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Rid Of Me – “Myself”

Naming your band after one of PJ Harvey’s best albums is a bold move, but Rid Of Me seem plenty ambitious. After releasing their debut EP in the spring of last year, the Philadelphia group has announced their first full-length album, Traveling, which will be out in December. Lead single “Myself” is a rousing upward swirl of noisy chaos, with Itarya Rosenberg providing the ominous intonations at the song’s center: “And I will stop breathing/ Will lose all control for a clung ego.”
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Low On Alice Coltrane, Harsh Winters, And Other Inspirations For Their Haunting New Album

Under The Influence is a new revival of a very old Stereogum franchise, in which we ask artists to talk about the inspirations behind their albums. From other music, to film, to novels, to stray notes left behind by friends, and who knows what else, this is what’s on people’s minds when they’re writing the songs we eventually come to know and love.
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PJ Harvey and Björk cover the Rolling Stones' "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"

In 1994 at the British Phonographic Industry's BRIT Awards, PJ Harvey and Björk covered the Rolling Stones' "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction." It's kinda bad until it becomes pretty fantastic. The recording was never officially released for sale, only as a promotional VHS tape that includes an introduction by the BRIT Awards hosts Elton John and RuPaul. — Read the rest
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PJ Harvey & Bjork Cover (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

This cover of the Rolling Stones’ (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction by PJ Harvey and Bjork at the 1994 Brit Awards is kind of amazing — I’d never seen this before. The duet is a slow burn, but it really gets there in the end. BTW, this was the same night that Elton John and RuPaul performed Don’t Go Breaking My Heart together. (via @brianmcc) Tags: Bjork   music   PJ Harvey   video [Author: Jason Kottke]
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‘I don’t want to remember these things’: dark pop poet John Murry on surviving rape, heroin and family strife

The singer-songwriter talks about his relative William Faulkner, his violent childhood and drugs – and saves a surprise until the endIf you’re after cheery crowdpleasers, John Murry is not your man. Murry is 41, barely known, and has never come close to denting the charts. Yet he has been compared to the great existential pop poets Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and Scott Walker. And with good reason – he has a rich baritone, writes gorgeous ballads and is half in love with death. The titles of his fi...
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Intimate Live Performances of Radiohead, Sonic Youth, the White Stripes, PJ Harvey & More: No Host, No Audience, Just Pure Live Music

It should be clear by now that rock and roll poses no danger to the status quo. Fair enough: It’s going on 70 years since Elvis and Chuck Berry freaked out parents of screaming teens, and 50 years since Iggy and the Stooges ripped up stages in Detroit and the denizens of CBGB made rock subversive again. That’s a long time for an edge to dull, and dull it has. Perhaps nowhere is this more in evidence than rock films like CBGB, which “somehow manages to make punk rock boring,” and Netflix’...
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String Quartet Performs Billie Eilish’s bad guy

Over the past two decades, musical group Vitamin String Quartet has covered the songs of dozens of musical artists and groups, from Jimi Hendrix to PJ Harvey to Eminem. In the video embedded above, they cover bad guy by Billie Eilish, apparently one of several covers that appears in Bridgerton (haven’t seen it). The group’s music has also appeared in Westworld, most notably Radiohead’s Motion Picture Soundtrack. And, I just this second made this connection: VSQ also did the Strung Out on OK ...
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Favorite Media of 2020

For the 11th consecutive time (previously: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019), here’s my massive look-back at all my favorite things that I consumed over the past year. As always, this is limited to things that were released in 2020, and it’s of course HIGHLY subjective — this is not a round-up of the best media of 2020, but rather a look back at stuff I really enjoyed this past year, because I like the exercise of doing it. And that of course means there’s plen...
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PJ Harvey (2021) Reading Challenge

  I really love reading challenges because of the way it stretches your reading comfort zone, but I've always sucked at actually completing them. In 2015, over at Goodreads, we kicked off our most outrageous challenge ever, borrowing The Beatles Reading Challenge from another group I was a part of, which had turned their songs into reading tasks. And 2016, we whipped up The Reading Challenge. (I really sucked at this one. I couldn't even complete one album, but man was it fun trying!). A...
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'A Dog Called Money' Doc Trailer About PJ Harvey & Seamus Murphy

