni oven for a while — mostly via Neven Mrgan’s great Instagram feed — so I spring for the Koda 13” and started fi...
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5 Yummy Grain & Gluten Free Plantain Recipes

Need to stock up on your vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber and potassium? Look no further than the plantain. You’d be forgiven if you’ve never heard of this “superfood”. While it’s gaining more and more popularity, it’s still relatively unknown. Found at many dinner tables in Central America, the Caribbean and West and Central Africa, plantains are VERY healthy and a great addition to your weekly meals. For lots of interesting ways to cook with this amazing superfood, chef and author Lisa Roukin sha...
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Pizza vending machines are coming, and they’re perfect for the pandemic era

How many people have touched your takeout? Better to let a robot do it
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Sourdough pizza recipes and technique

A friend just asked for help with sourdough pizza crust. Here are a few prior posts on sourdough pizza: Sourdough pizza crust doesn't take much work This post is a super simple thin crust pizza. Honey whole wheat sourdough pizza dough This one makes a deep dish whole wheat. I would now add a bit more honey than the post recommends. My old Lodge chicken roasting pan bakes sourdough loaves, pizza and fries chicken Cast iron and pizza. If you don't have a pizza oven or a stone, this is THE WA...
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Why You Should Order Your Pizza 'Uncut'

Since dining out (my favorite hobby) isn’t an option right now, ordering delivery has become something of an event, especially ordering pizza. And, since there’s not much else going on, there’s a lot riding on those pizzas, happiness-wise. This is why I’m ordering my pizzas un-sliced.Read more...
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Ikea makes pizza table that looks like the little plastic table inside pizza boxes

Ad agency Ogilvy Hong Kong teamed up with Ikea and Pizza Hut to create a life-size table, the Säva, that looks just like the little plastic "tables" inside pizza boxes. (Those little tables are officially called "pizza savers.") From Hypebeast: Each table arrives in a humorous package that resembles a pizza box and, like other products, comes with details on how to assemble the product. IKEA illustrates a step-by-step process on unpacking the different parts, assembling the legs, calling ...
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A brilliant visual illustration of Pi using pizzas and crust

Pi Day is coming up this Saturday. To celebrate, here's a cool little demo of 3.14 using four pizzas and one circumference of crust. With Pi Day just around the corner, let’s remember what Pi is all about. After washing your hands thoroughly, cut the crust off a pizza pie and lay it across four others. You’ll see that the crust spans a little more than 3 pies. That’s Pi ≈ 3.14. But that’s not all! (Cont’d) — Alex Kontorovich (@AlexKontorovich) March 6, 2020 Imag...
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In Las Vegas, the Home-Style Pizza Is an Everything Pie

The city has developed a thriving pizza scene, embracing the influence of outsiders who bring hometown ideas to a city without a pizza style of its own.
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Pizza boxes advertise shelter dogs for adoption

Amherst, New York's Just Pizza & Wing Co. is slapping dog adoption fliers on their pie boxes to help animals at the local SPCA find their forever homes. And if you adopt one of the dogs, you get a $50 gift certificate for the restaurant. From CNN: The unique idea came after Mary Alloy, who owns the pizza franchise with three of her children, began volunteering with the Niagara Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Alloy worked with Kimberly LaRussa, an SPCA event co...
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Domino's Pizza delivers 16% growth while fending off app-based rivals

Domino's is rapidly building new stores to crowd out competitors like Papa John's and ensure quick delivery times.
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Top Pizza Choices In Sacramento For Takeout And Dining In

A lot goes into choosing a pizza — even beyond the question of toppings. But whether you go for takeout or sit-down, thick crust or thin, sauced or bare, you want something delicious — particularly on National Pizza Day, Feb. 9. Fortunately, Sacramento boasts a number of quality pizza shops to satisfy your craving for a slice or a pie. Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top pizza outlets, using both Yelp data and our own blend of spices to produce a ranked list of the best places to ventu...
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Top Pizza Choices In Stockton For Takeout And Dining In

A lot goes into choosing a pizza — even beyond the question of toppings. But whether you go for takeout or sit-down, thick crust or thin, sauced or bare, you want something delicious — particularly on National Pizza Day, Feb. 9. Fortunately, Stockton boasts a number of quality pizza shops to satisfy your craving for a slice or a pie. Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top pizza outlets, using both Yelp data and our own blend of spices to produce a ranked list of the best places to venture...
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Where to Find Deals on National Pizza Day

