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The Lie Behind Plastic Pollution Is That We’re Responsible

In the midst of a mounting plastic crisis, the biggest plastic polluters keep pushing better consumer recycling behaviors as the solution. The plastic waste problem is not going to be solved by doubling down on our efforts to educate the public to recycle better. It can be solved by policies that prevent…Read more...
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Louisiana Activists Face Terrorism Charges, 15 Years in Prison for Harmless Plastic Stunt

Two Louisiana environmental justice activists face up to 15 years in prison for—wait for it—delivering boxes of plastic to oil and gas lobbyists. Anne Rolfes and Kate McIntosh, who work with the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, the cops on Thursday and were handcuffed and brought from a Baton Rouge…Read more...
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RWDC Industries is a new startup hoping to become a bioplastics giant in Athens, Ga.

Daniel Carraway spent his entire career working in paper and bioplastics. The serial entrepreneur began his career at International Paper working in their research division before founding two previous companies which became cornerstones of the bioplastics industry. His latest venture, RWDC Industries, has raised $133 million in a recent financing to build a new sustainable manufacturing juggernaut in the small city of Athens, Ga. With offices in Athens and Singapore, RWDC is the fruit of a part...
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Coronavirus Could Change Our Relationship With Trash

The coronavirus caused Lauren Singer to do something she hasn’t done in eight years: she created waste. Read more...
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Chemists develop fast-degrading plastic for cleaner oceans

Cornell University chemists have developed a polymer with the strength of industrial-grade plastics but degrades quickly in sunlight. They hope the plastic will one day be used to make fishing nets that leave no environmental trace. Their research joins other programs and initiatives aimed at restoring our oceans. In popular imagination, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a concentration of trash adrift lazily on the ocean. It's an entire continent of tightly packed tires, Styrofoam, syringes, ...
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Coronavirus Has Me Thinking Way Too Hard About My Bar Soap

When it comes to reducing plastic, I’ve still got a lot of work to do. But I’m working on it. The coronavirus pandemic, however, given me pause for thought about one of my improvements: my bar soap. Read more...
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Get your coffee fix while helping the environment

The coffee pod revolution saved us time and effort but has been horrible for the environment.The single-use plastics used in most pods sit in landfills for years.Fortunately, a new wave of eco-friendly compostable pods is coming to the market. Between 2005 and 2018, the coffee pod market grew from less than 1 percent of Americans to over 41 percent. The trade-off for a quickly brewed and easy-to-clean espresso is the single-use, non-recyclable plastic each serving comes packaged in. While some ...
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This New Species Is Named After the Plastic Inside It

Some species are named after beloved teen activists or Lady Gaga. Others are named after plastic. Before science even discovered this deep-sea crustacean, plastic had infiltrated its stomach. So scientists named it accordingly. Meet Eurythenes plasticus.Read more...
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1,000 years from now, lego bricks could be found in the ocean

A new study by researchers from the University of Plymouth estimates that it could be up to 1,300 years before LEGO pieces lost to the sea disintegrate.Researchers collected fifty LEGO pieces washed up on beaches in southwest England and compared them to archived blocks in their original condition. The classic children's toy is made of an incredibly durable material called acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), a rock-solid polymer. Shiploads of tiny LEGO blocks are floating about the Earth's ...
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Just Opening a Plastic Bottle Can Send Microplastic Pollution Into the Air

Coronavirus is Earth-shatteringly scary, and social distancing sucks. To distract myself and pull my brain out of the depths of speculative despair, I’ve been drinking a ton of seltzer, mostly from plastic bottles. I know that’s bad because plastic is an environmental nightmare, but seltzer water gives me more…Read more...
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New Study Shows Sea Turtles Eat Plastic Because It Smells Like Food

There have been more than enough horrific viral videos of the turtles with straws stuck in their noses to show that plastic is a threat to them (I’ll spare you by not linking them). Studies have found that every minute, the equivalent of one dump truckload of plastic gets into the ocean, and researchers estimate every…Read more...
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Coke, Pepsi, and Other Big Brands Are Getting Sued for Contributing to the Plastic Crisis

Some of the world’s biggest food, beverage, and consumer goods companies are getting their asses sued for their contributions to plastic pollution.Read more...
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This aluminum water bottle is a reusable alternative to single-use plastic

Pathwater, based out of northern California, began with a Christmas Eve run to a grocery store, where three friends lamented about the lack of truly sustainable water bottle options. So they rented a space, added two like-minded partners and got down to the business of providing water in something other than plastic. The result is a sleek, aluminum water bottle that keeps you hydrated, even when you are on the go. The team knew there were already alternatives to single-use plastic on the market,...
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Many Plastics Aren't Actually Recyclable, a New Report Shows

Companies say that a lot of single-use plastic items are recyclable: cups, trays, lids, cutlery, straws, stirrers. But it turns out those claims are misleading. Read more...
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We're Drowning in Plastic. A New Bill Would Make Companies Pay to Fix the Crisis

Plastic is creating massive problems. Its production and disposal both release hundreds of millions of tons of greenhouse gases, which contribute to climate change and wreak havoc on public health, especially for the communities of color near which plastic production plants, incinerators, and landfills are often…Read more...
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Contributing to a Healthy Environment: 10 Ways to Reduce the Use of Plastic in Your Life

Plastic items in the world’s waters will outnumber the fish by the year 2050 if changes aren’t made. In fact, there are currently trash islands in the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. This problem will only multiply if the world continues to rely on single-use plastics. We need to reduce the use of plastic. Fortunately, […] The post Contributing to a Healthy Environment: 10 Ways to Reduce the Use of Plastic in Your Life appeared first on Not So Average Mama.
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New technique turns junk into valuable graphene