"He documented the journeys, capturing the stories that inspired an album." Abramorama has unveiled an official US trailer for a music documentary titled A Dog Called Money, marking the directorial debut of renowned photographer Seamus Murphy. Accompany PJ Harvey and Seamus Murphy on a journey through the creative process behind PJ Harvey's new album, conceived by their travels around the globe. This first premiered at last year's Berlin Film Festival and played at numerous other festivals l...
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Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea Turns 20

The general-consensus narrative around PJ Harvey's Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea goes something like this: It's PJ Harvey's happy album. Harvey recorded Stories From The City after spending months in New York in some kind of mad, euphoric relationship. (Harvey keeps her personal life quiet, but the rumor has always been that … More »
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A darker, 3-hour version of "Batman Forever" exists

Batman Forever holds a special place in my heart, both because of and despite its 90s neon camp. The soundtrack introduced me to Sunny Day Real Estate, the Flaming Lips, PJ Harvey, and other great artists ("Kiss From a Rose" is a banger, y'all); and it's the first I can remember really, truly being consciously attracted to a woman (I was 12). — Read the rest
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Notes from a Pandemic: Watch PJ Harvey; stream the Daniel Johnston tribute, Isolaid Festival, Red Baraat, Lucero, John Vanderslice, the String Cheese Incident and more

ONLINE FIND ■  PJ Harvey’s entire back catalogue is being re-released on vinyl this year, beginning with her debut “Dry” and “To Bring You My Love,” with standalone releases for the album demos. Enjoy her full performance on From the Basemen from earlier this summer.   TODAY’S STREAMS ■ All day: Nick Cave’s BAD SEED TEEVEE continues on YouTube. ■ 12AM: Robert Fripp (King Crimson)’s “Music for Quiet Moments” on YouTube. ■ 9AM: Suede’s 2010 Royal Albert Hall reunion show on YouTube. ■ ...
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Shorties (Recommended Modern Indian Classics in Translation, Perfume Genius Covered Leonard Cohen, and more)

Electric Literature recommended modern Indian classics in translation. Perfume Genius covered Leonard Cohen's "Bird on the Wire." September's best eBook deals. eBook on sale for $1.99 today: "Chronicles of a Liquid Society" by Umberto Eco eBooks on sale for $2.99 today: "Children of Time" by Adrian Tchaikovsky "A House Divided" by Pearl S. Buck "Labyrinths" by Jorge Luis Borges eBook on sale for $3.99 today: "Sophie's Choice" by William Styron Touring musicians talked to Pitchf...
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Hear PJ Harvey’s “Down By The Water” Demo From New Reissue Series

PJ Harvey is going to reissue her entire catalog on vinyl this year, starting with her debut album Dry next week, and she's also releasing the demos for each LP as separate albums. Her third studio album, To Bring You My Love, turned 25 this year, and its reissue is arriving in September. Today, Harvey … More »
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PJ Harvey: where to start with her back catalogue

Our Listener’s Digest series continues with the raw and anarchic songcraft of the two-time Mercury prize winnerStories from the City, Stories from the Sea (2000) Continue reading...
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Anna Calvi Re-writes Her Own History on 'Hunted'

From here on in, it's diminishing returns, unfortunately. The guest vocalists come and go, but their performances seem almost grafted on to the recordings for no real reason. Aside from Holter's ethereal contribution to the opening track, no one else has brought their "A" game. Charlotte Gainsbourg's contribution to "Eden" does very little to enhance the song, the same of which could be said for Joe Talbot's vocal on "Wish". Courtney Barnett fares better on "Don't Beat the Girl out of My Boy",...
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Shorties (An Excerpt from Hilary Mantel's New Novel, The 25th Anniversary of PJ Harvey's To Bring You My Love Album, and more)

Authors and actors discussed their favorite Hilary Mantel books at the Guardian. The Guardian also profiled Mantel. Read an excerpt from Mantel's new novel The Mirror and the Light. The Quietus reconsidered PJ Harvey's album To Bring You My Love on its 25th anniversary. February's best eBook deals. Paste recommended the week's best new music. Adam Levin discussed his story in this week's issue with the New Yorker. SPIN listed Lee Ranaldo's best albums. Allison Pataki recom...
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Ears Wide Open: Jenna Putnam

