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Mars Pluto Aspects ~ Spike Heel Predators

Mars and Pluto marry sex with power. Mars square or opposition Pluto with more dynamic qualities makes a domineering bully or ruthless ... MORE The post Mars Pluto Aspects ~ Spike Heel Predators appeared first on Darkstar Astrology.
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Non-Binary Authors to Read – May 2020

Non-Binary Authors To Read is a regular column from A.C. Wise highlighting non-binary authors of speculative fiction and recommending a starting place for their work. Welcome to another edition of Non-Binary Authors to Read! While we’re all stuck inside, we need excellent things to read, no? Here are four wonderful stories that speak to themes of family and home for your social distancing reading pleasure! Sam Kyung Yoo is a queer non-binary writer of speculative and litera...
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The View From Pluto: Feeling the Baseball Blues

Normally this time of year, Progressive Field is filled with cheering Cleveland Indians fans and fireworks. Now because of the pandemic, Major League Baseball players and owners are locked in contentious negotiations to start the season around July 4 without fans. WKSU sports commentator Terry Pluto says the baseball blues are setting in. Missing the "soundtrack to summer" There's still no deal in place to begin the season that's been delayed since March 26. In addition to disagreeing over how p...
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Saturn Conjunction Pluto 2020 ~ Protect & Survive

Saturn conjunct Pluto will be exact at 22º Capricorn on January 12 2020. In 2020 there will be a build up of ... MORE The post Saturn Conjunction Pluto 2020 ~ Protect & Survive appeared first on Darkstar Astrology.
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CS Interview: Yvette Nicole Brown on Fun Disney+ Game Show The Big Fib

CS Interview: Yvette Nicole Brown on fun Disney+ game show The Big Fib got the opportunity to chat with Community alum Yvette Nicole Brown to discuss her exciting new project The Big Fib, an educational game show on Disney+ in which she stars alongside Jumanji vet Rhys Darby and is set to premiere on the streaming service on May 22! RELATED: Exclusive: Yvette Nicole Brown on Community Reunion, Possible Movie! When she first got the call from producers Haymaker TV offering to...
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8 best burgers in the San Fernando Valley for takeout and delivery

I do believe that my earliest culinary memories are of eating hamburgers. I remember going to a drive-in with my dear old dad, cruising to White Castle in the family Studebaker (with the classic bullet-tip nose) and watching in wonder as he’d order two dozen burgers for himself, my mother, my sister and myself. They cost 12 cents each, and they were just wonderful. In case you’ve never had the pleasure of a White Castle burger (by and large an Eastern U.S. phenomenon), you must understand that f...
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Pluto In Capricorn Stations – Retrograde Dates & Degrees 2017-2024

Do you have planets in the late degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn)? I do! This prompted me to put together this list of the dates and degrees when Pluto changes direction.  I’m hoping this will help … Read More...
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Weekend Love Forecast – Sun Trine Jupiter, Philosophical Joy

Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all retrograde. Mars is direct in early Pisces and Mercury is direct in early Gemini. There is a consciousness of agitating to move forward, even if it’s just in the planning stages. All other … Read More...
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Big Sky This Week: May 11-17, 2020

More perfect Dates and times are given for U.S. Pacific Time zone. Click them to see the date and time where you are. Putting together the pieces “W here do your ideas come from?” Creative folks are asked this question a lot. As a writer my whole life, I can tell you how I would answer. There are, indeed, those magical, fascinating days when a writer sits down and produces a song, a story, an essay as though we’re simply taking transcription from some divine, unseen source. But mostly, ...
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Hot Topics: Luxury, Aries, Mars, Pluto, Coronavirus, Pallas, Taurus, Aquarius, Reopening

Today in the forum – Those with Mars in the 8th House – What are your experiences? Pluto in Aquarius Saturn in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus Mars in Aries for 6 months! July-Dec 2020 What have you lost due … Read More...
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Love Horoscope for the Week of May 11

Has everything been great with your personal life in the last couple of months? Let’s have a show of hands. (Pause) Okay. You three people can leave. This week is for the rest of us. Y’all come back next time, you hear? Love and romance are complicated emotional states, which are composed of other emotional states. One of the most important of these is “nostalgia.” That’s the warm-and-fuzzy feeling you get when you contemplate a previous year of your life or an old relationship. Sci...
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Will Mickey Mouse wear a coronavirus mask when Shanghai Disneyland reopens?

