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Coronavirus pandemic fuelling plant poaching in Philippines

Gardening craze has led to endangered species being dug up from mountains and forests Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageOfficials in the Philippines say the coronavirus pandemic is fuelling a new problem: a surge in plant poaching.The country’s lockdown earlier this year, one of the strictest in the world, helped drive demand for greenery among Filipinos who were longing for nature. Though restrictions have eased, the craze for gardening has continued, and officials say...
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'Lost decade for nature' as UK fails on 17 of 20 UN biodiversity targets

UK government said it failed on two-thirds of targets, but RSPB analysis is bleaker – and suggests UK is moving backwards in some areasThe UK has failed to reach 17 out of 20 UN biodiversity targets agreed on 10 years ago, according to an analysis from conservation charity RSPB that says the gap between rhetoric and reality has resulted in a “lost decade for nature”.The UK government’s self-assessment said it failed on two-thirds of targets (14 out of 20) agreed at the Convention on Biological D...
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10 limited-edition home and kitchen product launches to shop now, including Lodge cast iron bakeware and Final reusable utensils

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Here are the best new and limited-edition home and kitchen products so far in 2020.We're not sure how long they'll be around, so shop the collections while you can. We'll update this post with new products as they launch.Our top picks include an internet-favorite nonstick pan in a new color and . The fashion industry isn't the only retail market notorious for its buzzy, limited-edition drops. Over in the ...
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At the Golden Pink Café...

... you can write about whatever you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Labor Day Rose

I like to put up rose pictures on holidays ... of namesake roses for the special day. Well, no surprise here ... but maybe you rose growers ought to take notice. There's no such thing, as far as I know, as a 'Labor Day' rose. But there are a lot... [Author: Jane Berger]
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How to Care for Monstera Plants

About a year ago on a warm September day, I received a text from my dear friend, Emma (you may have heard of her?), asking if I was interested in taking on care and ownership of one of her several houseplants. A picture of the largest Monstera Deliciosa I’d ever seen accompanied the text that read: “Would you have any interest in taking this split leaf? I’ve had her a couple of years but lately she’s been losing leaves and I am just worried my home isn’t working for her … She’s very large, as yo...
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Indoor plant with four leaves sells for $8,000 in New Zealand

A buyer was willing to part with huge sum to secure the variegated minima amid a houseplant boom fuelled by the pandemicAn indoor plant with just four leaves has sold for more than NZ$8,000 (£4,000) in New Zealand, as the public’s passion for horticulture surges during the pandemic.Houseplants have become especially popular among millennials, experts say, many of whom are unable to nurture babies or pets due to financial and property constraints. Continue reading...
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We compared 3 of the most popular online plant shops — here's how their shipping and return policies and plant care advice stack up

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Alyssa Powell/Business Insider , , and Bloomscape are three popular online shops that sell and deliver a variety of indoor houseplants.We've tested all three and found them to be convenient and reliable services, but they differ when it comes to shipping and return policies, plant care advice, and the types of accessories offered. While has the best giftable houseplants and plant care resources...
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So satisfying: Plants growing timelapse compilation

The YouTube channel Boxlapse exists primarily to show timelapses of plants growing (it's like ASMR for your eyes). Here's a compilation of their "best of" videos — 190 days of growth crunched into three minutes. screengrab via Boxlapse/YouTube (Geekologie)
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... a peaceful scene. But go ahead and get excited about the convention or whatever. This is an open thread. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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At the Boardwalk Café...

... you can pace around all night.And thanks for using the Althouse Portal when you shop at Amazon. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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New Guinea has greatest plant diversity of any island in the world, study reveals

The tropical island edges out Madagascar as botanists estimate that 4,000 new species could be discovered in the next 50 yearsNew Guinea is home to more than 13,500 species of plant, two-thirds of which are endemic, according to a new study that suggests it has the greatest plant diversity of any island in the world – 19% more than Madagascar, which previously held the record.Ninety-nine botanists from 56 institutions in 19 countries trawled through samples, the earliest of which were collected ...
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Rutgers-led research finds bee decline threatens crop yields

Species richness among wild bees and other pollinators has been declining for 50 years. A new study found crops like apples, cherries, and blueberries to be pollination limited, meaning less pollination reduces crop yields. Conservation efforts will need to be made to stave off future losses and potential food insecurity. Bees have endured a disastrous half-century. In the winter of 2018, U.S. beekeepers reported losing 37.7 percent of their honeybee colonies. It was the largest die-off reporte...
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Sowing doubt: people around world receive mystery seed parcels

Packages marked as ‘earrings’ spark biosecurity concerns and global investigations into originsThere is not much that Jan Goward does not grow in her small Eastbourne garden. “I grow everything,” she says. “I’ve got the exotics: the aubergines, the chillies …”But some mystery seeds she received in the post this week – ostensibly from Singapore, and marked as stud earrings – will not be joining them. Continue reading...
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This carnivorous plant wraps up bugs into a tasty morsel

Cape sundews live in bogs and other locations lacking nutritious soil so they supplement their diet with insects. Watch the Deep Look video above to see how "they exude sweet, shimmering droplets from their tentacles to lure in unsuspecting insects. Once their prey is hopelessly stuck, they wrap it up and dissolve it for a tasty meal." More at Deep Look: "Cape Sundews Trap Bugs In A Sticky Situation"
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This App Is Keeping My Plants Alive, No Thanks to Me

Here’s the thing about plants: They’re gorgeous, they improve just about any space, and in most cases, they’re generally fairly easy to take care of with a little consideration to their needs. Personally, I can’t live without them, and they were some of the first things I bought after relocating to the West Coast…Read more...
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Did you receive a random packet of seeds apparently from China? Don't plant them.