Jenna Putnam is a widely respected photographer, writer and poet, who only last month made her debut as a musical artist. And quite a formidable debut it was. Behind the camera, Putnam has orbited the art, music and fashion worlds; last year, her book of photographs, “Untitled,” was published. Today, the second edition of her book of poetry, “Hold Still,” was published, featuring a foreword by the Kills’ Alison Mosshart. That volume of verse shares a title with Putnam’s second single, “Hold Stil...
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PJ Harvey: 'Wearing veil in Afghanistan was a freeing experience'

The singer-songwriter wore one while filming in Afghanistan for her new film, A Dog Called Money.
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Shorties (John Lithgow on His New Trump-Themed Poetry Collection, Neil Young on His New Album, and more)

John Lithgow discussed his book of Trump-themed poetry, Dumpty, at The Hill. “In a way it was a relief to just concentrate on witty language,” Lithgow tells ITK. “Doing sort of handsprings with language and wit with rhyme and meter is the perfect response, for one thing, the debasement of language in this administration. I thought I’ll just concentrate on being as clever and creating the snappiest rhymes I possibly can to just captivate people, make them laugh in spite of themselves.” Nei...
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PJ Harvey – “Red Right Hand” (Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Cover)

Nick Cave and Polly Jean Harvey have a history -- one that goes beyond the fact that the two of them are great at musically exploring the darkness of the human soul. Cave and Harvey duetted on "Henry Lee," a song from Cave and the Bad Seeds' 1996 album Murder Ballads. And for … More »
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Shorties (Benjamin Moser on His Susan Sontag Biography, The Best Horror Movie Soundtracks, and more)

Benjamin Moser discussed his Susan Sontag biography with Bookworm. Rolling Stone listed the best horror movie soundtracks. October's best eBook deals. eBook on sale for $1.99 today: Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes eBook on sale for $2.99 today: Ghostly Tales: Spine-Chilling Stories of the Victorian Age Stream a new song by Phoebe Bridgers and the National's Matt Berninger. The Christian Science Monitor recommended October's best books. Pitchfork examined how chillwave influenc...
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Nick Cave delivers powerful songs and stories at Walt Disney Concert Hall

Nick Cave entered the Walt Disney Concert Hall stage in darkness, and he spent the next two-and-a-half hours illuminating it with what he called “an experiment in intimacy.” Dressed in a three-piece suit, a white shirt open at the neck and patent leather loafers, the singer-songwriter was there for the final night of an American tour called “Conversations with Nick Cave: An Evening of Talk and Music,” which is both an accurate description of the event and an understatement of the power of Cave’s...
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Aldous Harding – “Zoo Eyes” Video

Earlier this year, the New Zealand singer-songwriter Aldous Harding released Designer, an album of tingly songs that she recorded with producer and PJ Harvey collaborator John Parish. And since the beginning of the year, Harding has been releasing some truly strange music videos. Her clips for "The Barrel" and "More »
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PJ Harvey – “The Crowded Cell”

PJ Harvey composed the score for The Virtues, a new four-part drama series created by English filmmaker Shane Meadows and starring Stephen Graham. And each of the four episodes, the first of which just aired on the UK's Channel 4, closes with "The Crowded Cell," a raw and powerful original song from Harvey. As she … More »
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Shorties (True Crime Books for Music Lovers, Musicians on the 35th Anniversary of R.E.M.'s Reckoning Album, and more)

The Ringer gathered musicians to discuss every track on R.E.M.'s Reckoning album, which turns 35 this year. Rolling Stone recommended true crime books for music lovers. April's best eBook deals. eBooks on sale for $1.99 today: If This Isn't Nice, What Is? by Kurt Vonnegut Number9Dream by David Mitchell You Think It, I'll Say It by Curtis Sittenfeld eBook on sale for $2.99 today: Fosse by Sam Wasson Georgia Anne Muldrow played a Tiny Desk Concert. LIfehacker interviewed cartooni...
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PJ Harvey – “Descending” & “The Moth” (Feat. Lily James)

PJ Harvey wrote the score for a stage adaptation of All About Eve, the classic 1950 film about an aging Broadway star and a young fan who finagles her way into becoming the next big thing. The adaptation, which stars Gillian Anderson and Lily James, debuted in London earlier this year. More »
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