All but one very select group of Shanghai Disneyland employees will be required to wear protective face masks when Disney’s Chinese theme park reopens after a three-month closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The lone exception to the face mask rule: Disney’s beloved characters. Sign up for our Park Life newsletter and find out what’s new and interesting every week at Southern California’s theme parks. Subscribe here. SEE ALSO: Disney theme parks face $21 billion coronavirus loss through 2022,...
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What To Expect From Saturn Retrograde 2020: Business & Personal

Saturn will turn retrograde in Aquarius on Monday, May 11th.  The planet will reenter Capricorn on July 2nd.  At this point, you can’t really isolate it’s effect. It will meet Jupiter and Pluto in the sign. This situation will be … Read More...
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Full Moon in Scorpio May 2020 – Spiritual Transformation

The Full Moon occurs at 11:45 (BST) on May 7, 2020 at 17°Sc20′.We are at the peak of the lunar cycle and the natural emotional high tide is intensified by the Moon being in powerful Scorpio. With the Moon in the 8th global house, we know that what is illuminated around this time is for the benefit of our personal transformation. Often the Scorpio Full Moon suggests that we have reached the end of a chapter or need to come to a conclusion. Something must end to clear the way for a new beginning l...
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Pluto TV expands with addition of CBS Sports HQ, new deals with TiVo and Verizon

Free streaming service Pluto TV is expanding. The company has today gained access to streaming sports network, CBS Sports HQ, as a result of the ViacomCBS merger. It has also forged new distribution deals with Verizon and TiVo, both of which were detailed this week. The free streamer had been acquired by Viacom for $340 million in early 2019, ahead of the $12 billion merger of media giants, Viacom and CBS Corp. Since the deal’s completion in December 2019, ViacomCBS has been quick to capitalize ...
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Big Sky This Week: Highlights for May 4-10, 2020

A rakish hat, an open mind, letting go, and renegotiating Dates and times are given for U.S. Pacific Time zone. Click them to see the date and time where you are. A rakish hat M ercury meets the Sun (May 4, 2020, 2:41 pm PDT) this week on the Sabian Symbol for 15 Taurus: A man muffled up with a rakish silk hat. Mercury gets a little too full of himself when he aligns with the Sun, like the member of an entourage who imagines he’s famous because he spends a lot of time with a celebrity. ...
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How Will Pluto In Aquarius Affect Virgo?

Working with a client with a zero degree Virgo sun, I had to consider the impact of his Pluto in Aquarius transit. I have been able to stop thinking about it, which offers a clue. For newbies or anyone who … Read More...
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Love Horoscope for the Week of May 4

Because we have now all gone through the looking glass, into a world where dogs meow and cats bark, the next paragraph of this forecast will give you deliberately bad advice. Don’t worry — I’ll explain before we’re done. The week starts with Venus square Neptune. This is a wonderful time to fall madly in love with someone or something, regardless of how impractical or foolish or wrongheaded that choice may be. So dive right in during the early part of this week, give your heart away, and don’...
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The Long Shadow

Hello friends, “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” So said Carl Jung, and this is never more true than when dealing with Pluto, whether it be your own or the Pluto of others’. Pluto is a black barb hooked into our consciousness, and we, numb to his... Continue Reading →
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May 2020 Astrology Forecast

Our global evolutionary lesson changes on May 5 as the North Node enters Gemini and the South Node enters Sagittarius. When I look back at how the North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn worked, I am struck by the symbolism. Back then, it spoke of how we must move away from limitations in our structures and patriarchy towards a more matriarchal way of being revolving around home, family and children. And it was the ‘little child’ that lead with Greta Thunberg leading the school strikes ...
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Revisiting ‘A Goofy Movie’, Disney’s Unlikely Cult Classic That Upends the Company’s Usual Formula