Several US state departments of agriculture report that people are receiving unsolicited packets of seeds in the mail, apparently from China. Don't plant them, the officials warn. From USA Today: The agriculture departments in Washington, Louisiana, Kansas and Virginia have recently issued statements warning residents that the seeds may be invasive or otherwise harmful to local plants or livestock. People in Utah, Arizona and Ohio have also reported receiving the mysterious packages, lo...
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Stone stacking destroys the environment for clicks and likes

In recent years, stone stacks have become a popular pastime on social media and in our national parks.Scientists and conservationists warn that such stacks cause ecological damage and risk the survival of many endemic plant and animal species.The problem is one of scale: The more popular the pastime becomes, the great the damage to our natural parks and reserves. The perfect balance of the stack. The fusion of equilibrium and irregularity. How the stones come from nature yet stand apart. There'...
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Plum raises $10M for its ‘smart’ money management app

Plum, the London and Athens-based fintech that offers a ‘smart’ money management app to help you improve your “financial resilience,” has raised a further $10 million in funding, as it gears up for European expansion. The new round is led by Japan’s Global Brain, and the European Bank for Research and Development, which has participated in previous Plum funding rounds. In addition, the company has received further funding from early backer VentureFriends, matched by the U.K. taxpayer via the ...
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How to Arrange Tulips

While they’re popular for their presence in the Netherlands, they originated in Central Asia. They grow in just about every color, they’re usually perfectly symmetrical, and at one time they were the most expensive flower. If you guessed that we’re working with tulips today, you would be correct! I’m going to take you through a very simple tulip arrangement that anyone can do. Supplies: -I used a dozen tulips for this arrangement—they are parrot tulips for reference! -Some greens, I used Israel...
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Eight go mad in Arizona: how a lockdown experiment went horribly wrong

In the 1990s, a troupe of hippies spent two years sealed inside a dome called Biosphere 2. They ended up starving and gasping for breath. As a new documentary Spaceship Earth tells their story, we meet the ‘biospherians’It sounds like a sci-fi movie, or the weirdest series of Big Brother ever. Eight volunteers wearing snazzy red jumpsuits seal themselves into a hi-tech glasshouse that’s meant to perfectly replicate Earth’s ecosystems. They end up starving, gasping for air and at each other’s thr...
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How to Keep Outdoor Plants Alive During a Drought

If you live somewhere with all four seasons (or probably more realistically, two: summer and winter), you may look forward to growing outdoor plants once the weather warms up. But things can get tricky if there’s not enough rain. According to the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center, many parts of the…Read more...
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Aedan's "Evolution" features vibrant flower and insect closeups

Aedan's EP Microclimat includes the single "Evolution," the video for which is a breathtaking series of extreme closeups of colorful insects and plants. Via the band: This new clip by Aedan takes us into the world of the infinitely small and highlights another vision of evolution. Directed by Thomas Blanchard, who had already directed Aedan's first music video "LE TEMPS" two years ago, EVOLUTION is an exercise in patience and observation that the director, a master of macro, masters to perfe...
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4th of July Rose

I think this rose is supposed to look like 4th of July fireworks. Red and white striped is certainly appropriate, and it's a vigorous climber with canes of 12 to 14 feet that would stand out in any garden. A 1999 All-America Rose Selection, 'Fourth of July' was the first... [Author: Jane Berger]
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How I Keep Tropical/Desert Plants in a Cold Climate Location

Like a lot of you out there, I am kind of obsessed with warmer climate plants and succulents. Take me out to the desert or a tropical location and I’ll just be making mental notes of which plants I wish I could be growing in my yard back home. For a while, I kind of resigned myself to the fact that I’d have to stick with what plants are zoned for our particular climate (one that gets cold in the winter). But over the years, I’ve gathered a few tricks to be able to have some tropical/desert plan...
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Is Plant 'Intelligence' Just a Human Fantasy?

Although plants make up over 80% of the biomass on Earth, for centuries they have been thought of as inanimate and passive things. Researchers even coined the term “plant blindness” to refer to a cognitive bias that literally makes our brains zone out plants in our view and underestimate their importance.Read more...
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Forgiving the Rhododendron (Updated)

Relocating to New England from England about four years ago seemed, at the time, (and often still does) like the landscape equivalent of a chef moving from Paris to Poughkeepsie. More than anything, I get frustrated by the overuse of a relatively small palette of plants. The primary target of my irritation is the rhododendron. At first I vowed to never use them, rip them out at every opportunity, and speak with every grower about the need to diversify. But with time, I have remembered that at Ke...
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String quartet performs for a sold-out audience of 3,000 plants

On Monday, the UceLi Quartet performed at Barcelona's Gran Teatre del Liceu. The opera house was filled to capacity... with 3,000 plants. They played Giacomo Puccini's "Crisantemi." From National Public Radio: "After a strange, painful period, the creator, the Liceu's artistic director and the curator Blanca de la Torre offer us a different perspective for our return to activity, a perspective that brings us closer to something as essential as our relationship with nature," according to...
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[FOR PLANTS] Don’t Read This If You’re Human [JUST PLANTS PLEASE]

Let’s be honest: While humanity has done a lot to support the arts, humans themselves make for a terrible live audience. If they’re not coughing or talking or picking their noses, they’re probably tapping at their phones. On Monday, Barcelona’s Liceu opera house offered an intriguing solution to this problem,…Read more...
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Plants Can Absorb Tiny Plastic Pieces Through Their Roots, Study Finds

Nothing seems safe from the grips of plastic these days. Not national parks, not oceans, and, according to new findings, not even plants. The study, published in Nature Nanotechnology on Monday, found that plants can absorb the tiniest bits of plastic through their roots. It shows the wide-ranging ways that plastic…Read more...
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