I’ll be honest: I’m not a fan of food “holidays.” But National Pizza Day? That’s one worth celebrating, because pizza is great. In fact, there are few foods I find more delicious than pizza. So I invite you all to celebrate along with me on February 9.Read more...
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Protect Your Mouth From Hot Pizza With Slices of Mortadella

As an eager eater, I burn my mouth quite often. Pizza is particularly dangerous, as cheese never cools as quickly as you want it to. (Also, pizza just tastes best scorching hot! Facts don’t care about your feelings!) If—like me—you are prone to such injuries, I have a solution: Drape cold slices of mortadella over…Read more...
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2005-06 Ottawa Senators: What Could Have Been

From the 1998-99 to 2006-07 NHL campaigns, the Ottawa Senators dominated the regular season with teams that were some of the best in franchise history. As we know, the Sens failed to capitalize in the postseason but came very close in 2007, making it to the Stanley Cup Final. However, the team that I believe was the best is the 2005-06 Senators. This team was the best chance that Ottawa has ever had for a Stanley Cup. The Prelude to Dominance With the Senators dominating in the regular ...
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Pizza Valentine's Day cookie boxes

My niece wanted some fun pizza cookies to share with her friends on Valentine's Day this year, and found some at a local bakery. But she wanted them to look extra cute, so she asked me for help with packaging. Our mini pizza boxes and some cute labels did just the trick! I started by designing a cute , which we're happy to share with you as a free download. These labels are perfectly sized to fit our 4" and 5" mini pizza boxes that are available on Amazon. To make the boxes, start by c...
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FAST FOOD NEWS: Papa John’s Papadias

Yes, we originally covered Papa John’s Papadias back when the chain was testing them in July, but now they’re available to EVERYONE…the day after the biggest pizza ordering day of the year. Better ingredients, but not better timing, Papa John’s. According to the pizza chain, the Papadia is inspired by the piadina, an Italian folded flatbread sandwich from Northern Italy. There are four varieties available. All are made using Papa John’s fresh, never-frozen original dough. Italian: This Italian ...
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University installs pizza vending machine in dorm

The University of North Florida is the latest customer of the Pizza ATM, an automated vending machine. The machine costs around $60,000. From the Florida Times-Union: Brook Adams, senior executive chef for UNF’s Dining Services, said they make the pizza dough and shred the cheese from scratch daily in the campus kitchen. “It’s all fresh toppings. Everything is absolutely fresh. There is no frozen pizza or anything going into the machine, Adams said. After assembling the uncooked pizzas, th...
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Pizza-making robot startup lays off 80% of staff

Who among us could have seen this coming? “In a little over a year, pizza-making robot startup Zume has gone from getting $375 million from SoftBank, to pivoting to food packaging through an acquisition, to raising at a reported $4 billion valuation, to its latest: laying off 80 percent of its employees,” writes Natasha Mascarenhas at Her comments follow today's earlier Business Insider scoop on Zume's flop. From crunchbase: Bottom line: Zume, one of the biggest capital-ba...
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Irish people have a very strange understanding of "pizza"

I've been a fan of Blindboy Boatclub since I first discovered "Horse Outside," his hit(?) song with the Rubberbandits (and later, by complete happenstance, ended up staying at the same hotel that's featured in the video). His podcast consistently delivers a random, rambling ménage à trois of weird knowledge, cultural connections, empathy, and utter hilarity, and his delightful short story collections take the traditions of Samuel Beckett and Flann O'Brien and thrust them erotically into the soci...
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"How is this different to a million other things? Airlines, Uber, property. It’s called supply and demand."

One response, quoted in The NY Post, to Mayor Bill De Blasio's tweet, "Jacking up your prices on people trying to celebrate the holidays? Classy, @dominos.... To the thousands who came to Times Square last night to ring in 2020, I’m sorry this corporate chain exploited you — stick it to them by patronizing one of our fantastic LOCAL pizzerias."A Domino's deliveryman was bringing pizzas out to the crowd in Times Square on New Year's Eve and asking and getting $30 a pie — about double the normal p...
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