Graphene is a lattice of carbon atoms arranged in a chicken-wire formation, a structure that makes it very useful for a wide range of applications.However, it's been very difficult and expensive to make.This new technique cuts down on the cost and difficulty by flash heating any carbon-based material, such as used coffee grounds or plastic waste. Recent technology developed at Rice University is taking the idea that one man's trash is another man's treasure to its extreme. Banana peels, coffe...
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How to Ditch Single-Use Plastic Bags Forever

On March 1, New York will join states like California in the fight against plastic bags by banning most carryout plastic bags from grocery stores and other retailers.Read more...
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Coke's Reason For Not Ditching Single-Use Plastic Is Bullshit

Public concern about the climate and plastic crises is , and more and more brands are developing more sustainable business practices to cash in on said concern. But not Coca-Cola, which is doubling down and blaming consumers for its choice.Read more...
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Instagram’s “Pointless Packaging” Is Both Hilarious And Socially Aware

Plastic waste is one of the biggest environmental issues we’re facing as a society, but that’s not stopping major supermarket chains from packaging their products in the most pointless ways. These wasteful attempts range from baffling to downright hilarious, and there’s an entire Instagram page devoted to them. This social media account is titled @pointless_packaging and it attracted over 37... Source
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Artist Draws Honest Illustrations That Show The Damage Caused By Plastic Pollution

According to an artist Ravi Koranga: “My name is Ravi Koranga and I’m a 24-year-old artist from India. I decided to create a theme I felt is so important to understand, posting what’s happening in ocean depictions every day of Inktober. My conceptual art series shows a tiny scuba diver wandering through different ocean-facing scenarios which depict how much destruction is caused by plastic. Source
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Study reveals "ugly sweaters" add to the plastic pollution problem

Many Americans attend ugly Christmas sweater parties. But in Britain, there’s even an annual Christmas Jumper [another term for “sweater”] Day that fuels the trade in hideous holiday garb. Now, research by the environmental charity Hubbub blames ugly sweaters as yet another contributor to the plastic pollution crisis. The study found that one in three adults under 35 buys a new holiday sweater every year, but two in five of these sweaters are worn only once over the holiday season. Three-quarter...
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This durable, recyclable cooler is made from bamboo, wool, steel and aluminum

Coolers are a part of every camping trip and fishing excursion, because they are a convenient and necessary tool for keeping freshly caught fish cold or frosty beverages close at hand. The problem is that modern coolers are mostly made from plastic and polyurethane foam, materials that are costly for the planet from production to post-consumer waste. Now, husband and wife duo David Nomura and Brook McLeod at Wool Street, LLC have designed a completely recyclable cooler with practicality and sust...
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Dutch company collects plastic pollution from rivers to make parks and products

Plastic pollution is a worldwide problem, with piles of debris along coastlines, on roadsides, in landfills and floating in waterways. Environmentally conscious companies are looking for ways to clean up the mess while simultaneously seeking out methods to recycle plastic waste into other products. One Dutch company, The Recycled Island Foundation (RIF), is tackling both problems with one solution — Litter Traps. According to the RIF website, the motivation for the project came from the knowled...
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Young woman invents ingenious bioplastic made from fish scales and red algae

According to the Ellen Macarthur Foundation, if current trends in single-use plastic continue, "there could be more plastic than fish (by weight) in the ocean by 2050." Having spent countless family vacations at the beach since she was a child, product design student Lucy Hughes, now 24, was distraught by the amount of single-use plastic she saw littering the shore and water. So she invented a bioplastic made from fish scales and skin collected at a fish processing plant. The scales and skin ar...
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Your Vape Litter Is Becoming an Environmental Disaster

Anyone who’s participated in a beach cleanup is familiar with the classic cup of cigarette butts. The collection of nasty, soggy, chemically remains of cigarettes is the top item—often numbering in the thousands per cleanup—found in the sand in many parts of the U.S. along with other bits of plastic pollution.Read more...
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Calm Booth is a soundproof office retreat made out of recycled plastic bottles

The stresses of work often make us want to crawl under our desks. Now, one innovative firm is providing offices with a designated place to tune out the noise and find inner peace. Designed by New York-based firm ROOM, the Calm Booth, which is made out of 1,088 recycled plastic bottles, was created for companies that want to provide their employees with a space to enjoy a moment of peace while working. According to the designers, the inspiration for the Calm Booth came from the common difficulty...
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How to have a plastic-free Halloween

Reducing plastic waste in a world that seems to be wrapped in it is no easy task, and that challenge is multiplied when it comes to holidays. From gift giving to decorations, plastic is everywhere. To avoid it takes a conscientious effort and a plan. With Halloween festivities on the horizon, we’ve put one together for you. When planning for a plastic-free Halloween, remember to encompass all aspects of the event to eliminate the greatest amount of waste. Costumes Trick-or-treating is an imp...
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Microplastics in the soil point to another potential ecosystem collapse

New research from Anglia Ruskin University states that microplastics in soil are causing earthworms to lose weight. Soil affected by microplastics produces less crop yield due to less productive earthworms and lower pH levels. If this trend continues, our entire agricultural system could be compromised. None In the last installment of "How Plastic is Destroying Us," we discussed the billions of microplastic particles being leeched from tea bags into your mug. It turns out such particles are tur...
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Unilever ambitiously pledges to cut use of new plastics in half by 2025

To better align with green initiatives worldwide, the British-Dutch conglomerate Unilever recently pledged to invest in a more circular economy for plastics via a two-part plan. First, by the year 2025, Unilever will halve the bulk of its non-recycled plastic packaging waste. Secondly, the company will accelerate its recycling endeavors by focusing more on collecting and processing waste plastic rather than selling single-use virgin plastics. Unilever shared on its website that it pledges to “ma...
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