(Welcome to Out of the Disney Vault, where we explore the unsung gems and forgotten disasters currently streaming on Disney+.) It’s a funny thing about the so-called Fab Five of the Walt Disney Company (yes, that really is a moniker given to them). Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto are among the most recognizable figures in American popular culture. We’ve all seen them before, whether in short films or TV shows or in person. But they’re not often in feature films. Usual...
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The View From Pluto: Budget Cuts for Kent, Akron Should Include Dropping Division I Football

The coronavirus pandemic is making colleges and universities implement budget cuts, and that includes spending reducations for sports. Both Kent State and Akron have announced 20% cuts to their athletic budgets for the next fiscal year. That’s on top of half the money they were expecting from the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament, which was canceled. [Author: Amanda Rabinowitz]
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Mercury Square Pluto In Capricorn: Death, QAnon, Jon-un, Shadow

Mercury is currently squaring Pluto in Capricorn. It’s been really intense! As reported in my newsletter, I got the news that my father had died. It doesn’t get more “textbook” than that! There are numerous conspiracy theories out there at … Read More...
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Horoscope for the Week of April 27, 2020 - Outer Planet Rumble!

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all going retrograde setting off a cavalcade of monumental events for the next few weeks. We will need to learn our lessons and harness our internal power to guarantee success. Ready? Set? Go! (Prince Harry has Jupiter in Capricorn) Never miss your horoscope again -- free sign up here. Here is my favorite book on astrology and a "must" for anyone interested in learning more: Secrets from a Stargazer's Notebook: Making Astrology Work for You and here's a g...
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13 best fried chicken options in the San Fernando Valley for takeout, delivery

There’s a theory concerning chicken which surfaces every now and again, only to be shouted down by the forces of science and reason. And that’s the little-mentioned concept that, contrary to popular belief, rather than being a type of poultry, our old friend chicken is actually a vegetable — most likely a sort of corn — that’s assumed the shape we know as chicken to keep crows and such pests away. It’s the sort of theory which would no doubt have pleased Darwin. The way the theory works is that ...
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Best of BTS: Fans select their favorite BTS songs of all-time

BTS was all set to kick off its highly anticipated North American tour this week in California, with multiple night stands at both the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. Then the novel coronavirus pandemic hit, forcing the biggest band in the land to postpone the biggest tour of the year. New dates have yet to be announced. The postponement certainly disappointed a number of fans, who had collectively snatched up well over a quarter million tickets for the five stadium show...
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Pluto Turns Retrograde On April 25, 2020 – The Plot Thickens

Pluto will turn retrograde in Capricorn on April 25th, just shy of 25 degrees.  In general, shifts like this go unnoticed by most. I don’t think this will be the case this time. Pluto is tightly square Mercury in Aries. … Read More...
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Big Sky this Week, April 20-26, 2020: Wiley Coyote, Pot of Gold, Venus Cutting Loose

A wiley coyote, a pot of gold, and Venus cutting loose Dates and times are given for U.S. Pacific Time zone. Click them to see the date and time where you are. False tunnel I grew up in a time when kids’ cartoons had a lot of action and a certain amount bloodless violence. We were particularly delighted by Looney Tunes, especially Wile E. Coyote’s endless and doomed pursuit of the Roadrunner. In one indelible sequence, the coyote paints a false tunnel on the side of mountain in the hop...
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Disney+ Titles for May 2020 Revealed!

Disney+ Titles for May 2020 Revealed! Disney+ has unveiled its full list of titles that are set to debut this May, including new library titles and Disney+ originals, like the documentary series Prop Culture. Film historian and prop collector Dan Lanigan reunites iconic Disney movie props with the filmmakers, actors, and crew who created and used them in some of Disney’s most beloved films. Throughout this journey, Dan will recover lost artifacts, visit private collections, and help restore p...
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Pluto Turns Retrograde On April 25, 2020 & The Plot Thickens

Pluto will turn retrograde in Capricorn on April 25th, just shy of 25 degrees.  In general, shifts like this go unnoticed by most. I don’t think this will be the case this time. I say this because Pluto will be … Read More...
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